Trump – refusing to go quietly

Never one to take a hint, Trump has brushed aside Republican pleas to stand down, ignored the implications of Murdoch pulling the plug on support and turned a blind eye to major donors disappearing. Even Ivanka has ducked.

  Maybe it would have been too big a climbdown for his fragile ego to hand the baton elsewhere. Maybe he is deluded enough to imagine being a candidate will stave off legal jeopardy as he faces a mountain of suits. What is certain is exactly now he is feeling cornered and scared with a dead-halt and totally-trapped Solar Arc Mars within minutes of a degree in square to his Pluto.

  The Bid chart of 15 November 2022 circa 9pm Palm Beach may not be much of a help – if the Trump and Clinton bid charts for 2016 are anything to go by. You’d have been hard pushed to make much sense of either vis a vis the result.

  What is clear from this one is the entertainment value with Venus Mercury Sun in the 5th trine an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th.

 From a previous post: “His Solar Arc Pluto is moving to square his Saturn, exact in April/May 2023 which won’t have him leaping for joy either. If his birth time is accurate by the 2024 election he has Uranus just putting a toe into his 10th with tr Neptune on the cusp of his 8th and tr Pluto on the cusp of his 6th – so his life will be facing a major transition on several fronts. He does have Jupiter moving through his 10th from May 2024 which can be successful or it can be a period of grandstanding. But he looks in shock in October 2024 with tr Uranus square his Mars; and down in the dumps over the Inauguration.”

Ivanka, 30 October 1981, has said she loves her father but chooses to prioritize her family and private life this time round, though Jared attended the Trump announcement. She, along with her brothers and father, is in the line of fire of a civil fraud lawsuit involved in the family real-estate business, for falsely inflating his net worth by billions in order to enrich himself and secure favourable loans. The lawsuit seeks to bar all four Trumps from serving as executives in New York, and to prohibit the Trump Organization from acquiring any commercial real estate or receiving loans from New York-based entities for five years. Though the New York suit is not a criminal prosecution, a referral to federal prosecutors threatens further serious legal peril for Trump and his three adult children.

  Ivanka’s Scorpio Sun was conjunct the recent Solar Eclipse for a shake up and the 2023/2024 Eclipses will catch her Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in Libra conjunction. Jupiter Pluto is successful but can bring conflict with authorities because of a laws-don’t-apply-to-me approach.

  Her 2023 will be littered with obstacles and disappointments, though she’ll forge ahead nonetheless. 2024 looks most fraught when her Saturn gets rattled by a Solar Eclipse, usually a time of chickens coming home to roost with a restrictive and high-tension Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Uranus as well.

  The relationship between Ivanka and her father was always fraught and unkind, demanding one of them play the victim and sacrifice their identity to keep the connection running. There will be more separation in 2023 with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Mars and Saturn; with a fair few hiccups between now and next spring as well.

  Melania having clearly decided which side her bread was buttered on is playing the dutiful wife. With her Sun and three other planets in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio as well as a Capricorn Moon, financial security will be key to her peace of mind. The recent Solar Eclipse was conjunct her Jupiter and opposition her Sun – over optimism will be a problem although the Eclipse will have presented her with a chance to get out of a rut. She’ll be pushing vigorously ahead in 2023/24 with tr Pluto square her Jupiter. Though her relationship with Donald will sag through 2023 as plans fail to succeed.

See previous Post: 11 November 2022, DeSantis and Trump.    

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  1. This is a passing thought, but are there any parallels between Trump and Theodore/Teddy Roosevelt (born October 27, 1858 according to Wikipedia)?
    Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican ex-President, who ran as an independent candidate when the Republicans chose William Howard Taft (who later went on to become the only former US President to become a Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court) over him in the early 1900s.
    That threw the 1912 election to the Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The Republicans however still won both Houses of Congress and Wilson focused himself on foreign affairs, especially towards guiding the end of WWI and the formation of the League of Nations.
    I wonder if Trump and Teddy R share any astrological patterns.

    • TR overcame childhood asthma and illness which shaped his personality, while Trump was a brat who needed attention from the start. Other than being a narcissist, and compulsive in ways, there are big differences. TR accomplished things like busting monopolies (against the will of many in his party), starting the Food and Drug Administration for consumer safety and starting the National Park System. Trump is all about ego first and then reading the mood of the country to figure out how it can serve himself, while TR’s ego served his agenda and belief that no one else could do it or do it correctly. Like a good politician, TR waited until after enough other forces, like in the Press, were also behind such goals as food and drug safety before he strongly advocated for it. He really disliked the robber barons and had the force of personality to go against them and shape or anti-trust legislation. He did pursue an America first policy, which does bring comparison to Trump. But 3 things, the FDA, the Anti-Trust legislation and National Parks still have a huge impact on domestic policy.

      • As I mentioned above, I was thinking more on the lines of whether Trump would run as an independent candidate if he does not get the Republican candidacy and whether there are any astrological markers for that kind of reoccurence.

        • I can’t see him wanting to do that. He would want the financial commitments from the GOP/RNC that comes with being their nominee. While he is sitting on large war chest, I doubt very much he would spend his own money on his campaign as an independent There is the Public funding of presidential elections: any candidates seeking nomination by a political party to the office of President are eligible to receive primary matching funds plus since 2014 they no longer pay for conventions.
          Plus he would have to work way harder to get on the ballot in all 50 states as independent candidates are required to collect a large number of signatures to support their nominations and typically submit a qualifying petition. The two party system is so entrenched it’s a lot harder to run as an independent nowadays compared to TR’ days. It would certainly allow him to hurt the GOP in a much bigger way than Ralph Nader hurt the Al Gore in 2000

  2. Have just read that Mohammed Bin Salman has gained immunity from prosecution for the murder of Khashoggi due to his new role as Prime Minister. The same has happened for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel – side-lining numerous corruption trials. With these precedents – will Trump complete the hat-trick?

    Is this something reflected across their charts or just a sad indictment of the times in which we live?

    • Hmm I think it is just a standard thing since it prevents western politicians being arrested abroad for perceived crimes. But agree it is repellent.

        • It is not just precedent, it is common sense.

          Imagine the Luxemurgish Prime Minister, who is gay and married to a man, traveling abroad and being arrested because the country he is traveling to on official business (i.e. representing his country) criminalises homosexuality.

          Note that MBS has not committed a provable crime in countries other than his own and possibly Turkey. If one applies that by analogy, the Luxemburgish Prime Minister can be arrested in Qatar for homosexuality committed in his home country. That would be just crazy.

          That is why diplomats and their family members enjoy immunity from the national laws of the countries that they are in. The most that the host country can do is ask them to leave. That is also why spies are often posted with diplomatic credentials.

  3. My feeling about both Trump and Biden is that neither of them will make it to the 2024 ballot paper due to health issues. That’s not to say they are going to die between now and then but that neither will be fit to stand and that will be obvious to all. Trump has coronary artery disease (which could lead to a heart attack) and Biden is suffering from cognitive decline.

  4. @RC, I noted that too on another thread, although I mistakenly must have spoken about Moon. But obviously, he ALSO has a Sagittarius Moon that’s involved in a T-Square with Neptune. The empty corner is 22′ Virgo, if that’s if any significance, on Trump’s 1st house side.

    • @SuHu, Joe sounds pretty sharp to me, if tired, though Republicans regular claim he’s demented, and Trump increasingly incoherent. That said, I hope Joe doesn’t wind up running again — and that Trump’s unnatural luck finally runs out and the law catches up with him. (Speaking of “cognitive decline,” have any of you listened to Herschel Walker speak? I can’t believe anyone thought he’s mentally fit for office!)

      We need new blood, as Nancy Pelosi wisely recognized.

  5. When Trump declared his candidacy, Mars was/is retrograde over his natal sun. Might this be a factor in the success or failure of his bid?

    • 12th House Retrograde Mars is also near exact square retrograde Jupiter/retrograde Neptune (ruler of 12th) in the 9th… Is this just an attempt to raise lots of foreign cash before he sneaks out of the country? Word is the Saudis are throwing lots of cash his way.

      • The Saudis ARE giving him loads of deals & gave Kushner 2 billion. It’s interesting because Saudis also gave Musk $ (loans?) to purchase Twitter. They are responsible for 9/11–so not actual friends of the USA. What say you Marjorie? I’ll search & see what comes up for MBS, Saudis. Rather suspicious.

      • @KateS, Saudis are trusting their man Jared. But how will it go when Ivanka won’t be involved?

        I will say Trump’s main reason to run is his ego, then the grift, and only last avoiding jail. If he can’t leave the country, he is counting on a very brief sentence on a minimum security facility, something many of his buddies had no issues with.

        • Spot on, Solaia. It’s ego first. Jared had some odd statement about Trump at one time which was something like “he’s always been a person who defies the odds” and “he always get’s his way.”

  6. Thanks Marjorie. American astrologer, Amy Tripp (@starheal), is resolute with her prediction that Trump wins in 2024. She’s looking at day of election vis a vis his transits. Hope she’s wrong and he’s indicted soon. If anyone else had fomented an insurrection and also stolen around 11,000 classified documents, there would already have been an arrest and perhaps even sentencing. Is his Regulus placement the vehicle for which there seems to be no accountability? And I personally don’t believe that Ivanka is not involved this time around.

    • @Aim Instagram has her as an on-line an influencer and note, and for what it is worth, apparently she doesn’t exactly have a great reputation in the astrology community.

    • I can see why tr Jupiter through his 10th over the election might look like a success. But I have seen it after people die and they get a surge of publicity. So it is not always a career triumph. He certainly has nothing like the Jupiterian bounty he had over the 2016 election. And there is much murky water to flow under the bridge before then.

      • Hello Marjory

        “What is clear from this one is the entertainment value with Venus Mercury Sun in the 5th trine an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th.”

        I think you’re right. The media has made a lot of money off him, and he loves the attention, so it’s a marriage of convenience, while it lasts. This will probably end when the US Pluto return passes.

        Campaigning has been a well-paid job for Trump. With the Venus Mercury Sun in the 5th, this bid could be a gambit for money to pay law suits and the banks.

        I wanted to ask whether his chart indicate illness. He sounded ill at the speech. Frail.

      • @Marjorie, I’ve often said Jupiter in 10th house only is beneficial if one works for it, because it rewards accomplishment. This might also explain why Trump’s Jupiter in 10th passages have been underwhelming, to say the least. Counting back, these may even have been periods he has been nearly bankrupt. 2012-2013 I think was around the last “Celebrity Apprentice” seasons, and the viewership had dropped to a third of heyday. 2002-2003 was just before he started shooting “The Apprentice”, after being almost bankrupt. 1990-1991 was when he was going through an extremely hostile divorce from Ivana. So, these haven’t been happy or even lucky times for DJT. Obviously there would be other planetary influences there to account for these, but it’s interesting that many of the best times in Trump’s life, when he has been lucky, have been with Jupiter in 1st/2nd.

        Also, worth to notice that due to elections often happening every 2nd, 4th or 6th years (some countries have 5 year cycles), these corrispond with Jupiter cycle. During theUS Presidential Elections, Jupiter will be mainly at Air Signs, some times with a tip to Earth sign before, which I think is one of the reasons debates were seen as decisive measures of candidate quality for decades. But Inauguration has always, I think, since it was set to January 20th, had an Air Jupiter. So obviously, anyone with airy 10th will look good every third Inauguration!

      • Just quickly reading through this post and comments before I start a day of work!
        My first thought with “Jupiter through the 10th in 2024” was possibly death.

        Had a number of people in my life die and the placement of Jupiter at that time has often been significant. A last… or beginning of… a Big Adventure.

        • Yes, Sandra, I’ve noticed this too. Often there are very favourable aspects – for example, someone very dear to me died in 2019 from a longstanding and debilating condition (rather than being an older person). Jupiter was exactly conjunct their Sun/Venus natal conjunction. I remember a Great Aunt of mine used to refer to ‘a happy release’, when someone died who had been suffering. Perhaps that’s what Jupiter can bring sometimes? I have other examples with Jupiter trine Jupiter, and Jupiter returns too.
          The journey of the soul in Ancient Egypt is often represented by a boat, travelling through the constellation we know as (Jupiter ruled) Sagittarius, towards the Milky Way – itself a starry image of the River Nile on Earth.

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