Trump, the great womaniser minus his chief ladies

  The full Trump circus was on parade for the court hearing with the notable exception of the two senior ladies of the tribe – Melania and Ivanka. The wifely absence may have been down to seething rage because of his humiliating infidelity with the porn star. Ivanka may not have wished to be associated with a tawdry cameo from her father’s lurid past, but she also seems to be separating herself from his political ambitions moving ahead.

 What is interesting astrologically speaking is that Saturn moving into Pisces appears to have signalled a cut-off point for both relationships. Not surprising given that tr Saturn is now just into his 7th house and staying for two years ahead.

 DT’s relationship chart with Melania has a controlling composite Sun square Pluto which tr Saturn is at the moment and through this year pulling apart. Plus tr Pluto is square the zero degree Taurus North Node making this a moment perhaps where their destinies diverge. And tr Neptune is in an undermining square to the composite Venus from the middle of next month on and off into 2024.

  Ivanka’s relationship chart with her father always was an eye-opener with a composite Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus conjunct – a one-sided, aggravating and damaging relationship with undercurrents of deep resentment. Tr Saturn is now into an enthusiasm-dampening and irritating opposition to the composite Sun and Mars  and next year continues to oppose the composite Uranus, Pluto and square Moon – so the gulf will widen. Ivanka is now into her forties which is often a time that women, downtrodden by their childhoods, empower themselves and exert their own identity.

  Melania has tr Pluto square her Jupiter in Scorpio at the moment and Ivanka has tr Pluto square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint – both similar influences – which will give each the confidence to push back on bullying and coercion. Both have Mars at five degrees mutable, Virgo and Gemini respectively so will run into a setback late April/early May, early August and late January 2024.

  Both are having a jangled year in 2023, Ivanka more so than Melania.

 Don Jr will follow the same trajectory as his father this year with jolting shocks and catastrophes through May, mid December to mid March 2024; and strokes of good luck through June and beyond.  He’s sagging more than somewhat across the election.

  Eric has an aggravated relationship chart with his father, with a composite Mars, Venus opposition Sun which is on a downhill slide for the next three years.

Tiffany, who did turn up in court, has a marginally worse relationship chart with her father even than Ivanka with a composite tyrannical and erratic Pluto opposition Mars Uranus. Her togetherness with papa is on a rocky ride through 2023/4 and sinking into a swamp thereafter for two or three years.

  Nothing much to add to previous Trump posts March 31 2023, 17 November 2022, 26 January 2023. Except that tr Saturn will oppose his Sun/Moon midpoint in 2025 which could suggest a marriage split though it can also indicate unpopularity for a politician.  Late August 2024 his Progressed Venus squares his Saturn making him feel unloved and unpopular; and his Progressed Moon is square his Pluto over the election month which won’t be a singing and dancing time even if tr Jupiter is moving across his midheaven. As per usual pluses and minuses.

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  1. “Ivanka’s relationship chart with her father always was an eye-opener with a composite Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus conjunct – a one-sided, aggravating and damaging relationship with undercurrents of deep resentment.”

    I wonder if her deep resentment has to do with how her mother was treated by her father. According to Marjorie’s post on Ivana’s death July 15, 2022 “Her relationship chart with her mother was marginally easier but not entirely stable with a Mars opposition Jupiter square Uranus and Venus trine Pluto Saturn. Potentially resenting her mother for putting up with it all.

    In Ivana’s original sworn divorce deposition, she stated that Trump raped her, the previous year, in a fit of rage and retaliation due to a “scalp reduction” operation he’d undergone to eliminate a bald spot which had been unexpectedly painful. Ivana had recommended the plastic surgeon. She amended her divorce papers in order to secure the divorce settlement, in which she reportedly received fourteen million dollars in cash. Trump was deposed during the divorce, too. According to a report by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, which examined the divorce records, Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination approximately a hundred times when Ivana’s lawyers asked him about adulterous relations with other women.

    • Not an American here (thank heavens for small mercies), but isn’t the Fifth Amendment limited to criminal cases?

      “No person…shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

      I didn’t realise that it could be invoked in divorce cases.

      • Supposedly, the Federal Constitution can be invoked as a defense without regard to situation. There are other amendments such as denial of due process (police becomes judge, jury, and executioner), denial of 1st amendment speech rights (Trump’s favorite tool aginst the lamestream media), and involuntary servitude.

        Depends on the version one reads.

        • Yes, one can plead the fifth at any time, even if you are otherwise legally obligated to answer, such as through a court-issued subpoena or if you are called before Congress to testify on an issue of national importance.
          The Fifth Amendment also protects defendants including criminal from having to testify if they may incriminate themselves through the testimony. A witness may “plead the Fifth” and not answer if the witness believes answering the question may be self-incriminatory. This was the landmark Supreme Court decision Miranda v. Arizona, (1966) Hence why since 1966 a person is read the “Miranda
          rights” at the time of arrest: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we ask you any questions etc etc.

  2. Just yesterday my artist friend and I were talking about the notable absence of Melania and Ivanka. No more candle-lit dinners and scintillating conversation with Donald? I’d always been told (by other astrologers) that Saturn into 7th solidifies or enhances relationships, esp permanent relationships. To my own history, that’s been a time of splitting up and sailing into the reefs.

    Trump’s photos of late reflect such incredibly intense hatred and deep resentment. These are not healthy emotions. I often observed those emotions on my mother’s face. And that steady diet of Unhappy Meals with fries and cheeseburders…well.

    Yet, a third to half of Amerika wants him back in the driver seat.

    • Saturn can solidify but it can also split apart. It kind of stress tests relationships and those which crack under scrutiny don’t last.

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