Trump gossip – waning interest

Only two points of interest emerge from the latest of a very long line of  Trump books – his anxiety about Ghislaine Maxwell talking and his urge at one point to fire Ivanka and Jared.  Maggie Haberman’s Confidence Man is touted as “the book Trump fears most”. A reviewer says it “gives Trump and those close to him plenty of voice – and rope. The result is a cacophonous symphony. Confidence Man informs and entertains but is simultaneously absolutely not funny. Trumpworld presents a reptilian tableau – reality TV does Lord of the Flies.” Though it is questionable whether it will have much impact given that public interest is way beyond saturation point.

  Trump has not been mentioned much in connection to Jeffrey Epstein whom he fell out with years back but is clearly anxious about old tales surfacing.  His relationship with Maxwell has been under high stress over the past eighteen moths throughout her trial and continues to be so until late 2023. The story doing the rounds was that she had a little black book filled with influential names who would step in to protect her.

  Their relationship chart has a composite Saturn opposition Mars Neptune square Uranus and Saturn trine Pluto – so simultaneously chained together and explosive. Very high stress. And it could well erupt at some point over the next two/three years.

  Ivanka’s relationship with him has always been a source of astrological wonder since to outward appearances they seemed a devoted, admiring father-daughter duo, if with a few sleazy overtones. But their relationship chart has a composite Mercury, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus conjunction with Uranus conjunct Pluto possibly square the Moon – a pressure cooker of resentment.

  Mars Saturn suggests a one-sided relationship where one partner has to suppress their needs and identity for togetherness to continue. Grit your teeth and say nothing. Around the time he thought about tossing them out but was talked down by chief of staff John Kelly, tr Uranus just into Taurus and tr Saturn just into Capricorn and both were in aspect to the Ivanka/Donald composite Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus setting up considerable strain.

  His relationship chart with Jared has that fated Yod of Mercury inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune Mars – and tr Pluto in Capricorn was at that point square the Mercury which would set up tensions.

  Jared has Mars in Aquarius and Ivanka a Scorpio Moon, both of which hard aspect Trump’s 12th house Pluto, so senior would be a constant irritant, pulling strings and heaping contempt on them. But both the young couple also have a sweet-smiles, spaced-out Venus Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius close to his Moon so would be good at covering over the cracks and making nice, while seething behind the scenes. And naturally enough money would always be a factor since all three have Jupiter in Libra which fall in Trump’s 2nd house. His moneytree was there for the plucking.

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  1. There were often tv photos during his speeches, etc.(which we saw in the US) revealing that Ivanka was often not in sync with him while he was president. Clearly his remarks sometimes horrified her as much as the rest of us. I believe he really needed to lure her into supporting his presidential run in the first place, and Jared, anxious for an advisor role, made it easier to get her on board. Commentators who saw her interested in running for president were way off base. It is a relief not to have the constant reality of his personality with us any longer, though I may read the book.

  2. Trump has submitted this via the 11th Circuit court. Clarence Thomas oversees Supreme Court requests for that circuit. He’ll rule in Trump’s favor of course, never mind his wife was knee deep in treason on 1/6.

  3. I always wondered why he is so…obsessed … with Maxwel.

    Well, Trump has just petitioned the SCOTUS team to return Mar-a-Lago docs back to him… “Trump is specifically asking the court to ensure that the more than 100 documents marked as classified are part of the special master’s review. The request, if granted, could bolster the former President’s attempt to challenge the search in court and have the documents returned to him.”

    How long can this continue, one has to ask.

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