Nancy Pelosi – an iconic stature in US politics

As Nancy Pelosi steps down as Democratic party leader after legislative triumphs spanning four presidencies, she is earning plaudits as a legendary figure with monumental achievements including Obama’s Affordable Care Act. She is renowned as a bare-knuckle, ruthlessly effective politician and one who was able to draw together disparate factions in the party with an iron will.

  She was born 26 March 1940 at 3.10pm Baltimore, with a congressman father but came to politics late after having five children within six years with her banker husband. After 2018 she became Donald Trump’s biggest problem fiercely opposing his views. It is thought her retiral was partly motivated by the recent attack on her 82-year-old husband, Paul Pelosi, assaulted in their San Francisco home, and hospitalised with a fractured skull.

  She has an intense and determined 8th house pro-active Aries Sun trine Pluto; with her Pluto in an unyielding a square to Saturn. She also had an ambitious and enduring Mars Venus Uranus in Taurus conjunct her Midheaven. A real heavyweight personality. She also has Mercury in Pisces in her 7th opposition Neptune, sextile/trine her Taurus planets which may have allowed her to soft-pedal at times to get agreement since the rest of her chart suggests a bulldozing approach. She also has a Scorpio Moon. A definite presence.

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  1. Pelosi is a true legend and I am very glad that she is stepping down on such a high note. One thing that strikes me in her chart is that retrograde Mercury opposes retrograde Neptune in the 1/7 house axis. My daughter has the same opposition (Leo-Aquarius), which freaks me out because this may mean some bad habits, addiction issues, etc. but this probably has nothing to do with Pelosi (I once read that two retrograde oppositions lose its high impact. I am not sure if this is true, though). Of course, one should interpret the chart as a whole. The other thing is that if I did not know this chart belonged to Pelosi, I would have thought she were a staunch conservative.

  2. There are so many positive things you could say about Pelosi, but one of my favorites is that she was publicly religious, but unlike many others, it was not hypocritical. It was what led her to public service in the first place, and to her political beliefs of helping the less fortunate. When you have that as your guiding star in life, you can do the impossible, like she did. A bodhisattva warrior.

    • @Christine, I watched “God Forbid” on Jerry Falwell scandal and was again reminded on how Evangelicals hijacked Christianity in the US and then embedding themselves with Republican Party. Nothing I hadn’t heard or seen, but always makes me angry every time.

      • So true, Solaia. Don’t forget that Democratic President Jimmy Carter is an evangelical Christian and Sunday school teacher
        He’s the very embodiment of all that is good in Christianity and a stark contrast to the hypocritical Republican evangelicals.

      • There’s a new movement afoot in America – “Make America Godly Again”, sponsored by Latino Evangelicans.

        You can delete my post as being bigoted…but it is real. Too many religious fanatics in the country with their own viewpoint of right and wrong.

        What about my viewpoints in America? I’m Roman Catholic, Latin rite. Are my beliefs now obscured and illegitimate?

        For such a melting pot of social cultures, only the most virulant appear to bubble to the top.

  3. Thanks for this, Marjorie. Such an interesting insight into this brave, dynamic (Aries) and persistent (Taurus) character. Having five children in six years will have honed her skills as a politician…

  4. During the Jan. 6 insurrection, Pelosi–referring to Trump–was overheard saying, “I’m gonna punch him out and if I go to jail for it I’ll be happy.” LOL! That is so Aries. And coming from an 80-year-old woman no less!

    • Thank you for this. I so admire this incredibly smart, strong, capable, determined woman.

      She’s the best argument against term limits — and people like Cong. Jim (AKA “Gym” because he turned a blind eye to a sexual predator while he was a university wrestling coach) Jordan the worst.

  5. I’m from Baltimore, MD as well but a Capricorn, hold my family together and tough as nails. I always admired her work ethic and her determination to get things done. This new batch of senators/congress persons looks weak in comparison to her.

    Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is a whiner, I’m not impressed at all. I hope the new group coming in are for the people and not self. According to her, ‘someone is out to get her. Who, she hasn’t accomplished anything with the exception of getting elected my opinion.

    We elect them look to out for our agenda as citizens.

    Congrats Nancy, you are on of the best!

    • My kids always remind me not to “fan boy” public figures, that said, have you ever watched AOC in a congressional hearing? She is very impressive–not unlike Katie Porter.

      She’s not a whiner–she’s a bright young woman with “street” cred. I was a teacher for 30 years in Los Angeles–working with people from all walks of life–from celebrities kids & grandkids to ex- and current gang members. Lots of families working class. AOC comes from that. That she is intelligent and attractive really bothers some people. Not me though!

      AOC is very left wing–in the Bernie camp. She has extremely progressive views. That does not make her a whiner. And the attacks on the her and threats have been extreme.

      Pelosi & the old guard will mentor this young ones and as they age, the young will learn how to negotiate. But AOC’s generation has a lot to complain about. My generation–boomers–our elected leaders took $ instead of working for the people. Both sides. Worse w/Rs because they are so tied to big business. All $ should be out of politics–elections should be publicly funded. All that talent and $ could be used to help people live better lives.

      (Sorry Marjorie–I know this is an astrology site! I couldn’t help myself.)

    • @Kjm, I think there’s a post somewhere on AOC’s astrology, and like her or not, she has a Cardinal Grand Square involving the famous 1989 Capricorn Saturn-Neptune-Uranus conjunction, so she is in politics to stay. What she might miss is Pelosi’s amazingly intuitive Scorpio Moon, which led one commentator (can’t remember which one) to say that she often knew how Republicans would vote better than the Republican leadership. She also knew when to go.

      As for Pelosi’s successor, she openly supports Hakeem Jeffries. And I think she has a reason to do so. She knows his qualities. Might look at his astrology later, born August 4th, 1970, he is a Leo Sun – thing that has never been bad in the US politics. I like him from what I’ve seen, you can tell he was a litigator before coming to politics, just saw a clip on him not taking Jake Tapper’s bait on commenting Elon Musk reopening DJT’s Twitter account. Also, like the bold for American choice of pink/lilac ties he seem to prefer.

  6. Her Saturn at 0 Taurus is exactly square her natal Pluto at 0 Leo. Transiting Pluto will be at 0 Aquarius off and on in 2023 and 2024 in a t-square with her Saturn-Pluto square. It will station at 0 Aquarius around Election Day in November 2024.

    She will remain a member of Congress for the next two years. She will find that period under Republican leadership in the House extremely unpleasant and stressful. She may well be targeted politically and fear for her security and her family.

    The same will be true of President Biden because his Moon is at 0 Taurus. His son will be the first person investigated by the next House. A huge scandal may ensue.

    They are both about to enter one of the most difficult and emotional periods of their lives. I expect they will both leave politics in January 2025 exhausted and relieved if they make it that far. They will have earned their rest at last.

  7. Salute to the Legend.
    I’m disappointed Schiff won’t ascend to leadership but I guess he didn’t have the support.
    Can you please take a look at Hakeem Jeffries Marjorie? See what he has going for him.

    • He’s looking at a Senate run to replace Dianne Feinstein in 2024, when she’ll be 91. My friends close to her DC staff say she is likely suffering from worsening dementia.

      • There should be an age limit and we should have term mimics on Supreme Court justices. No party should be able to control the fate of others by voting in candidates for lifetime appointments Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired when her health started to fail.

        I watched a documentary a few days before the elections on the founding fathers, they may not have agreed it got nasty but they came together for the country.

        Look at where we are now, a potential candidate that’s what’s to rule for like aka like Putin, Xi and Kim Jung. This is not what our forefathers had in mind.

      • @Nicole: I figured he had the Senate option as a backup plan because there were credible reports he was jockeying behind the scenes to get support for leadership. But Jeffries apparently locked up enough support so no one could really challenge; hence, Schiff resorted to the Senate option.
        Maybe it’s for the best as Schiff has become a polarizing figure due to him relentlessly attacking Trump from the Russia thing. So it would be one polarizing figure replacing another. Jeffries on the other hand is about as polarizing as a box of kittens, so good luck to the GOP in trying to demonize him. This guy takes placid to another level…Lol.

    • Interesting enough, Marjorie posted on Sep 23rd in Midterm 22, on Schiff: Jupiter moving across his 10th now till after mid 2023, with Jupiterian midpoints buoying him up as well from early 2023 onwards, with 2024/25 looking even more upbeat. He may announce the Senate run to replace Feinstein, but he has also been heavily involved in the Jan 6 committee, so maybe something will finally come to fruition as well?

      • @Nicole, there was talk about her health already when Feinstein decided to run in 2018, with a public episodes where she apparently didn’t recognize long time staff and Senate reporters. Therefore, if she has classic Alzheimer’s, she might not have it to 2024 (Orrin Hatch only lived 3 years after retiring in 2019), and might actually step down immediately after Georgia rerun. I seem to recall, from Kamala Harris’ replacement, that it’s up to Governor to replace the Senator in California, and I think there already might be an agreement on a replacement after Midterms and Newsom (who is described as a strategic with a photographic memory) re-election.

  8. Her father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., was also a legendary Mayor of Baltimore, serving for 12 years, and her brother (Thomas III) served for eight years as mayor. A true political family — her daughter Christine will likely run for her seat in Congress.

    An absolutely wonderful woman and probably the most astute US political tactician of our era.

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