Boris’s brass-neck beginning to tarnish

Boris Johnson’s surreal ability to survive any scandal, egregious failure or semi-criminal act is a wonder to behold. But even Mephistophele’s Faustian pact came with a price tag attached. The devil will demand his due and the fates cut down to mortal size when the time is right. A Sun god he is not.

 The next lurches on his personal chart pick up from May 9th to 26th (and again late year) after the council elections when tr Uranus is conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Neptune. One on its own could bring luck, the other not so much. The combination according to Ebertin suggests coming down to earth with a bump and being forced to face the gap between fantasy and reality.

  His Term chart has the self-esteem-denting tr Uranus opposition the Mars at the same time  which will deliver a shock and often triggers an impulsive, over-reaction.

  His Progressed Moon which has been goose-stepping its way round his firecracker, chaotic Mutable T Square since last year causing mayhem and muddle for him, all of which he somehow slid past, has one last collision as it squares his Uranus, exact late June; with his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Moon, exact in five months but in effect now. The Moon in a politician’s chart often refers to the public and popularity as well as mother/domestic/family concerns. Tr Pluto will square his Moon from late March 2023 on and off till late 2024.

  Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, 29 March 1972, has been making a hash of the Ukrainian refugee crisis but there’s not much showing on her supremely confident Aries Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter chart. Water off a ducks’ back. Her relationship with Boris will flutter with anxiety now till mid April and is showing signs of a radical shake up from mid May, peaking in July onwards when it is severely challenged.  

  She has Boris’s Road-Runner ability to smash into the deck and bounce back unscathed, but that will not work so well in 2024/25 when she will labour under mountainous challenges.

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, having had a reasonable pandemic until the Covid contract fraud emerged, is now facing a horrendous economic blitz with Covid recovery, plus Brexit, plus plus oil, energy, food prices, inflation. Oddly enough he was born on 12 May 1980, four days after Eugeny Lebedev. He’s sinking in self-esteem and morale from mid May onwards and worse late year and through 2023. The upsets and upheavals in his chart will come in 2023 when tr Uranus is conjunct his Mercury Sun and opposition his Uranus.

  Ben Wallace, the Defence Minister, looks most upbeat of the Cabinet through this year and next though I gather he might get the top NATO job.  Liz Truss will bounce up marginally August to November.

See previous Boris post January 13 2022.

24 thoughts on “Boris’s brass-neck beginning to tarnish

  1. Re the Johnson question.
    Was not Pluto conjunct Venus on Friday 13th December 2019 at 21 Capricorn the day he was voted in as PM.
    Full moon on 13 July 2022 at 21 Cap.
    I’m just writing this from memory of that day. Bizarre though that 22 Capricorn conjunction came so soon after.
    Just gave him time for another little free holiday.
    I love Marjorie very succinct language about Johnson.

  2. Pluto moving into Aquarius next year will square Boris’s Moon in Scorpio. Perhaps this is when the voters in this country get to learn of Boris’s money problems. Or what he may have been paid? He has a habit of spending other people’s money. This is a weakness which may have been exploited, by his Russian friends. Boris appears to have no compunction about putting himself first. Pluto in Aquarius, initially in his fourth house, may bring another woman or women problems. In fact Pluto may be the planet to blow him out of the public’s love for good.

    • @Helen, I hope you’re right. to expand on what is mentioned below, Boris has an extraordinary chart in terms of having undeserved luck and being like teflon in that muck does not seem to adhere to him sufficiently. It will take a planet as irrestable as Pluto to dislodge him. However, as also mentioned below, this would only get rid of the individual as PM. Would whoever follows be any better? It may be difficult to imagine anyone worse!

  3. It is really disturbing As more details of Johnson-Lebedev links are coming out. Johnson was warned several times by MI6 and the No. 10 staff but he maintained his close links with Lebedev. Does it not make him a traitor?
    Marjorie, this reminds me of astrology link to ancestry you wrote about some time back. You mentioned Johnson’s great grandfather Ali Khemel and how he was eventually branded a traitor. I might be going but far with this correlation but it is worth noting in my humble opinion.

  4. Ok, there is one, more than slightly disturbing piece of info I came across googling Putin’s circle CVs today. There is “conspiracy theory” aspect to it, but also, the knowledge Lebedevs seem to have something big on good old Boris. First of all, BoJo was a “Daily Telegraph” Brussels correspondant from Bryssels from 1989 to 1994. Second, now head of Russian foreign intel Sergey Naryshkin was stationed in Soviet Union Brussels Embassy from 1988 to 1992.

    My feeling is that if BoJo wasn’t recruited in Brussels, Soviet Embassy has enough “compromat” on him to turn him into a lapdog it if he’d gain standing in British public life.

    • Ok, “Daily Telegraph” is under fire for accepting 10 million pounds to from Russian RIA Novosti News Agency to publish pro-Kremlin and EU critical material. This would be related to an annex called “Russia Beyond Headlines”, but it makes me wonder how deep certain ties go.

      • Wow, it’s really worrying how far the tentacles of Russian money has hold of British Politics, Media and the Government. I hope this war brings them all down! That would be the only positive from this war. We, the ordinary people have been fooled for too long.

      • Yes, Private Eye and others have been talking about this for a while. It’s all been hastily deleted, but here’s a wayback snapshot of it from 2014:

        Daily Telegraph have been in trouble for a while. Their whole advertising sales and sponsorship has recently been fully outsourced to DMGT (Daily Mail) and is now based at DM offices at Northcliffe House

  5. Not sure I buy this “analysis” whole sale . I am not especially fan of Boris but surely the worst of the danger to Boris is over for now as the transiting [via prog] Pluto and tr Uranus are both moving AWAY from their conjunction with his natal moon . On a separate note do wish astrologers wind keep their political views to themselves – the use of the word “goose-stepping” gives it all away about the authors views -it implies facism .
    His prog Uranus opposition to natal Jupiter is unlikely to be wholly bad either . Yes, the May elections will likely result in some losses [ prog Saturn is opposite his natal moon ] but losing seats in mid term Council elections is not so abnormal and it doesn’t take an astrologer to work that out . Saturn’s position in 7th house could just as easily suggest difficult and determined enemies. marriage problems or it could suggest be Johnson will provide a determinated and solid response to his opponents – the key one of which right now is notably is V Putin and his kleptocratic regime .

    It might therefore be better to concentrate on Vlad the impalers chart- which is of far more importance at present to my mind . This chart is clearly showing signs of stress in April re the transits of Saturn and Mars – which will be conjunct his north node in the 4th and is also directly opposed by tr Pluto . This palamerty set up just might create the astro weather which results in his life long ambition of restoring greater Russia in order to achieve Russian homeland “security” via “special military operations” in Ukraine hits the buffers .This hideous war , may grind to a complete halt In April /May or at least hit a serous bump in the road . Alternatively he could even be deposed . It is always diffucltto tell accurately However I cannot see his aggression succeeding . The astro weather suggests problems the actual the outcome could be different .

    • I’m tired pointing out that Putin’s birth year is questionable so reading anything into any ‘birth chart’ is a waste of time. Also the goose stepping was more an image from the astrology of the Prog Moon bouncing off Mars, then Saturn, then Pluto – not his politics, which I suspect are pretty nebulous.

    • Chris, I agree that there can be different interpretations of particular planetary configurations, but I support Marjorie wholeheartedly in keeping Johnson under scrutiny. Yes, the war is important and affects all of us, but how the current government is responding to impacts, and the shameful tangle of involvement between the Conservatives and Russia, deserves much more scrutiny in my opinion – it is our government’s response that will affect British people most of all, and right now the majority of us are hopefully looking for signs of the current government’s downfall. Marjorie – thanks for your ever-brilliant insights.

      • You appear to have the same misunderstanding of the UK constitution as many other people in the country. In a national election the party with the largest number of seats is invited by the Monarch to form a government. If that party has an outright majority the leader of that party then forms a government and, except in very rare circumstances, becomes Prime Minister.

        If for any reason the Prime Minister cannot continue to serve in that position, resignation, illness or death being the common examples, the ruling party selects another MP to become Prime Minister. The new Prime Minister may call another national election, but they are not forced to do so, and providing that the ruling party maintain an outright majority the party in power remains in power.

        • P.S. LisaV, a question I forgot to out into to my original post, how do you know that you speak for the majority and not just those of the same political persuasion as yourself?

          • I’m referring to the fact that the majority of comments on here in response to articles about the Conservative government have been anti-Johnson and cronies, for some time…. And with good reason. No matter how much you try to spin it otherwise, a corrupt government is a corrupt government.

  6. As I have said before Boris has an extraordinary chart. It will be interesting to see how the next few months work out. I suspect that the Uranus transit which affects both his personal chart and the term chart will work by uncovering some problem that will not be easy to brush aside. ( The uranus transit will also affect Lebedov and as you say Sunak)
    One repeating pattern with Boris and his government has been just when they are set to proclaim victory or a new start, over Brexit, Covid, economic problems something gets in the way, Covid, dodgy allies, partygate, war. I am not sure where this comes from ; perhaps a conflict between Sun square Neptune in the chart and an unreal understanding of the world being brought down to earth by the Capricorn Saturn.

  7. BJ and Cameron are “born to lead” Etonians with bags of chutzpah connections but fundamentally dim and useless. Unable to dry an egg or mend a fuse as they’ve always had a “chap” to do for them, you know? Johnson is the press barons and deep states choice. That’s why he gets a relatively easy ride in the press. Imagine the grotesque shambles of the last two years under a Labour govt. They would be hounded out in weeks I reckon

    • I agree It beggars belief that this man and the Conservative party are still in office.

      But he delivered Brexit – the biggest con of the British people ever which is the reason he survives no matter how much he trashes the UKs reputation.

      Brexit of course aided by Russia in an attempt to weaken Europe which I am glad to say failed miserably.
      However it has damaged the UK irreparably.

      • Agreed. Brexit was a coup d’tat I think. Wholesale lies of immense proportions, bolstered by Russian money, dodgy polling, Cambridge Analytica, bent journalism and more. Epic self harm and venality for our masters and to hell with the rest. And for what exactly? Neptune in Pisces is a villain….

    • The Sunday Times is owned by Murdoch. Yet it has been the paper to expose Boris’s Russian connections. I am more intuitive than a proper Astrologer. My gut reaction is Boris has not delivered on a promised and now it is pay back time.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. What a time for us to be stuck with these people. Even if they got rid of him early, I can’t see any decent candidate wanting the job in the immediate future, but perhaps there will be a benefit in the long term.

    There’s something really slippery about Johnson and Cameron, yet these are supposed to be the “one nation” Tory types. Thatcher was awful but at least you knew what you were getting. How low the bar has fallen.

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