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  1. It is tragic what happened to Paul Pelosi, and let’s hope he can fully recover. This Substack article by a journalist in Berkeley, CA is an accurate assessment, perhaps not something you find in the press.
    “David DePape is not a microcosm of the political psychosis gripping America in general. Rather, he’s a microcosm of the drug-induced psychosis gripping the West Coast in particular.” https://michaelshellenberger.substack.com/p/pelosi-attack-suspect-was-a-psychotic

  2. More war talk from Russia and China – Russia today made the statement that in war, all’s fair as a target, including commercial satellites. China making noises in a similar vein.


    US now deploying dial-a-yield tactical nukes to Europe. Get out the jiffy pop!

    It gets old…but I suppose as long as people still talk, no need to spruce-up the old fallout shelters.

    • Another link thru Space.com…


      Have a great day!

  3. I thought I’d share the following from the Astrodienst November Newsletter:

    A prominent lunar eclipse on November 8 shapes the quality of time for this month. The Moon is conjunct Uranus and square Saturn. It is very likely that significant, collective developments can be observed during this time. Some issues that have been uncertain so far will now be decided in favor of one side or the other.

    The eclipse is heralded a few days earlier by a passionate Scorpio Venus forming an opposition to Uranus in Taurus on the 5th and a square to Saturn in Aquarius on the 7th. The difference in these qualities could trigger great creative processes on the one hand but could also lead to disagreements in relationships.

    At the Full Moon on November 8, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus on the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio are opposite the Moon and Uranus on the North Node in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius squares this axis, forming a triangle of tension.

    The concurrent lunar eclipse will be visible in parts of northern Europe, Russia, North America, parts of South America, Asia and Australia. On a collective level, some events in the days leading up to and following this eclipse can be understood as catalysts for sustainable development.

    The eclipse occurs at the end of the long phase of struggle between Uranian renewal and Saturnian contraction that has repeatedly led to stalemates and divisions. Now an entirely new dynamic could come into play that clearly shifts the balance of power to one side.

  4. Another GOP nutcase on the block.

    Tudor Dixon has made the monologue claim: “In a six-minute monologue at the beginning of the show, Dixon said that after the “attempted creation of the Black House Autonomous Zone outside of the White House,” referring to a cordoned off area near the White House erected by activists, that Democrats were using this moment to “topple” the US.”


    She further makes the claim that, “a decades-long plan by the Democratic Party to “topple” the United States as retaliation for losing the US Civil War, adding that the party wanted to enslave people “again.” ”

    Per wiki, born May 5, 1977, Naperville, IL. Definitely anti-abortion position: “In an interview, she described the example of a 14-year-girl raped by her uncle as a “perfect example” of an abortion that she believes should be prohibited…”

    Unable to locate her time of birth.

  5. Hi. Harry’s memoir is due to be released on 1/10/23, one day after Catherine’s (POW) birthday. I believe that this means the book will accuse Prince William of adultery. And this is Harry’s wife trying to destroy both W & C (and of course ruin C’s birthday).
    Will Harry succeed and ruin W’s chances of ascending to the throne? Thank you.

  6. matthew perry wrote in his autobiography that he wished keanu reeves was dead. i am surprised that his publishing company did not advise him against leaving that in the book. it has caused him a lot of backlash.

  7. Marjorie,
    An interesting discussion on today’s PBS News historian Cynthia Miller-Idriss of American University on Polarization and Extremism, mentioned, that if it survives, the data suggest the timeline is 9 to 10 years for a democracy to recover. See your post on 26th June 2022 “USA – on the long, winding road towards a new start” suggesting indicating no good news till 2032.

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    I know I’ve asked so many questions this week (I normally try not to do that).

    However, there was some rather alarming news yesterday. Vladimir Putin is now encouraging over 20,000 Afghan commandos to join Russian forces in Ukraine.

    Apparently, these Afghan commandos had originally fought with American, British, and other Western allied forces against the Taliban at one time. Now, with the Taliban takeover, these soldiers have been left jobless and many are having to seek refugee elsewhere.

    Apparently, in exchange for joining Russian forces, they’ll be offered Russian citizenship in return.

    If this manifests, it creates an unpleasant situation for the United States given that we strongly support Ukraine…and it will force the United States into helping Ukrainian forces destroy the very Afghans were once allies.

    Some geopolitical, international relations, and foreign policy experts suggest that the best way to avoid such a messy prospect is for the the US to help relocate those Afghan commandos instead of just leaving them to a precarious situation where they have to become mercenaries.

    As a Democrat and a Joe Biden supporter, I was vehemently opposed to President Biden’s handling of Afghanistan – I thought it was cruel to up and leave millions of Afghan citizens to face a terrifying and uncertain future against a new Taliban regime.

    Many of the things I feared coming out of Afghanistan are starting to come true. For example, the ethnic Hazara are once again facing a genocide for being Shia Muslims, women are once again being subjugated to the dreadful misogynistic laws, there’s now massive shortage of educated professionals and human services, and religious minorities like members from the tiny Sikh community are having to flee. It’s a tragic humanitarian crisis all around.

    I give President Biden for having the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine more effectively. However, I am curious to how the Afghan mercenary situation will play out.

    Marjorie, I was wondering if you had any insight regarding the relationship between Afghanistan and the Russian Federation. Does the astrology suggest strengthening ties between these two former adversaries?

    And does the astrology suggest the United States will do the right thing in trying to relocate those Afghan commandos (who were once allies)…or simply leave them to become expendable nobodies destained to die in Ukraine?

    Any thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated. As always, I love reading the posts and discussions that come about.

  9. Canada: Quebec separatist party calls for split with British monarchy


    “…the refusal of 14 recently-elected Quebec politicians to recite an oath of allegiance to the King during their swearing-in to the provincial legislature, as required by Canadian law.”

  10. Hi Marjorie,
    As a practicing Hindu Rishi Sunk should be consulting astrology, is there anything in his chart or actions that suggest he might be guided by astrological conditions? If he isn’t maybe his wife is?
    How interesting if we are going to be governed by a believer. Apparently Ronald Regan was influenced by his wife Nancy’s belief in astrology.
    Would love to hear your thoughts

  11. Marjorie.
    Look at Kirill…
    Seems to be the person Putin Trusts the most
    Now Satanism is on the agenda.
    How much is he involved?
    Putin don’t want to know about HIV,HepatitC, Tuberculosis etc, etc which are huge in Russia.
    What about adequate cancermedicine…
    No way.
    Seems Schizophrenia has become a Virus in Russia.

  12. Timeline for change over of govt:

    9am Liz Truss chairs final cabinet
    10.15am Truss makes statement outside No 10 before seeing King at Palace
    Sunak travels to Palace to see King
    11.35am Sunak makes statement in Downing Street

    I think the eclipse is at 10:04 a.m.

    Also this takes place on Diwali (“triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, light over dark, hope over fear”), which is associated with Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity.

    I looked up the timing of Diwali. Apparently it is observed on the 15th day of the 8th month (the month of Kartik) in India’s calendar. The day is an Amavasya or ‘new moon day’. Amavasya Tithi (the period when the moon opposes the sun’s light by up to 12°) is from 05:27pm on October 24th to 04:18pm on October 25th in 2022.

    Are there any Indian astrologers who can explain whether this is considered auspicious or not?

    • Diwali is the day of celebrating the creation of wealth (very Thatcherite) and the physical books of accounts are literally worshiped/prayed over on that day. The day after Diwali, the day that Sunak is taking over, is one of the various New Years that Indians celebrate (some celebrate New Year in the spring-B/Vaisakhi, some in the autumn-the day after Diwali).

      So, for some Hindus, today (25hth Oct, the day after Diwali) is the start of a new year. It certainly will be for Rishi Sunak.

      PS: I am not an Indian astrologer. This comes from having Indian neighbours who taught me a lot of their culture.

  13. I’m increasingly freaked out about March 2023, sounds like some bad astrology coming. What do folks on here think? Market crash, Covid back, job losses, assassinations, earthquakes?
    Or am I overreacting?

  14. Marjorie,

    I know I already posted a question earlier. However, I thought of a better question to ask – so, please disregard my last question if I’m asking too many at once.

    There has been so much discussion on the future of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security in recent months. The Republicans have been advocating a reduction of these programs and they’re also aiming to eventually phase them out altogether.

    For example, they want to raise the retirement age for eligibility to receive social security…and if you receive a pension they don’t want you to qualify at all.

    The Republicans are also talking about limiting the coverage of Medicaid and Medicare to a smaller pool of recipients and limiting the services they provide.

    Some Republican Senate candidates in states like Arizona and Ohio are vocally calling for ending social security immediately claiming we cannot afford to keep paying for such programs.

    All of this is deeply concerning and very distressing to me. Granted, I’m not a senior citizen – I’m a Millennial entering my quadragenarian years. However, by the time I’m in my 60s, I hope that these programs will still be around. Plus, we ALL pay into social security.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any astrological thoughts or insights regarding the uncertain future of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Any thoughts you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    Surprisingly, I’ve noticed this topic hasn’t come up with any of the other astrologers I follow. So, I really am curious to see what the astrology suggests for these 3 programs.

  15. Oh wow. Rishi Sunak about to become de facto PM almost exactly on a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio?
    At least the Eclipse occurs 6 degrees after the Moon’s square to Pluto?
    Conjunct the Sun and Venus, but a South Node eclipse, indicating the need to let go of something, e.g. the Tory Party’s stranglehold on power?

    • Perhaps this indicates the ‘revolutionary’ change of an ethnic Indian, a brown person, achieving the highest office possible in the UK.
      Something which would have been unthinkable as recently as 1970, as indeed it would have been in 1870, 1770, 1600 etc.

      • The people who voted in Truss even when they knew she was not up for the job are shrieking in their boots right now, because they are not ready for this to happen (not to mention many others). Excuse me for saying this, but his is only being voted in now because they really have no other viable option to consider realistically. Penny has no experience to take on this monumental task awaiting; in my opinion without going into it further.

    • Rishi Sunak is scheduled to meet the King at about 11 to 11:30AM, just as the solar eclipse will pass over London.
      So, in effect, the solar eclipse will be exact at the time of the formation of the new government.
      What does that signify, Marjorie?
      I’m going to be hopeful and say that it signifies us rising out of a period of darkness.

  16. The history of Haiti is so tragic and they struggle still. What do you see the for the future if the UN gets involved as recently proposed? Will France ever pay reparations for making the former slaves of Haiti pay for their freedom? Thanks

  17. Hi Marjorie,
    I hope you don’t mind me referencing another astrologer on this thread – I just found an interesting write up about the midterms and wanted to share it.

    American Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly recently posted about the upcoming US midterm elections at Neptune Cafe.

    It’s his contention that Democrats will likely do better than what the polls suggest (though he doesn’t predict whether or not we’ll keep our majority in the House and Senate).

    Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly believes the female energy surrounding this year’s elections may work to Democrats advantage.

    I had been curious about how instrumental and vital women voters could be in this year’s election. With women’s reproductive rights now on the chopping block, I would expect this to be the catalyst to galvanize women into organizing and voting in droves.

    Also, other issues have recently been attracting more attention. For example, Republicans are advocating cutting back social security and Medicare – even Republicans here in Florida (and this is a geriatric state with a large senior citizen population). They want to slowly phase out these programs altogether under the false narrative that we simply cannot afford them. I would these issues would be a no go area for middle aged and senior citizen voters.

    Then there is also the topic of Ukraine. Republicans, like McCarthy, have warned that if they regain control of the House and Senate, they plan to either sharply reduce aid to Ukraine or end aid altogether. Granted, not all Republicans are on board with this – McConnell recently stated he intends to continue aid to Ukraine and over 60% of Americans support the helping of Ukraine.

    Anyway, there’s certainly a lot at stake this election and I really am interested if it’s women voters, in particular, who are the ones who keep insanity and extremism from taking over the country this November.

    Here is the link to Michael’s post:

    I was wondering id you or any of the other seasoned astrologers on this forum had any further thoughts or insights they could add to Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly’s astrological analysis.

    Does anyone else see American women voters potentially offsetting a major political shift to the far-right?

  18. Marjorie, could you please take another look at the US mid-term elections on November 8? And yes, please, look at Marjorie Taylor Greene and some of the other dangerous kooks dominanting the Republican Party these days, plus would -be leader Kevin McCarthy, who seems in thrall to the most extreme elements.


  19. Dylan Mulvaney has recently risen in prominence lately, with an invitation to the white house no less. Ulta Beauty has also cultivated an alliance but with mixed results.

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