John Bercow – knocked off his bully pulpit

John Bercow, former Speaker of the House of Commons, has been deemed a “serial bully” and a “serial liar” following a two-year investigation into his conduct during his ten-year tenure at Westminster which will see him banned from the parliamentary estate. Last night his wife Sally called the police over a domestic assault. He left the house and has not been charged. Not his best week.

  He was born 19 January 1963 in London, the same date as Martin Bashir, the BBC reporter of the infamous Princess Diana Panorama. Both have a late Capricorn Sun which is labouring under a tr Pluto conjunction from now onwards until late 2023. There is also a pushily-confident Jupiter opposition Pluto and Uranus in Virgo; and a hard-edged, short-tempered Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in flamboyant Leo square Neptune (Moon) in Scorpio.  Slippery and forceful.

 Bercow’s wife, Sally, 22 November 1969, has a penchant for catching headlines not always for the right reason and is certainly no shrinking violet. They are married with three children, though nearly split six years ago when she had an affair with his cousin. But they reconciled.

  She has a determined and evasive Sun Neptune in Scorpio with a passionate Venus in Scorpio in a not-always-sensitive square to Mars in Aquarius, with her Mars widely square Saturn (Moon) in Taurus. Her Jupiter is trine his square his Sun and her Pluto trine his Sun so there is a strong connection. But her Venus is conjunct his Neptune so he’ll be evasive; and worse her Mars is conjunct his Saturn – so there will be gritty moments of impatience about unfair treatment, probably on both sides. Their relationship chart has Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Sun so it will always have been roller-coaster. There’s also a composite Neptune Mars perhaps square Moon which suggests an ego-clash with neither supportive of their other’s ambitions.

  He’s in a very ratchety year even apart from Pluto bearing down on his Sun with his Saturn and Mars/Saturn midpoint being triggered explosively by tr Uranus and tr Saturn hard aspects, now and again from mid May onwards; with more jolts and self-esteem dents through 2023 when tr Uranus squares his Mars. Exactly now tr Saturn is square his Mars which is often a flare-up time when tensions erupt into tantrums. That runs on and off into 2023.

  Their relationship chart is sending up red flares in May and on and off into 2023 with tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars and then Neptune; with tr Neptune is an uncertain, undermining conjunction to the composite Saturn all year.

  Not their high point, either of them, for sure.

Why these bad behaviour complaints take for ever to reach a conclusion is depressing. The allegations against him have been known about for years.

5 thoughts on “John Bercow – knocked off his bully pulpit

  1. Really sad. I thought he was a good Speaker who tried to maintain democracy in the HoC against the interests of those being manipulated by the Plutocracy. I suspect he thinks he is being resolute and has no idea of the effect his behaviour has on others. He was a guest on various talk shows in the Netherlands during the run up to the 2019 GE as people here were closely following the Brexit debates, and his signature ‘Orderrr, Orderrrr’ became something of a meme. On those TV shows he always talked about his wife with great affection and how he had promised her that he was now going to stop after 10 years. So the outward appearance certainly did not match the inward reality.
    We have our own scandal concerning a bully in parliament here in NL at the moment. A woman who seems to have no notion of personal boundaries and claims she was “just being friendly” or “teasing” while her staff felt intimidated and saw her behaviour as inappropriate. “Imagine if a man had behaved like that,” said one of her former staff. Interesting how all these things are starting to come out now.

  2. His Moon conjuncts her Venus/MC Midpoint along with his Neptune. Perhaps her saw her as opening doors for him? His Sun Capricorn wanted authoritarian power. Her Scorpion Sun is sextile his Sun. Politics is still a man’s world and maybe he gave her the power she wanted. There would certainly be a meeting of minds for Control. Also there would be a romantic view of what she could do work wise for him. Her Saturn/IC Midpoint sits on her Moon in the 12th Taurus. Some Astrologers link Taurus with addiction, which would be strengthened by her 12th/Pisces moon position. This Taurus opposition to his Moon/Neptune is a very competitive position for high powered jobs and money. Scorpio 8th house Politics, money and power. There must have been a real tussle between her politics and his. Perhaps in the end he gave into to her and joined the Labour Party? Interesting 5th house dynamics in both their charts, very Plutonian excitement, couple this with both of them being emotional people, who want to be something and like Marjorie writes your have quite an explosive mix between them.

  3. Nearly my birthday too. I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed to be a Capricorn, albeit a late one, as I find many fellow Capricorns, men and women, quite difficult to get along with!

  4. Banned from the parliamentary estate ?
    Patel found guilty of bullying and is still Home Secretary.
    Not to excuse bullying,but Bercow’s main sin and therefore punishment was to keep the Conservatives in check . No lying to parliament allowed when he was speaker

  5. I found out a little while ago that I was born on the same day as Martin Bashir and in London – and now this! Bullies and liars, at least I was born at the end of the day so we all have different houses and some different aspects.

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