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Elon Musk has climbed down on his attempt to back out of his offer to buy Twitter in the face of legal rulings against his excuses for pulling out.  According to headlines it is a big pill to swallow, an embarrassing surrender and his least bad option.  Though it is still not a done deal and if it goes ahead he faces a difficult task in repairing the damage he’s done and rebuilding employee trust. Recent ill-judged (to put it mildly) comments about Ukraine won’t have endeared the user base either.

  Initially he appeared to have done minimal due diligence before leaping in with an impulsive $44bn bid and since then his lawyer made it clear that Twitter was a chaotically managed business. Although Musk is a self-confessed free speech “absolutist” and was expected to water down moderation guidelines if he took over, he has rowed back on his original statements of intent.

 Born 28 June 1971, a few days before Julian Assange, he’s a Sun Mercury in Cancer square Uranus – impulsive, inventive, defiant, rebellious. He’s also got the can-be-inspired, though also unstable-judgement and scandal-prone Saturn opposition Jupiter Neptune plus a contrary and wilful Mars in Aquarius.

Back in July 20 2022 I wrote:

He’s in a mixed phase with bullishly-confident tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and sextile his Jupiter through 2022/23. Though at the moment his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Uranus will brew up a few ‘collisions’ to knock his self-esteem, derail his plans and may lead to wild reactions.

 What is also noteworthy is his Mars in Aquarius at 20 degrees (conjunct his NN).  My experience of this placing of Mars is it can be bloody minded in pursuit of its own freedom, contrary, and delights in being obstructive or causing trouble. It is being blocked this year by tr Saturn conjunct late August to mid September and in early December.

   Across the trial throughout October to mid November tr Saturn will oppose his Mars/NN midpoint for disadvantages and setbacks. Though admittedly Twitter won’t be too overjoyed either with tr Saturn conjunct their Neptune and square Jupiter.

 It wouldn’t remotely surprise me if Twitter imploded in 2025 when the transiting Neptune and Saturn will conjunct its Sun and the Solar Arc Uranus will also conjunct the Sun.

 Musk won’t enjoy the same success from 2024 onwards through the second half of the decade with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and then tr Neptune chipping away at his Sun and Uranus.  

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  1. Musk keeps harping about freedom of speech and many expect him to restore trumps twitter account if he buys twitter. Musk merrily blocks people on twitter that ask tough questions etc. Many twitter users have backup accounts at Counter.social and Tribel as they will leave if Musk gains control of Twitter. They know it won’t be good if he buys it.
    Musk is not some boy genius. He is a rich man’s son who has used various methods to gain wealth and fame. These methods did not really involve hard work or his own money. He keeps fathering children for some reason. He said he was going to help people in Flint get clean water but seems to spend time on various vanity projects.
    For some reason, the general public thinks rich people have all the answers. This is why we have him, the Kardashians, the Trumps etc. they add nothing of value but provide noise.

  2. U.S. taxpayers have given him billions, too, in subsidies but then he weighs in against $600? Covid subsidies for them and acts like he made his money himself.

    He is so repulsive on twitter, I too can’t imagine anyone wanting to date him. His Ukraine poll over “Russian peace” was obscene Putin propaganda.

  3. Isn’t that always the case with high profile people who are excessivly wealthy? Just because they are rich the world endows them with expertise that they rarely have. Musk is a smart engineer and a lucky gambler but he knows nothing about international relations but some idiot asks him what he thinks and with his millions of “followers” and piles of cash he believes he is entitled to pontificate, oblivious to the consequences. He treats everthing as a game and that will eventually lead to his undoing (IMO!).

    • @SuHu, somehow, even Bill Gates – we have a thread here somewhere on his entitlement – has managed to shut up on his solution for Ukraine, but Musk must, simply must, gratuiously offend people like Garri Kasparov telling him he is out of his depth.

      But I guess that Tesla BoD will, eventually, smart up. He would not be the first or the last founder to be shut out.

    • Quote … “”Isn’t that always the case with high profile people who are excessivly wealthy?”

      I don’t think so.

      The Queen was high profile and excessively wealthy – she commented on nothing.
      Roger Federer and Tiger Woods don’t comment on much outside of their sports.
      Serena Williams adds on sexism/racism but mostly within the scope of tennis.
      Tony Blair comments on politics which is his area but he doesn’t comment on how the England football team should play.

      There’s lots of wealthy people who don’t comment on anything publicly.
      There’s lots of non-wealthy people (e.g. Katie Hopkins) who do comment on stuff. You have to watch some daytime TV to see that.

      High profile people are, by definition, the ones who make the news. The media people keep an eye on them to sell clicks. I could go on Twitter and make equally ignorant comments as Musk and no-one would take any notice.

  4. I am beginning to think he is as nuts as Trump, Putin and the others – trouble is, as those two show it just gets worse if you don’t sort it out early. His Virgo moon just needs to stop reacting and trying to fix whatever is bothering him. A later in the day birth gives him a Yod between Cancer Mercury, Virgo Moon and Aqua mars – that seems highly explanative of him.

    • @GnarlyDude, yes, Musk has at least strong narcissistic tendencies if not personality disorder. Virgo Moon likely contributes to “dogooder” persona he has constructed for himself and believes in. He also does not like anyone outshining him there, as demonstrated by Thai Cave Rescue incident, where he completely blew it with the people actually executing an effective plan.

    • I’ve always thought it. It fills me with horror and trepidation that so many follow his tantrums, outright trolling and malice with uncritical adultion. I for one havent forgotten his behaviour during the Thai cave rescue and his accusations of paedophillia, and his comments about Ukraine are outside of enough.
      The belief that he will preserve free speech on Twitter is delusional, especially when it comes to any criticism of him given his paper thin skin.No one should have that much money, most especially when they are as unhinged as he.

    • Undoubtedly narcissistic traits. He’s also obsessed with underpopulation and has fathered 9 or 10 children from several different women though god only knows why any woman would want to go there. I find him rather revolting.

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