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  1. Hi Marjorie!

    Did you post anything about this year’s US Supreme Court Term? Oct 3, 2022 (I don’t know the time.) Also, I think you covered some of the members–BUT it looks like Justice Alito may have leaked information to religious groups–possibly twice AND of course, Justice Thomas is looking suspicious. Both are closely tied to groups attempting to push theocracy on the U.S. (Coney Barrett too–I think Gorsuch & Kavanaugh are less extreme in terms of pushing religion on the rest of us, but I could be wrong.)

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Here in the U.S., it’s Native American Heritage Month and I thought now would be a good time to ask if you had any astrological insights regarding Alaska Democratic Congresswoman-elect Mary Peltola.

    Democrat Mary Peltola recently made HERstory by becoming the first Indigenous / Alaska Native (she’s of Yup’ik heritage), the first woman, and only Russian Orthodox Christian (many Indigenous Alaskans are members of the Russian Orthodox Church – it goes back to colonial times when Alaska was a Russian colony) to represent Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Alaska isn’t gerrymandered; it’s an at-large Congressional district…so, that means Mary Peltola represents the entire state in Congress!

    Peltola is expected to be declared the winner.of the rank choice vote on November 23 – she already has 49% of the vote beating Republican candidates Sarah Palin and Nick Begich.

    I’m just curious to know how the astrology looks for Mary Peltola for next few years. I read she’s very popular in Alaska.

    Peltola was born in Anchorage, Alaska on August 31, 1973. I couldn’t find a birth time.

  3. Isn’t Elon Musk’s Twitter poll to reinstate Trump a farce when he himself said twitter bots are its biggest problem? The poll is open for 24 hours closing this evening Saturday 18 Nov. So far according to when TMZ posted it’s 67% Yes to reinstatement and we know Musk wants him back. Oh dear!

    • I’m wondering how long Twitter will survive. My feed is already full of uninvited hateful right-wing propaganda. It won’t be long before there are major software and other failures that there’s no one left to fix.

  4. This is another unwieldy request / thought I’m afraid. I was looking briefly at the astri of the 2008 financial crisis and saw the t square of sat/uranus and pluto. Obviously 2020 bought the sat conjunct pluto, and these last 18 months the sat / uranus square. I notice the sat uranus conjunction of 2032 around the last degree of gemini is opposite the pluto degree of 2008. I wondered if there is a financial/ institutional story here over this 25 year timeframe? I think sat/uranus were conjunct in early gemini in 1942 last. There must be a sat pluto square in the late 2020s as well from taurus.

  5. The GRA reform bill currently going through the Scottish government has horrifying implications for women and children, whilst the ‘scarfegate ‘ episode this week was quite Orwellian. Looking back at your post in January, will this be the unexpected episode that leads to Nicola Sturgeon’s downfall? Are there any senior members of the SNP waiting in the wings. And how about Anas Sarwar and Labour, Equivocating on the side-lines?

  6. Marjorie—whenever I bring up astrology I find some people are fascinated and others think I’m crazy. They say things like “astrology was disproven in 1600” or “astrology is for idiots”. Yes, I’ve gotten that remark too. Of course, none have picked up a book or done any research. Usually I say nothing and move on. You must have heard these things at some point in your career. I am not a professional by any means but I know my way around a chart. Any advice besides ignoring them? Any quick thing to say to shut them down?

    • How to deal with astrology sceptics? It’s the contempt that is so irksome from those who think they know better, are totally ignorant of what astrology does – and worse couldn’t handle it being right if they did look closely. I used to argue the toss but now I shrug and think if they want to go to their graves with a head full of concrete blocks that’s their choice.
      A few helpful quotes from authorities:
      “There is a principle which is a buffer against any information, which is proof against all argument and which does not fail to keep every human being in constant ignorance. This principle is to condemn before researching.” Herbert Spencer.(1820-1903)
      “Theory is all very well, but it doesn’t prevent things from existing.” Freud.
      “The rise of modern science has brought with it increasing acceptance among intellectual elites of a picture of reality that conflicts sharply both with everyday human experience and with beliefs widely shared among the world’s great cultures.” Edward F Kelly: Beyond Physicalism.
      “Science is still only a candle glimmering in a great pitch-dark cavern.” Mario Vargas Llosa.

        • Hello Marjorie, Diane:

          Marjorie those are extraordinary quotes.

          Diane: in case it helps: When I started trying to teach myself astrology despite a blizzard of work, I wasted a lot of time trying to hide what I was doing. Then I read this quote, which I just found for you here:

          When the astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742), of comet fame, once spoke depreciatively on the subject of astrology, Newton is said to have berated him with the remark: “Sir Halley, I have studied the matter, you have not!”
          Also, ask yourself: Qui bono, historically speaking, from keeping the dark veil?

    • It is obvious that everyone is affected by the time and place that they were born. It becomes part of who you are with or without a an astrology chart. There have even been scientific studies regarding health affects correlated with the month of birth. And it’s obvious that the we are affected by the era in which we live–look at how people changed with each change in technology.

      Astrology is the details.

  7. Companies data of their clients being stolen by individuals who are then holding the information for ransom and when the ransom is not paid, this information is sold on the dark web or used to embarrass or blackmail these clients.

    Is it that easy to access information we are expected to give companies? Why are we being charged so much for services that companies cannot or will not have proper security on our personal information.

    Thank you

  8. Dear Marjorie
    Prunella Scales (22.6.32) and Timothy West (20.10.34) have had a long marriage and sometimes a working partnership in theatre and TV.
    Now slowing, but not ceasing, what do you see in their charts please in the next 2 years?

  9. Hi Marjorie
    Any thoughts on Jeff Bezos and his recent grant of $100 million to Dolly Parton? They seem like an incongruous couple but apparently he admires her philanthropy. He’s now promised to give away his fortune but his ex wife has already given away $12.5 billion in the last few years and without asking to have her name emblazoned over everything.

  10. Have you featured Nancy Pelosi’s chart? She seems a high achiever both in her career and family life. But was her visit to Taiwan wise in these precarious times? And did the attack on her husband Paul show up in her chart?

  11. Hi Marjorie. This is a bit of an ultimate question for mundane astrology….what might the indicators be for climate change and the impacts of climate change on different countries in the world? is it possible to single out climate causes from other causes of difficulty or change? I’d be really interested in your views on this. Thanks.

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