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  1. ICC has issued arrest warrants against Putin and for Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova.

    Of course, the reaction was predictable: “Russia ignores such claims”.

    Russian citizens polled feel Putin et al will simply go into hiding…or take up escaping to China.

    What’s the astrology on this one?

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Just a thought I’ve had about how energy manifests astrologically on the mundane level. Are some outcomes always way more likely than others? Take the UK’s EU vote. If you look at the astrology the leave vote was nailed on. The Solar Return chart for the UK in 2016 had Chiron on the IC. Can’t think of any other way that energy could have manifested.

  3. Hi Marjorie could you pls look at France and Macron. He has just moved the pension age by exec decree with a subsequent uprising in Paris.Thank you

    • The French love a party…and les crises. Incremental change is not that painful but the French health system is funded by high taxes. Can’t have low taxes with the world’s best health care.

  4. Marjorie, I reread your posts Nov 20, 2018 “USA’s Pluto Return – collective nervous breakdown?” and the Dec 15, 2022 “ USA 2023 – a long and winding road ahead” and So here we are… on the brink of the Abortion pill decision by a conservative TX judge, the banking meltdown that started in the US, the Ukraine war and escalation of tensions with Russia and China and potential criminal indictments of Trump and the destruction of the political and legal system and authoritarian style laws are implemented across the country especially under DeSantis. Pluto destruction is taking place and moving into Aquarius for a bit end of March but it seems as though we’re going backwards and a long way off on some sign of the futuristic forward thinking that Aquarius represents. Do you have more of a sense on what Pluto in Aquarius may bring?

  5. Re. Finland and Sweden NATO membership ratification, Turkey, and Hungary, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö will fly to Ankara tomorrow, and will be joined by Viktor Orbán. Swedish Government representatives are not expected to join. Something must have shifted during President Niinistö’s courtesy visit mostly to Westcoast. He had a stop at White House supposedly visiting a Nat Sec advisor, but was invited to the Oval Office for “an informal chat” with the POTUS. I think whatever was discussed would be something they were able to present to Erdogam as a “win” he could gather before elections, and should say well played.

  6. Hello marjorie. Will you please look at the chart of Imran khan? Will he get relief from court? Will he become prime minister of Pakistan again?.Thank you in advance.

  7. “The Eclipses are certainly trying to hammer home a message to Zuckerburg, emphasising that changes need to be made. Whether his four Scorpio and two Taurus planets are capable of listening is another matter.”
    Marjorie posted this about the eclipses in 2022 (27th October).

    Mark Zuckerberg has just announced 10,000 job losses at Meta, plus restructuring and layoffs in April and late May this year. This is on top of the 11,000 jobs lost in November 2022 – when the Lunar eclipse hit at 16 Taurus.
    In May 2023 the Lunar eclipse is 15 Scorpio, underlining last year’s message.

    What’s also interesting is Zuckerberg’s natal Mercury, 29 Aries. April’s Solar eclipse is 29 Aries. And for the Meta rebrand, 28 October 2021, Mars is 28 Libra and Uranus is 13 Taurus. Then:
    Facebook’s Nodes are 16 Taurus/Scorpio, Sun 15 Aquarius
    Twitter 2006 has Neptune 18 Aquarius, Venus 14 Aquarius, Jupiter 18 Scorpio
    Twitter IPO November 2013 has Sun 15 Scorpio, Saturn 14 Scorpio, Neptune 2 Pisces

    One way or another, the tech sector is certainly being shaken up. Pluto entering Aquarius and the Spring eclipses seem to be making their presence felt. More to come no doubt….

    • I’ll add WhatsApp onto the astro-watch list! Acquired by Facebook/Meta for 19 billion dollars on 19th February 2014. That date shows Sun 0 Pisces, Neptune 4 Pisces, and Nodes 29 Libra/Aries, with Mars 26 Libra. Zuck’s Mercury is conjunct the ‘fateful’ South Node of that deal, and the Solar eclipse in April is 29 Aries. Saturn will be 4 Pisces on 20 April, conjunct WA’s Neptune for that acquisition. To add to everything else that’s swirling about, Mercury turns retrograde the very next day, at 15 Taurus, with Uranus at 17 Taurus – possibly setting the scene for May’s Lunar eclipse at 14-15 Scorpio.

      • Apologies, but I’m waiting for an important call and distracting myself here! Just to say, Meta acquired Instagram for a billion dollars on 9th April, 2012. Jupiter was 15 Taurus – May Lunar eclipse approaches.

        Also, like the WhatsApp deal, there are early mutable degrees being targeted by tr Saturn – a mutable grand cross of Venus 4 Gemini, Mars Rx 3 Virgo, Neptune 2 Pisces, NN 5 Sagittarius.
        Saturn at 26 Libra is, I think, close enough to opposing Zuck’s natal Mercury and the April Solar eclipse at 29 Aries.
        Meanwhile, Neptune transits Instagram’s founding Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 26 Pisces at the time of the April eclipse. The date I used for that was 6 October 2010. Venus 13 Scorpio, Mars 14 Scorpio.
        The patterns are quite fascinating.

    • You ust reminded me British Government has banned installation of TikTok on work devices due to concerns about it coming from China.

      OMG – Pluto in Aquarius – spying through technology. (I mean that’s not new but had never considered the symbolism …)

      • Mass surveillance! although we have that already. Also favours cyber crimes – the more smart homes etc, the more potential for hackers, and adolescents messing around with it all as well…..fun for all!

  8. Any astro insight on Jamie Lee Curtis’s Oscar win? She mentioned in her acceptance speech that both her parents – Vivien Leigh and Tony Curtis had been nominated back in the day. Would be interested to see your analysis of all their charts as I’m sure there’s lots to say

  9. I read an article in the guardian recently about Russell Brand. The author had praised Russell’s political engagement years ago and had hoped it would have inspired a younger generation to be politically active. Instead, he was dismayed about Brands descent into conspiracy theories and unhelpful rabbit holes. Pluto tends to show us what we fear most as a society. In Capricorn we feared corporations and the establishment . In Aquarius we are going to fear futuristic technology. What’s the bigger picture in respect to these controversial conspiranoid public figures, the raise of AI facilitating the dissemination of propaganda and false information and Neptune, Uranus and Pluto transits? And when will we start seeing some clarity? (If at all). Thank you!

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    Long time reader of your astro insights and it seems that Neptune transits are mostly if not always unhelpful. I have several planets in cardinal signs and I am curious about the upcoming Neptune in Aries, anything good about Neptune transits?

    • When neptune opposed my virgo mercury, I’d say it was positive. I used to be big on planning and perfecting everything I did. A work email could be drafted and redrafted, checked and rechecked repeatedly. Likewise internet posts. I could hesitate trying to find the right word for a couple of minutes to convey a specific meaning. All with good intentions but a disproportionate use of time for what it was intended to achieve. Now I tend to bang things out, check them and hit send. Invariably what I’ve written is good enough. And if it’s not, I’m happy to add more detail later whereas before I tried to be comprehensive and cover off all eventualities.

      • Watching the approach of Neptune in Aries with some trepidation. Not least with squares to my Mercury and Sun, and opposition to the Moon, but it also passing into my 6th house in around 10 years time. I had serious health issues when Uranus danced that path in the early 2010s.

      • Perfected emails…I learned that emails are the least emotive-conveying media. No matter how carefully the wordsmithing, then somebody – somewhere – would mis-interpret and then lash out with a distorted response.

        I’ve preferred to convey the most important thoughts verbally, resorting to written word to agencies like the government or the apartment manager 😉

  11. Hello Marjorie,

    I just read that the Silicon Valley Bank just collapsed. It’s being reported that this is the worst bank failure since 2008.

    According to various sources, the bank’s collapse appears to be a result of their own errors. For example, bank management was selling $21 billion dollars of bonds at a $1.8 billion dollar loss.

    Silicon Valley Bank is also tied to the technology industry where interest rates have skyrocketed. It’s all such a dreadful mess.

    According to HuffPost, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already stated that the federal government will not bailout Silicon Valley Bank.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or thoughts regarding the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Anything you could share would be much appreciated. Thank you for your readings.

  12. Pluto is getting many Astrologers and amateur Astrologers excited, waiting to see what will happen; especially as it begins its entrance in the UK’s Chart in the 4th house. I wonder if the Aquarius/Leo axis of the “I verses the Group thought” will polarise politics and the country even more? As the Aquarius sign appears as two waves – one above the other. It would be interesting to explore possibilities of how Pluto will influence us at home, rather than the world. Parliament has to move for repairs – perhaps this will be a necessity during Pluto’s fourth house transit.

  13. Adele is sporting a large $500,000 ring on her engagement finger and is “believed” to be tying the knot with partner, Sports Agent Rich Paul, this summer. Is this a potential union made in the stars?

  14. Afraid I have to disagree with you, Marjorie – I’m not sure that standing up for human rights is controversial, or can be put into the category of ‘party political’. Shouldn’t they apply to every person on Earth, irrespective of partisanship or BBC contracts?

    I trained as a journalist and worked as a producer at the BBC for years. It was never like this.

    Excusing Alan Sugar’s blatant Tory campaigning, yet censuring Lineker’s concern for cruel, dehumanising legislation towards some of the most desperate people on the planet, is not only disgraceful for a publicly funded organisation, but also shows where the BBC is now: deep in the pocket of the Tories.

    Incidentally, if Tim Davie is so keen on ‘impartiality’, why has he cancelled two news satire shows, namely The Mash Report and Mock the Week?

    • Back to astrology….Lineker was born 5 days after JFK Jr. Interesting that both were sporty types who went into journalism. Although only one of them hit the jackpot in the looks dept.

    • Then why do we pay for it then? With the advent of app TV, is the BBC relevant anyway? One interesting outcome from last nights Match of the Day format, was that it actually attracted half a million more viewers: without commentary. Perhaps the viewers like the sport, rather than those who commentate?

  15. Hi Marjorie, can you do an update on Lachlan Murdoch? I read an article last night that said he’s up to his neck in it regarding pushing conspiracy guests for the nighttime host shows – Hannity, Tucker, etc.

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