Andrew Cuomo – slings and arrows dent his luck

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Andrew Cuomo, New York governor, has slid precipitately from his early pandemic high, when he was lauded as a hero, and is now facing a second sexual harassment allegation (denied), charges of bullying and of hiding the true number of Covid-related deaths in NY care homes.

  Born 6 December 1957, he has been governor for more than a decade, a role his father held before him. He’s an upfront Sun Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus – can-be-self-righteous and bluntly outspoken but is also innovative. His Uranus squares a do-or-die determined and vengeful Mars in Scorpio which will give him a short-fuse and a disinclination to compromise or give way. His Gemini Moon may oppose Saturn or square Pluto. His Mercury in ambitious Capricorn is in an intense trine to Pluto and a slippery sextile to Neptune.

  His problem at the moment is a car-crash Solar Arc Sun square his Mars bringing him significant setbacks. The Tr Uranus square tr Saturn will also be tugging on his Uranus within weeks for jolts and jangles, running on into 2022. And the Eclipses, Solar and Lunar, this year in aspect to his Sun Saturn and Moon – will be throwing up additional crises and challenges and facing him with the need to take full responsibility for mistakes and misdeeds (Saturn’s karmic kickback).

  His Sun Saturn are conjunct the New York State’s Sagittarius North Node (26 July 1788) so it is an important relationship for both, though again Saturn will always exact its due for transgressions and bring chickens home to roost at some point.  His relationship chart with NY State is mired in suspicion, doubt and confusion this year and 2022/23 as tr Pluto squares the composite Mercury Neptune and then is conjunct the composite Saturn. It won’t be a comfortable time for either.

  Cuomo’s rise-and-fall 10th harmonic is notable and strained; as is his enduring though self-destructive 16H.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo – slings and arrows dent his luck

  1. I’ve seen the photo of Cuomo with Anna Ruch and it looks obvious to me that she’s most uncomfortable as he towers over her, grabbing her face. I think men like this tend to get away with this sort of behaviour, but the photo is quite revealing.

  2. Many politicians hid nursing home counts of deaths, including Phil Murphy in NJ and Pritzker in IL. Nobody is going to like this comment, but I believe we as a society have been very inconsistent when it comes to setting and keeping standards of decency. As for sexual allegations, Republicans look at Democratic ones more critically than their own party’s transgressions and vice versa. In the late 70s, we should have looked more critically on Woody Allen having an affair with a 16-year-old in the movie, and all its implications. No one seemed to criticize it, and anyone who would have questioned it would have been called a prude. In the 90s, many feminists thought it ok for women to come onto powerful men for political gain, and even celebrated it, but today men have reason to be confused as to how much affection they are allowed to show to women. I personally think the case against Cuomo is weak. I strongly believe some of the women who accused Trump and not others; some are more believable than others. Same with Clinton accusers.

  3. Always interesting how the two US parties differ from each other on matters of integrity. Trump has been accused of his own sexual indiscretions, with ample evidence to back them even, yet the supposedly moralistic Republicans turned a blind ear to them time and again.

    The Democrats are nearly the opposite. Elliot Spitzer was another New York Democratic governor who was forced to resign due to a prostitution scandal. It will be curious to see the fate of Cuomo.

    • @Clarence, arguably, these accusations are more akin to those directed to Al Franken than Spitzer, who was caught because of anti-money laundering investigation which found suspected money transfers, I believe. Many Democrats have since questioned the necessity of Franken resigning. I personally think he did the right thing, morally and politically. But this is a slippery slope and not necessarily career ending, even for a Democrat.

      What I think is more damning for Cuomo is how his handling of Covid-19 looks in retrospect. New York would never have become the unmitigated mess it did in April 2020 if he’d used his powers to close the state even a week earlier. And hiding care home death numbers is truly a horrible look.

      Cuomo is up for re-election in 2022. I’d say he’d be wise not to run again, and might be even9 told not to.

  4. Explains why “New York Twitter” was not overtly enthusiastic about him a year ago… Also, I went to see what I wrote on him at replies of the previous post, and I’m more convinced than ever that he has a Nocturnal/Morning Chart putting that Venus to late a degree of Capricorn. This is an old goat acting up.

    Otherwise, there Cuomo definitely showed some Sagittarius Sun/Gemini Moon (not quite a Full Moon chart, but close enough) swagger publishing a book on leadership during Covid-19 crisis when the crisis is still very much ongoing.

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