China – repeating the same old mistake

Absolute power has been claimed by Chinese President Xi Jinping as his rulership has been extended for a third five year term. It breaks the precedent set after Mao’s demise to limit the power of any one individual leader.  Despite being the son of a relatively liberal father and having seen his family punished through the insanities of the 1960s/1970s Cultural Revolution, he has steadily built himself up as a Stalinist strongman, shored up the authority of the Communist party and cultivated a personality cult, combining repression and surveillance at home with aggression abroad.

  His 3rd Term chart, 23 October 2022 5.08pm Beijing, has dictatorship written all over it with a 10th house controlling Pluto square Sun and Pluto in a ruthless quincunx to Mars. His Mars is in a publicity-attracting but not always decisive square to Neptune; and there’s an inflexible Saturn in Aquarius in a conflicted square to Uranus.

  He’s facing a momentous struggle ahead to overcome considerable obstacles with tr Pluto square the Term Sun and Venus through 2023 until late 2024; a panicky-failure tr Neptune square Mars in 2023; and worse by 2025/6 when the tr Neptune Saturn conjunction in Aries are in a confidence and enthusiasm-denting conjunction with the Term Jupiter.

  The China economy is already ailing amid greater state meddling and the fallout from Covid, there is domestic discontent over the handling of the pandemic, and tensions with the west have been rising for years over trade and the treatment of Uyghurs as well as worries about military expansion in the South China Sea, Hong Kong and ramped up threats against Taiwan.

  The Term chart echoes themes on his personal chart, 15 June 1953, with an undermining tr Neptune square his Sun this year into 2023, and worsening as tr Neptune squares his Sun/Mars midpoint and finally makes a failure-ridden square to his Mars at zero Cancer in 2025/26. Plus a disruptive tr Uranus opposition his emphasised Pluto in Leo in 2023.

  The China 1 January 1912 chart has the same Pluto focal point Yod as the UK, in this case inconjunct Uranus sextile Venus. The Pluto will be undermined by tr Neptune square from May 2023 to late 2024 which could undermine China’s global influence. Certainly things are changing with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus in 2022/23 so there could be a potential for disruption and rebellion; with shocks and jolts in 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct the Mars and opposition Venus. There may be an over confident drive for power and influence in 2024 which could well backfire.

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  1. The biggest millstone around the necks of the Chinese is the all pervading superstition (“when you believe in things that you don’t understand” Stevie Wonder). These beliefs perpetuate a culture of shame and keep rigid social structures in place. (I studied Chinese language and culture for a while). Through more contact with the world beyond China in general, Young Chinese had started to question those values. This is the ‘rot’ that Xi wants to stamp out by forcing the country to look inwards only. By souring relations with the West, ramping up censorship, etc. However, as we have seen in Iran, this present younger generation are courageous and not easily subdued. But without social change, there will likely be no political change, each time a new ‘Emperor’ will appear. Same probably true for Russia too but I know less about that country.

  2. Once again I’m answering my own question, but I did just find BBC Live released the news at 21:08 on Oct 22nd…now the challenge is to figure out what time zone they were using but I assume I’ll come up with 5:08 pm when I do! Thanks Marjorie!

    • @Getting1, yes, and this reminds me of a movie scene somewhere, with a local Party Purge happening exactly like this, in the front of people to induce shame. There’s a widow in that movie, too. Maybe someone remembers the film? In any way, apparently this is not new in China.

    • @Jonathan Portes, they definitely know Chinese astrology, but the whole practise has a different than the Western astroloygy. My limited understand is that there’s a strong horary undercurrent, best moment of doing things is important. In addition, I think numerology is even more vital in this.

      • I worked at a microchip company in 1994 where the Chinese owner/CEO practiced active astrology to obtain the best business decisions and times. Quite successful at it tho the Thumpers remained quietly seething in the closets for fear of job loss. Ronald Reagan used astrology during his presidency as well.

        Whatever works, I say!

  3. 3rd term has sun at 29º libra – going to be hit by t. Pluto on february 2023, if I’m not mistaken. When Pluto enters aquarius, it’s hitting the scorpio venus. I’m thinking problems for him around that time – maybe alliances that turn sour and they are really enemies who seem to be allies?

    When I see the 29th degree I think: something ends. So perhaps this will be his last term?

    • @dunyazede, my view has been, for couple of years now, that this will be the last National Congress of Chinese Communist Party. They are much less cohesive than it seems.

    • Sorry, my last reply went in the wrong spot. BBC showed me a time of 21:08 on Oct 22 and it does appear this times are given in my time zone which is PDT -7. So using a time converter I come up with 12:08 pm in Beijing on October 23rd. Sorry for the multiple comments while I get it together!

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