Taylor Swift – turning a profit from revenge

Taylor Swift in her incessant hunt for publicity to sell albums has been making capital about past relationships taking aim at Matty Healy, who was a short-lived fling of a few weeks last year and Joe Alwyn. As well as aiming a barb at Kim Kardashian according to fans who are understand the kickback codes in songs.

 Swift has form for mining her love life in her songs. Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston are a few of the exes she headlined and monetized in her songs.  

 Born 13 December 1989 in Reading, PA, her birth time is questionable though maybe 5.17am, which would put a vengeful Mars in Scorpio on her Ascendant with Pluto in her 12th and Jupiter Moon in her 8th which would fit with intense entanglements and an inability to let go grievances.

  Her spat with Kim Kardashian was seemingly over a Kanye West situation but may also be hyped up a la pre-boxing/wrestling matches for the publicity.

  They are certainly not a good fit with T’s Mars conjunct K’s Uranus, T’s Pluto conjunct K’s Mercury in Scorpio; and T’s Sagittarius Sun conjunct K’s Neptune. Inflammatory and evasive.

  Their relationship chart has a chilly and combustible composite Sun, Saturn Venus Mars conjunction. Tr Uranus is moving to oppose the Saturn from next month and then the Sun in June and Venus in July and on – so this squall may run on.

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  1. I was never a fan of TS. I joshed my nieces who were so excited their mom took them to her concert. I never listened to her music. Now I’m interested to see what she wrote, and I will catch up on listening. Somehow something changed in me to be receptive to her. Last night I read the Time magazine article of 12/25/23, I am impressed. No, more in awe of her attitude. She is consciously building her existence. And I am pumped. Each and everyone of us could do what she is doing in that regard with our lives. We can. It is within each and everyone of us to achieve our maximum. We just have to want it and go after it in our own lives, whatever our passion. We all could be so much more than we are.

  2. She reminds me of the school swot who desperately tries to be sexy at the school ball but comes off as more Doris Day than Raquel Welch.

    Taurus or Virgo rising?

      • Interesting! Could you tell us more? And where in a chart would it be? Karma is usually the lunar nodes. And this might be a great opportunity for Marjorie to give us yet another example of interpreting them, since hers seem to be in Aquarius, and I wonder where she should go (North Node) and what to go away from (the South Node).

        • @El Aznar

          I am not proficient enough to guess, however her draconic chart may shine more info. I did notice she has Jupiter in Scorpio often a good placement for attracting money.

  3. I don’t think I would like to be in a relationship with someone who put every disagreement into a song that was released a year later. While she has had a lot of boyfriends, there are probably plenty mire that avoid her like the plague. Probably deep down, she hates men.

  4. Interesting that transiting Pluto in Aquarius is sitting on her Venus in the second, bringing speculation about her love life/lives and her money. I felt on Friday, when papers were discussing her Album and love songs, that there is something to come out. Scorpio’s are very good at stinging. If Mars is on her Scorpio Ascendant/Mars, she has had the upper hand, concerning her men. Yet she may have pushed too far with this Album, as they all have been gracious enough not to attack her. Pluto transiting back and forth over her Venus may just change this. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. Uranus is in Capricorn with its Saturn/Uranus midpoint sitting on her Mercury in the first house. Which is another reason to sing or write about her bugbears. Transiting Pluto will activate her Uranus and bring into play Saturn and Mercury, which may turn the tables and make others talk about her? I confess I don’t know her songs and she doesn’t interest me. Yet Stars with stars who make their money dealing out the feelings to the public, sometime get an Astro kick.

  5. If you look at her much younger pictures when she first came onto the scenes. Her eyes don’t look this way. It is like Miley during her Hannah Montana Days, the cute little hook at the inner corners of the eyes. From face reading this means good with the opposite sex which translates to multitude of FANS.
    Now is more daggers-like pointing at the nose which equate to defensiveness.

    I shall not say more, many (those you tubers that focus on plastic surgery) who had say more had face backlashed on the Internet.

  6. I think she might be Scorpio rising because of the way she looks at people. You immediately notice it, and it is very particular. I wonder if I would call it squint? Or there is a better word?

    • Lol! I think the word is “weird!”

      Scorpio Risings do have magnetic eyes. We can “read” people and that is why some people think we are looking into their souls. We don’t do it on purpose, it’s just because we are serious and interested in “detecting” people and situations.

      Maybe she is “flirting” with her eyes, or maybe she needs glasses.

      • LOL! I’m glad I got the right impression. That Scorpionic piercing look can be unpleasant for some. It’s as if someone is looking through your soul, and not in a nice way. It’s something I’ve learnt is a very Scorpio-ascendant trait. I might add, though I wonder, if there is also a certain kind of waterishness in Scorpio-rising eyes.

      • I find the eyes thing more obvious with men. I know a guy with Sco rising and he can look at you in a way that is extremely off-putting, frightening in fact. Narrows his eyes and leans back like a snake that is about to strike. Never seen anything like it.

  7. I am a Scorpio Rising, albeit a 1954 edition (July 3, 1954 3:14 pm Providence, Rhode Island).

    Maybe it is her entitled generation (everyone gets a trophy), but I don’t see any of the hallmarks of the true suffering and the sensitivity of a Scorpio Rising.

    Her Capricorn Sun gives her a great hard work ethic and has allowed her to amass a fortune.

    But she was born into a comfortable family situation with money and opportunities and has not been through the real Scorpio Rising losses (DEATH of a soulmate, Drug abuse, homelessness, poverty, etc.) that transform us.

    She stings, but she is NOT the Phoenix rising or the Eagle.

    Unless her chart is set to explode later in life – she acts pretty much like a teenage girl coddled by her parents and now her fans.

    I would look for clues of a mental illness or a personality disorder rather than Scorpio Rising.

    Because Scorpio Rising has a tough soul contract and no time to waste, our Earth journey does not focus on picking fights, holding grudges, and whining in our wine.

    We are too determined to survive this incarnation and to clear up our karma.

    She does not understand “the heroes journey.”

    Thank you, M!♥️

        • I am sorry about your difficult experiences with Scorpio rising. I am not sure if everyone should go through similar experiences to prove they are a Scorpio rising person. I also think that searching for a mental illness or personality disorder in TS carries much more judgment than what her astrological chart reveals. Many artists write about their experiences, and as a young woman, it is not unusual for her to put them in her songs. No, I am not Swiftie, by the way, but I like what she has created in the past years.

          • That is a very weird take on judging her supposed mental illness because of her maybe Ascendant. This person is reading way too much into it and probably projecting.

            I know some people don’t like her but she tends to get overexaggerated amounts of hate for some particular reason (there are some things you can judge her for like her constant use of her private jet especially but she’s not alone in that but you never see people mention the other celebs who do the same). You have someone like P. Diddy abusing women and allegedly doing sex trafficking but Taylor Swift talking about her exes in a song makes her a monster and mentally ill.

    • She’s a Jupiter conjunct Cancer moon and often they can be babies expecting others to be nice and take care of them / be sensitive to what they’re feeling. With hers opposite her Capricorn stellium – given how successful her career is suggests she probably hasn’t done much inner work. The Sag sun won’t want to dwell on difficult feelings.

      • Makes total sense. I sort of feel sorry for her. Inner work could make her writing and her soup journey so much more important and authentic. That said, she still has time.♥️

      • Is this the reason why when I look at her childhood photos found on the internet and she gave me strong cancer vibe despite being a scorpio rising?

        I am a gemini rising but friends around me have said I also gave off cancer vibes being very homely and my round face when I gained weight. I have no cancer planets.

    • I don’t feel she’s a Scorpio ASC considering she’s not very sexual unlike other female pop artist, I feel with Scorpio ASC they tend to be pretty sultry. Though I think she’s a Capricorn ASC which would put Scorpio in her Midheaven which would make more sense as people view her as vindictive and holding grudges and that’s her brand.

  8. I have been listening to Taylor’s album since yesterday, and it is beautiful. The song she wrote for Matty Healy (Peter) is especially sweet. I am sure everyone has had those relationships where you cannot get someone out of your mind, but it is short-lived and comes at the wrong time.

  9. Oh well. A lot of male artist tend to write about their exes and people don’t make such a big deal out of it, but when it comes to her than all of a sudden it’s a problem.

    Those same exes were publicity hungry as well so they knew what they were getting into so I don’t feel bad for them. You don’t become a Billionaire like she is by playing nice. It’s a cutthroat industry and she’s the cream of the crop.

    And her making fun of a Kardashian…I mean, they’re probably more publicity hungry than her. At least Taylor makes music, Kim does…what again?

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