Giorgia Meloni – Italy turns sharp right

Giorgia Meloni has made history as Italy’s first female prime minister at the head of the country’s most right-wing government since World War Two. Her Brothers of Italy party with neo-fascist origins is leader of a ruling coalition with Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party and Matteo Salvini’s League. They have made reducing immigration a key policy, which includes increasing repatriations, targeting charity ships that rescue migrants and calling for a naval blockade of North Africa.

 Although aligned with Hungary’s Orban, she has toned down criticism of the EU with Italy’s chronically ill economy needing millions of euros from the Brussels’ coffers.

 Where she may have problems is with junior coalition partner Sylvio Berlusconi in a sulk because he is not top dog and  reportedly called Meloni “domineering, arrogant and offensive”. He also paraded his friendship with Putin and landed blame on Zelensky for the Ukraine invasion. In contrast Meloni has reassured Western allies over the country’s pro-NATO stance and its support for Ukraine.

  She was sworn in on 22 October 2022 in Rome at around 9.30am (I think, any definite times welcome). This gives a pressured Sun Venus square Pluto with Pluto in an aggravated, argumentative quincunx to an 8th house Mars – debt problems? What looks least helpful apart from the divisive Uranus square Saturn is a vague, disillusioned and indecisive Virgo Moon opposition Neptune square Mars. Which won’t get any easier as the Solar Arc Neptune closes the square to Mars by 2024 for failed plans and panic.

  Meloni’s elevation was never going to sit comfortably with misogynist dinosaur Berlusconi – his karma catching up with him? With his Pluto opposing her Capricorn Sun, he’ll be compelled to put her down.

 Their relationship chart is an eye-opener with a power-struggling, oneupmanship composite Pluto opposition Jupiter square Sun opposition Saturn – chained together and resenting it, a constant churn. 2023 could split them apart with tr Saturn in Pisces square the Sun, conjunct Jupiter and opposition Pluto. Though he could also be knocked out by health problems, since he had major heart surgery in 2016 and a battle with coronavirus.

 Her own personal chart, 15 January 1977 6pm Rome, will have some luck in 2023 with tr Uranus conjunct her 10th house Jupiter from June onwards and Jupiter moving across her 10th from 2023 till mid 2024 will give her career a boost.

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14 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni – Italy turns sharp right

  1. It’s interesting to look at a bit of the deeper history:

    “March on Rome, the insurrection by which Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy in late October 1922. The March marked the beginning of fascist rule and meant the doom of the preceding parliamentary regimes of socialists and liberals.” (Brittanica)

    The meeting to plan this took place on 24th October, 1922. The Sun was conjunct Jupiter in Libra, 29 degrees – conjunct Meloni’s North Node of ‘life path and lessons’. Her natal Pluto at 14 Libra is conjunct 1922’s Saturn, 13 Libra, and Mercury, 14 Libra. Mars back then was 25 Capricorn, conjunct Meloni’s natal Sun in Capricorn. Meloni’s Venus at 12 Pisces is conjunct 22’s Uranus, 9 Pisces. The Moon in both charts is in Sagittarius.

    There are other links between the planets too. This is not to say Meloni is in any way a repeat of Mussolini! Just that there are significant echoes I feel, which may go some way to illuminating why she was drawn to this particular brand of politics, and at this particular point in time – exactly one hundred years later.

  2. Since when did Family, God, morals, ethics and love of country become ‘ right wing ‘ ? Listen to her speeches before making judgements

    • @Juno, since French Revolution 1789? But it really isn’t so much about whether you carry these values yourself, but whether you want to impose them to others that make them right wing and authoritarian. My personal choices, for instance, are very much right wing, but would consider myself “left from center”, because unless you substitute “love of country” with “civic sense”, I don’t want to impose these views to anyone.

      As for Meloni, her party has deep roots in Italian Fascism, and many of the key figures never have denounced them, let alone followers. In fact, many would be offended by a view they are not “right wing”.

  3. The only good news to come out of Italy’s far-right takeover is that one Italian politician announced today on Twitter that the Italian government will remain committed to helping Ukrainian refugees and helping Ukraine.

    • @ Chris. Don’t worry McCarthy has already stated that the Ukraine won’t get a blank check from the U.S. after Republicans take over Congress next year.

      The Putin Party is showing its colors already.

      • @Roderick, as much as I dislike McCarthy, I think this is a calculated statement. US probably won’t need to do much here by the end of 2022. Western Intelligence seems to point on Russia running out of resources to continue any sort of offensive short term. According to some reliable sources, they are currently throwing “waves” of soldiers to Ukrainian defenses only to be slaughtered by HIMARS in Bakhmut, I suppose mostly to appease Putin.

        And, once the loss of Russian troops in Ukraine becomes clear, it’s questionable how long Putin will stay, too.

        • The unknown here, Solaia, is whom – or what – will replace Putin to maintain stability and continuity? Economic continuity…or the Ukrainian genocide?

          I fear the new talk of dirty bombs and Russian forces backing away from Kherson. Why suddenly are the Russians talking dirty weapons…whilst moving people away from the area?

          I do not trust their motives.

  4. I agree little with Meloni or FdI politically, but I have my money on her on any political argument with “allies”. She is tough as nails, having overcome truly belittling criticism both from Left and Right in the past 15 years or so.

    One thing I actually do agree with them is Ukraine, and I must say this isn’t “posing” or “changing course”, because as strange as it seems, Italian “Legacy Fascist” (a definition I think would be much more correct than Neofascists since the party roots are firmly in Italian Fascist Party through Giorgio Almirante) have been firm supporters of Transatlantic military collaboration through their history. They’ve always been popular among Italian Armed Forces, and anticommunist Radicals have leaned on the US and even CIA in the past.

  5. Berlusconi may be in her orbit until he topples off, of course. This would be a long view if she wants to truly make changes. Make stable alliances then cut him free at the first sign of trouble…and scandle. I haven’t listened to her speeches or press interviews yet. One can hope she’s not as rabidly insular as Le Pen. Ugh!

    • One thing though about Meloni, though: Son of a “Corriere della Sera” – considered a liberal, centerright publication – journalist who was on her beat got ran over by a drunken driver last week. And she made it an absolute priority to be at the funeral.

    • I don’t think people have nil compassion in Italy. It has had a substantial amount of migration since the mid 1990’s. That is over 25 years of a steady flow of migrants. Because of their geographical location, the migrants have been coming from North Africa and the Baltic bloc – they are coming from both sides of Italy. Like Sweden, who has just voted in a Right Wing Government. Norway and Finland have been making sounds about this as well. There is only so much migration these countries can take, as Italy is not as big as France or Spain. The Scandinavian countries have small populations and feel overwhelmed.

      • “There is only so much migration these countries can take, as Italy is not as big as France or Spain.The Scandinavian countries have small populations and feel overwhelmed.”

        Geographic dimensions hardly matter here, really, because all of Europe could certainly have a more heavily urbanized demographic structure than currently.

        As for population size, it’s not only population size that matters in economy, but also demographic structure.

        Italy in particular needs injections of “active age” population, because the country’s natality rate has been in free fall since the late 1980’s. The age groups coming to job market are not big enough to replace those leaving. It became particularly visible when Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, and there wasn’t immediately the usual influx of young work force from Ukraine, Romania and Moldova to service industry.

        Finland also experiences similar issue, but there are some interesting developments.

        In any case, it’s clear most European nations can’t, literally, afford being racists. We desperately need immigration to keep our economies afloat.

        • Racist? Each country is autonomous in this world. This is an Astrological forum. I may be an unconventional astrology and have forgotten much of the wise Astrology I was taught, due to ill health and medication. Yet as Majorie has pointed out, quite often, a Country has its on Ruling planets and destiny. Take Isreal for example , I can remember attending a Astrological Conference whereby the Isreal Chart was discussed in the 1980’s, it has lived up to its Chart. So has Afghanistan. Fate or Free Will has always been discussed in Astrology, yet being a Capricorn Moon has taught me Astrology does influence our lives and tests us. Political Will in astrology is futile as with politics, as individual countries have their own path.

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