Michelle and Barack – togetherness takes work

Michelle and Barack Obama have hit the Pearl 30 year anniversary in their marriage with him saying he couldn’t have found a better life partner and she describing it as an adventure she wanted to continue for a lifetime.

   She has in the past been candid about stresses in their togetherness in an effort to let others know that a successful marriage takes hard work and will hit rough patches. In a 2020 podcast she said ‘There were times that I wanted to push Barack out of the window. But that doesn’t mean you quit. And these periods can last a long time. They can last years.’

   Barack was born 4 August 1961 7.24pm Honolulu, and has a contradictory and complicated 7th house suggesting close relationships would be less than smooth running. A Uranus there makes him independent; North Node will also slide him back to doing his own thing rather than considering a partner’s needs so cooperation does not come naturally to him. Yet his Pluto in the 7th is intense and possessive especially since it squares his 4th house Moon. A Gemini Moon is restless but he always wanted a settled home and family life.

He’s all over the place emotionally, wanting one thing and the opposite.

  Michelle, 17 January 1964, Chicago, no birth time, is an ambitious, go ahead Sun Capricorn conjunct Mars in independent-minded and stubborn Aquarius.

  Her soft-hearted Venus in Pisces conjunct Moon sits in his 1st house and opposes his Pluto so she stirs up an intense attraction in him and her Venus also trines his Venus in Cancer – a good romantic mix.

  But she shares his contrary and ambivalent approach with her Uranus Pluto falling in his 7th – the urge for freedom fights a battle with a need for closeness.

  Her Sun Mars is conjunct his 12th house Saturn Jupiter and trine his 8th house Mars; and her Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant which won’t add to warmth but will bring common sense to bear as she adds gravitas to his image and her Mars conjunct his Jupiter will boost his morale. Her Jupiter is trine his Sun for mutual support and enthusiasm. She’s also tapped into what runs below the surface in him with his 12th/8th emphasis, and maybe understands him better than he understands himself.

  Their relationship chart is every bit as complex with an affectionate composite Sun opposition Venus in an enduring, business-like square to Saturn. The Saturn is square Neptune which will give rise to anxieties in the relationship. There’s an adventurous, power-couple, super-successful composite Jupiter opposition Uranus Pluto. As long as they pull together and don’t get into oneupmanship struggles between themselves they make a strong and fortunate couple.

  The composite Mars sits exactly on Barack’s Midheaven so the vitality in their marriage would aid his career ambitions.

  They were married in Chicago on 3 October 1992, when there was a sensible Libra Sun trine Saturn but the Sun was also in an argumentative square to Mars opposition a highly strung Uranus Neptune so the potential for explosions was built in from the start. Venus was also square Saturn and trine Mars for a mix of fire and ice.

  They’ve done remarkably well to hold it together and make a good partnership out of it with enough pluses in their relationship to balance the gritty edges.

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  1. Thanks so much…Capricorn leo as enemy signs make an intriguing couple..Linda Goodman says always in society the powerful ones

    This was really seeked

    Also i feel Saturn gives a goal n for any relationship to stay glued n get stronger ..a goal keeps it glued..the downs n the ups n the enduring…u just can’t get away from all that in a fight..those memories always hold both together

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