Gary Lineker – fame, fortune and fiery opinions

Mutiny on the BBC flagship Match of the Day as striking soccer pundits take umbrage at Gary Lineker being grounded for speaking out of turn. In a plotline from a bad soap opera all football programmes TV and radio may be voiceless as the massed sporting ranks walk out in support of their master.

  The issue at stake is Lineker, highest paid by far of BBC stars, slamming government policy on immigration by text. The new Director General, keen on imposing impartiality on BBC staff, say he breached guidelines and hauled him off air.  Lineker described the Government’s latest small boats policy as “immeasurably cruel” and “directed at the most vulnerable people in language not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s”. The left wing media are supporting him, the right-wing not.

  Lineker was a footballer and for thirty years has been a BBC pundit which has helped him acquire 8.7 million Twitter followers.

  What is intriguing astrologically-speaking is Lineker’s interface with the BBC given that he has been a fixture for so long.

  He was born 30 November 1960 in Leicester, England, and is an adventurous and outspoken Sun Sagittarius in a determined and controlling square to Pluto North Node in Virgo; with a hard-edged and short-fused Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn Venus in Capricorn.

  His Sun is conjunct the BBC’s Venus for a friendly link; but his Pluto North Node opposes the BBC’s 10th Uranus which is highly disruptive. And his Saturn opposition Mars squares the BBC’s Saturn in Libra – thereby crashing his irritable, authority-loathing tendencies into a collision with the BBC’s (not always obvious) desire for balance and the BBC’s Pluto in Cancer compounding the aggravation.

  Even more striking is the relationship chart with an inflammatory and volatile Yod of Sun sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars. Tr Pluto is exactly square that Mars now and on and off till late 2024 – so the boiling cauldron will not cool down anytime soon. Tr Saturn is also square the composite Saturn Jupiter opposition Uranus now and throughout the year dampening enthusiasm between the two.

  If I could pitch a personal viewpoint.  When I started in journalism some decades back it was considered unprofessional for journalists to hold party political views – or at least allow their opinions to interfere with their work. They were there as dispassionate observers to make sense of the political scene. The explosion of social media has given carte blanche to everyone and anyone to voice their opinion. Lineker was never a journalist but he does owe his income and position to an organization that should be seen as impartial.  

  Lobbing grenades at government policy?  Do I care what a former footballer who commentates about men kicking balls up and down a pitch thinks?  Actually not at all. Whether he is right or wrong, or partially right but over the top in voicing his opinion doesn’t really matter. If he wants to be an activist he should set himself free of the BBC and do his thing, though I suspect his twitter audience might shrink.  Ditto Chris Packham.   

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  1. GL’s chart is interesting.
    Sun square Pluto is someone who can intimidate people. It isn’t so much what they do it’s who they are.
    Moon opposite Neptune shows perception clouded by illusionary beliefs. He’s compassionate but lacks emotional clarity and identifies too much with others.
    Mercury square Uranus indicates an inability to listen, has problems taking advice and can be controversial – “foot-in-mouth” disease.
    Unfortunately, we have no time of birth which restricts detailed interpretation.
    I can’t see any major transits or progressions but this depends on what orbs are used.

  2. Surprised about your strong views in this topic Marjorie, as I often tend to be aligned to you politically. I didnt know you used to be a journalist, so I think this has touched a nerve with you and I can see why. Impartiality of the press must be an important value to you. I can be persuaded that GL position prevents him from making his opinions public, and I would agree with you in “normal times”, but this is anything but. What its happening to the BBC is dangerous in my opinion. What is happening in this government is dangerous too. I have never seen such blatant corruption in my life. The only reason why this is such a scandal is because he is criticising government rhetoric and policy from a huge platform (he has millions of twitter followers). Other BBC pundits have expressed biased political opinions with no problem at all: Lord sugar explicitly endorsed Johnson’s premiership, andrew neil often wrote in the spectator about Brexit (in favour), Fiona Bruce said the other day that Johnson’s father had hit his wife (and sent her to hospital) “but it was a one off. There are serious questions to be asked about the links the BBC management have to the tory party (ex advisor to T. May, arranging loans, donations to the party). GL is not a journalist and I personally dont think he should be held to the same standard. You also have serious journalists like E. Maitliss and Goodall, and personality ones like James O’Brien, disengaging from the BBC because they haven’t been able to produce the standard of journalism they were capable of while being subject to the “impartiality” rules that didnt allow them to offer facts about brexit without bringing an ignorant brexiter zealot to be put against an expert in a debate. Lineker’s sag sun and mars in cancer probably makes him “very” belligerent about what he “feels” is right, so I doubt this ends here. Rather than arguing how much he earns, I am personally interested in observing how aggressively the tories are fighting any push back from the “other side”. There is a huge sector of the British population right now that identifies themselves with the most extreme right wing conservative party we’ve had since…forever. They believe they are “the people” and that the government has its legitimacy because it speaks for them. I think it’s high time people (famous too, look at carol vordeman) start fighting against this populist narrative. I’m not outraged in the slightest by Lineker, I’m just pouring extra salt and butter on my pop corn and sitting back to see how this goes. I’m sick of living in this neptunian nightmare, I want clarity, and integrity and truth.

    • Immigration is an issue but impartiality has been a bad joke for a long time now in most of the media. Bullies reign all over the media. For example, what happens next for Fiona Bruce? Of course, she NEVER used her BBC program to prop up tory propaganda? Has she? (Loads of times!) No, she’d rather step away from Refuge rather than waste an opportunity to DEFEND Stanley Johnson’s abusive treatment of his wife. And in saying that all she was doing was saying what she’s being paid to say tells us all we need to know about her ethics. Indeed she’s just one of many so called journalists who have been complained about for their right wing, cruel, take on any group needing compassion. But what can we expect when one of them becomes PM on the back of nasty comments as a practising journalist? Or is “bum boy” and “letter boxes” an example of impartial journalism?

  3. Linekers Solar Return chart for 2022-23 has Mercury at 20 Sagittarius opposition Mars retrograde at 19 Gemini. This has been described as “impending arguments and conflict as internalised anger and resentment escape through words and thought”. Current events suggest that element has occurred as predicted. His Solar Return Chart for 2023-2024 has Saturn at 1 Pisces Square Mars at 4 Sagittarius indicating frustration and inhibition due resistance from authority so it looks as though Lineker will be encountering obstacles going forward.

  4. ” Even more striking is the relationship chart with an inflammatory and volatile Yod of Sun sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars”

    Inflammatory indeed. Some of this situation may be an outlet or channel for the stress and tension that’s built up around the inflammatory global issue of migration – of every kind. Plus the slippery issue of organised crime and their incredibly lucrative involvement with people smuggling and human trafficking, which are sometimes, but not always, the same thing. The need for a rational, nuanced debate is vital. We can but hope. It’s worth noting that Interpol said:

    “A report published jointly by Europol and INTERPOL in May 2016 estimates that more than 90% of the migrants coming to the European Union are facilitated, mostly by members of a criminal network”

    The punchy BBC/Lineker Mars Marjorie highlights here, 29 Aries, is interesting. This April there’s a Solar eclipse at 29 Aries. There was also a solar eclipse at 29 Aries on 19th April, 2004. In January 2004 the UN ‘Smuggling Protocol’ against the smuggling of migrants ‘by Land, Sea, and Air’ became effective, with Mars at 25 Aries. In April, 2004 Tony Blair, then PM, gave his first major speech on immigration (to the CBI) with Mercury 21 Aries, trine Pluto 21 Sagittarius. Mars was 23 Gemini.

    The May Lunar eclipse this year at 14 Scorpio also links back to 2004, with the Lunar Eclipse of 4th May 2004 at 14 Scorpio. Further back, in 1985, another Lunar Eclipse happened on 4th May, 14 Scorpio. In June 1985 the Schengen Agreement was signed by five European nations, regarding lifting internal border controls and allowing freedom of movement. The BBC/Lineker relationship chart Mercury is 14 Scorpio.

    Also of interest is Uranus entering boundary-less watery Pisces on 30 December 2003. It was at 1 Pisces for the UN ‘Smuggling Protocol’. Saturn now tests that degree, and the UK Pluto and Yod too.

    • I looked for the late Aries April eclipse in my ephemeris and found a strange link with 1939. Solar Eclipse, 28 Aries, 19th April, 1939. One day before, on 18th April 1939, a Mr Gordon Macdonald spoke in a House of Commons debate:

      “Mr Gordon Macdonald asked the Minister of Labour whether he can make any statement on the manner in which collaboration between the League of Nations and the International Labour Office is proceeding in the matter of international migration; and whether, in view of the movements of population from Central Europe to-day, he will urge the need for speeding up such work?” (Hansard)

  5. This thread has veered away from astrology in a way that illustrates perhaps the BBC water grand trine of Mercury Pluto Uranus. That grand tribe touches GL with a sun MC square to BBC Uranus. This point will be activated soon by transiting Saturn so perhaps we are building up to a cooling down of the BBC grand trine which suggests anything but impartiality with Saturn bringing a lesson. Wait and watch ….

      • Very interesting point. Lineker retired in September 1994 when Saturn was retrograde at 8 Pisces and exactly square his Sun. Saturn goes retrograde in June 2023 at 7 Pisces. It exactly squares his Sun in February 2024. It might be worth examining and comparing those charts with the one from 1994.

  6. Let’s not forget that Lineker has hosted refugees in his home. He’s generous in his support of charities and donated 2 months salary to the British Red Cross during the pandemic. Yes, he’s in dispute with HMRC which stems from the BBC’s introduction of a policy forcing presenters to become self-employed. Other celebrities have been similarly caught up in legal action with HMRC and have won their cases. See “Pundit faces huge legal bill even if he wins HMRC case. Lawyers say taxman should pursue BBC not him” (i newspaper 11/3/2023).

  7. There is no astrology on this – but at the risk of setting off another volcano – there is a difficult discussion to be had on immigration. No country on earth can take in unlimited immigrants no matter how tragic their plight – and every government struggles with finding a policy that is both humane and pragmatic. The Tory solutions are hair-raising – Rwanda and forcible removal but what are better answers?
    The reason why the UK may seem attractive would I imagine be easier benefits and perhaps the language – for many immigrants English will be their second language, not French etc. My faint recollection is that benefits are not available in France until after two years. And as a heavily bureaucratic country formal identity papers are mandatory for everyone – you have to carry a passport or other state certification. The UK is sloppy and resistant to ID so easier to slide under the radar.
    Stats and a balanced view of the impossible problem.

      • Additional thoughts: In today’s Syed Times piece: Tony Blair and other EU leaders — lifted the arms embargo on Gaddafi in 2004 as a quid pro quo for him shutting his borders to the sub-Saharan exodus? “we gave guns to a psychopath engaged in extrajudicial assassinations in return for his stemming the flow of people.” Liberals pretend they are merciful but by erecting formidable obstacles they ensure that those most in need never get here at all. Instead, the majority who make it are young, fit men, rich enough to pay the criminal gangs. This is not compassion; it is moral subterfuge. Ditto for the human rights lawyers who sustain the pretence that they are acting on behalf of the dispossessed. Instead they often act for those capable of gaming a rigged system.

        This is not a problem that a bleeding heart can solve.

        • Yes I agree the immigration situation is a very tricky one to resolve, and it’s important that debate is continued and attempts at resolution are honest.

          But I don’t think that immigration can be considered within the current political climate without also mentioning the alarming far-right rallying calls from Farage and co, the Daily Mail and yes, the UK Government, all of whom are far too ready to point the finger at immigration as a key cause of the country’s ills, deflecting attention away from their own rotten policies which have caused many of the country’s problems.

          It amounts to a conscious, cynical stirring of racist sentiment, which brings us back full circle to Lineker’s carefully worded comments. He was speaking truth to power, and people who are misusing power. Whether that is a job for a footballer television presenter is another matter, but he has a right to an opinion on this just like everyone else, and he took his opportunity and used it. I say good for him.

    • Many thanks for this Marjorie, have looked at the link from the Guardian which seems to fabour the labour party but not Conservative party, the comment made about the war in Ukraine ‘What has happened in Ukraine needs no elaboration here, except to say that it was wholly avoidable.’ But the writer says it does not need elaboration although I cannot see how it was avoidable (can anyone else explain?).

      Looking at the world as a whole, it would seem the planet is in a total freefall with the problems besetting it, from an astro point though, isn’t this the Pluto in Capricorn transit along with Saturn through Capricorn and conjuncting Pluto panning out this way – bearing in mind those born with these planets conjunct, from January 2019 to March 2020 will have to deal with these problems in years to come whilst the planet as a whole (if humanity does indeed survive) will be a very different place by the time of their first Saturn return in January 2049

      • Hi Angela, I read that sentence twice ‘What has happened in Ukraine needs no elaboration here, except to say that it was wholly avoidable.’ I think the author means the others are civil conflicts, whilst Ukraine should never have happened – all down to Putin. Not that the others should happen either, but related to internal struggles, and Ukraine could hardly escape what happened to them.

    • This had to be said Marjorie. Thank you.

      There is a need for a nuanced debate on immigration. I hope people on all sides calm down.

    • Yes Marjorie, I agree and have long said that the UK’s problem with immigrants will not be solved until a watertight administrative system is set up by the Home Office. In most EU countries as an immigrant of any kind arriving by any means of transport you have to be registered with the authorities to be eligible for anything. The problem in the UK is that once you reach Britain’s shores you can just disappear into an unregulated demi-world. No one knows where you are or what you are up to. The UK will never have control of its borders until everyone is registered, documented and accounted for. Something that clashes with British notions of personal freedom. But Lineke is correct that other countries take in far more refugees than the UK ever has so the idea of an “invasion” is a misperception which plays on people’s justifiable fears that the government does not have control – and indeed doesn’t without proper record keeping. Costly! £500m for France to “stop the boats” is a drop in the ocean compared to making any real investment. It’s more cake and eat it. More one rule for rich oligarchs arriving by plane and another for poor (robbed) desperate people arriving by boat. It’s the use of dehumanising language to distract from government incompetence which is most disturbing and dangerous because it plays into the rhetoric of extremists which is why it’s important that people like Lineker call it out for what it is. The great disappointment is that none of the other parties are willing to say it like it is. My hope is that Pluto in Aquarius will restore some sense of equality for all and respect for human rights, but maybe that’s too much to hope for.

    • hello marjorie
      In france immigrants gets benefits and not to forget all free medical and dentistry assistance. Furthermore state child support /allowance). Asylum seekers are not supposed to work awaiting a government decision about their status. Illegals are employed on the black market, or become criminals to survive.
      What i have understood is that immigrants wanting to cross the channel ( stealing also small boats along the french coast a.o. ) is because in the UK, they are permitted to work or set up a business. What is legally not possible in France

      • Not true in the UK either, asylum seekers are not legally allowed to work until they have “indefinite leave to remain”, which can take some time.

  8. Sun in Sag can be sanctimonious at times and a square to Pluto will add a tendency towards hyperbole. At his age he should have learned to rein this in. As a general rule, never compare anyone to the Nazis unless they are actually committing genocide. Otherwise it is just too inflammatory and will diminish rather than enhance the point you are trying to make.

  9. His Majesty’s Inland Revenue is pursuing Lineker for £4.5 million in unpaid taxes.

    This is my problem with Lineker: if he genuinely thinks the British taxpayer should divert money towards migrants, he’d be paying his tax plus a bit extra to fund hotel bills etc.

    But he’s scamming the Revenue whist demanding the average Joe cough up – all because he believes there’s kudos to gain from virtue-signalling.

    It smells of Rashford’s sudden loss of conscience when it came to the Qatar world cup.

    Are all “celebs” this corrupt?

    P.S. Are the French really such evil torturers that people need to flee them 1940-style?

    I note that no-one flees from the USA, Japan, Korea, India, Canada or Australia in small boats the way they flee from France and the EU.

    Is Lineker right that France and the EU are intrinsically Evil and these migrants are at risk of being exterminated by the evil Macron and friends if they can’t escape to England?

    • I think the answer to your PS, Candy, lies in ‘small boats’.The distance from Calais to Dover is 13.17 miles. People ‘fleeing’ in small boats from Australia or Canada is slightly more difficult don’t you think?

    • France and the EU are not more ” evil” than the UK.
      And they get the ” lion share” of immigrants. Much more than the UK.
      Nevertheless, no one should be surprised of the number of immigrants, considering the (carpet) bombing by western powers ( including france and the uk) of yougoslavia, lybia, irak, syria, libanon, afghanistan etc etc.
      Countries that have been completely destroyed, their infrastructures and businesses reduced to ashes.
      Western governments should think of the long term consequences before going to war.
      War enriches only a ” happy few”

  10. Don’t care much either way for a football commentator, though I suppose it does matter to European fans.

    However, a larger, different issue involving the BBC and censorship was its decision not to air the last of Attenborough’s series on the Bristish Isles, Wild Isles. Was it because it was bowing to Tories concerned about its message on more climate-friendly agricultural methods, or was it, as the BBC claims, that it found a different, better video to replace just that particular segment ? If it’s actually the former, then the impartiality it claims regarding Lineker doesn’t seem to apply across the board.

  11. Lineker is a Sun Sagittarius which can be self righteous and preachy. His Jupiter in Capricorn indicates both luck and material success. However, what stands out in his chart is that Saturn Venus conjunction in Capricorn opposition retrograde Mars in Cancer. That suggests a good deal of inner emotional turmoil going right back to his early life. Under that seemingly sunny Sagittarian front I think he probably has anger management issues particularly when feeling constrained or frustrated. His Neptune in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus suggests he is also prone to misunderstandings in relationships. It is not a chart that would sit easily with the rather conformist BBC world. Interestingly the transiting North Node and Mercury are conjoin on his Taurus Moon in April 2023 so there may be some karmic lessons to be learned.

  12. Quite why this storm in a teacup is dominating the news is hard to understand. Lineker is an ex professional footballer so I don’t know why his opinions on the matter are any more important than the man who empties my bins

    What is puzzling me is why the BBC should have renewed his contract in 2020 when there was so much controversy about the amount of money he was receiving from the corporation. As a broadcaster funded by a license that must be paid by all TV owners there is something fundamentally wrong when the a levy paid by people on low or moderate incomes is used to pay celebrity millionaire football pundits. This is particularly the case with Lineker who is still the highest paid BBC member of staff. In addition the MOTD program he hosts swallows nearly all BBC spending on sports coverage.

    On the subject of asylum seekers it needs to be accepted that dealing with them is a cost on the whole population of the U.K. and has to be paid out of general taxation. Lineker has a history of engaging in tax avoidance and is currently engaged in a court case with HMRC about an outstanding £4.9 million liability. In my opinion this makes his posturing on social media somewhat hypocritical as he is advocating that the government should be adopting policies the cost of which he is actively seeking to avoid, leaving those less fortunate and privileged to pay.

  13. If conditions in France were not so terrible why would anyone try to leave it in rickety boats? I knew that there has been a lot of unrest in France lately – but that is traditional so should have surprised no-one. Why are criminals running the immigration rackets? Surely if the immigration rackets were nationalised the taxpayers would benefit from the sums extorted? Etc, etc…..

  14. @Helen

    “Using a Jewish catastrophic tragedy as an analogy, was appalling. Six million Jews died in that tragedy, in horrendous, circumstances. Many on TV use this comparison as if it is the same circumstances – it is not.”

    For me, this is what has irked me the most about GL’s actions. It’s really not necessary. His points could have made w/o doing this.

  15. While at school
    We were taught that those people who swear all if the time, were doing so because they were unable to articulate themselves properly.
    With this in mind.. I am furious at the frequent use of the term Nazis, 1930s Germany.. towards Politicians or to anyone else of dislike.
    Also references to the Holocaust for effect.
    I am deeply concerned for those fleeing to safety, everyone deserves to be safe.
    However it is hurtful and disrespectful to those who are Jewish, and those with Families who survived the Holocaust.

  16. Lineker is self-aggrandising, not terribly talented but very lucky career-wise and extremely over-paid. Early popularity has long gone to his head. I agree with Marjorie, either be neutral politically or leave the BBC.

  17. Thank you for his chart and thank you for Marjorie your last paragraph. As it feels like overload by presenters who have made their name at the BBC and are now becoming professional twitters with their opinions. An endless tribe of controllers. It is not about whether the Government was right or wrong for me, it is the feeling of being controlled, by some who think they should tell others their thoughts on the news and life. We all have thoughts and opinions and we all pay for the “Linekers ” in this country. Interestingly his chart has Jupiter in a Capricorn 7th house, trine the Moon in the 11th house – which could be why it comes easy to “Lord over the masses”! Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, which is in the 6th house – the house of everyday work. With a Sun possibly conjunct the MC, not an easy placement for a person to be told what to do, especially with a Scorpio Mercury.

  18. The real tragedy of this affair is not what GL said or did although of course that is relevant to the issue ….but the fact that the government in power at the time can use its influence to enforce a British institution like the BBC to sack someone whose opinions dont agree with theirs
    Is this the beginning of the end for free speech in this counrty.?

    • We all pay for Lineker’s wage and the BBC is granted the right to ask us to pay, as they have been given the mandate to be our Public Broadcaster. However, if presenters are going to comment on what they “feel and think” all the time, then the BBC is not adhering to their impartiality remit, as it is allowing its staff to be political. Lineker has a right to his opinion, but should not broadcast it as he is a presenter working for a broadcaster who serves the ‘whole of UK ”. Lots of Companies has a clause in their Employment Contracts that ask their staff to not bring their Company into public disrepute. If they do, and they signed agreeing they would not, then they can be sacked.

  19. The PM stands behind a podium saying Stop The Boats – but yes, let’s get agitated about free lance host Gary Lineker and his tweet. Not the BBC chair put in place through dodgy procedures, and the BBC decision to ban an episode of a David Attenborough program (as it may upset the right wing) nor the state of the country, nor the continued right wing statements and posturing of a whole heap of clearly pro-tory media pundits. Lineker has never used his program to political effect. Unlike others we can all name whose careers are tied up in combining journalism, politics and corruption. The hypocrisy is galling.

    • Newspapers can be as partisan as they like, so long as they abide by standards of journalism. You pays your money and takes your choice. Market forces are probably why our print media in the UK tend to be more conservative than left-wing. But television companies have a franchise and have to abide by a code of conduct which should ensure impartiality. As for social media, it’s a free-for-all, as the same rules and codes of conduct don’t apply, and it can be a source of dismay to trained journalists that people don’t always make the distinction.

    • Hear hear, Anita. It’s a sorry state of affairs when the only opposition left in the UK has to come from footballers (Rashford) and football pundits (Lineker). Right wing pundits seem to have no problem with showing their colours. The Tories are getting increasingly desperate and by using hateful dehumanising language to rally support as the polls plummet are running the risk of inciting the most extreme elements of society, as seen in Liverpool recently. The rule makers are constantly breaking the rules. The hypocrisy is indeed staggering. I hope Lineker does cut loose from the BBC and start giving more time to his activism. We need more brave public figures like him speaking out against injustice.

  20. Journalistic impartiality was drummed into me early on since I worked initially for ITV and it was obligatory to keep a balance between left and right – and liberal. The BBC was always less disciplined and more tilted to the left wing – and arrogant with it.
    Impartial does not mean there is an equivalence between good and evil. Or that evil should go un-condemned. But it does mean journalists and BBC presenters should stand aside from partisan politics.
    In much the same way as astrologers need to be dispassionate and not allow their personal views to colour their interpretations. Easier said than done sometimes but that’s the ideal.
    I think what the new BBC DG is attempting to do is yank the BBC back from its traditional tilt to the left – and maybe has prodded more of a hornets’ nest than he expected.

    • Working freelance journalist here. If you’re working in journalism — serious mainstream journalism, not ideologically-driven rags or blogs — you have to understand the parameters.

      My politics definitely trend to the left and I used to work in politics and campaigns on the Democratic side in the Washington, DC area. I moved to California and began freelancing for local newspapers and magazines, eventually graduating to my city’s main newspaper, where the publisher/editor made it clear you can’t be overtly active in politics and take public stands on political issues/candidates and continue to work for them.

      Even though I write about “soft” topics, I’ve scaled back my political activism to keep my views mostly private and have a wonderful excuse not to make political donations. And I ‘m comfortable with that, having chosen to continue working in a field that I love.

      But I also happen to believe that journalists should maintain as much genuine neutrality as possible, while accepting that journalists’ views are always going to color how we approach or shape a story.

      So, choose your poison.

      I apologize for the lack of astrological perspective, since I ‘m an ignorant but fascinated reader and so appreciate Marjorie’s posts and everyone ‘s knowledgeable comments. Your astrological insight has given me a new perspective on world events. Thank you!

  21. Another biased article from Marjorie – who said nothing when Gary Lineker spent 15min talking about human rights in Qatar. Who also said nothing about the BBC chairman’s involvement in some very shady dealings with the Tories. Gary Lineker isn’t a journalist – and he’s absolutely right in everything he says. These procedures go against human rights and the press language towards refugees is utterly dehumanising and inappropriate. Marjorie is an amazing astrologer but it’s very clear that her opinions interfere with her delivery. Gary has shown his willingness to stand by his principles with courage and I applaud him for that. Cowardice is ugly.

    • Even tho he still managed to accrue much money in Qatar ……?
      Great article as always thanks Marjorie and I agree ….if you want the work you abide by the rules …if not leave .

  22. Noting Saturn has transited his ascendant in the last year and is heading through the first house. I think I’m correct in saying that’s usually a period where people focus on their personal lives rather than outward success. His chart fits with the events last time around when he gave up playing for England and spent a year in Japan last time Saturn went through his 1st. Then in 1996 he was starting his rise as the face of BBC football.

    There doesn’t seem any way to get out of the deadlock and I think Lineker will be moving on by choice or otherwise. Possibly when transiting Uranus opposes his Scorpio Mercury later this year, something will spark either as opportunity or another remark.

    I think what’s interesting are the knock-ons.
    – The BBC being seen as not impartial by taking action because some Conservatives MPs complained, as well as the Chairman having been another dodgy appointment by them (loan arranged for Boris).
    – And there are the other presenters who’ve shown solidarity by refusing to appear and leading to the whole day’s football programming being cancelled. I feel like this may be foreshadowing Pluto in Aquarius

    • I agree with GD’s interest in the knock ons. When I asked the question about Lineker, I was more interested in what is likely to follow rather than the issue itself. I broadly agree with Gary’s viewpoint. I also agree with Marjorie’s inference that although he is not a journalist a person who works for an organistion which is supposed to be politically neutral should keep personal viewpoints to themselves (even if that organistion currently isn’t). What this issue has raised are the double standards shown by the BBC and ruling Party intereference in a neutral organistion. The latter is the beginning of a threat to free speech and is potentially dangerous.

    • I wonder whether Pluto moving into Aquarius (air) is ruffling up his Scorpio (water) Mercury, as his Political comment was a mistake and quite ignorant, in my view. Using a Jewish catastrophic tragedy as an analogy, was appalling. Six million Jews died in that tragedy, in horrendous, circumstances. Many on TV use this comparison as if it is the same circumstances – it is not. Most of the boat people coming to Britain made their own choice, being led to the Gas Chambers and used as human experiments was not a choice.

      • I would agree that using the Jewish catastrophe as an analogy would be appalling. But he didnt. He specifically said that the government is using a vocabulary similar to what was used in Germany in the 1930s. In my opinion, Braverman and the others using words such as “invasion”and 3 word slogans like “stop the boats” are speaking in a way that is dangerously similar to the propaganda of the weimar republic and the in-between wars period in germany. He didnt say the policy (the unworkable law) was nazi, he didnt mention the holocaust, he said that the inflammatory anti immigration rhetoric is dangerous. And that’s a fact. It is. He didnt say that immigration has to be out of control, that’s a false equivalence. It doesn’t have to be cruel, inhumane and illegal OR complete free borders, it can be something in between.

  23. I share your opinion completely, Marjorie, time he left – could never understand why he is paid so much for the ‘job’ he does, but having so many others throw their toys out of the pram too in his support is beyond me.

    • I wonder if there’d been any censure if he’d used his Twitter account in support of government policy, as some other well paid folk contracted by the BBC have done in recent years? That would be just as impartial through the lens the government and its client journalists are peering at all this.

      • Possibly/probably not. But I was making a general point which is that if you work in that area you should keep you personal opinions to yourself.

      • JB – but he was not supporting official government policy was he? Being a very public figure – in times past he would be in the Tower by now for his remarks – he has to take responsibility for his comments and the reaction from them.
        Also, I could not find a time of birth for him either, so a 12 noon birthtime has been used, however, his natal Sun square Pluto can indicate over reaching belief in his own omnipotence, as seen in his comment on national news that he would indeed be presenting the show today – not!

        • Angela – all hyperbole aside for one moment, I was trying to reflect what some see as hypocrisy. Maybe as Marjorie says, especially under the current political atmosphere, it would be best if the BBC make their policy explicit. No grey area.

          • Well, JB – this is what Helen wrote, factual and to the point, there is no grey area, or hypocricy in the BBC acting to remove Lineker following his comments.
            ‘I wonder whether Pluto moving into Aquarius (air) is ruffling up his Scorpio (water) Mercury, as his Political comment was a mistake and quite ignorant, in my view. Using a Jewish catastrophic tragedy as an analogy, was appalling. Six million Jews died in that tragedy, in horrendous, circumstances. Many on TV use this comparison as if it is the same circumstances – it is not. Most of the boat people coming to Britain made their own choice, being led to the Gas Chambers and used as human experiments was not a choice.’

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