South Node – stuck in the past ++

Odd thoughts on South Nodes in synastry since it has come up twice in the past week – Saudi MBS’s South Node in Scorpio conjunct Joe Biden’s Mars and Woody Allen’s South Node conjunct Dylan Farrow’s Sun Mars. Additional examples more than welcome.

  The South Node is about the habits of a lifetime, our familiar comfort zone, old baggage, our overdeveloped character traits that are all too easy to fall back on, but will undermine development if hung onto for security.  Fear and discomfort is associated with South Node issues and it is often a point of great insecurity. The North Node is the unknown to which we must strive if we want to be fulfilled. But not everyone wants to develop or is capable of it and the pressure to pull away from bad habits often gives rise to resentment.

  Where the South Node on one individual chart is conjunct another person’s planet, the result is often a strong sense of a ‘meant’ connection but it can be draining as the South Node has a tendency to drag back into the past or into ingrained behaviour patterns and refuses to allow for growth in the relationship.

  So A’s Sun conjunct B’s South Node can feel draining for A, although the connection may feel strong.

With a Moon conjunction there will be a marked difference in values with the Moon seeing the South Node as negative and anti-social. 

A Mercury South Node conjunction across two charts produces an intellectual rapport. But it also tends to make the South Node type unreceptive to the Mercury types ideas, so they have to work extra hard. And it will give rise to miscommunications.

If Venus is involved the Venus type feels restrained and can find the South Node type cold. Victoria Beckham’s South node is conjunct David Beckham’s Venus and although they have a strong connection there have been many ups and downs in their relationship. Her fashion business has also been a financial drain on him.  

Mars – the South Node person will restrain the Mars individual so it tends to end up in a cold, indifferent, resentful or angry connection. The Mars type sees the Node individual as stuck in the past and as holding them back. 

Saturn – there’s a sense that the South Node individual is restrictive and the relationship is likely to be heavy as well as unbreakable. Each tends to reinforce the other’s negativity. Liz Taylor’s Saturn was conjunct Richard Burton’s Capricorn South Node and they divorced and remarried twice.

  Across the zodiac, the North Node connection can be a powerful one. The Queen’s Taurus Sun is conjunct Prince Charles’ 10th house North Node Moon; and her relentless-work-ethic Pluto is conjunct Prince William’s so she arguably pushes both of them on to develop. On the other hand Meghan Markle’s Mars is conjunct Prince William’s North Node which clearly riles him, though her overly assertive stance may well have prompted him to develop his caring Cancerian side during the Covid months.

 A few more Node contacts – Hillary Clinton’s North Node in Taurus is conjunct Bill’s Moon in his 8th – a strong connection. Michelle Obama’s Aquarius Moon may be (birth time allowing) conjunct Barack’s South Node in Aquarius. Trump’s bombastic Mars in Leo is conjunct Obama’s North Node for a combustible interface.

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  1. Such fascinating comments re the nodes – very insightful and very helpful too. When I studied Astrology, the nodes were not given much importance – however, I recently came across Donna Van Toen’s book ‘The Astrologer’s Node Book, which I have had for ages but thought I had lost, and re-reading this book now reveals a goldmine of information and very perceptive information. I just love your posts Jo, they are very interesting, don’t do yourself down.

  2. I’m no astrologist but reading your blog Marjorie and other comments, it has
    helped explain a lot of issues for me regarding family. I suppose it’s all about being able to recognise, heal and transcend ‘inner wounding’ that’s been passed on over generations.

    • One of the reasons I was keen to pursue astrology initially was to help me understand my family and other people who had been a mystery to me. Individually it does give you insights and empathy (or not in certain instances). And it can be invaluable in laying bare generational wounds – I had one grandmother – a Sun Pluto in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius who, not surprisingly, was a tough old boot. Her own children got it together not too badly somehow, apart from one early death. But the generation after that practically ground to a halt with more than half childless and the males having major health issues.
      Once you start looking at the wider family picture it’s astonishing what recurrent patterns there are. And with understanding there comes a possibility of breaking the endless chain of same old same old.

  3. I have a Capricorn south node and felt I was pushed into a career . I married a Sun Capricorn with Saturn also in Capricorn but it didn’t work out.He crushed my confidence and didn’t care if I was happy. My Leo Sun was conjunct his North node so he was not the one who wanted to break up.
    My daughter whom I love dearly is one of the Triple conjunction in Capricorn generation and its hard not to get sucked into supporting her perhaps too much.
    I long for the time to do what I want

  4. Thank you Marjorie! Can’t help being intrigued by Jo with NN on IC. That’s got to be hard to handle as it must feel like chasing your tail: where you’ve got to go is someplace you’ve already been! Do you say been there,done that,a lot? Having done a lot of 4th house work myself and feeling pretty resolved about it all, have to ask, have you done a lot of family history? Finding out about the patterns in your family, particularly your mother’s side may help. Do you know what dreams of hers were thwarted that caused her to hold you back? I am fortunate to have a great aunt who is a wealth of information re how my grandmother grew up which helps to explain my mum – haha! Becoming your family’s historian may be an interesting role for you.

    • I don’t think that about when going places, Barb. But I often say it about family and emotional dynamics about going over the same old bloody ground; I’m learning and wanting to move forward but they aren’t and keep pulling me back. Yet I’m sticking around (so not learning there!) But I feel the fates often knock me back down only to find I am back at square one withing the family dynamic again. It’s hugely frustrating – not sure what I am supposed to do with this kind of energy.

      I think my mother may have had a talent for short stories because it’s an angry trigger for her. I have a talent for art and writing myself. When I was about 8 a teacher mentioned this in the only parent-teacher meeting she went to and she absolutely flipped at him saying my spelling was appaling and he was there to teach me that. He defended his ground and said my spelling would come in time but my talent needed to be encouraged. She was furious with me for a week and ignored for ages, lol! I’ve had her throw my writing across the room in a frenzy when I asked her in my teens to read something I had written. She ignored me when she found out a high school teacher wanted to encourage my writing for the school newspaper. Today, she barely even acknowledges my previous published writing and artwork. She’s completely dead-eyed about it all. I’ve tried to encourage her to write some of her stories but she’s too lazy to apply herself.

      My mother’s damaged because her mother damaged her. My grandmother was damaged because her father damaged her. I’m sure it has gone on for some generations, sadly, like so many families. There is also a lot of dark stuff that has surrounded my family. My mother is one of five and appears to be the worst parent. My uncle and aunts turned out to be much more open and loving parents with their offspring although with some complexities invloved, naturally. They all seem to have more close-knit, supproting families.

      Out of the 3 children my mother had only my middle brother has had one child whose nearly 16. He continues that same awful weird parenting and toxic co-dependency with his partner. But myself and my younger brother whom I’m close to do not have kids. It’s harder on my brother who I know would like them but he is aware he’s damaged and therapy only goes so far. Sometimes the best thing you can do, and it maybe harsh to say it, is to make sure you do not have kids to damage and make sure the family tree dies on the vine, so to speak. You can still be a parent of sorts in many other ways and learn to heal yourself through it. Sorry for the long post. My life story is not that interesting because it’s no doubt similar to a lot of other family dynamics.

      • You’ve just told my story, Jo. My mother’s Pluto was on my 8th House South Node in Cancer. Growing up I was terrified of her. She was not physically abusive, just indifferent. When I became her caretaker in later years, after 20 years living far away with annual visits, I understood that she loved me, but that I irritated her and she just didn’t, like me. I have a Mars/Moon/North Node conjunct in Capricorn (cold mom) trine a Virgo Sun. She was Aries Sun Sq that Cancer Pluto. When I was a pre-teen, she said if I got pregnant she was taking the baby. I vowed never to get pregnant. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to overcome that parenting style.

        • Ouch! I have the Pluto squaring my Cancer moon and I have read that Plutonic mothers are the worst. They are frightening, cold and possessive and very damaging. The fact she told you she would take your baby and keep it despite being so awful to you is the perfect example of the all-consuming and devouring Pluto mother. Sod what you want, it’s ALL about her. I don’t know if you have siblings, but I have often found, even when the mother-daughter relationship is extremely strained and they have relatively normal, loving relationships with their sons, it’s usually left to the daughter to do the caring later in life. Why don’t the sons step forward if everything was so wonderful? I wonder if all these women also have the Pluto aspects too because it’s a very chained-together energy that sometimes only a severe divorcing of the relationship or death can only seem to seperate. I hope you’re feeling much better anyway these days, kateS?

          • Thank you, Jo. I’m the eldest of three, only daughter. My brothers were and are very supportive of me and yup, they had no difficulties with her. Mom was fun and generous with everyone. No one saw the other side of her but me, maybe sometimes my father. I was Dad’s pet, so it wasn’t as though I had no emotional support. But Pluto = jealousy.

            My mom was #6 in a family of 11 children and she was raised more by her bi-polar elder sister who emotionally and physically abused her. I think that’s where she may have gotten her parenting chops. Her mother was busy bearing children.

            It was a compulsion (mars/moon) that I be there for her after my father passed. I have no regrets, because I knew she loved me, but could never show it because for some reason she saw it as weakness. My “PTSD” is almost gone eight years after she’s passed.

            I neglected to mention her South Node is conjunct my Capricorn Mars. That side of the family is very Catholic, and I’ve wondered, with the concept of past lives/nodes, if historically we are doomed to repeat this pattern due to lifetimes of abusing each other through religion (nuns/priests/peasants). If that’s a possibility, I am ready to forgive and move on. I don’t know if she evolved.

            Astrology has helped me sort this all out. Looking at a chart for someone who has trouble with their feelings and communication (difficult people) opens my mind to trying to understand them and speak their “language”.

            I do enjoy and appreciate Marjorie’s place and all of its inhabitants. Thank you again for your kindness.

        • Yes, my mother’s Pluto in Cancer is square my Sun in Libra and it reflects a facet of our relationship that can feel very difficult at times. If your mother’s Pluto in Cancer is in difficult synastry with a personal planet or a node in your own chart I think it may play out this way. Pluto in Cancer marks a generation who bore the brunt of the domestic and economic upheaval of the inter-war years and the beginning of WW2 as children – the evacuees and children who were caught up in the collective events of the time. So I think that generation share collective trauma. They were brought up to not make a fuss, to place their own needs aside, to not complain or require emotional needs, probably by parents who themselves lived through the Great War. I notice this with people who have mothers with Pluto in Cancer that these mothers were to an extent unable to give their own children the emotional nurturing and validation that is needed for a child to flourish because they did not receive it from their mothers. And also with Pluto this can be a grandmother influence too, many of my mother’s generation had themselves the experience of a cold, unloving mother for whom duty and outward respectability came first.

          • You’ve described the maternal side of my family to a T. Hard to be June Cleaver when you have more children than you can feed.

            My mom and her sisters’ mantra was “What will people think!” When I pressed them on “which people”, they couldn’t name anyone specifically, it was just what they were beat over the head with while they were growing up.

      • An old therapist once said to me that it is normal to revisit the same family issues again and again but hopefully on a spiral so that you see it from a different/higher perspective.

    • I’m not sure. Off the top of my head I would have thought relatively tight. But there again the one person I thought of who can reduce me to levels of incandescent rage that no one else can has their Mars seven degrees away from my South Node. You’ll just have to test it and see.

    • It’s her family legacy (Pluto in Cancer) to him.
      Planets on the bends of the nodal axis are just as important as those conjunct either end. If someone has a nodal axis at 20 degrees of Aries/ Libra a significant person in their life could have a planet around 20 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer thereby squaring the nodal axis – this is usually manifests as a very dynamic connection for both.

  5. Good Lord, I have the Mars conjunct South Node with my self-absorbed mother. The energy of me being held back has been a lifetime theme for me. There is a fair amount of anger on my part and jealousy and resentment on hers. If i ever dare to make my own headway, she often undermines me directly or manipulates other people to do it. It has definitely felt like a very heavy karmic connection. I’m paying my dues for god knows what, I suppose. I guess ill find out what the contract was all about soon enough, but i’d be more than happy to never ever come into contact with her energy again for the rest of eternity. However, i’m also of the belief we all play certain roles; individually, culturally, collectively, and it is thankfully, temporary when lived through. But god, what a grind. But its so interesting how these nodes play strongly into family connections in peoples charts, isnt it?

    Thankfully, i have venus conjunct north node with my younger half brother whom i’m close to and i feel we have lived lives together before. When he was born it was like a piece of home, true home, arrived and made life a little more bearable. We both speak the same easy but deep language which is a god send when stuck in an environment of squabbling, angry, shallow farts who pass as family.

    • That’s probably why almost all my friends as a child and teenager were Leos – I have a Leo, 12th house North Node. For shudder-inducing South Node stuff, my Great Grandmother had Neptune, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto all conjunct her South Node in Taurus. That generation lived through two world wars, which makes me wonder about the karmic element of nodal/outer planetary conjunctions on entire generations.

      • I have the Leo 12th house, VF, and as a teenager I was the only virgo in a group of Leo girls too. Their sunnier natures balanced out my introverted and serious one, which I’m thankful for.

        Unfortunately, my NN sits on the IC in the 4th house in Sagittarius. I wonder if the dynamic between my mother and I is forcing those 4th house qualities? Does being single with a menagerie of pets count as living out the family-focused 4th house NN? That’s all I can manage in this lifetime, LOL. I would have loved to have come from or created a Darling Buds of May type of family home but due to heavy family conditions, like for many, they are only an aspiration.

        • Nodes alongside angles is something I’m yet to look into, Jo. But to me that aspect would perhaps indicate the need to create one’s own unique ‘family’, yes but also the 4th is such a watery, emotional place so the drive to dive deep and connect to the emotional world in some way. I think also there is the drive to nurture and caring for animals is certainly a way of living that. )I don’t think darling buds of May families exist in the real world!).

          • Oh, don’t ruin my plans for the next life, you rotten spoil sport!! 🙂

            I believe H.E. Bates did base a lot of his stories on families he knew in the countryside during the 40s and 50s and created that brilliant book series and TV show we have today. I’m sure there are some families that do live like that. But it’s sad there are not very many close-knit, loving, easy-going and supporting families out there. Shame they seem such a minority. Maybe that is why we are here; to balance the chaos, whatever that is. We have to work through our ancestors and recent family members karmic crap that can take generations to get right.

            I want a very deliberate, decades-long, nay, centuries-long holiday with all my animals after this arduous role-play down here! Ideally somewhere like that place in the film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And ideally before it got attacked, LOL! That place and its people in itself is like the soul before it inherits the bomb of karmic baggage that comes from ‘some place else’!

          • I read two funny memes in the last month regarding this living on earth topic (pardon the non-pc slant of the second):

            1) Due to personal reasons, I shall not be reincarnating on earth ever again.

            2) Leaving a review of earth on Tripadvisor:
            1 star out of 5. Would not reccommend. It’s very ghetto.

        • Out of curiosity, Jo, how many animals share your life?! I grew up in a family with a mini menagerie – dogs, cats, lizards, mice, and we took care of an injured owl for some months too. There’s a fair amount of planets in Sagittarius amongst us all, which I thought probably indicated the affinity for creatures.

          I echo VF about ideal human families though. I think the so called ‘nuclear’ family is innately dysfunctional, and humans need a wider tribe or group to function well when bringing up children. Otherwise, animals are wonderful companions, it is a delight to have one – or many – around. I’m sure your NN and IC is playing out very well with your pets. They are most definitely family too.

          • Hi Jane, I have 2 cats and 2 dogs but have had gerbils, birds, etc, and all were/are rescue animals. I often petsit other dogs and have volunteered in shelters. I’m glad you consider nurturing animals as an important family aspect, and not just the usual nuclear family set up. That NN on my IC was making me feel like I wasn’t undertaking this life’s purpose properly! I always thought my lone Jupiter sat in my Aquarian/Pisces 6th house indicated my love of all creatures. It squares onto my NN so I suppose it intensifies my love for all animals.

            All I need now as the icing on the cake, and after watching The Mandalorian tonight, is my own little baby Yoda 🙂 Talk about getting those warm fuzzy maternal feelings! On the downside, I think my NN gives me the feeling of not having a particularly strong identity in myself and I’ve questioned it so much over the years. But the upside of the placement is when I’m around animals all that evaporates for a while and it’s lovely.

            I bet looking after the owl gave a great sense of wonder? It’s having that connection to wildlife and nature to. That sounds like it was amazing, especially when growing up.

          • I have a Sagittarius I.C. and have always connected it to the country life I grew up in, surrounded by fields and big skies. We had horses, a donkey, geese, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, a dog, stick insects, fish, terrapins, birds, hamsters and mice. :-0 Then the fields around us were full of cattle and sheep. There was a hunting culture with dogs for rats and rabbits and fox hunting – that’s a very Sagittarius thing as well (Chiron is often depicted as a hunter), one which I never took to. So there can be that wide open space feel to a Sagittarius I.C. especially when planets in the 6th house or Virgo are involved, either by rulership or aspect.

          • That sounds like an idyllic childhood, Virgflake. All that expansive landscape and nature! I guess if things got bad at home it was a great place to go to to get your head together.

            You are making me look more at the T-square I have in my chart now you mention virgo and sagittarius energiesand animals. I have 12H Venus in Virgo opp. late 6H Jupiter in Pisces and both square onto my 4H NN in Saggitarius. This might allude to my deep love of animals but also might be a healing aspect for me? I had never thought of it like that before.

            But I also have late 3H Neptune in Saggitarius conjunct IC (Not conjunct NN though) which is also part of that T-Square. I always thought it might indicate creative abilities which I have. Now I’m questioning the Neptune conj. IC as the apex of the t-square. I’ve read up on some people who have had this and it often leads to what one said as ‘a lifetime identity crisis / a culmination of dealing with a bad family line.’ Maybe there is a purpose to it afterall. I’m paying off and ending the bad karmic family energy line. So thanks, dear ancestors! I can’t think of any reason why many of us inherit such awful aspects that can be difficult to eradicate unless there had to be a purpose. Yes, shit happens, but the bigger picture tends not to be so random.

            I’d like to think I can end my days on a small homestead with animals (very saggitarius in 4H) and be relatively self-sufficient but I may have to move to Scotland to do it (or another country). England is a bloody nightmare for all that red-tape. Tiny House movement, hear I come, wherever the hell you are!

          • Yes, Jo, looking after the young owl was amazing. The way he turned his head around seemed like magic! Once healed and released, he would return sometimes and just sit in the trees nearby.

            I think it’s interesting about the 6th house, and what you say about Jupiter squaring the nodes. So your SN is on the MC? Home and family themes on the angles, with Jupiter expanding that – by adding the animals! It looks like at least part of your purpose, with Jupiter signifying education as well – another two-way street when it comes to animals.

            The Sixth House sometimes seems like a strange collection of meanings I think. But as Virgo’s house, there’s the meaning of health and healing, as well as it being the house of pets and everyday routines. I’m thinking all of that goes together rather well – the routines pets need, the way they do offer healing and have been shown to improve health and wellbeing in a number of studies. Plus the idea of service – we take care of them, and working animals “served” everyone in the past. Our development as humans might have been very different without horses and dogs, for instance.

            And by the way, Sir David Attenborough has Cancer/Capricorn nodes making a number of aspects – including a quincunx to Jupiter.

          • Isn’t that interesting – all the things we never look at. I wasn’t allowed pets growing up since my father was v against the idea. And he had Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th. Figures.

          • That’s really interesting Marjorie. And so helpful – when I started studying astrology I found the 6th house rather confusing, and it has taken a while to “join up” the traditional meanings, and see how they might work out in practice.

            When studying house meanings, I was also amused to learn that the 7th house of partnerships is also the house of “open enemies”, and the 5th links children with “speculation”…..although I suppose that includes the “children” of the mind too. Anyway, it seems that a somewhat worldly-wise perspective prevails!

          • Wow, your owl story is wonderful, Jane. They are beautiful, majestic creatures.

            I inherited an 18th century edition of Sibly’s Astrology, which I have to say is interesting but he’s an 18th century guy and assumes the student of astrology is male and well-heeled, naturally! He says of the 6th house:

            “The 6th house resolves all questions that in any respect appertain to servants or cattle. Also enquiries concerning the state of a sick person, whether curable or not; the nature of the disease, and whether of short or long duration; particulars relating to uncles and aunts, and all kindred on the father’s side; also concerning one’s tenants, stewards, or the like, are resolved by the disposition of the stars and planets situated in this house. Its
            co-significators are Mercury and Virgo, and when Mars and Jupiter are found in conjunction here, it is a strong argument of a good physician…”

            I have to say, I didn’t know that the 6th was connected to paternal uncles and aunts.

            In the engraving ‘wheel of fortune’ after a 9th century manuscript in the John Rylands library in Manchester, the 6th house is illustrated with a sick man lying in bed attended by what looks like two servants with a dog lying by his bed. So this house has always been associated with animals as well as servants. I have Chiron in Pisces and South Node in Aquarius here and Chiron is said by some astrologers to be in its own house in the 6th.

          • Thanks VF, so interesting. Yes, the owl time was wondrous. I have stayed in love with them ever since.

            It is always intriguing to read old astrology books, yours sounds quite extraordinary. I did not know about aunts and uncles either. I looked at one of my most nerd-tastic astrology books – The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills – and see it lists ‘aunts and uncles from the mother’s side in a man’s horoscope and from the father’s side in a woman’s horoscope’. A number of other family connections are listed, including step children, and the death of close friends. I have just checked that last, as in 2019 I lost a very close friend – we had known each other most of our lives. Oddly enough, on the day she died, there were numerous aspects to my 6th house Moon – including a quincunx and a semi-sextile. That day was in fact very peaceful, and it was what used to be known as ‘a happy release’ by my old aunties. The North Node was crossing my ascendant, with the South on the descendant. They too aspected the Moon. Those aspects were, in turn, on my friend’s Sun and Moon.

            There’s nothing in the Rulership Book about the Nodes unfortunately. But I do see them, and BML, as significant in ways I have yet to explore. Same goes for Chiron, which I tend to see as a catalyst point – I’ve found the ‘wounded healer’ meaning does not always seem to apply, at least not in any obvious way. So, yes, perhaps Virgo’s house fits Chiron and also Sagittarius for his centaur back story? I could see all the mutable houses working for Chiron in some ways!

  6. Thanks so much Marjorie. I’ve been studying the nodes for a while, as I had noticed they seem to be more sensitive than I used to think – much like Black Moon Lilith, another lunar point. I am wondering what orb to use in synastry as well. With my ex-husband his S Node was widely conjunct my Sun. But BML was precisely square my Moon, and conjunct my IC, which is quite descriptive of our domestic relationship! That connection did feel “fated” or almost inevitable in some way.

    The Biden/MBS connection with Mars/Nodes does suggest challenges for them both, possibly involving the wider population (nodes). Saturn’s upcoming transit to that point could represent Biden, as the older authority figure, while MBS is the aggressive Mars person? South Node with a Saturn transit would also represent the past in some way. the significance of the past for both men is notable – MBS has tried to offer the world a picture of someone who wants to reform his country, and break with the past. I am not entirely convinced by this…..

    • Did you know that Abraham Lincoln’s South node in Taurus conjuncts John Wilkes Booth’s Mars, Jane? I do sincerely hope that isn’t going to be the outcome between MBS and Joe Biden.

      Another thing I’ve come across in nodal astrology for American Presidents is Uranus conjunct North node. Lincoln had it in Scorpio, Obama has it in Leo, Trump had it in Gemini.

      • That’s fascinating VF. Well, it doesn’t look like a harmonious connection, but perhaps at best suggests hard work? I don’t like to throw the word “fateful” around, but it looks like they have something very important to do together, or something to work through on that kind of level. MBS already has the theme in his life of an old king, with himself as the ambitious ‘young pretender’. Biden would represent another old king in that dynamic.

        You prompted me to look at the charts for JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald had his natal Libran Sun (24) with the North Node, opposing Saturn in Aries with the South (29 Aries). These made a t square with JFK’s Saturn at 27 Cancer. JFK’s NN was 12 Capricorn, conjunct Oswald’s Moon at 13 Capricorn. A fateful connection indeed.

  7. “Mercury South Node conjunction across two charts produces an intellectual rapport. But it also tends to make the South Node type unreceptive to the Mercury types ideas, so they have to work extra hard. And it will give rise to miscommunications.“

    My husband’s Mercury in Aquarius is conjunct my South node and this is exactly how it works!

    My Mum’s South Node is conjunct my Moon in Scorpio and I don’t see her as anti-social but we both feel deeply connected and we feel this as a karmic connection. We have always felt that we have been mother and daughter before.

  8. Great article Marjorie. I am curious if you have any information on Neptune conjunct South Node? My Neptune conjuncts my mothers south node. My Sun is in in the same sign as her north node (Taurus). This must be interesting to look at in family charts. My sister’s south node is conjunct my north node (and vice verse). My father’s south node is in the same sign and my north node but not conjunct. My north node is in Virgo, south node in Pisces.

    • Ooh everyone tugging at everyone else in the family to work on their issues and develop in ways which seem unfamiliar.
      Neptune can draw out the emotions that keep the node person held back which won’t always be easy or wanted. Boundaries may be unclear and since Neptune is highly suggestible it may draw you into your mother’s more primitive/less developed traits.

  9. Fascinating…I’ve just checked my North Node is conjunct my Husband’s Ascendant (So my south Node must be conjunct his Desc) and his South Node is conjunct my Sun and his North Node is Trine my Asc…and his sun is conjunct my Descendant…are we playing out some Karmic stuff!!

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