Tucker Carlson – his fiction as facts delights Putin

Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, long a promoter of conspiracy theories favouring Trump and the far right, and recently accused of echoing Russian propaganda about the Ukraine invasion, has garnered favour with Putin. Evidently Moscow has instructed friendly media outlets to use clips of Carlson’s show.

 Late last year Carlson’s  three-part series on Fox “Patriot Purge”, suggested the January 6 Capitol attack was a government false flag operation to implicate the right wing. Fact-checkers found the series contained numerous falsehoods and conspiracy theories. Two Conservative writers severed their ties to Fox News, declaring that the series was “a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions”. A prominent Fox news anchors later resigned as well.

 He was born 16 May 1969 10.07 am San Francisco, with a media business/ambassador father who brought him up after his mother left the family when he was six. In the past he has worked for CNN and MSNBC before moving to Fox in 2009 and rising to become “the most powerful conservative in America” often driving the media agenda. He was pro-Trump, influencing some of his decisions. He’s accused of being racist and sexist, against immigration, protectionist, against foreign interventions, against abortion.

  He has a focused, stubborn, uber-confident and stratospherically ambitious New Moon in Taurus opposition Neptune and trine a Jupiter Pluto in Virgo conjunction in his communication 3rd house – journalists often have strong 3rd house emphasis. He’s built to last. He also has a well-organised 10th house Saturn in Taurus; and a good-at-public-relations Venus in Aries on his Midheaven in an enthusiastic trine to Mars in opinionated Sagittarius in his performing 5th house. His Mercury in talkative Gemini is in an argumentative opposition to Mars. It’s quite a chart and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

   Tr Pluto is this year crossing his Descendant to move through his 7th for years to come which will make him even more dogmatic and likely to attract hostile resistance. Saturn moving through his 8th for two years ahead, is OK on the career-front but can be under-supported financially and emotionally, so he may end up feeling a touch isolated at points. 2023 he has tr Jupiter across his career 10th which is usually successful and attention-attracting. He also has a confidence-boosting tr Pluto trine his Jupiter this year returning from August across the midterms. But his midpoints are less uplifting with confusion, evasions, disappointments, worsening in 2023 with calamities after mid year. 2024 looks discouraging and his 2025 trapped and infuriated.  He’s unlikely to disappear since tr Saturn is rising towards a peak from 2026 for eight years thereafter. But it will be an immensely bumpy ride across tr Uranus conjunct his Sun Moon in 2025/6.

 On his astrocartography relocating his chart to Moscow puts his forcefully confident Jupiter Pluto in his 10th, bringing him to prominence. Being in the Putin fan club is a good career move.

  He is evidently a good writer and there’s some regret amongst other media types that he’s ended up so far out on the end of the branch.   

12 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – his fiction as facts delights Putin

  1. Marjorie, you tend to write about the negative energies displayed in peoples charts. We all experience negative and positive energies each year. I am a fan of what Tucker reports on, (he is not a conspiracy theorist. He reports facts if you look at the sources and research what he is reporting) I am interested in the positive energies he will experience over the coming years. Can you write about that?

    There are always two polarizing views on every side of a news story. The January 6th resurrection did have irresponsible people breaking windows and getting into the capitol building which is what was shown on mainstream news but there was also the “half-truth” and fact of there not being enough security at the building and there is footage of them opening doors and allowing people to go in so it depends on what side of the story you want to believe. It’s not fair to call someone a conspiracy theorist like that. Besides, the CIA gave a definition for the word “conspiracy theory” after they assassinated JFK to further their own agenda.

    • “Resurrection”.

      In terms of positives, he does have a comfortable future as Kremlin spokesman developing apace. Others have pointed out Algol meeting Uranus in a couple of years time which may be a problem.

      • @JB, you are not wrong here. Kim Philby had a good live for 25 years in Soviet Union. Edward Snowden has had what seems like an extremely comfortable penthouse

    • Hi Jack,
      Just to let you know I’m with you 100%. Although I’m not sure what planet they are on, I’m not writing to criticize Ms Orr or the other commenters, but simply to offer you encouragement and support.
      Journalists are supposed to be impartial but much more seriously, as astrologers, we serve astrology (or Urania our muse) she does not serve us. I checked out his Carlson’s page on Wikipedia….hardly an impartial source for information of conservatives. I see here, he’s criticized for being….. “…against immigration, protectionist, against foreign interventions, against abortion”……is being against these things bad? As for interpretations of his chart, well….his mother left when he was 6….the Moon at the end of Taurus, definitely something to cry about (there is a fixed star at the end of Taurus associated with tears….the weeping sisters). I’m not sure I’d call his “Venus in Aries on his Midheaven” as “good-at-public-relations”, on the contrary, this more aptly describes his capacity to court controversy, to go “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, he is deeply unpopular with the Utopian loonies on the left. This Venus is connected with both his Mercury (by sextile) and Mars (by trine) hence is quick wits, sarcasm, entertaining by mocking. For example, he was excellent covering how (Democrat) Ilhan Omar married her brother! Venus in Aries also suggests he can dance (Carlson was a contestant on season 3 of the reality show Dancing with the Stars, which aired in 2006). That his Sun and Moon oppose Neptune, can indicate he can be projected upon, demonized etc. He stooped drinking in 2002, that could also have been an issue (the influence of alcohol are Neptunian). He lost his mother at early age (a possible Moon/Neptune signature). His interest in flying saucers is certainly Neptunian. More simply, the Neptune may represent that which he opposes (opposition aspect) such that his recognition, fame, notoriety, sense of identity (Sun in Taurus) and defense of his homeland (Moon in Taurus) crystalizes in his opposition to Neptune, in the form of the madness of the loony utopian socialist/communist loving left. He has a lot of earth in his chart (Taurus is an earth sign) and the Moon, which rules his ascendant is in Taurus. Earth signs tend to be conservative. Perhaps his Cancer rising, Moon in Taurus is an indicator of a patriot or nationalist if you prefer, and maybe an idealistic one at that. The power in the chart comes from (A) the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the 3rd house, the joy of the Moon, she of news and messengers, which in present day parlance encompasses the (news) media. This is in harmonious alignment (called a trine) with (B) his Sun and Moon in Taurus. The mid-point of which falls at around 24 degrees Cancer, right on his Ascendant. Taurus gives stubbornness, tenacity, the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction seeks the truth, the ultimate truth, wide ranging and deep, intricate and profound, it ferrets out secrets. All three signs (A) – Taurus, (B) Virgo and (C) Cancer, the sign on the Ascendant, are feminine signs. Feminine signs are reactive, defensive. So, as I see it, and perhaps, you do to, Carlson is a conservative, patriot, a defender of the truth, not afraid to confront the lunacy and hypocrisy of the left, and does so with biting sarcasm. But enough.
      My apologies, dear Jack, looks like I got a little carried away with myself, please forgive me for taking up your time. All I’d like to add is that I’m also a big fan of Victor Davis Hanson, frequently a guest on Fox. He’s so smart, so wise, so knowledge… and surprise surprise, he shares our perspective….he can be found here (link and brief bio below). God bless you Jack and have a great day my friend. VDH does regular podcasts on his site here:
      Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services.

      • I’d add that Carlson is at the vanguard of resurrecting the bow-tie as a mark of sophistication, now that Pee-Wee Herman is fading from the public consciousness. As to any astro indicators of this, I’m unsure – 10th House Venus maybe?

  2. Carlson’s natal sun is right on Algol, and his Neptune opposes Algol with a 2-degree orb. William Lilly stated a 5-degree orb of effect, and Carlson’s natal moon is also within that orb. Whatever the rest of the chart says, I wouldn’t call Algol contacts “lucky.” Algol might be his “Achilles head (heel).”

  3. Tucker Carlson is simply despicable. And, given we have his exact TOB, there’s a strong explainer on his chart: That 29′ Taurus Moon oppose Neptune. He has an immense emotional void he tries to fill with material goods. One could blame his mother, but his father, who raised him, probably was equally emotionally unavailable (he was son to two teenagers who put him to adoption), and, judging from “The Lady and the Dale” interview, even mean spirited. Carlson Sr. went to marry rich food industry heiress – or better “beneficiary”, since her family had sold the business and she lives on investments – Patricia Swanson. I think that while seemingly principled, there is actually not much that isn’t for sale for Tucker.

    Another observation: I think his retrograde Libra Uranus about to back to Virgo and trining his Sun/Moon is important for his psychology. He loves shocking people by being “retrograde”.

    And yes, I think he has an incredibly lucky, even charmed, chart, but there are people like this who haven’t, ultimately, avoided scrutiny given they have a tendency to become cocky. Old Rupert has been suspiciously quiet as of late, and I have a feeling his time might be running out (maybe he will live for other 10 years, but health concerns aren’t unheard of when you are 91, and his estate might have different view on how to deal with Fox News.

  4. This is why I miss Jon Stewart. I wish one of the large prime time media houses would beg this guy to return. He’s the only person who I see could successfully counter such a wretched person like Tucker; another undeservedly lucky bastard similar to Trump.

    • @Troy, this might have been the first time I heard of Tucker Carlson. I received “CNN” and was watching it quite a lot for 2004 elections. Though he was a tool even back in then. Jon Steward, on the other hand, is one of rare comedians whose stuff from the early 2000’s I can watch without cringing.

      • @Solaia: He’s a comedic talent indeed. But he hits a sweet spot that a lot of comedians don’t. He has a charisma that is also taken seriously as a result of a grasp of political jargon. He breaks down BS in a funny but also serious way. He’s not as light as Colbert nor crass like Maher. Just look at the causes he advocates for. He’d do excellent in prime time news.
        Fox News gets it…..that personality and magnetism matters!

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