Tories – trick or treat may repeat past blunders ++ new leader chart

Undead Boris, try-try-again Rishi or fishy Penny Mordaunt is the platter du jour for Tory MPs as they wrestle for the soul of the party in the desperate hope of staving off implosion at the next General Election. Candidates need 100 MP nominations to run which have to be whipped up this week. The right wing may muster up Suella Braverman to stymie the chances of Rishi Sunak getting in.

  Boris is a possibility though some centrist MPs say they would resign the Tory whip or defect in protest as they regard him as unacceptable. That would allow Keir Starmer to force a snap election and trigger a Conservative wipeout. A poll today shows the Tories 39 points behind Labour, at their lowest ever rating. 

  Boris, with a Pandora’s box of multiple Gemini planets including an afflicted Mars, has next week’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse conjunct his Moon which usually brings up the past and scrutiny of public image. If solid foundations have been laid in the past then there is less trouble.  If not there can be a crumble-into-dust experience and a need to build better foundations for the future. Donald Trump had this in late 2020.

 The Lunar Eclipse in early November in effect now will hit BJ’s over-hopeful, scandal-attracting Neptune opposition Jupiter and will likely lead to a surge in over-confidence. Tr Uranus also returns to bring him down to earth with a bump this December and early in 2023.   He does have his Solar Arc Jupiter almost conjunct his Midheaven which is successful so something will go right over the next eighteen months (birth time being accurate) and tr Jupiter moving into his financial 8th from July 2023 onwards for a year suggests a considerable improvement in his finances.

  There’s nothing to indicate that his relationship with either the Tory Party or the UK is improving. With the UK there are indications of great alarm across this election and worse in 2023. With the Tories he’s continuing on a downhill slide now till 2024. Which doesn’t mean the right-wing won’t back him but they’ll be damned if they do.

He was like an undead boomerang. A zomberang.” Devon Monk.

Something coming back from the dead was almost always bad news. Movies taught me that. For every one Jesus you get a million zombies.”  David Wong, John Dies at the End.

Rishi Sunak, an earthy Sun Mercury in Taurus in a sensible trine to Saturn in Virgo, opposition Uranus, does have one triumphant influence with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Jupiter around now. But transits to his midpoints aren’t great – indeed suggest that high hopes get dashed till early December.

  His relationship chart with the Tories 1912 hints at the potential for transformation and success though it is blow hot, blow cold combination and doesn’t show much movement until mid 2023 onwards. With the UK – this November looks  upbeat and relieved between them; and this December looks a time for radical change. Though if he loses he could well up-sticks and head for California which would fit with a sigh of relief equally as well.

Penny Mordaunt is a New Moon and Venus and Mercury in Pisces mainly square Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune – another Mutable windmill. There’s nothing much showing on her chart (without a birth time) except for a jangled Saturn/Uranus at the moment until a downbeat Sun/Saturn in January plus Neptunian losses next year. Where she picks up luck and success will be 2024/2025 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter. Her relationship chart with the Tories 1912 hints she could be a driving force for reform; and with the UK looks more hopeful in 2024, though she would attract hostility at the same time.    

  Even more so than usual it’s all muddy waters.

Add On: The new leader will be known on the 28th October. See chart above. Not inspiring – a head-in-the-clouds, cloud-cuckoo-land, over-optimistic and financial bubble-bursting Jupiter Neptune in Pisces square Mars in Gemini. Mars due to go retrograde on the 31st until mid January is in a tough, irritable trine to Saturn. Pluto is in an aggravated quincunx to Mars and in a dogmatic, fanatical, hostile-debate square to Mercury in Libra.

   Saturn is making the final close aspect to Uranus which has bedevilled the past two years with high-tension, impatience with restrictions and a constant pull between opposites – the forces of progress and the forces intent on holding to the status quo.

  If anything it looks less solid than the Truss term.   Sigh.

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  1. It has been reported that the Queen Consort is on a private visit for her yearly treatment at a holistic resort in Bangalore, India, this on the day that a man of Indian heritage has been appointed PM. Is this coincidence or karma?

  2. Re eclipses I was taught that the bad energy during a sun eclipse leaves the earth to spread out into the cosmos, whereas during a lunar eclipse the earth receives the negativity from the cosmos, hence the need to be more careful during these lunar ones.

  3. Thank you for setting the record straight re The Marshall aid.
    Maybe the karmic connection has to do with the relationship between India and the UK, when Queen Victoria became Empress of India, the jewel in the crown of the British empire, she was serious about her role, maybe Rishi Sunak, who is to become PM 119 years later will display the same devotion to his role. With their admirable work ethic it is possible that he will bring something valuable such as competence and order.

    • Yes, Diwali today, eclipse tomorrow! Festival of Lights, followed by temporary dimming of the Sun’s light. Apparently, we should notice (clouds permitting) a brief “strange light” moment tomorrow morning, here in the UK at around 11.00am. Some say an eclipse has more effect where it is visible. This one’s only a partial eclipse, but they do create an odd atmosphere. It starts at 10.08, ends just before midday.

      Still not sure when the official meeting with the King will be, but we would seem to have an Eclipse PM.

        • Thank you UMM! Well, an Eclipse PM it is then. It is conjunct Venus, which could point to financial matters, ahem. Otherwise, I’m not sure what to think about the meaning. I’d always thought an eclipse wasn’t a helpful moment to begin anything. And wonder what the next one in November might stir up too…..

          • Will he be the last Prime Minister of United Kingdom?
            Nicola sturgeon is pushing for 2nd Scottish independence and Eder sun in October 2023.

          • I think the consensus on eclipses is it’s best not to start anything, not so much because it’s bad but because the energy is a bit wild and unpredictable. But Sunak does have an out-of-bounds Venus, so we’ll see. Yes with Venus pointing to financial matters – the way it moved lock step with the Sun from Libra to Scorpio.

            There’s also that Venusian matter of fairness – the party changing PM twice without a general election will be a permanent stain on their record. The party is also very unbalanced in it’s values, both within Westminster and MP’s v’s membership . Moving into Scorpio – power and control were more important, above all else.

          • Eclipse PM it is 🙂 I like the term.
            It could mean that he is eclipsed by events or eclipsed by some other personality in the UK or that he would last till another solar South Node eclipse when he will be kicked out in his stead (which gives him about a year).
            In Vedic astrology, the whole period around the eclipse (a few days before to a few days after) is to be avoided for anything auspicious. I am sure that any Vedic astrologer would tell him not to take office on the day of an eclipse at least, never mind exactly as the eclipse is occurring. But the exigencies of power are not going to work around eclipses.
            I wonder if the Eclipse is triggering anything specific on his charts, perhaps on his axes (Asc/Desc, IC/MC). I am tempted to think that it would be triggering his MC.
            I saw a tweet from George Takei mocking the UK for its political turmoil. And yet I think our system works. The absolutely farcical vote on fracking was literally just last Wednesday and Truss was forced to resign and a new Prime Minister in place for the next PMQs this Wednesday. Compare that to the melodrama of the Trump saga that going on and on and on in the US. I think in the grand scheme of things, I prefer our British system.

          • This is all fascinating. We shall see what we shall see I suppose. Tara’s wild energies – yes I agree, and maybe that’s the reason for caution? With the next eclipse looking pretty jumpy, I’d say things will continue to be unstable here, and elsewhere. Mars Rx too, must be factored in.

            Re break up of the UK, I really don’t know. Obviously, many want it, many do not. Perhaps it may work out with more powers for Scotland, rather than a complete break? Also, possibly some new kind of arrangement with the EU, or some other European group, may emerge in the next few years which would change things? I can’t help feeling something like that is in the wind.

            And re our own system, I think it works as well as anything else. Voting for a PM is what some people think they are doing I know, but they are voting for their MP. A PM is supposed, after all, to be ‘first among equals’……

        • Is Sunak a brahmin by caste?

          If so, he should be well aware of astrology. But I suspect that he has little to zero interest, likely scoffs at astrology and probably doesn’t even know about the eclipse of 25 October which basically coincides with his official assumption of office.

          • I don’t know JP. However, Diwali, like many religious festivals, is set by a lunar calendar, so he will certainly be aware of lunar cycles. He appears to follow his religion quite closely, and certainly celebrates Diwali.

    • Interesting to note that Sunak’s family originate from the Punjab which was divided into two in 1947. His family’s birthplace is now located in Pakistan, according to Wiki. There has been much speculation by astrologers about the disintegration of the UK in the not-too-distant future. Will the instability (if there is some kind of break-up) start during Sunak’s tenure?

        • There does seem to be something profoundly symbolic about it. Sunak’s family were directly affected by the partition of India by the British Government. There are certain astrologers who are insistent that the UK will break up in the coming years.

          • To clarify, his grandparents left due to communal tensions in the area in the 1930s and set up a new life in Africa. Their ancestral homeland was partitioned by the British. I only thought of it because there are astrologers (e.g., Capricorn Astro Research) who are adamant the UK will breakup soon-ish.

          • Re the possible splitting of the UK itself, I was told by a psychic (not an astrologer) that Scotland will vote narrowly to exit the UK. But once the vote comes in and the consequences start being considered, the Scots will revert their initial decision in a subsequent referendum.
            So although it will be approved, a split will not actually take place.
            In a sense of how Brexit may have gone if there was a second referendum.

  4. Johnson bows out of leadership race.

    Your predictions was again right

    “has next week’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse conjunct his Moon which usually brings up the past and scrutiny of public image. If solid foundations have been laid in the past then there is less trouble. If not there can be a crumble-into-dust experience…”

    • Ah but he’s pulling out because “it’s not the right thing to do”, apparently. Like that’s ever stopped him before.

      As things stand it’s Rishi tomorrow. They know this will cause the membership and party factions to kick off, but he’s the best of a bad bunch. The undeclared MP’s and party hierachy will be sweating it tonight. What a mess they are in and wheeling out the clown isn’t going to save them this time.

      • Johnson always seems to win personally even when he loses so the fact he has decided not to push the matter to a vote may be significant in its own right.

        • Hugh he pulled out as didn’t have the 100 backers needed.
          Anything he says is face saving. Doubt he’ll be able to resist stirring the pot against Sunak!

        • I think the answer to this lies somewhere between not having 100 backers and the deal struck between him and Sunak behind close doors.

          I am guessing, from Sunak’s tweet praising Johnson, that he has been offered some role abroad. We might come to know by the weekend, looking at his astrology.

          • He also probably saw (or heard about) the reaction to questions about him standing again on BBC Question Time, 20 Oct, and added it up to not a good move, I think.

          • According to The Times Johnson was rebuffed by both Sunak and Mordaunt re any kind of pact.
            Theresa May tried to keep him “inside the tent” by making him Foreign Secretary when she became PM. That ended well..
            Johnson does not know the meaning of loyalty either inside or outside the tent.

        • Dear God, just got onto papers today and find out that NATO may have Boris as a boss? Boris and NATO??? I poured half a bottle of red into a glass which has disappeared as quickly as my thought (yes, just the one) that this is some giant cosmic joke! Imagine that the day cometh where after an unauthorised booze up in high security surroundings, he becomes inspired with a passing space object, and pushes the button…….just to see what happens……please……..

          • Solaia already pointed out that the next NATO chief will come from one of the newer members. UK already had its turn!

  5. Interesting that Sunak, Braverman and Badenoch were all born within a few months of each other in 1980. They all have Uranus between 23-25 Scorpio which makes quite a tricky opposition to the natal Saturn at 22 Taurus in the Conservative Party 1912. They also activate a lot of the sensitive degrees in fixed signs in many of the British national charts.

    Looking at the U.K. 1927 chart the progressed Mars is currently conjunct the Neptune/Moon at 24 Leo in the U.K. 1927 chart. The progressed Moon will oppose that degree in June 2023 just as the transiting Moonconjoins it. Mars by transit will be conjunct the natal Moon/Neptune and the progressed Mars in July 2023. That natal Neptune/Moon set up suggests the people of Britain are prone to being emotionally manipulated by their rulers and need to avoid both deception and self deception.

    • Whew, Hugh! They’re really sharp observations…… esp pr Moon opposite Moon/Nep 22 June 2023….that has a feeling of dissolving somehow, whether its ideals or actually Parliament (God forbid)…so unclear….if not those options, a major disclosure/scandal which tips it all up again…..

      • Interesting that the solar arc Neptune/Moon is now at 26 Scorpio in a waning square to its original position at 24 Leo. The whole U.K. 1927 chart has now moved through 90 degrees from its original position. Over the past few years the natal Venus at 24 Taurus has now moved to 26 Leo tracking over the natal Neptune/Moon while the Solar Arc Neptune/Moon now is making a waning opposition to the natal Venus. I wonder if that mirrors the dissolution of the UKs finances and all the public illusions surrounding them recently.

  6. Mars stationing on the Boris/Tory composite Mars – that’s quite extraordinary. Mars also stationing on the UK’s SA Neptune. On 28th Oct – Saturn stationing very close to the UK chart ruler Venus in Aquarius, with Uranus in square aspect – an extraordinary intervention or unrest?

    This would be absolutely fascinating if it wasn’t so depressing.

    Small ray of sunshine – my previous analysis of Mars Rx elections suggests that the initiator of the contest either loses or is weakened during an election. For once, this time the initiator is the party itself. Lots of chickens coming home to roost, going right back to the Mars Rx bodged Brexit referendum when Cameron lost his gamble. Whatever the party is gambling on right now is going to backfire on them

    • Looking on other thread at Marjorie’s comments about the Conserative party chart:

      “The Conservative Party 9 May 1912 chart is spot on with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Sun exactly now and rolling on for some months – a thunderbolt strikes. Plus the Scorpio Solar Eclipse late this month opposes their Venus bringing an emotional crisis and a feeling of not being loved. With the November Lunar Eclipse conjunct their Sun for an existential crisis.”

      As well as SA Uranus and Uranus transit, Saturn station on 28th Oct hits that Sun too. And opposes the SA Venus. Mars stationing on the Pluto. Totally uncompromising. That’s an almost volcanic amount of pressure, I wonder if there’s a risk of a major split.

      • Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Cancer in the Conservative Party 1912 Chart which suggests as an institution it has a weakness for intrigue and clashes over its political vision. By Solar arc those planets are now at 6 and 7 Scorpio respectively which might indicate this is now in danger of becoming a compulsive, self destructive addiction driven by paranoid delusions and over attachment to unachievable political ideas. This in turn can the make the desire to extract revenge on opponents holding different beliefs within the party almost uncontrollable.

        Mars at by transit. 25 Gemini is conjunct the Solar Arc Conservative Party 1912 Chiron at the moment perhaps symbolising both the anger within the Party and it’s inability to heal itself. The Solar Arc Moon at 17 Gemini is currently exactly square the Progressed Moon at 17 Pisces indicating potential emotional conflicts and arguments. The progressed Mercury at 26 Leo is retrograde and is activating a lot of those fixed sign planets in the various U.K. charts. That suggests whatever the Party does it is going to struggle to get its communications over to the nation as a whole. The Party’s progressed Moon will be at 27 Pisces in August 2023 opposite the progressed Mars at 23 Virgo possibly signifying future tensions.

  7. One Conservative MP described Truss, Kwarteng & Co, the whole ‘Britannia Unchained’ clique intact, as ‘Libertarian Jihadists’.

  8. Can anyone please explain the curious dichotomy of an MP’s role, once elected they represent all their constituents regardless of voting pattern, however they also follow their parties’ manifesto or not.
    I think there is some karma working its way, it resembles somewhat the late 1930’s and my view is that the UK are owed some by Europe when it stepped up, on her own, to stand for the true European values of reason and civilised behaviour, the foundations of the welfare state laid by the Attlee gov. were later overturned as much as possible by the Thatcher gov. which emphasized the individual and free enterprise but the glaring gap was in the early years, after the war when the UK was left out of the Marshall plan which did so much to aid Europe in its reconstruction.

    • I think I understand what you mean Virginia. Surely however, t it is the UK that rejected Europe through Brexit. Ironically some of the areas that are/ will suffer most from these cost cutting, anti European Tories would have been eligible for financial help if the UK had still been in the EU.

      • “eligible for financial help if the UK had still been in the EU”


        In the entire time the UK was in the EU it was a net contributor – it paid in more than it took out. It added up to billions.

        If the UK had stayed, it would have been bled dry even further to pay for the EU’s covid debt borrowing. Poor Germany is on the hook for €55bn on top of what they normally pay.

        Only 5 out of the 27 EU countries are net contributors, the rest are all bludgers.

        • @Candy: begs the question then why didn’t those regions then get the money that was “saved” by no longer being in the EU? Fact is that by pooling resources they can be made to go much further. I don’t think it’s “poor Germany” at all. If there is any nation that knows how to re-invent itself, it’s Germany, who will shortly be leading the energy transition.

  9. “Rishi Sunak, an earthy Sun Mercury in Taurus in a sensible trine to Saturn in Virgo, opposition Uranus, does have one triumphant influence with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Jupiter around now. But transits to his midpoints aren’t great – indeed suggest that high hopes get dashed till early December.”

    So it is likely that Boris will return, be hung out to dry by the Privilege Committee investigation, which is still ongoing and then Rishi will become Prime Minister.

    Given the track record of the years since 2016, I am dreading 2023.

    • @UnmysticMom: This is precisely the conclusion reached by Rod Chang of the Mundane Astrology Discussion Group on Facebook who posted his charts and interpretation today. He is Taiwanese and his English is difficult to understand at times but he basically comes to the same conclusion. That BJ will likely get it on 28th (return of a celebrity) but be out by Xmas. Sunnak’s time has still to come (he says) and he may be let down by supporters switching allegiances. It truly is a cesspit over there!

          • Thank you Marjorie for directing to the post.

            “The upcoming late October Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio is in a Saros Series hinting at forceful even manic activity intent on taking power – and huge efforts in group activity.” Interesting

            Wondering how this upcoming eclipse will affect Johnson? Good or bad for him?

      • Marjorie
        If only one candidate makes the 100+ votes they will win outright on Monday 24th. If there are 2 and one has far more support one could pull out without the membership voting (as happened with Theresa May) and the winner again be declared on Monday.
        Would this improve the leadership chart if it changed to Monday 24th from Friday 28th?
        Whoever wins is going to inherit a very challenging situation.
        If Johnson made it to the final 2 (he’s not yet confirmed he’s definitely running as far as I know) there’s no way he would pull out unless he thought he would lose and the membership would again decide.
        There’s also some concern re how secure the online voting system would be against outside interference from an agency hostile to the

  10. Has anybody woken up yet to realise that £4.9 billion was defrauded from the taxpayer when the ‘Bounce-Back Loans’ were handed out? The loans were guaranteed by the Government and apparently this gave a signal to the banks not to complete the normal compliance checks, to make sure the businesses getting the loans were eligible – Rischi Sunak was the mastermind behind this fiasco. The Government are now trying to recover the money – good luck with that one. All the criminals have gone back to their own country – and what happens to businesses that go bankrupt? Is the money written off? Nothing to do with racism, more to do with what sort of brain does the Chancellor have?

  11. Marina Hyde in the Guardian has her usual witty and acerbic take on the possibility of a Boris return.
    “Who would think a lying, hypocritical degenerate was the answer to this crisis? A large number of Conservatives, apparently.”
    “We’re all big fans of lettuces now, so be advised there could be a monstrous 16-stone slug waiting to crawl out of this one and burrow straight into your brain stem.”

    “For now, we must bed in for days of Conservative MPs openly hissing about the damage other Conservative MPs are doing to “the party”, as though the crisis-convulsed country were some distant afterthought.”

    • Sitting down here in Canada… sort of straddling the chaotic politics of the USA and of Britain…. now knowing that THIS country’s political foundation is starting to rumble astrologically. Sheesh.

      These last weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed Marina Hyde’s articles! Her scathing humour is both funny and horrifying in what it reveals. Sometimes I’m not sure what she is referring to re: British politics, but I STILL laugh because it’s STILL funny. Marjorie.. have you ever done an astrology chart for her?

      I’ve been to a “panto” play once… where the audience was instructed to interject loudly to an actor,
      “LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!”

      I feel like I’m in that theatre again.

      thanks so much for this site Marjorie, and for the comments.
      all giving some perspective.

    • Marina is brilliant! It’s only her and John Crace’s columns that keep me sane.
      You couldn’t make it up. Beyond parody though I would recommend Matt Green’s 2 minute satirical YouTube videos..

  12. It was clear from yesterday’s announcements that the leadership contest is going to be ‘rigged’ to ensure the party membership don’t need to vote on it with a new leader in place next week.

    I wonder how this goes down with the party members? Seeing the rules changed and their one occasional bit of power being taken away. This is the sort of thing they get riled about and hold as grudges for a long time.

    Seems to me like another way the Conservative party is undermining itself.

    • No apparently unless there is only one candidate to reach at least 100 votes (coronation) the final 2 will go to the membership to vote online (unless one concedes).

    • From what I’ve read about how very easy it is to join the Conservative party, from anywhere in the world, avoiding members getting a vote until they’ve tidied up that act seems eminently sensible.

  13. Delicate question … am I wrong to think the average Conservative Party member doesn’t want Rishi Sunak because he is of Asian heritage? I know they say it’s because he stabbed Boris in the back but isn’t that just a rationalisation for their deeper hate of immigrants?

    The possibility of the first Asian Prime Minister has not been talked about by the media at all. Yet if this were American politics, it would be a major talking point and whether racism is playing a part.

    • I agree with you GD. I suspect it may be very nuanced dislike, too. He is of Asian heritage, and has been very successful and made a lot of money. Plus, his wealthy wife is from a prominent Indian family. There was a lot of deeply unpleasant speculation at one point about Jeremy Hunt’s Chinese wife too, jibes about her being a spy and so on. The combination of ‘foreign’ and successful is one many seem unable to cope with. Extremely depressing.

      • Thanks Jane – agree with you about nuanced dislike. Conservative types are jealous of anyone who has more than them but also tend to doff their caps in a belief that success means someone else is all round better than them. All so hierarchical and competitive.

    • No, I dont think so at all, he is a city boy and thats the important attractor.
      They are a far more diverse bunch than labour, for all their faults.

      • I agree. Was quite disappointed to read that comment. UK very diverse. I think people automatically read prejudice when there isn’t, which is sad. When you think about it how many leaders have the labour party had who aren’t white men …..

        • Marina and Xhane – thanks for your comments. I think we were talking about the party membership, not the MPs. Membership is a very small group, compared with those who vote for the Conservatives, or indeed Labour. I agree re the Labour Party by the way! I’ve never belonged to any political party, and never will. My own family group has always been ethnically ‘diverse’. I’ve observed a lot of subtle prejudice. The membership may not have a chance to get involved with this latest leadership election. If they do, it seems at the moment as if they’d prefer Boris Johnson.

  14. Thank the gods Liz Truss was stopped. She and Kwarteng proposed to enact the same horrific Reagan-era policies that have turned the US into a shambles.

    • Interesting you mention that because the GOP, if they win the midterms and gain the majority, is promoting exactly the same plan as Liz Truss’s failed policies of the past 45 days in the UK.

      • I’ve just had a really depressing conversation with someone about the American takeover of our institutions and businesses.
        NHS , and private healthcare/hospitals particularly .

        • You definitely want to keep American hands off your healthcare! They’ll want to privatize everything and make you pay through the nose for everything, making healthcare a “privilege” as it is in the US rather than a right.

  15. His Solar Arc Uranus conjuncts is Natal Moon on the eclipse next Tuesday. Is either he is dumped by the Conservatives and is forced to leave politics altogether or he is anointed by the Planetary Universe, who is playing an early trick or treat joke on Britain!

    • Astrological indications of him being offered a lot of money – perhaps not from being PM – around this time. He could probably do more damage working for a newspaper and critising everything the government and new PM from outside…..?

    • It is do or die for the ERG. If they don’t get their man back in place by next week; their dream has become a nightmare. I think this is the battle for the future Conservative Party. Johnson is flying back from his third or fourth holiday, since stepping down. Parliament is sitting yet Johnson is on holiday? He has no commitment to politics whatsoever. He wants the Glory!

      • Short memories of why Johnson was canned. All they recall is he was very popular with voters and a recent poll suggested he is the party members’ choice.

        He is currently under investigation for lying to Parliament and if found guilty, would be kicked out for a while. It’s fairly clear from how he acted previously that he would then look to rewrite the rules to stop this happening. We would move ever closer to a dictatorship. I guess if you’re on the inside in a dictatorship it’s fine – until one day you suddenly find yourself on the outside.

        • I agree with you, GD about Johnson’s despotic tendencies. I find him wholly sinister in this respect. He is a law unto himself and imho his return as PM would turn an already damaged UK into even more of a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

        • There is something strange going on in the Conservative Party. As the last time they were in a quick fix situation Theresa May was not put to the party vote. The first thing she stated was “the country voted overwhelmingly for Brexit”, when it didn’t. Thus reinforcing Brexit. Truss won by the party vote, not the MPs. Boris is back home. Would he come back if there was not an extremely good chance? The shadowy 1922 Committee have decided that this contest, must be put to the party. Why? If May was given a bye, why must this contest go back to the party? It looks like Johnson may be reinstated, as the 1922 didn’t throw him out, they had to be pushed by letters.

          • I wonder if anyone has a date for both the ERG and the 1922 Committee?
            But even without an exact date, I’m interested to see that the 1922 Committee, founded April 1923, certainly has Neptune 15 Leo, quincunx Uranus 15-16 Pisces, square Jupiter 17-16 Scorpio – Boris Johnson’s natal Jupiter/Neptune opposition is at 15 Taurus/Scorpio. And November’s 16 Taurus Lunar Eclipse, conjunct Uranus, is – I suspect – already setting the stage, ready for all manner of fireworks to dazzle and alarm an exhausted population.
            The Jupiter/Neptune theme here could be very jolly, in a way. It also suggests chaos, funnily enough. Sometimes this whole thing looks like a mad religious cult (Jupiter/Neptune).

            The Moon’s Nodes for the 1922 are 20-19 Virgo. Were they woken up by the Mars/Neptune square, just passed those degrees? Secretive actions affecting direction? Rishi Sunak himself has Saturn at 20 Virgo – a few curious signs of ‘fate’ and history connecting them.

            They’ve all forgotten the actual population it seems. And I feel so uneasy, and wonder what else is brewing.

      • It is all unbearable! I made myself look at Jacob Rees Mogg’s chart. Back in 2019, Marjorie wrote:

        “He’ll also be facing a major setback as his Solar Arc Mars squares his Saturn in 2021 or 2022.”

        I noticed that JRM has Saturn at 2 Taurus – in line for October’s eclipse, and connecting with the UK Yod. He also has Pluto at 22 Virgo, in line for the Mars/Neptune square in Gemini and Pisces. Suggests power, and deceptive actions in secret, but may not go according to plan (I hope!). That Saturn would maybe be a deflating feeling for Boris Johnson’s 0 Scorpio Moon, brought into focus by the eclipse.

        The only date for the ERG seems to be July 1993. However, Pluto is 22 Scorpio, and Saturn at 29 Aquarius awaits its return. The Nodes go from 12 – 10 Sagittarius. Mercury is retrograde from 28 Cancer to 19 that month. They do have power, and have had influence from the shadows for far too long.

        • Regrettably Rees Mogg also has a lucky/successful tr Pluto trine his Jupiter until this December and more Jupiterian uplift in 2023/4 alongside some sinkers as well.
          I hope the Eclipse opposition his Saturn has the upper hand.

          • Ha! Me too. Perhaps the Pluto/Jupiter trine is also about him making even more money from all these crises? Seems he enjoys playing endless games with politics, and does not need whatever it is he earns from his political ‘career’. Boris, however, really does need money.

        • Since yesterday and overnight I have had an uneasy feeling that we are being put through a covert stitch-up! The 1922 Committee is the all powerful manipulator. It took a long time to get rid of Johnson, primarily because they hold the key, count the letter and are very secretive. This is the party’s power and none of us know how far they want Brexit it to go. Their leader could have had a swift vote by the MP’s, without any of this Theatre. Yet Johnson has been given time to come home?

          • I agree. Even if they didn’t want Boris, they have handled all of this so badly. He should have been removed at the time of no confidence vote. But they made the whole thing so painful. Where are the wise heads, the grandees, the white beards in the Tory party? Seems like no one is in control.

            Johnson is like one of those villains in the movies which you have to make sure you get rid of them completely, given a slightest of chance they comeback all the more powerful.

    • @Ann: I think that’s because of Ukraine. Wallace is hopeful for NATO top job and with Boris as PM he knows he’ll get 100% support for all the arms, training, etc. UK MOD is providing to UE.

      • @SuHu, not going to happen after last 4 Sec Gens hailing from Northern European founding member states, including Baron George Robertson. There also hasn’t been one from “new” member states. Therefore, I think the next Gen Sec is either from South or ex Soviet Bloc. I could think some of Europeist Polish or Baltic politicians doing well here.

        • You have a point Solaia but I think he has passed on the UK PM option in order to focus on NATO. But I no longer live in The Hague so I am probably out of touch these days.

          • SuHu, I live in the Hague and there is nothing coming out of the seething, known fundamentals here….the government is completely detached from the people, not bothering to even deny it….. distrust, disgust, completely covered up, though the locals know the status quo absolutely…..we live in a different world, where the concept of service or honesty from those in charge matters not a jot….

          • @Maggy: I was referring to the international institutions in The Hague where I had contacts, including NATO. The Dutch situation is, as you rightly note, just as precarious but less volatile but has zero impact on the UK’s current predicament. Sometimes I wonder if it is my unaspected Mercury in Virgo which leads me to think I am clear and yet I see from the responses I get that I assume too much. Apologies.

          • Suhu, why apologise? I believe (like you I am sure) an unaspected Mercury in its own sign is “pure”. Probably (not just because in Virgo) but it is above the Moon in perception. By that I mean a pure Mercury is less wobbly than the Moon, which can sometimes use perceptive intuition, but Merc wins out because it’s rational. I have no strong bias or favourites politically speaking, but the UK situation is unprecedented….The Liz Truss reign was disastrous, but for BJ to assume he can take up the reins (not ‘again”, as he never had leadership potential, except for the gob…. which ended his career…. is a parody beyond anything seen before…there he is in the Daily Mail, all thrilled and Ready… if! Rishi Sunak is financial – that is what matters singularly in this situation. Careers, reputations, reparations are all history – someone has to man up and drive! Good wishes, and nice postings on here…

    • Ann. Agreed, but he’s a Taurus and and a Tory war mongerer, as is Johnson. Sun in Taurus is usually when the electorate vote and it chimes so well with the hierarchy of Capricorn Tories chart. The papers all concentrating on that rubbish as if nothing else happening.
      Today on Sky news is the heartbreaking news item on the totally broken care system. It’s absolutely beyond belief what the Tories have managed to do to our NHS. And, Jeremy Hunt was instrumental in selling us all down the river. Neptune in Pisces is helping to depose the “charity” element of health care in UK. Our only jewel in the world turned into paste.
      God help the future generations with USA style healthcare.

  16. What are the chances of a general election.? I see that Tory MPs are saying that if the 1922 committee try to bring Boris back they will resign the whip and force an election.

    • Exactly the same will happen if Johnson gets the support of 100 plus MPs and then is excluded from the contest particularly he is the only candidate to have led the Party in a General Election. The Tory Party is hopelessly split and Sunak is not the members choice looking at the last poll. Ultimately, the Party belongs to them not the MPs.

      A General Election is what is needed now if only to remove the Conservative Party from power while it sorts out its squabbles. As always the struggle is over the Party brand name because on past form those trying to contest future elections under other labels will soon head into electoral oblivion on past form. My personal view on Johnson is that his political fate should have been decided at the ballot box by the voting public and not by internal party plots and coups egged on by the media. Those who have tried to circumvent that democratic process are as guilty of creating the current chaos as people such as Truss for all her failings.

      • Unfortunately, this is within the Parliamentary Law. The Party was democratically elected, not the leader. All main New Channels made this quite clear on Thursday, after Truss resigned. The Conservative Party are well within their rights to carry on until December 2024 and even call an election as late as January 2025.

        • The Conservative Party is entitled to elect whoever it wants as leader. There is no statute law that mandates that the monarch has to offer them the job of Prime Minister. The convention is that the job goes to the person who can command a majority in the House of Commons but the way the Conservative party is divided means that it’s ability to deliver effective government is now seriously limited. I think that this potentially could blow up into a constitutional crisis for the country as the populace as a whole are tiring of the constant changes in direction of government policy and I suspect that Hunts new budget proposals are not likely to be anymore popular with the masses than Truss budget was with the financial markets. The only proper solution would be a General Election but as Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas I cannot see the Conservatives going down that road.

          I think the astrological chart for the 28th October 2022 pretty much sums it up with that stuck fixed square between the Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius preventing any real progress while the mutable square of Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Gemini represents policies wildly gyrating backwards and forwards but ultimately achieving nothing. Needless to say all this is going on in the ongoing thick fog of Neptune in Pisces preventing any clear view of a path forward.

          • The late unlamented Truss administration had set out keynote policies which were at great variance with the 2019 Conservative General Election manifesto upon which individual MPs were elected by their constituents.
            One example was the push to introduce ‘fracking’ to the mainland UK, despite being specifically ruled out by the manifesto.
            Of course, the UK has a so called ‘unwritten constitution’, but this relies upon the character and integrity of Westminster politicians to ‘police’ in matters of ‘form and precedence’.
            It is a valid point that the present government, as it is constructed, is not one which was voted for by the electors in terms of manifesto promises as compared to actual policies.

      • I agree that Johnson’s fate should have been decided at the ballot box. But that would have meant Tory party losing in the elections.

        I think the legitimate chance for them to remove him was at the time of no confidence motion. They could have arranged for few more votes against him to get rid of him completely and surely.

        They should have known by then that when it comes to characters like Johnson, you can’t leave any chances. He will always find ways to sneak in (the sort of things you see in horror movies).

        The way they removed him was messy and made him a hero in the eyes of his worshippers.

        This whole saga has been badly handled by the party. I am surprised that a party which is so efficient in replacing its leaders looks like complete novice.

      • “Ultimately, the Party belongs to them not the MPs.”

        True, but the Prime Ministership belongs to the person who can command a majority of the MPs. We have seen with Truss what happens when the opinions of members trumps that of MPs.

        At the end of the day, for the Prime Minister to be able to function, the members need to shut up and let the MPs, who have a wider mandate than just the party, select the Prime Minister.

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