Trump – striding confidently towards a quagmire

Trump will sally forth today at the Republican CPAC to cement (he hopes) his stranglehold on the GOP, aiming for a comeback in 2024. His braggadocio will be undiminished though his popularity is sinking. He left office with just 39% approval and is now hovering at 34% and a majority believe he incited an insurrection against the USA. Neither of his relationship charts with the GOP show much in the way of enthusiasm ahead, with disappointments looming large and 2022 being the nadir.

  What’s intriguing the never-Trumpers is what happens next with the Manhattan DA Cy Vance federal investigation into the Trump foundation finances now that the Supreme Court has OK’d eight years of tax returns and associated accountants’ documentation to be handed over.

  Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien, one of the few journalists who has seen the tax returns, said in a recent interview that Trump “is very afraid of what’s in these documents because they put him in serious criminal jeopardy.” He thinks it likely Trump’s chief accountant, Allen Weisselberg, will flip on Trump. The criminal investigation is likely to also include Don Jnr, Eric and Ivanka.

 Trump’s chart certainly indicated major financial panic in six months’ time and after. Firstly from a highly uncertain and neurotic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune and his Progressed Moon at the same time (from this July) starting a two year plus trek thorough his 2nd house, which, while not necessarily disastrous, will give him cash concerns. There’s not much cheer for him either from undermining Neptune transits as they square his Sun and Moon and several midpoints from late March throughout this year and extending through 2022 as well. Plus a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint mid April to early May, and again through January and early February 2022. And mid August to this year’s end he has the enraging, trapped and scary tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars and feeling-unloved Venus/Saturn. Plus the Eclipses this year – and the hangover from last December’s – shaking up his Sun and Moon.  The worst will be 2023 with two completely pinned- down and nowhere-to-run Solar Arcs of SArc Mars square Pluto (similar to Sarkozy at the moment, tho’ not necessarily indicating imprisonment, just totally trapped). And SArc Pluto square Saturn which = deprived, tough conditions, struggling through thick mud, stuck. Then 2024 to 2026 he has his Solar Arc Neptune opposition his North Node, then conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun which will be undermining.

  Cy Vance, 14 June 1954 New York, is a Gemini Sun, only one degree from Trump, so he’s facing the same Eclipse-challenges and Neptunian dips as his quarry. Though these investigations can take forever and he’ll get his mojo back to some degree in in 2022 and be steaming ahead in 2023. [I now gather he’s almost certainly retiring from the DA job this year.]

  Allen Weisselberg, 15 August 1947, for many years Trump’s accountant is a tough-minded Sun, Venus, Saturn Pluto, Moon and Mercury in Leo with a confident square to Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio.  He does look rattled this year with tr Uranus starting to square his early Leo planets with tr Saturn in opposition and that discouraging and unsettled process will extend through 2022 as well. His relationship chart with Trump has been stressed in the past two years; more so through this year with a major jolt from this May onwards and will be logjammed and infuriated in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars.

  Trump may be gone but he’ll not be forgotten while this drama rages.

See previous post December 13 2020 for the Eclipse effect on Trump.

22 thoughts on “Trump – striding confidently towards a quagmire

  1. LOL. The trouble with being an astrologer while having political biases is that you tend to go fishing for bad things to happen to your political enemies. It’s the ultimate in “let’s see if we can find something bad.”

    Reminds me when one of the most famous published astrologers told me he got the 2004 election wrong (you know, the one that a beginner astrologer could have gotten right – Bush had a Jupiter return around election time.)

    The astrology of Pluto in Capricorn is obvious: it is the Obama era of top-down public sector-liberal elite coalition. Biden is the tail end of that era.

    Pluto in Aquarius is the reaction to the infringements and restrictions of civil rights pushed by the elite class who don’t believe the average person should have the right to free speech or religion or guns. And yes, “cancel culture” is part of the strategy to legitimize tyranny as a solution to protect vulnerable minorities.

    Needless to say, such transparent bullshit has a very short shelf-life, and Trump or no Trump (like, you think if he’s eliminated as a potential candidate someone else won’t emerge? It’s not about personalities) the era of the elites (which you paint as the “most competent”, but apparently their competence has enabled the rise of Nazi-like China for decades.)

    So time to get real. Pluto in Aquarius will bring an end to the top-bottom coalition that has been dominant since 2008.

    • I do wish that the witheringly contemptuous ones who ladle ad hominem criticism around suggesting the astrology is biased would come back when its proved right and apologise. Sigh. But they never do.
      Yes it can happen and election prediction is not clear cut and straightforward. But a Jupiter Return is hardly strong enough to win a presidential election – since they come round every twelve years. It would help but hardly definitively.
      Still for all the crap above there is one salient point that is interesting – though made I suspect with ill-intention -which is that Biden is part of the dying Pluto in Capricorn era. Thought to ponder.

      • @Marjorie, for what it’s worth, I have Jupiter conjunct MC. You’d think these were times of opportunities and expansion career wise, right? I’ve now gone through two Jupiter Returns in my adult life. In both instances, I pretty much hit a brick wall with what ever I was doing.

        Incidently, I was also what you’d call a “beginner astrologer” during 2004 cycle. It took me other couple of years to get properly introduced to Mundane Astrology, but that cycle actually thought me one, important lesson about Electoral Astrology: Usually, it’s more fruitful to look at the election day astrology first, and charts of candidates/party leaders second. This is particularly true in multiple party systems, where Governmental composition is brokered, but works for two party systems too, in many cases. For instance, Moon is very telling on *what* people are voting on in The US, where National Elections are always on first Tuesday of November. In 2004, Moon was in Cancer most of the day. So clearly, the feeling driving voters would have had was that of protective patriotism. One must remember Iraqi War had not yet morphed to unpopular “Forever War” it later became. Attack stage had only ended 18 months before, and Bush Admin estimated they’d be out of the country by mid-2005. Kerry, a Vietnam Vet, was attacked by GOP Pacs for having received preferential treatment as a son of a high ranking diplomat. In 2008, Moon was conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn through most of the Election Day. Obama was able to mobilize Black and POC voters like no other candidate before, but he was also very strong with white, working class voters who felt left alone in the aftermath of credit crunch. 2020 Election Day had, of course, Gemini Moon and was, in many ways, a referendum on Gemini Sun Incumbent, as was, interestingly, 2012 with Leo Moon. The difference is that Obama was popular with larger portion of voters. Moon doesn’t, obviously, give a full picture, but gives a good indicator of often undervaluated collective feeling.

      • Thanks Marjorie. Unfortunately polls are suggesting that in Florida he is more popular than ever and so is Trump wanna be Gov Ron DeSantis whose approval ratings are back on the rise. Trumpism is driving Florida politics in a big way with many legislative proposals on the table pushed by his supporters in the Florida legislature. DeSantis himself is up for re-election in 2022.

    • Though arrogant and at times clearly dangerous, it’s interesting and somewhat fascinating to see the flawed logic of a mindset that leans Republican. Their intransigence and myopia is relatively intriguing. Wisdom is clearly not in their vocabulary and their emotional depth is akin to a black hole(or grey hole according to the late Stephen Hawking). Though of course a black hole is considered deep(as they would likely try to cleverly twist my description as them being deep or critical thinkers) it’s also very dark apparently. Just look at the word they use to identify themselves; “Conservative”. This could be construed as not capable of truly expansive thought as their thinking is conservative. Democrats mostly identify as “Liberal”. Free and expansive thinkers.
      Now are Democrats perfect? Of course not. The likes of AOC and Jayapal(so called “Progressives”), while their hearts might be in the right place, they have the wisdom of fish it seems. Good natured and passionate but lacking in wisdom so short on strategic thinking.

      Most Republicans view being free to espouse racist and dangerous rhetoric alongside being able to own a Gatling gun or maybe an RPG as a right; hence, free speech and bearing arms must have no limitatations or consequences because they’re enshrined in their constitution. And it’s tyranny if one tries to put limitations on these things with rules and laws to guard against atrocities that are capable of occurring due to the weaknesses of the human construct, which are clearly demonstrated by how extremists behave. But of course they view themselves not as extremists, but “freedom fighters”. Selfishness under the osmosis of freedom. The psychological gymnastics is astounding.
      As far as I see it, these people exist to remind good natured people to NOT take things for granted. True freedom and peace is a constant battle with selfish, greedy and xenophobic asses. Think about it; what purpose does a character like Trump really serve?! His 74 years existence has contributed to the betterment of who?!

  2. First polls rolling out from CPAC are not good for Trump. Only 55 per cent of the attendants indicated him as their preferred candidate for 2024, and only about 68 wanted him to run. Just for a comparison, in 2019, Trump scored 82 per cent. In 2016, interestingly, Ted Cruz got 40 and Marco Rubio 30, and the poll was not held at all in intermediate years when Trump was “presumptive” nominee. This does, however, show how quickly Trump’s capacity to hold the audience is eroding. And I must say, if he was trying, he would have thought of alternative ways to Twitter after that was taken away from him.

    • Addition: Apparently, his speech is at least an hour late, and he didn’t even leave to Orlando until half an hour to his scheduled appearance. Fox News casters nervous laughter says it all.

    • He has swept aside notions of forming a new party, in line with his personality. “It’s all about me”. There’s no backfilling as to why he was late to his speech. Was he canvassing for “votes”?

      • @larryc, being late is his supposed “powermove”. It was his habit through decades in business. I honestly think it was just him being sloppy and narcissistic. I think that in politics, him making The Queen wait was a faux pas that prompted intervention, thus making his staff to try more. Without this kind of surveillance, he has slided back to his old habits.

        • Consistent time-wasting and late appointments is a well-known narcissistic trait. They believe they have everybody dangling and waiting on them because, well, they are so interesting to be flustered over, aren’t they? It’s a way of controlling others in which they are the central focus. It reminds me of a recent comedy I saw. One of the characters was pouring scorn on the main character who was speaking in hushed tones to other sin the room. This other character bitched to his friend beside him saying, “He was just like that in school with his whispreing! Oooooh, lean in everybody and listen to what I have to say because I’m so interesting!”

          • I’ve not known of other politicians whose followers dragged out the gold-lame’ papier mache’ pinata.

  3. Thank you as always, Marjorie! Is it possible to tell through astrology when Trump’s cultish supporters start to have the scales fall from their eyes about this… LOSER? It has already happened with Capitol building insurrectionists dismayed to have NOT been pardoned by their supposed leader and inspiration while they are left holding the bag with serious criminal charges. Might Trump supporters begin to lose faith when he is reduced to being forced to appear in court to face sordid charges of defamation from E. Jean Carroll for denying he raped her with a callous “she’s not my type” insult to injury? He can cry “witch hunt” all he wants but if his DNA on Carroll’s dress matches, it will be a great ugliness and humiliation for him — and mean more money from his shrinking resources. Or will Trump’s greatest losership be established when he, Don Jr. and Princess Ivanka are charged criminally by the IRS for tax fraud? (I’m guessing that that looming possibility has quelled Ivanka’s political ambitions.) Or might it be something as practical as Joe Biden fixing the U.S. postal service and every American user of it realizing that their cheques, invoices and medications by mail were horribly slowed by their deranged former president? It was deliberately screwed up to Third World standards by its Trump-appointed manager in order to sabotage mail-in voting during the 2020 election. Just curious and hopeful.

  4. There’s also that Mary L Trump law suit against her uncles and aunts that’s pending. While maybe not the most damning for DJT financially, I think this will be most devastating to Trump psychologically, because it will allow discovery on origins of “his” fortune and myth he created.

    • @Solaia.
      I believe that Mary Trump’s giving insight into her uncle’s upbringing backfired and helped humanize him and the reason that Trump received more votes in 2020 than in 2016 is that more Americans could identify with him.

      It’s funny how no matter how horrible some white Americans are the media find a way to humanize them but if a black person dies at the hands of police in America in a disputed manner the media repeats whatever dehumanizing details that the police pass along to them.

  5. If the IRS becomes involved, then DT will be very worried indeed. His wife will walk
    away from him at some point as well, should this happen.

    You reap what you sow.

    • @Rodney, to be fair, Vance has drawn a lot of criticism particularly on non-prosecution of high profile sex offenders. So, if anything, in current political climate, it’s likely that who ever succeeds him will be tougher in these instances.

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