Johnny Depp – well matched with a dissolute king

Johnny Depp’s road back to redemption after the lurid allegations during the trial with Amber Heard comes with the cinema release of “Jeanne du Barry” about one of Louis XV’s mistresses.  

  Depp plays French king Louis XV, who is generally disparaged by historians as ‘a do-nothing king who left affairs of state to ministers while indulging in his hobbies of hunting and womanizing.’ 15 years after his death the French Revolution broke out.

Louis XV, 15 February 1710 8.18am Versailles, acceded to the throne when he was five and died sixty years later. He married at 15, had ten children before he was 30 and thereafter embarked on a series of high profile affairs with several mistresses including Madame du Pompadour and latterly Jeanne du Barry.

  Louis had the chart of a willful rebel with an Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto Uranus in Leo squaring onto an over-the-top, can-be-arrogant Jupiter.  

 Depp, 9 June 1963 8.44 am Owensboro, KY, has some similarities having a Pluto, Mars, Uranus conjunction in Virgo with his Pluto square his Gemini Sun – so the same disruptive, chaotic Uranus Pluto and controlling Sun Pluto. They also both shared an unloved Venus square Saturn.

  The comparison shouldn’t be stretched too far but there are enough similarities to allow Depp to understand the role.  Depp also has two yods – one from Sun sextile Jupiter into Neptune and the other from Moon sextile Neptune onto his Sun – he tends to get lost in dreams or addictions and has problems moderating his ego.

  Jeanne du Barry, the centrepiece of the movie,  born 10 August 1743 7.30am Vaucoulueurs, France, was the illegitimate daughter of a poor seamstress, convent educated but sold in her teens to a nobleman pimp who schooled her as a courtesan. She became the last of Louis XV’s mistresses and after his death was executed for treason by guillotine during the Revolution.

 Jeanne du Barry was a Sun Leo square Pluto South Node in Scorpio with an Aries Moon opposition Mars square Neptune  – suited for a life of performance and publicity.

 Actress and director Maiwen Le Besco, 17 April 1976 1.25 am Les Lilas, France, who is fascinated by Du Barry, calling her a ‘feminist’ which hardly fits. She does have some crossovers with her historical heroine. Her Scorpio North Node is conjunct Du Barry’s Pluto South Node and Maiwen’s passionate Venus opposition Pluto square Mars hooks into Du Barry’s Moon Mars Neptune T square – sex and power would seem to be the attraction.

  Depp will be jangled and jolted with tr Uranus square his Saturn next month and then conjunct his Mercury Venus (conjunct Algol) in June/July – and running on and off into spring 2025. Not too settled on the relationship front and he may run into career setbacks come 2025/26 with tr Pluto square his Midheaven. But he’ll keep trucking in what will always be a fairly chaotic life.

4 thoughts on “Johnny Depp – well matched with a dissolute king

  1. OT.

    Just how will the current Mercury retrograde affect Rishi Sunak’s passing of the ‘Rwanda’ legislation?
    Also the announcement of his ridiculous staggered age cigarette purchased prohibition announced last week.

    Unfortunately, we are burdened with a PM who acts on the basis of whim and silly gimmick rather than deep thought.

    • It appears that Sunak sees his Prime Ministership as either a kind of part-time hobby or simply as a bit of a laugh.

      He has reportedly not ruled out July following the passing of Rwanda bill, though next month’s locals will no doubt see the great British public giving him a pasting. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is currently being kind to him, it sits on his Taurus Sun/Mercury and trines Saturn in Virgo. In July, Mars will be in his Sun sign, though Neptune will conjunct the fixed star Scheat at 29 Pisces will bring chaos and confusion to his Venus at 29 Gemini. I’m sure Marjorie can give a much more detailed and insightful forecast.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. For a split second, I thought the headline was referring to Depp’s friendship with the killer of Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This film has been supported by the Red Sea Film Foundation, a Saudi non-profit cultural organisation as part of a drive for Saudi Arabia to become a major player in the fim industry. ‘If you lie down with dogs…’, as the saying goes.

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