Trump on trial – not his shining moment ++ self belief keeps him afloat

Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush money trial starts on Monday after he alternately dozed and raged through jury selection. There is anxiety in GOP quarters about how damaging the ‘time-suck’ of a possibly two month trial will be on campaign fund raising. And questions are being asked about whether the reduced bond of $175 million put up on another case has sufficient collateral behind the source which put it up.

 Trump lost his last lucky tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint on April 5th. Though he still has tr Jupiter due to move into his 10th from the start of May until June 2025 which will keep him in the headlines one way or another.

  His bad-tempered reactions to being under attack with tr Pluto opposition his Mercury/Mars midpoint picked up April 14 and run till May 24 and run alongside an emotionally ramped up and stressful tr Pluto opposition his Venus/Pluto midpoint.

  He has two additional downers picking up this coming week. Tr Saturn opposition his Mars/Neptune midpoint April 24 to 5 May = feeling inferior/bad publicity; repeating late Aug/early Sept and across the Inauguration in January. And tr Uranus square Mercury/Neptune 25 April to 11 May = convulsive disturbances in connection with the nervous system (Ebertin).

 Nervous troubles tend to accompany another Mercury midpoint as tr Neptune has undermined his Mercury/Uranus from 3 April to early May, again Sept/early Oct and Feb 2025.

 In May 7th to 18th tr Saturn will square his 10th house Uranus for a considerable jolt and eruptions in time of high tension, maybe change of life/career direction. That repeats in August and late Jan/Feb 2025.

  Tr Pluto moves to oppose his discouraging Saturn/Pluto midpoint May 24 to July 17, and again through January 2025.  

  In June tr Saturn squares his Uranus/Node midpoint from 7th to July 23rd, repeating Feb 25 which tends to bring difficulties and the end of associations.

 Tr Jupiter moving into Gemini will conjunct his Uranus and oppose his Moon from 17 August on and off through late November into early 2025 which will produce a few lucky breaks and rays of sunshine but Jupiter transits are fairly minor and not always obvious in effect.

 His luck-attracting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is being squelched by tr Saturn in opposition in October and December this year.

 The really crucial influences will be tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven from late May (birth time being accurate) and square his Mars in July across the GOP convention his Mars, both repeating on and off into April 2025. Under normal circumstances this would suggest a forced change of career direction and a sudden shock bringing insecurity. But he does have an astonishing capacity to absorb punishment and remain standing.

  His Solar Arc Pluto is square his Venus/Saturn midpoint, drawing to exact over the next three months, which will exacerbate his sense of being unloved and unloveable.

  His Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct his South Node exactly late this year before moving on in 2025/26 to conjunct his Moon and square his Sun – none of which looks upbeat or progressive.

 The trial chart for 22 April 2024 9.30am is difficult to interpret but assuming it stands for justice it does not look too hopeful. There is a retrograde Mercury, an indecisive Neptune in the 10th and a trapped Pluto in the 8th square the Sun. Mars Saturn in Pisces in the 10th hints at a fractious atmosphere with setbacks and delays.

  I am not sure how to interpret trial charts – OJ Simpson’s 24 January 1995 Los Angeles had a blocked Mars square Pluto as befits a murder trial and a highly-strung, can-be-fanatical Neptune Uranus conjunction; with an intense Scorpio Moon conjunct the North Node as it became a cultural landmark.  


“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Trump remarked at a campaign stop in 2016.

  Undeserved good luck runs counter to all our ideas/delusions about living in a fair world. But undoubtedly some individuals have a guardian angel in the shape of a strong Jupiter which fishes them constantly out of trouble. Trump has his Jupiter trine Uranus widely sextile Pluto, trine North Node, Sun and sextile Moon as well as square Saturn Jupiter. He may also have a wide-ish yod of Jupiter sextile South Node Moon inconjunct Midheaven.  Plus his Sun is square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint and his Jupiter squares his Sun/Pluto midpoint. No shortage of helpful genies running around to do his bidding.

  Though Jupiter has more to offer than luck – it brings self-belief and a strong vision which may have as much to do with outcomes as the wheel of fortune being permanently tilted towards unearned success.

   A positive attitude plus determination creates its own luck.

 It was discussed before in a post about transglobe explorer Ranulph Fiennes who has defied death countless times.   See Neptune’s Dreams made Real July 9 2022 under Ranulph Fiennes in search. It may be significant that Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune which between them have a powerful imagination which – can – sometimes – turn a strong vision into a reality.

  I have always thought that Trump’s Pluto and Mars in his 12th house (Pisces natural home) play a part.  That’s where the determination behind the dream comes in. And the other two examples of Fiennes and TE Lawrence who wrote his dream across the Middle East had strong planets in the 12th plus emphasized Jupiter and Neptune.  So it will be a combination of factors.  

  Which does not mean it lasts forever. Black Elk’s story in the previous post is a pointer to what happens when the vision slips. It depends on the individual maintaining their confidence/ delusional self-belief. If that crumbles, reality sets in.

  I remember a comment from years back that the people who survived the concentration camps in WW11 better than others were; A) those with a strong belief system, whether Marxist or religious, the content did not matter. B) the mentally unstable, e.g. schizophrenics, whose internal world was so chaotic and threatening they could cope with a crazy, hostile external world better than those used to a sane, stable environment. I might suggest Trump fits into both categories. His narcissistic/sociopathic lack of shame bounces him back (shields him) from blows that would destroy normal individuals.

  I am not sure you can will self-belief – some just arrive unfairly blessed – but there is no doubt that a degree of ‘sports psyching’ can help individuals improve their performance.

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  1. I might interpret Trump’s Neptune in the 2nd house as illusion(s) – or maybe even lies, some might say – (Neptune) bring(s) wealth. Of course, this is also maybe someone having many illusions or lies about wealth as well.

    Jupiter in the 2nd should bring luck (Jupiter) about income (2nd house), or it might blow it up (Jupiter – expansion).

  2. In reading over your analysis, Marjorie, and particularly that the aspects don’t look good for justice, I’ve been wondering if something might happen to disrupt this trial, such as a health issue/mental meltdown for Trump or key figure, an attack on an officer of the court or a juror or other event I that might force a mistrial. I’ve just had a feeling that something untoward might happen to interrupt this trial. Does this seem possible?

    • It depends how you look at Astrology and what “good” means with Trump. Our Charts are set the minute we are born. The fact that Trump will have Jupiter in his tenth house until June 2025 – is very telling. As whether he loses, or the trial is delayed for some reason. Jupiter is presiding over Justice. Perhaps a Justice not only for Trump. He is at the right point of time for his chart and America. Justice is seen as a reprisal. Jupiter rules the ninth house, Higher Education, Rulers and Philosophers. Perhaps Trump is here to teach America a lesson, in rulership, ethics and political philosophy?

      • As someone fascinated by astrology but generally ignorant, I don’t understand what Jupiter in the 10th House might mean. Can you please explain? Thanks!

    • Trump in any normal world and with any normal constitution should have keeled over years ago – I’d point to this July as being the next health hazard with tr Uranus square his Mars which can be heart related in older types. But he had a similar Solar Arc a few years back and sailed through unscathed.
      The midpoints of the trial start are mixed – some for social justice and others suggesting failure, timidity and setbacks. Where there might be an upset is May 12th to late month with tr Uranus square the Saturn/Pluto midpoint which could see ‘sudden acts of violence’. That does coincide with major jolts on Trump’s personal chart with tr Saturn square his Uranus.
      I’m afraid it is wait and see time

  3. On a similar note, there’s another character who has similar traits to Trump(minus his insecurities, toddler tendencies and extra long fated luck) that is now languishing in prison with 19 years of sentence. Michael Avenatti; who is chirping from prison to ironically and hypocritically sympathise with Trump. Birds of a feather. 🙂 Major difference is Trump’s purpose is still being executed but will be completed soon enough.

  4. ‘A positive attitude plus determination creates its own luck.’

    I do believe this and have proven it does work. Something about energy attracting like energy but it comes from a very deep place, not just a superficial thought. You really have to believe it into existence.

    Thanks Marjorie

    • Yes. This got my attention too. And you’ve explain why perhaps just affirming it won’t work. It’s the same as putting a shiny golden waving cat (the maneki neko) in a south-east corner of your home won’t bring abundance to you – abundance will come when you surround yourself with positive and motivating atmosphere around you that will inspire you and push you to action and go for it.

  5. I was just reading the add-on, and it is superinteresting, although I’m not sure I agree.

    I wouldn’t call Trump self-assured at all. In fact, and I know many of you won’t believe it, to me he seems really frightened and is driven by rage, woundedness, and vendetta. Remember how Obama mocked him at that White House reporters’ dinner, I believe? I think that was the pivotal moment, after which he set out to have his vengeance on him.

    The other question is why do we as a collective have to live under a leader who was, according to some astrological interpretations, an unloved child, whose traumas and wounds are there in the open to be lived for all of us to be under their influence?

    I’ve read that a leader is often a reflection of the shadow of the collective, the rejected part in all of us, who surfaces in this way to be dealt with. I might have a problem that the shadow, it seems to me, is never really deal with – it just passes, and nothing is resolved.

    • Most successful people are driven by early damage. Narcissists have bombastically over confident defensive shield against a bottomless void of inner shame and inferiority.

      • And how would you explain the perceived punishment of being ruled by such people? Why does the collective suffer such conditions?

    • You could be right about his woundedness, though I’m not sure about the particular incidents you refer to. Perhaps it is significant that he has Chiron conjunct Jupiter, it could be that his popularity with millions of people is because they see their own woundedness reflected in him.
      If this theory is at all correct, going after him in the courts the way the Democrats are, might well backfire in their faces as it will only increase his popularity, which it seems to be doing.

      • That’s precisely it. Their rejectedness and feeling threatened found its expression in him, who so openly, so directly, without any fear of consequences, blurts out their worst fantasies and most hidden desires of how their threat can be wiped out.

        The problem, however, is that Trump or no Trump, the underlying societal and economic issues are not being resolved. They just seem to fester still under the surface, and nothing much is really being done about it.

    • Trump seems woefully insecure to me, as indicated by all the boasting and self-inflated worth in so many ways.

      • @Nicole
        And Trump’s supporters especially women claim he is the epitome of masculinity.

        I mean a man who gossips and tweets like a hormonal teenaged girl and wears more spray tan than George Hamilton is considered manly in their bizzaro world.

    • My women’s group in DC of all places – I was a part of it for 15 years and it was associated with the Jung Society – we kept talking about that Correspondent’s dinner with Obama, and we kept repeating “All he had to do was keep his mouth shut”. It really was when this whole thing kicked off. I loved Obama, but he could be arrogant at times. Guess we have all found out now. As far as the collective? Maybe it is our turn. It has happened to Europe multiple times, and there is a group here large group – who are not schooled in history and know nothing of WW1 and WW2. Lot of fear here too, being displaced. Of shoring did not help. He tapped into a collective rage. First time I Heard Trump speak on NPR I went to a happy hour group that night. I did not know this group well, but we are all third culture kids and would get together to talk about our childhoods. A woman who had grown up in Switzerland who worked for the DOJ as a Lawyer – where I also worked in IT at the time – ridiculed me when I said to the group to keep an eye on Trump as he would likely be our next president. That was March 2016. I hated being right. Hated it. One of the resident astrologers at the Jung group told us Trump would win. I hated her being right as well. Hated it. I don’t hate lightly, and I have been looking at the mundane astrology. How this will end? Not sure. We could become separate countries – but Texas would hate it if the Blue States stopped sending them money. I have been a Blue Stater for most of my life. We all joke about getting tired of sending Red states our money in TAxes. Interesting thing has happened in the Collective – a lot of us Blue Staters love Liz Cheney. Love her. Why? She has been brave, defended the constitution and stood up to a bully. She speaks tonight at the Washington National Cathedral.

      • I admire Liz Cheney and her gutsiness in standing up to Trump and the authoritarians in her party, but disagree with her on almost every policy and could never vote for her — unless it was a choice between her and a Trumper.
        I suspect most activist Dems would agree. So interesting about the astrology. I wish I understood more — which is why I come here!

      • @LizM, you make some sound points.

        I have no dog in this fight but I recall listening an audio years ago of a Guyanese man on Speakers Corner in London. He said, paraphrasing of course, that a nation that comes up with no gradual evolution where lessons are learnt each step of the way has not evolved therefore their journey is incomplete and flawed significantly. As a result they will have an arrogance that they propel through but ultimately they will have to go back to square one in the process. Is this what Pluto return for the USA is highlighting? Fundamental flaw in its make up? Basically as a nation they have skipped some steps in their fast trsck evolution, i.e turn up, take over etc.

        Is Pluto return saying you have to go back to basics and fix the fundamentals of what you are about. Because essentially the pretty sugar coaty candy as portrayed USA is a lie they quick to call everybody out on except themselves.

        Pluto speaks

        • On Netflix right now there is a show called the Turning Point- and this series is about the cold war. Right up until WW2 the USA was isolationist and did not want to be bothered by the rest of the world. Then after WW2, where we did eventually participate, we were part of the cold war. The young don’t remember the cold war, but it was very scary times and now it is back. You never knew from day to day if the world was going to end in a scary conflaguration of Hydrogen Bombs. A lot of the USA problem is we are driven by Wall Street and dark Money now. England went through it, they were an empire and now they are not, but I love the value systems we were bequeathed, and which are our heritage. The big things – like women having rights. A court system. I don’t care for the class system, even though my English ancestors were the elites. But, who am I to judge? I don’t live there, and there was use to it. I loved Queen Elizabeth and she gave the world a calm center. So, I don’t know. Michael Lutin wrote a great article on this Pluto transit in the USA back in 2008 for Vanity Fair. He said we will live through it, but it won’t be easy. Everyone screams about rights – but they forget about Duties. So I don’t know what the answer is. If the USA STeps back – then I guess it will be China that leads and the young will get a Rude awakening – as they don’t ever care about our “Rights”. They don’t care about Environmental protection. Richard Rhodes wrote a book called “Dark Sun” about the Hydrogen Bomb, and he says in that book (carefully researched with citations) that if we had not had the atomic bomb that Stalin’s original plan was to march past Germany all the way out to Portugal and take the whole continent. Believe me – a much worse master. So, I do’t know – I know said you had no bone in the fight. I don’t either, but the real things going on underneath are scary, totalitarian, authoritarian, and we could end up with something much much worse than the good old USA.
          My Astrology Today at the moment? Jupiter/Uranus conjunct my Sun, Moon Oppose Jupiter/Uranus. Both are Square my Uranus. Sun is Square my Mars and Jupiter. I am uneasy and philosophical and troubled.

  6. In regards to the add-on, I’ve said it before that there’s something really uncanny about Trump’s rise. Is it coincidence or providence?
    Ever since I had an epiphany about him I have viewed him as the proverbial Pied Piper. He’s been an anvil around the GOP’s neck since 2016 in subsequent elections, yet they stick with him like hypnotized drones. It’s like whatever is running the universe chose this particular Moron as the vessel for change. So for those who know the story of the Pied Piper, I leave it up to your interpretation as to who are the distressed town folk that benefit from the Piper, and who are the ‘critters’ being led to their proverbial doom by said character.

    P.s: Please ignore the last part about the children in the real Pied Piper story as it’s not relevant to my point because in my analogy, the town folk did not hire the Piper. He was chosen for them!

    • Oh by the way. To reinforce my point for the politically inclined, look at who former Governor Chris Sununu and Bill Barr has now officially thrown their support behind for 2024. Shocking(sarcasm)!

        • @Roderick: Yes that quote is well known in the political sphere and it turned out to be extremely wise and prescient on his part. But…this example is still unusually amazing in that the Republicans(including voters) had a more than viable alternative in Ron DeSantis, yet still, they reverted back to hypnosis mode in backing a Seditionist, multiple indicted, multiple election loser, bipartisan Impeached and quintessential con man.
          Seems fated to me.

          • @Roderick: Smh. Everything you said about DeSantis would matter more to Democrats, not Republicans so his likability is less relevant. He was leading in the polls until Trump got indicted so the only reason DeSantis is not the nominee is because the MAGA cult believe they have to save their Messiah from unjust persecution. Not the likability argument the MSM portrays. So in Republican minds Ronny boy can wait. Just look at who is the front runner for Trump VP in the polls that do ask this question, inspite of him not being interested to play second fiddle. So I’m not seeing your logic.

    • There is really so much we don’t know as Earthlings. Hitler was another “Pied Piper,” like Trump. I do believe we have all incarnated here – together – for this particular time in History. How it turns out is up to us. Humans have Free Will. I am betting that Good will trumpEvil.

  7. Well starting a trial on a Mercury retrograde isn’t the best thing for the prosecution and then they allowed not one but two lawyers onto the main jury ( one reads the Wall Street Journal) along with an engineer.

    We will see how the prosecution’s opening statement goes but I have a feeling that they are throwing this case.

    BTW I get the feeling that RFK Jr. has a real shot at becoming president given someone stated that both Democrats and Republicans are going to unhappy over the inauguration.

  8. Some reasons for the luck of Trump :
    In traditional astrology according to Ptolemy’s Table of Essential Dignities, Trump’s Jupiter is in Mutual Reception with both Venus and Saturn, ie, they are in aspect (not necessary but it helps), and if they swap places Jupiter is exalted in both cases, Saturn is exalted and Venus is in her own sign (House). That is seriously beneficial. It will also mitigate to some extent the fact that his Saturn is in detriment natally. Even when things go hard for him he will usually come up trumps (unintended pun but an interesting coincidence nevertheless).

  9. Don’t make me defend Trump, I really and truly don’t want to but after yesterday I’m so disgusted that I will. He and RFK Jr both support legal citizenship and not allowing every third world nation in illegally so I support both in that respect. It’s my number one concern for voting this year. Nothing else they argue about is as important to MY life. But I also think it’s terrible for the whole country.

    Chicago is especially mad as Blacks see their replacements coming. I saw a video of a City council meeting with all Black people singing and dancing “we want Trump” with MAGA hats and Trump elephant pins. Seems both parties are blind to thiis after seeing yesterday’s vote….

    Yesterday, the US Congress approved $61 billion to protect Ukraine and $0.00 to protect the US border.

    After the vote, they cheered and waved Ukraine flags and chanted “Ukraine Ukraine.”

    Note – neither party has ever worked together to pass a bill to help Americans then euphorically waved USA flags.

    Afterwards, both parties ran to social media to mock tax paying US citizens for wanting our money spent here, then called tax paying US citizens who don’t want to fund every foreign war around the globe, isolationists, Putin Puppets, and every name in the book.

    I am truly disgusted with all of them, no matter party affiliation, this is totally wrong.

    • @Maggie: I could easily pick this post apart, but you strike me as an incorrigible person so it’s pointless to bother. Suffice to say that with your mindset, you’re gonna be even more frustrated in coming years it seems.

      • Don’t call me names, you don’t know me but do your best and pick it apart. I’ve said here before the border is my number one issue because I live there and have met the effects of unlimited ILLEGAL open borders. Until an illegal kills a relative as happened in my family, or until an illegal runs a red light and almost kills what happened to be my husband then you don’t know the reality nor do you seem to know the very huge numbers of people crossing.

        • Maggie, Give it a rest. This is not a forum for a political sparring match. We all know your views on immigration. Nuff said.

        • I also live by the border in California and I can attest the borders are definitely not “open.” I cross regularly.

          It’s hard to cross and most unauthorized border crossers are picked up and deported rapidly. I’ve seen the buses drop them off to return to Tijuana through a special gate.

          I understand your relative was killed in an auto accident, for which I ‘m terribly sorry, but statistically immigrants, legal and unauthorized, commit far fewer crimes than native born US citizens. Anger doesn’t change the facts.

          • Your facts aren’t my facts and anger is not a bad thing. It is very motivating and can get things done.

            Read Bill Melugin on Twitter. He might be Fox News but he covers the border everyday. Go thru and count the number arrested by border patrol for just one week in March. See what they have been accused of, it will make your hair stand on end.

            I am very glad you aren’t being affected but many are. Ask those whose relatives have been murdered by illegals. I stopped keeping a list, it was long and sad. I do try to look beyond ideological boundaries. I didn’t vote for Trump last time due to the poor handling of the pandemic and I won’t for Biden this year due to due to his age and poor handling of the border.
            No need to answer, Marjorie is done with this subject but you are always so measured I thought I should reply.

          • @Maggie — One last comment on this. I couldn’t reply directly to you so I’m responding to myself. I do try to be measured; thanks for recognizing that. The US desperately needs comprehensive immigration reform and has for decades. The last such legislation was 1983. The politics around immigration are incredibly toxic and, realistically, no one Fritz Mondale, former VP under LBJ, once said of campaign finance reform, another toxic issue, that before anything can be done, “The pain of doing nothing has to be greater than doing something.”

            If I may suggest, as someone who’s spent a lifetime in and around American politics and politicians, write a calm letter to your congressman and senators, expressing your frustration and laying out what you’d like to see happen, explaining your personal grief and pain and the impact the issue has had on you and your family. Make it as realistic as possible. Then follow-up with a phone call to the aide handling the issue. You might be surprised at the impact. When I worked in indirect lobbying at the federal and state level, a long time ago, the rule of thumb was that it took only five letters to a congressman and eight letters to a senator to have a real influence. We need a viable compromise on immigration and we need it yesterday.

          • Oops — I meant to say that the issue is so toxic politically that neither side wants to give the other the “win.”

          • Thanks Nicole for your measured response.
            Now can I suggest immigration is left to other forums unless there is an astro-angle

          • Thanks Nicole, excellent idea that I never thought about, will do! I’m like the old man shouting at the sky which does nothing so I’ll put it in the laps of those who can.

  10. ‘But he does have an astonishing capacity to absorb punishment and remain standing.’

    Marjorie I know you are sick to death of all things Trump. So my one last question is what aspect gives him this capacity to always slither out of diabolical messes?

    Apart from my conclusion that he dabbles in ‘ju-ju’, black magic or whatever you want to call it, that keeps him protected.

    • I read this last month from an astrologer on FB. Don’t know enough to know if it’s true.
      “Trump’s unique full moon eclipse allows him to profit and gain from attacks against him. He just made a $3 billion deal with his social network the same week he lost $350 million in the court case.”

        • No doubt it was over inflated by supporters buying up the stock in droves. If selling, they’ll never get a good return, not that I am an expert in the stock market.

      • I admire Liz Cheney and her gutsiness in standing up to Trump and the authoritarians in her party, but disagree with her on almost every policy and could never vote for her — unless it was a choice between her and a Trumper.
        I suspect most activist Dems would agree. So interesting about the astrology. I wish I understood more — which is why I come here!

    • Interesting question. The simplistic answer is a strong Jupiter – but there may be more to it than that. Will put my mind to it tomorrow when the brain cells are more together.

    • Jennefer E posted: So my one last question is what aspect gives him this capacity to always slither out of diabolical messes?

      FWIW, I would say it is the stationary Jupiter partile trine to his 10th house Uranus. The NN-Sun is also influenced here too.

      • Aw yes, I see it, and he knows it too hence his “i can get away with anything ‘ attitude. Literally written in the stars. Meanwhile there are those who are nice as pie and can’t catch a break.

  11. Yes! Our Scorpio President Joe Biden is (and has been) the designated “Trump slayer” in this karmic Pluto Return of the United States of America.

    The Scorpio who has personally lost so much and risen again and again – versus the Gemini born with a silver spoon who has ruined so much and hurt so many.

    The Eagle over the Evil.

  12. A clarification, please:

    “The trial chart for 22 April 2024 9.30am is difficult to interpret but assuming it stands for justice it does not look too hopeful.”

    Marjorie, by “not too hopeful,” do you mean not too hopeful for justice or for Trump and his hoped-for hung jury or acquittal?

    Thanks so much!

        • Who said “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”?

          Maybe we got lazy and entitled and we are being tested.

          Maybe we thought it could never happen here?

          I don’t know. This has been really something. I know the Rise of China has me concerned. The axis of China, Russia, North Korea. India is no fan of China. Could get interesting.

          • If you haven’t seen the new film “Civil War,” please go see it. It lacks background for the cause of the civil war, but it demonstrates clearly that yes, it can happen here. I’ve had a strong sense of that possibility even from before Trump’s attempted coup.

            Does the astrology suggest that possibility?

  13. Ok…I’m going bold on this.
    Biden 52.1%, Trump 45.8% for a 6.3 point victory with combined 3rd party at 2.1%
    Dems 52.7%, GOP 46.3% for a 5.4 point Congress win(both chambers).
    Margin of error is 1%
    Biden keeps all 2020 States plus NC added.

    • Pixabay – no mention of Russia connection – just a lady of justice plus a gavel I cut out since it made it too wide.

  14. Thank you for the detailed analysis of Trump’s astrology in the coming months.

    By the way, Trump’s trial officially commenced on April 15th, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. in Manhattan. Trump was legally obligated to attend as a criminal defendant.

    This case extends beyond mere allegations of hush money payments to a porn star and financial improprieties. It’s crucial to clarify that this trial involves prosecution for election interference. The focus is on a purported conspiracy to suppress negative publicity through a catch-and-kill arrangement with the National Enquirer, particularly following the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, with the aim of influencing the election. Trump secured victory by a narrow margin of 80,000 votes in swing states, which ultimately determined the outcome in the Electoral College. Had the truth been widely known, the election results could have easily been different.

    The last instance of a Republican winning the popular vote in a presidential election occurred in 2004, when George W. Bush was re-elected for his second term. In the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump clinched victory in the Electoral College but lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 2.9 million votes.

    The media’s reluctance to accurately characterize the situation stems from the more sensational connotations associated with the term ‘hush money.’

    • Great analysis. I have been tracking Major Media outlets being owned by companies for years, and it does put a spin on things. I don’t think it is a positive development.

  15. Marjorie, is there a way to analyze the situation around the stolen classified documents case? I’m wondering what happened to the documents-so I’m not asking about the judge in that case, but rather the impact on US & allies national security.

  16. The fall of Trump is an historic moment and a wonderful sight for sore eyes. The US Chiron return is now exact and will be again in November. Anyone who still believes Trump has a chance of winning is seriously deluded. Not only will Democrats win, they will win bigly, to use a Trumpian vocabulary. Biden will go down in history as the Trump dragon-slayer. I think he will be seen after his death as the great president he actually is. The Beast has come back, and once again it was slain.

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