Ramzan Kadyrov – destruction no matter the risk

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnyan President and close ally of Putin, infamous for egregious human rights abuses amounting to crimes against humanity in his own country, has called for a nuclear strike on Ukraine and has announced he is sending his young sons aged 13 to 15 to fight in the war.

  He was formerly in the Russian military and took over in 2007 three years after his father, then president, was assassinated by Islamists. He has been accused of kidnapping, assassination, and torture of human rights activists, critics, and their relatives, within both Chechnya and other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as and abroad, through the political use of police and military forces. He has advocated restricting the public lives of women and led anti-gay purges. The Kadyrov family has enriched itself considerably during its rule of the Chechen Republic with extensive funding from the Russian Federation.

Born 5 October 1976 he is a controlling Sun Pluto in Libra on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine sextile a wannabe-important Saturn in Leo and sextile Neptune – accentuated control-freakery.

He has Uranus North Node in Scorpio which will catch this month’s Solar Eclipse for a dramatic wake up call. That is followed by tr Pluto returning to the frustrating, trapped square to his Mars in Libra from earlier this year through this December to mid January and returning October 2023 which usually accompanies a total road block. His Mars is conjunct Uranus natally which gives him his volatile and disruptive streak which will resent more than most at being hemmed in – he will bubble with suppressed rage and may over react. He has another similar influence of tr Pluto square his Mars/Node midpoint from late March 2023, on and off to the end of 2024. So not a progressive period.

  But in amongst the downers he does have some lucky breaks so it doesn’t look like total annihilation.

  His presidency chart, 15 February 2007, is being tossed around with tr Saturn conjunct the Neptune from mid this November bringing uncertainty and confusion, and conjunct the Sun in early 2023. Then tr Uranus picks up the square to the Sun Neptune opposition Saturn to bring forced changes and high tension through into 2023/24. With late 2023 looking especially agitated with a Solar Arc Sun conjunct the Uranus.

  Chechnya, 27 October 1991, with its Scorpio Sun catching the this month’s Solar Eclipse and the Mercury Pluto in Scorpio catching the Lunar eclipse as well as tr Saturn square and tr Uranus in opposition in 2023 is in for a rocky and game-changing ride. With the deprived, tough-slog tr Pluto conjunct Saturn in 2023/24 followed by tr Pluto square the Sun and Mars making the years up to 2028 exceedingly stressed and high-risk.

  Once Putin goes, depending on who replaces him, Kadyrov could be left exposed.

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  1. I know Ruth Ellis was a convicted murderer and the last woman to be hanged in the UK. But I never got the sense she was evil in the way that a serial killer is. I was given the impression it was a crime of passion. I am not justifying murder. Just putting her in the same list as George Hodel and Fred West seems a bit harsh.

  2. As a birthday gift Putin has just elevated Kadyrov to ‘Colonel-General’ in the Russian military. His wake up call can come none too soon.

  3. “Once Putin goes, depending on who replaces him, Kadyrov could be left exposed.”

    For all the justified ridicule he gets for his TikTok soldieres and Louis Vuitton boxing bags, Kadyrov likely has a better instinctive understanding of his position within Putin’s power structure than KGB siloviks, and therefore, the best “escape plan” of them all.

    It was reported that even before Russia attacked Ukraine, family members of Chechen leaders, including Kadyrov’s wife/wives and younger children were flown to Dubai.

    Therefore, I think his “lucky breaks” likely involve escaping dissolving of Russian Federation that many commentators now see as a realustic possibility especially in Caucasus.

  4. @terri, there’s no reliable source for Putin’s TOB, and even DOT is questionable given much of records of his early days (birth record, school record etc.) have disappeared. Astrotheme also has history of pulling this kind of info from blogs and boards. For instance, Finnish Independence Chart that’s now widely used all over the internet, comes from a long defunct Finnish language board. There was long conversation on when the vote on Declaration of Independence was done, since public source material only cited time the session started. If I remember correctly, this was something that was decided on based to the admin, a pro and a really good chart rectifier rectifying. It could also have been “floating” around in certain circles. Our 5th President Risto Ryti’s wife Gerda was a spiritualist, and apparently at least somewhat knowledgeable in astrology.

  5. I lost my notion of Libra as nice or sweet with the premiership of Margaret Thatcher known for her cruelty to working people and the premiership of Theresa May whose legacy is the hostile environment and the Windrush scandal. Every sign has light and dark. Somewhere along the line the flip side of Libra was thought to be indecision, when actually it can be decisiveness to the point of blindness.

    • Windrush erupted later but was caused by Blair’s regime when they destroyed all the records. Scandalous on both accounts.
      Mrs Thatcher certainly revised my skimpy view of Libra.

      • Modern interpretations of Libra used to puzzle me, and I’m not sure when we started to favour the ‘sweetness and light’ fluffy stuff over everything else. It is, after all, a Cardinal sign and therefore has the capacity to be dynamic and ambitious. Once upon a time the Scales of Libra were known as The Claws of the Scorpion, in the constellation Scorpio. Scorpio was then representing two Sun signs. The Romans apparently brought in the idea of turning the Scorpion’s Claws into the Scales of Justice in this large constellation. They probably nicked that from the Ancient Egyptians. Librans do seem to make good lawyers and diplomats I’ve noticed.

        I don’t know when the rulership of Venus was assigned to Libra. Librans can be very charming, have excellent artistic taste, and seem to prefer peaceful negotiations over fisticuffs! Yet Venus is a capricious goddess in myth, and not at all sugary. The seventh house of Libra rules marriage, partnerships, and ‘open enemies’. Again, we mostly like to see marriage as romantic, but for centuries it was also frequently a pragmatic union designed to stengthen ties between, say, farming families, or on a royal level, nations. I’m leaving out the religious aspects of marriage here I know, but it’s too deep and complex for now.
        Anyway, romantic passion and erotic love is more easily associated with the 5th house, ruled by the Sun, and Leo. The fabled goddess of love, Venus, rules the 2nd house and the 7th. So maybe we have some revising to do re Libra? It’s a more complex sign than it first appears.

        • The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus which says something about their capacity for contrariness – running against the grain.
          Venus as I recollect from mythology was monstrously selfish.
          I agree Libra needs rethought as do one or two of the other signs – Aquarius and Pisces in particular.

          • Very interesting, thanks Marjorie.
            I tend to associate that contrariness sometimes with a desire to create tension, perhaps with a view to then calming it? Like a game of chess, in a way. Both Venus ruled signs seem to enjoy having an ‘enemy’, an adversary – but in ordinary life that would also be a way to practise strategy, diplomacy, rather than engage in a down and dirty physical fight. Jousting and the cult of Courtly Love spring to mind. The strategies of barristers in court, too. Perhaps they are channeling the opposing signs of Aries and Scorpio in a more civilized and refined way? The endless see-saw of Venus opposing Mars-ruled signs?
            Venus’ path in the skies brings a cycle of Morning and Evening Star, and a phase when it disappears from view completely. Somehow I feel this could be relevant in interpretation.

            I agree about Aquarius and Pisces. The nutty professor stereotype of Aquarius does sometimes surface, but often I feel they are just as true to the old rulership of Saturn instead. Pisces can be very cold hearted (cold fish?) and ambitious – the creativity, musicality, and intuition are there alongside that quite often I’ve noticed. The healing and sacrifice themes appear more often than not, but how conscious is that sacrifice? I think of Mikhail Gorbachev, or even Gordon Brown….. Both signs have dual rulerships, perhaps something got sidelined in interpretations along the way?

          • The ancient Greeks associated the sign of Libra with the goddess Themis, daughter of Uranus and Gaia and one of the 12 Titan gods. Her name means Divine Justice, law or custom and she was also thought to be the founder of the Delphic Oracle. With Zeus she gave birth to both the Horae and the Moirae, the hours/seasons and the fates respectively. She’s represented as a motherly goddess holding a pair of scales and sometimes a sword. But where divine justice, custom and law are disregarded, the goddess Nemesis comes into her own. Nemesis and Themis sometimes shared a temple, they were seen as two complimentary goddesses of Justice but while Themis is more or less benign, Nemesis represents wrathful retribution and severe punishment. She is represented as a winged goddess holding a whip and a dagger. A hymn to her proclaims her as ‘Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice’. So she has a darker face than Themis and her approach to dealing out retribution/punishment is far more devastating, for instance in the case of Narcissus and Aura. So there is this shadow side to the sign, it can be harsh and cold, chilling as well as charming. The mythology might help us to see further into the complexities of this sign.

          • Just wanted to add – regarding these two goddesses – they can both carry a weapon, in the case of Themis a sword in that of Nemesis a dagger. Just an observation but it makes me think of the way in which Thatcher and May literally cut away at services, depriving the people of support because I also want to point out, as a Libran myself that we can do this – we can cut and wound and have a certain capacity for verbal cruelty. As well as I might add, a tendency to place more value on ideology rather than real humans with all their unpredictability and imperfections.

    • But it is still odd – for all Libra niceness can hide a multitude of icy sins in its shadow it isn’t one of the common signs for murderous thugs or dictators. Capricorn, Taurus and Gemini are more likely.

      Having looked up a list of Libran baddies there’s a Russian serial killer, Fred West UK serial killer and rapist of children, an SS Guard (female) – who were all exceedingly nasty.

      Plus Susan Smith, George Hodel (Black Dahlia) Ruth Ellis.

      • Thanks VF and Marjorie, this is such an interesting discussion.
        I still think there’s something in the Morning and Evening Star idea, although I haven’t exactly developed it so far! The Ancient Egyptians believed Venus was two planets because of this phenomenon. Two planets, ruling two signs maybe developed from there. Also, Themis goddess of justice resonates with Maat, Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. She weighed the heart of an individual soul in her scales, against her Feather of Truth. This is part of the many rituals and myths surrounding the soul’s transition to the after life. And there are the Libran scales.

        Libran ‘baddies’ must surely include Himmler, architect of the Holocaust, and head of the Gestapo. As VF says,

        “a tendency to place more value on ideology rather than real humans with all their unpredictability and imperfections.”

        Also of interest, Libran politician and ‘spin doctor’ Peter Mandelson was given the nickname ‘prince of darkness’. He was considered to be ruthless. Although, obviously, not murderous!

        • Your morning/evening star theory is interesting, Jane seeing as some ancient cultures saw the planet Venus as two bodies. Certainly in Sumeria, according to a seal, they knew it was one celestial body but it was associated with the goddess Inanna who had a duel nature as a goddess of love and war and who makes a descent to the underworld for three days, which seems to correlate with the disappearance and reappearance of Venus in the sky.

          Marjorie – perhaps not the Sun, but Libra Rising makes a surprising appearance in the charts of killers and war criminals. Adolf Eichmann, perhaps the most heinous Nazi of them all as the architect of the ‘Final Solution’ (a Libran euphemism if ever there was one!) has Libra Rising. Among notorious serial killers are Denis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer, and if their birth times are accurate they both have Libra Rising at 19 degrees. Brian Masters’ ‘Killing For Company’ detailed the serial murderer’s bleak loneliness and sick yearning for companionship with his dead victims. Beverley Allit and Angelo, the Hillside strangler have Libra Suns and Josef Mengele and Aileen Wournos have a Libra Moon, mass killers all.

          • Chilling list of Librans gone to the dark side VF! We shouldn’t forget Aleister Crowley either, occultist and supreme self-publicist “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is one of his pronouncements. He seems to have been very into ‘laws’ (legal Libra) and hierarchies. But then his rather intense chart has only one mutable sign present, a Pisces Moon.

            I shall do more research into the Libra and Taurus question. They are quincunx one another, sharing Venus, so it would seem as if something curious is going on somewhere.

  6. Well, I’m very happy to read that Ramzan Kadyrov isn’t looking too happy (astrologically speaking). I swear, I can’t wait to see the day both Putin and Kadyrov meet their demise. Neither one of them deserves the luxury of life. They are sociopaths to the very core and this planet would be so much better off without their presence.

  7. So both Putin & Kadyrov are Librans with strong Plutonic influences (according to astrotheme, Putin has Scorpio ASC, and also Pluto on MC, KGB astrologically typical profession), no wonder they get along like peas in a pod, with similar goals, and seem comfortable wielding nuclear weapons.

    Nothing resembling the stereotypically sweet Libra!

  8. Sadam Hussein also brought his sons along to torture sessions to indoctrinate them. They lost their humanity as a result and were early casualties in the ‘special American military operation’ aka Iraq war in 2003. The same may well happen to Kadyrov’s offspring, bringing home to him the grief he and Putin have inflicted on so many others. Interesting that both of these unhinged warmongers are Librans entirely lacking in any balance.

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