Gina Carano – punching out on social media backfires

Gina Carano, lead actress in the sci-fi series “The Mandalorian” has been fired for her ‘abhorrent and unacceptable’ social media posts. She suggested that hating people for their political views is as bad as the persecution of the Jews by Nazis and is similar to the start of the Holocaust. Previously she mocked the wearing masks during the pandemic, supported voter fraud allegations in the recent election and is being cheered on by Ted Cruz.

  Born 16 April 1982 she’s a former Mixed Martial Artist turned TV personality, actress and fitness model. She has a 7th house upfront Aries Sun opposition Pluto Saturn in Libra and trine a 3rd house Neptune – unyielding, ambitious, controlling, evasive.  More significantly in terms of her mouthiness is Mercury in obstinate Taurus on the focal point of a Yod to a volatile Mars sextile Uranus which will tend to make her fly off in all directions, throwing out random comments. She also has a wide Yod of Venus sextile Mercury inconjunct Mars, which will give her anger issues and a firecracker temperament.

    And her Mercury is in an exaggerating opposition to Jupiter square a loves-to-shock and inflexible Aquarius Moon.  Her Mercury also opposes Pluto squaring onto her Moon which will ramp up her conspiracy-theory tendencies.

  A very intense lady and not one for backing down.  Though with tr Pluto square her Sun and Pluto this year and next she will be forced to let go and reassemble her life  

5 thoughts on “Gina Carano – punching out on social media backfires

  1. Now it seems anything to do with Mandalorian has been suppressed…or silenced. Space-dot-com seems silent on the matter…

  2. Well she is right about one thing, cancel culture is very reminiscent of the 1930’s. Are we not free to give opinions anymore, no matter how absurd?

    • Her opinions though are damaging and dangerous. She is afterall representing a brand too and she was posting misinformation and lies. She is not anonymous where she could be allowed that luxury for a time. As an example; you wouldn’t have a President who represents the country to be blatant about being coked off his head and indulging in high-class hookers and say, “Don’t worry folks. This is not an example of who I am – I’m still representing you all.” My mother would have got sacked from her job if she posted similar examples like Gina Carano because she works for the Department of Justice. Sometimes, opinions can be hugely damaging and undermining. If you are a public person the freedom to be so wreckless is much more narrow.

      What I do think is absolutely absurd though and represents to me personally what IS cancel culture, is the hordes of morons on social media demanding to cancel Carano’s Star Wars model from the shops or asking for her ex, Superman actor, Henry Cavill, to be cancelled. That is absolutely insane and these people need their bloody heads rinsing. It’s like a hive-mind parasite is taking control of people’s rationality and senses. I see how that could be damaging as we move forward.

  3. Thanks for doing this, Marjorie. Its such a shame she has done this to herself. She could have been one of the first modern female action film heroines. She’ll no doubt go back to playing second fiddle to leads or trailing the gutter media for fame. Either way, I think she has damaged her Unique Selling Power all film & tv stars have. She must still think she is in the ring ready to punch down any opponent who comes her way.

    • Jo you’re so right. Regardless of Carano’s views, this cancel/woke culture is getting or already is out of hand. You can probably guess what the silent majority are thinking but the problem is, we are too silent (me included). We need to find our voices and put a stop to this madness. Those that shout the loudest….

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