Tori Spelling – fallout from a dynastic tug of war

The Hollywood dream rarely translates into domestic or family bliss. As evidenced by the tawdry drama which has left Tori Spelling living with her five children in a camper van as her multi-millionairess mother Candy instagrams about her blooming roses from her palatial pad.

 The back story starts with Aaron Spelling, renowned as the most prolific TV producer in US history with Hart to Hart, Dynasty, Melrose Place, Beverley Hills 90210 to his credit. He died in 2006 leaving his widow Candy, a theatre producer and philanthropist, seriously wealthy. She has for years evidently had a fractured relationship with her daughter Tori, 16 May 1973 1.13 am, LA, (recently split from husband Dean McDermott) and according to reports had offered to sort her out a house which she refused.

 Tori Spelling, who started as a child star aged six under her father’s guidance, had her first major role at 17 in Beverley Hills 90210. She and her brother evidently ended up with under $1 million each from their father’s $500 million estate and her second marriage to Dean McDermott, 16 November 1966, has followed a rocky road, through infidelities, five children and her mental problems.

  She has a stubborn Sun, Mercury in Taurus opposition an intensely emotional and secretive Scorpio Moon with her Moon square Jupiter in Aquarius.  She has a dreamy and unrealistic Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune in her 10th square a whirlwind, excitable 1st house Mars in Pisces. Her 8th house Pluto and Uranus will give her a sense of being driven by forces she does not always understand.

 Dean McDermott was hardly a brilliant fit with his powerhouse and powder keg collection of Pluto, Mars, Uranus in Virgo falling in her 8th house and his evasive Neptune being conjunct her Moon.

 But it is her relationship with her mother which is truly tricky. Candy Spelling, 20 September 1945 4.40 am LA, is a Sun Virgo widely square a 10th house Uranus, marking her out for an unconventional career. She has Mars in excitable Cancer trine a 7th house Pisces Moon and square an overly optimistic, though lucky, Jupiter Neptune in Libra in her financial 2nd house.

   She and Tori are at cross purposes with Tori’s supercharged and high-wire Mars in Pisces conjunct Candy’s sensitive Moon; and more significantly Candy’s Pluto opposition Tori’s Jupiter setting up a power battle for the upper hand.  That translates in their relationship chart into another composite Pluto Jupiter hard aspect; a chilly Moon opposition Saturn; and a ego-clashing Mars opposition Neptune.

 Aaron Spelling, 22 April 1923 12.30pm Dallas, Texas, had a Taurus Sun on his Midheaven, with a creative Water Grand Trine of an 8th house Uranus trine Pluto Moon in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio – well-designed for a successful entertainment career.

  Tori’s relationship with him was if anything trickier than with her mother. Their relationship chart had a chilly and controlling composite Sun square Saturn Pluto; with a tough, unfeeling composite Mars trine Saturn Pluto.

  What a tangled web – family dynamics at their most damaging. Tori and her father shared a Taurus Sun, and Uranus in the 8th and also Chiron in Aries. What is also intriguing is that Tori’s South Node in Cancer is conjunct her mother’s Mars North Node and her father’s Pluto. So she would and will be constantly pulled back into her dependent Cancer South Node because of the parental dynamics.

  The recent May Scorpio Lunar Eclipse was exactly conjunct Tori’s Moon to set up her present domestic crisis. And with tr Saturn moving down through her 1st Quadrant and heading for her 2nd house she doesn’t look to be coping well financially or otherwise ahead. She’ll settle more happily when Jupiter moves into Gemini from the middle of 2024 onwards.

5 thoughts on “Tori Spelling – fallout from a dynastic tug of war

  1. Tori is a grown up and it was her choice to marry a low income guy and have his 5 kids (who already had baggage in the form of a wife and child, whom he left to marry Tori).
    Her Dad set her up with an acting career (which I doubt she would have got otherwise) and her Mum gave her $1M several years ago which would’ve been enough to buy a decent home. It’s good she’s now standing on her own feet.and maybe realises that actions have consequences. Perhaps now her north node in capricorn will come into play.

  2. I was struck by Tori Spelling’s south node in her 5th house of children. Dean McDermott’s first wife who he had a son with prior to meeting Tori, she said some very interesting things to Dean about her concerns about Tori, way back during Tori and Dean’s reality show. McDermott’s first wife inferred that Tori was a hoarder, not only of objects, but pets and then children. Tori claimed that she wanted many children to fill her emotional void of a lonely childhood raised by a cold mother. Tori said that her happiest childhood memories were of playing at the home of one of the household help, a woman who loved Tori and had several children of her own.

    I was also struck by that Pisces Mars in Tori’s first house. Wow. Venus opposite Neptune is a real issue.

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