Suri Cruise – parents, too little and too much

Suri Cruise celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday with much media speculation about her reportedly non-existent relationship with her father Tom Cruise. She has said she may not follow her mother Katie Holmes into acting but head instead for fashion.

  She was born on 18 April 2006 3.26am Los Angeles, six months before her parents glitzy wedding in Italy and was five when they split with tales of Katie Holmes’ fear of her being engulfed by Scientology.   

Suri has a 2nd house late Aries Sun and Mercury conjunct North Node in Aries – so she will be focused on money, though with a tendency initially to be overly dependent on others with her South Node in the 8th. What is striking is her Moon Pluto in Sagittarius trine Sun and opposition Mars in Cancer in her performing 5th house. Moon Pluto is a possessive mother though the Mars opposition hints at a great deal of underlying friction. Suri’s Sun is trine Pluto which could indicate a father out-with her control and her Sun square Saturn suggests her emotional self-esteem is damaged by the distance between them.

 Tom Cruise, 3 July 1962, is a Sun Cancer with his Pluto and Uranus falling in Suri’s 7th which would not make for togetherness. His chilly Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her 12th house Chiron so he will exacerbate her sense of grief, of  being an outsider and add to her problems building a secure sense of her own identity.

  Their composite chart has a yod onto a composite Sun, Uranus, Venus, North Node, hinting at divergent paths in life and that is inconjunct a Neptune sextile Pluto. They are bound together in a fated way while wishing to walk their own road without reference to the other.

  Poor soul, she will forever be the daughter of a famous father with whom she apparently has little connection.

  Her relationship with her mother is not easy either. Katie’s Sagittarius Sun is conjunct Suri’s Pluto Moon with Katie’s Pluto falling in Suri’s 8th – inevitable in one way but there is way too much control and possessiveness wrapped up in their bond.

  Their relationship chart has an excitable and chaotic composite Uranus Neptune Venus conjunction and a challenging composite Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto. Chained together by circumstances leaving an underlying residue of resentment dampening good feelings.

  If the wedding chart is accurate at 6pm 18 November 2006, Bracciano, Italy, then it is ironic it had a 5th Scorpio Moon in the 5th house of children.

  Children of celebrities have their own path of thorns to walk – not easy.

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  1. Moon in Sag = a difficult, complicated, emotionally frustrated and intense pull-push mother/daughter dynamic…

    Mother swings between all-or-nothing emotionally neglectful or controlling – more likely the latter in this case because of more fire than air. At an unconscious level the mother conceives the child as an iteration of herself or an extension of the part of herself which is not fully realised – the animus – which she wishes to exteriorise and drive into the world in an archetypal ‘masculine’ way – (pos/masc Sag). An improved version of a chip off the old block. Meanwhile, the Sag moon child wants to be nurtured first and foremost to enable her to evolve into who she instinctively knows herself to be – minus the overwheening influence of mother. Instinct is deep and highly charged in Sag moons – untameable and lawless; with a relentless psychological momentum forward (‘travel’) – exactly the thing that the mother requires of her child but which simultaneously thwarts the mother’s dominion over the animus; the unresolved unconscious part of herself. Ultimate estrangement between the two is not uncommon owing to the control factor repelling the Sag moon child. Sag moons will not be controlled.

    Holmes’ Leo traffic in 12th is hidden from public view (she is quiet) but powerfully expressed in private towards her intimates. She is likely a fierce, stoic and reliable (mars in cap) but somewhat unbending mother; she’s ‘bossy’. Mutable Sag moon child adores and is soothed by mum’s sag/leo warmth and the stability and comfort she emanates but is allergic to her need to control. She will ultimately defy mum when it comes to boycotting Dad whose achievements and status she admires and respects (but don’t tell mum). The Aqua ascendant will also enhance her respect for the non-interference of her father over time – which importantly, was on the say-so of her mother. There’s no question Sag moon child will move towards Dad when she’s older, notwithstanding his cancerian emotional addiction to scientology. The Aqua asc is something of a saving grace – giving her an aloof glamour well suited to the air-headed world of fashion in an aquarian pluto age and will give her sufficient emotional detachment and autonomy from parents over time to allow her to carve her own niche. She is likely to be more successful than her mother in her chosen career. In other words she will ultimately resolve her mother’s need even though it came at considerable cost to the integrity of the family.

    My 2 pennies worth..

    • Thanks @Annatole
      Impressive and comprehensive insight
      Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds if I remember at least some of this.

  2. If times are correct, Katie’s Descendent is on Suri’s Ascendent and vice versa. Most astrologers said this synastry is about soul mates, about completing each other. I really am not sure is this a good placement in a mother and child relationship. Is this a burden too heavy for a child to bear?

    • Potentially. But Suri is in a more privileged position than most and appears to have the potential to bear it. That’s why she was born with a Sag moon.

      • I feel your post on the Sag Moon just described my life thus far. I have fallen out with dad and reconciling the past few years. My mom just badmouthed my dad to me throughout my childhood. And in all of this, their marriage is still intact. Smh in disbelief.

  3. Both my parents’ Pluto are conjunct my Sun. Just me being Cancerian Sun me shone a light on their Plutonian Shadow.. the place none of us want a light shone on, never mind daily! For sure they had the “big stick”, and little Sandi’s inner flame became very small and very well hidden. I am still learning to claim my own space, my own power.

    I have had 2 friends who birthed children with the reverse in play.. Like Suri. The child has the Pluto conjunct the parent’s Sun! Yes, it could be that the parent still has the big stick, however, in each of these cases, the CHILD had huge innate power that almost dominated the parent! It really required the parent to.. well… step up and figure out HOW to parent a child that seemed more powerful than them. Fascinating!

    Suri’s Pluto/Moon opp Mars (out of sign)… square Ceres (I don’t know much about that, but intrigues me)…. she seems to have a lot of inner hardwired strength. I do wish her all the best…. she could become one very interesting woman!

  4. Poor Suri. Sun/Saturn personified – I have it conjunct at 0 degrees.
    It’s sad as she may never speak to her Dad, possibly, as a Suppressive Person in Scientology. I can’t imagine how that must feel. I wonder if he ever thinks about it – she is his only biological child and she looks quite a lot like him.
    What a destructive religion.

  5. Amazing how well Suri’s 10th House Sagittarian Moon-Pluto reflects the critical impact of a belief system on her family life. Potentially traumatic or destructive early on.

    • Absolutely. Pluto in Sagittarius’s toxic religious/ideological zeal next to the Moon. Cruise’s adherence to Scio has poisoned his relationship with his ex wife and daughter – and there it is, as clear as day in the astrology. No sane woman would want to be dragged into this creepy, fanatical cult.

  6. I have North Node in the 2nd, South Node in the 8th. Mine are Virgo North Node, Pisces South Node. I also have Libra on the IC, and Aries on the MC. This journey is about moving away from being engulfed by relationships, and moving toward a feeling of groundedness and independence. The Aries North Node is always about a Father wound of some sort (was it Schulman who said that? Great books on the nodes by the way). A feeling of feeling grounded comes over time, but it is not something you come into the world with. The second house is also about Values. My Sun is in Taurus.

    That mother, Katie, gave Suri a huge gift by getting her out of Scientology. If you ever read about what she had to do it would make your hair raise. She did talk to Nicole Kidman, and her own father (who was Catholic and a Lawyer and I am not sure too happy about the marriage to Tom Cruise) and she is likely extremely protective of her daughter. As it was Katie was watched and her phones were bugged. Nicole lost two children to Tom Cruise and Scientology. God bless her. She had done a good job of keeping her daughter safe.

    Now the daughter has to create her own value system rather than that which was received.

    I like Tom Cruise movies, but I am not a fan of his belief system.

  7. As a Leo Sun plus other planets in the 2nd, I don’t find it accurate when such placements are described as money fixated. While I do love luxurious, beautiful things, I find that my main issues have centred around allowing my sunny Leo-ness to be allowed to shine (I like to hide in the shadows), and to allow myself to use my Leo creativity as a resource. I think that’s the job of the 2nd house native – to value their 2nd house planets as innate talents and resources.

    • Thanks for the reminder of the 2nd House connection to self-worth, self-esteem issues. Maybe an especially important or illusive area for Suri and her self-aware Aries Sun to navigate (with 29 Pisces on her 2nd House cusp; and her 2nd House Aries Sun).

  8. Born: Tuesday, July 3, 1962, 3:20 AM
    In: Syracuse (NY) (United States)
    Sun: 10°53′ Cancer AS: 8°15′ Gemini
    Moon: 26°31′ Cancer MC: 12°14′ Aquarius

    (From Astro theme.)

  9. Suri is the spitting image of her Dad.
    But what a sad chart she shares with her parents. Many comment about Suri and Kates close bond but I sense some parental alienation.
    I hope Suri branches out and comes into her own. Her Mother Katie fleetingly pursued fashion also when she was friends with Victoria Beckham.

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