Matthew Perry – a sobering tale ++ Reeves & Margolyes

Behind every comedy there’s often a tragedy. Matthew Perry, the wisecracking Chandler of Friends, the most popular TV show of all time, has revealed all about his relentless addiction problems over decades. It saw him in and out of 15 rehabs and almost killed him in 2018 when his colon burst due to the overuse of opioid drugs, putting him in a coma for two weeks with a 2% survival chance and required a colostomy bag for nine months. During one low point during Friends he was taking 55 tablets of Vicodin each day and his weight dropped to 58kg (9st 1oz).

 He was born 19 August 1969 4.47am North Adams, Massachusetts, with an actor father and a journalist mother who split before his first birthday. He has an entertaining Leo Sun in his upfront 1st house square a filmic and escapist Neptune in the 4th; with an intensely emotional Scorpio Moon also in his 4th opposition a hard-working 10th house Saturn in Taurus. And Venus in sensitive, self-protective Cancer in his 12th.

  His childhood does not look to have been emotionally supportive with a Saturn-afflicted Moon, a hidden Venus and missing a strong male role model for a father. His Sun and Neptune are both in hard aspect to the destructive Mars/Saturn midpoint which would create setbacks for him. His Sun/Moon midpoint is conjunct Uranus so finding a stable one-to-one relationship would never be easy for him.

   When Friends launched on 22 September 1994, he said he had been praying fervently to be famous, only later to discover it did not solve any of his problems. At that point tr Pluto was conjunct his 4th house Neptune which would have a devastating effect before moving to square his Sun the following year as his life changed out of all recognition. Tr Neptune and Uranus were also hovering over the opposition to his Venus.

  When he hit rock bottom in June 2018 tr Uranus just into Taurus was conjunct his Midheaven for a sudden change of direction; and tr Pluto in his 6th house of health was opposing his 12th house Venus. His Solar Arc Neptune was also hovering on the cusp of his 6th. His Progressed Moon was conjunct his Sun a month or so after he was hospitalised for an internal rebirth. And his Solar Arc Jupiter was wending its way towards a conjunction with his Neptune in the aftermath as he struggled towards a new life.

His 12th house Venus in Cancer and 4th house Neptune in Scorpio do appear to be the triggers for his problems.

   Saturn has made a full cycle since Friends launched in 1994 as his memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing  is coming out. It won’t be easy for him but tr Jupiter going through his 10th at the moment bringing attention and praise will help and tr Saturn moving upwards in his chart for the next decade will give him resilience.

Add On: Matthew Perry is having to withdraw a trashing of Keanu Reeves in his memoir. In a thoughtless attempt to eulogize River Phoenix, the tragic young actor who died from an overdose, he regretted his death and wondered why Keanu Reeves was still alive. He has since said he is a big Reeves’s fan, “I just chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my own name instead.”

  Hmm.  Their synastry does suggest a hostile aggravated interface with Perry’s Mars square Reeves’ Pluto Uranus. And the relationship chart has a composite Mars opposition Saturn which is similarly antagonistic. There must be some history in there.

 Miriam Margolyes, who left Perry floundering on a TV interview show some years back, has a heavyweight Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Saturn in Taurus square Mars which would overwhelm Perry’s Leo Sun square Neptune and leave him bewildered.

 Both Reeves and Miriam have their Jupiter in Taurus in Perry’s 10th house so perhaps his Leo Sun felt outshone by the confidence of both.

7 thoughts on “Matthew Perry – a sobering tale ++ Reeves & Margolyes

  1. Miriam can be horrendously snobbish. I have seen her being truly nasty to people.. usually on some BBC travel documentary, where they let her get away with such things.

    • She strikes me as someone who has a desperate need for attention and personally, I can’t buy into her outrageous persona because I sense quite a bit of aggression behind her act. Perhaps something to do with that Moon/Mars in Pisces.

  2. Some people also can’t climb out of it, but for more than just psychological reasons–you’re not very understanding!

    Alcoholism is an addiction, your body craves more and more, and much is involved that’s scientifically unknown, not just setting your mind to it (otherwise they would have solved the problem of alcoholism, already! ;).

    What has David Schwimmer done with his life since then? It really doesn’t matter, if he’s happy just living. Get a grip, youngster.

    • PS: Ava, Neptune square Sun can be really rough! This is why Marjorie is reading the chart–to show that he was dealt a full deck from birth and that his challenge, over time, is to rise above.

  3. I saw an episode of the Graham Norton show where Matthew Perry and Miriam Margolies were the guests. Miriam shared a hilarious story about meeting Laurence Olivier and Matthew Perry’s reaction was so snobbish and arrogant and I just remember thinking “everybody knows you’re an alcoholic…who are you to look down on her”???? I mean really, it’s been almost 20yrs since Friends ended. What’s he done with his life since then? Alcoholism is a beast but some people don’t make it easy to feel any sympathy for them…

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