Tony Blair – refusing to go quietly into hibernation

The belated knighthood given to Tony Blair in an elevation to the Order of the Garter in the New Year Honours has aroused fury with more than 500,000 signatures on a petition to stop it. Anti-war campaigners described it as a “kick in the teeth” for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and military mothers have threatened to return Elizabeth Crosses, a form of recognition given to bereaved families. The 2016 Chilcot report found that Blair had exaggerated the threat of Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction and joined the Iraq invasion before peaceful options had been exhausted.

   Blair has had to wait fourteen years for his titles customarily given to ex-prime ministers though Ted Heath had to wait 18 years. Appointments to the garter are a gift of the Queen and are made without political advice. Harold MacMillan turned his down twice and Blair doing the same would have been in line with his ‘modernising’ beliefs when in No 10. Alas the ego in an unhappy retirement could not let go the prize of a prestigious, medieval, religious and monarchical Order of the Garter.

  Born 6 May 1953 6.10am Edinburgh, Scotland, his over-confident, indulgent and money-magnet Jupiter in Taurus caught the late November 2021 Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter on an Eclipse can bring luck but also challenges involving trust and untrustworthiness. It repeats in 2022 along with the other Eclipses which will rattle his Sun.

  More pointedly the tr Uranus square tr Saturn is bouncing off his ‘public career’ 10th house Aquarius Moon with more jolts in February; and two of his Jupiter and two Mars midpoints are also being rattled every which way with losses and setbacks into spring.

  Tr Pluto is also conjunct his Midheaven this month and again later in the year which can damage status and reputation and block career progress. Plus tr Uranus is moving off his Moon to conjunct his Sun from May onwards, following tr Saturn’s sobering square to his Sun late this month into February. His 4th house Pluto will also catch tr Saturn oppositions this year and tr Uranus squares in 2023. Upheavals, disruptions and bumps along the road with hints from the universe about the need for long overdue changes – which is Fixed Sun Moon, Pluto and Jupiter will resist.

  He’s already been through a punishing few years since 2016 with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune, then his Saturn and finally opposition his Mercury last year and ongoing at the moment and through this year. So the fallout has been unrelenting.  And it won’t let up with his Solar Arc Sun aiming to square his Neptune Saturn in 2023/24; along with a ‘collision’ Solar Arc opposition his 10th house Moon in 2023. Then his progressed Mars is square his Neptune Saturn in 2025/26.

  He won’t escape a reckoning on his past misdeeds for a very long time to come.

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  1. FYI, Netflix (at least in Canada) is currently showing “The Ghost Writer” (2010) described by one reviewer as a thinly veiled critique of Tony Blair.

  2. It was on the 18th March 2003. The vote was at 9.15 pm in Parliament. It was an amended text. The amended text was defeated by 396 to 217. They voted again at 10 PM. The motion without the amendment was done. 412 to 149 Votes in favour of going to War in Iraq. The PM has the power to wage War on behalf of the Crown. Blair went back to study in Edinburgh when he was a boy. He attended Fettis College. His Teachers were unimpressed by him according to Blair’s biographer. It was an unhappy time of his life at Fettis College. When he attended St Johns College Oxford he met the Anglican Priest Peter Thomson. He had a direct impact on his beliefs and political views. Yet at Fetiish College in Edinburgh when his Teachers were interviewed. They said he was a complete pain in the backside, and they were glad to see the back of him.. if two Charts were drawn up. One for 9.15 PM. The other for 10 PM. Both Charts may have looked as bleak as the other.

  3. A long long time ago I remember reading that the definitive 1997 New Labour ‘Assumption of Power’ chart had, significantly, Pluto exactly on the Ascendant.
    Such a chart would explain everything we know about Blair and the Labour government of 1997 – 2010 and, significantly, their long term impact on the UK.
    It also proves the truth of astrology.

  4. I was under the impression that it was a cross party decision to wage war against Iraq
    We are a democracy. The Prime Minister alone cannot make a decision like that without the consent of parliament

    • I wouldn’t condemn politicians for believing what the PM tells them, on a matter as serious as this. His lying is the issue for me.

  5. To lie, not speak in error, to parliament and the people to facilitate his Strangelove, god bothering fantasy is just not acceptable or forgivable. Neptune transiting his 10th over his Moon is, at its most blunt, deceiving the masses, which is exactly what he did. He is immune, as are other well known examples of “elite “ criminals getting away with stuff we all would have been banged up for years for, or in Blair’s case, hanged. His Lord Haw Haw Campbell alongside him. The sheer magnitude of his crimes is mind boggling.

  6. Another skewed decision by the Queen. Does he know something about Andrew I wonder.
    Blair was always more Tory than Labour, always.

    • There was a slight suggestion it was because not giving it to him blocked later prime ministers though heaven knows sleaze-ridden Cameron hardly deserves it or Boris.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    Tony Blair, is only the tip of the Iceberg. It was all the Politicians in Parliament who voted for the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are enough of them still around, who could end up on Trial in The Hague as well. It’s always been the British way to kick problems into the long grass, hoping that they disappear. I’ve always been sceptical of Tony Blair since September 2001. His open support for that Texan wannabe Dubya, as he was actually born In Connecticut. The Bar room drunk, who hit the bottle so many times during his wild and intemperate youth. Due to being a recovering alcoholic would have been equally as intoxicating as when he found Religion. Blair should never have given Dubya a blank Cheque to do what he wanted. Blair was on his own personal crusade. An amusing one I’ve read is, the Pope should excommunicate Tony. Yet the Vatican is a rogues gallery full of them. Blair is a hustler. Blair saw an opportunity in 2001 to gain influence over Bush. Yet the real ring leaders he couldn’t manipulate were Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They were the real architects of the whole plot. Blair let himself get played by Cheney and Rumsfeld.

    • was Thatcher honoured like this after the Falklands? I can remember street protests about that decision I think – I was young at the time! And what about Churchill’s behaviour before becoming the WW2 leader? I wonder how moral any of these decisions really are. And the thought of Boris ennobled is a joke.

        • And that despite the Belgrano then. Simply gongs for surviving long enough to get them. Perhaps an overhaul of the system is massively overdue.

        • Ted Heath had to wait 18 years before being made a member of the Order of the Garter which was longer than Blair. Of post 1945 PMs I believe neither MacMillan or Alec Doulas-Home ever received the honour. Some notable PMs in British History never received any post office royal honours at all and died as plain Mr including Neville Chamberlain, William Gladstone and William Pitt The Younger

          With regard to the Falkland’s War the islands were recognised at the time as British sovereign territory by the UN and Argentinas decision to invade created a legitimate “cases belli” for the U.K. under international law. The legal grounds invasion of Iraq were far more dubious.

      • The difference is Thatcher reacted against an act of blatant military aggression against British subjects.
        She won her war. In a couple of months it was all over, the Argentines ejected, and the Falklanders restored to their allegiance.

        Blair’s war dragged on for *20 years!* – and he lost it. Spectacularly (Afghanistan).

        Not to mention the vast number of Afghan and British lives lost and the enormous cost to the UK taxpayer.

  8. The man is a * war criminal.

    In a just world, he would be standing and sweating at the dock of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

  9. Now his former colleagues are turning on him too. Geoff Hoon his former defence secretary has spilled the beans about burning memos….grab the popcorn

  10. Hmm. Every PM screws some things up, and the longer they remain in office, the greater the likelihood of a catastrophically bad decision. Yes, he was a bit sanctimonious and yes, he certainly got it wrong on Iraq. He overplayed his hand at the Diana funeral. But what he did do was manage to grab the centre ground in UK politics from the Tories, and hold it for Labour. I appreciate that some readers thought he was a bit shifty or insincere, but nevertheless he managed to persuade the middle classes that he was relatively sensible, was not going to lead the country into some socialist workers’ fools’ paradise, and that their money would be safe in his hands – not something always said of Labour party politicians. He was polite, articulate and personable. Unlike our present prime minister, he was safe in taxis. Unlike Teresa May, he was capable of ordinary social discourse. He didn’t look weird. He knew how to dress properly. He got rid of the famous clause 4 in the Labour Party constitution.

    I am not condoning the things he got wrong. Not everything he did, or does, commands respect. But at the time when he was first elected, he was a breath of fresh air. He made the Labour party electable.

    • Yep, I always think it is a sign of maturity to be able to accept people as they are: warts and all! I agree with you, Britain has seen far worse. He believed in public service, unlike the present bunch who only believe in self service. But this is an astrology site!

    • Tony Blair’s decision to take us into the war in Iraq ruined my mental health and the mental health of millions of people here in the UK and around the world. Since then, I have never been able to go about my business without the cloud in the back of my mind that there could be another terrorist attack in this country. Every such attack since 9/11 has his fingerprint on it, in my opinion; each one has left me more concerned and more fearful.
      I lived in NY during the first Gulf War and I do remember the public mood when Bush senior did not “do the right” thing in the minds of many and remove Sadaam when he had the chance. 9/11 was simply to “restore” the reputation of senior which is the “raison d’etre” for Dubya’s presidency.
      E V E R Y O N E knew that, EVERYONE, except, it seems, for Tony Blair…

    • I never thought much of Blair and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about but you’re right the mood in the country was upbeat for his first few months. Surprising really since his relationship chart with the UK is horrible – a control-freaky Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus. I confess I thought his into-bed-with-Dubya stunt was because he wanted to play with the big boys and thought some of the super-power glitter would rub off on him. On a mission from God is too terrifying to contemplate plus Saddam and 9/11?? That was Dubya trying to outdo Daddy – when they could have finished off Bin Laden and the Afghan project instead of making a bog up of both Afghanistan and Iraq

    • In my opinion winning elections was Blair’s main skill though the electoral Gods favoured him. It should be remembered that he actually managed to gain an outright majority of 66 for Labour in the House of Commons in 2005 with 35.2% of the popular vote. By comparison Jeremy Corbyn got 40% of the vote in the 2017 election and lost. If you look at the Blair years his popularity steadily declined from 1997 and it was essentially the fact so many disillusioned Tory and Labour people voted Liberal Democrat that kept him in power under the first past the post electoral system during his later years in power. Blair was in many ways fortunate to quit office just before the 2008 banking crisis hit leaving his successor Gordon Brown to cope with that mess. Apart from Iraq Blair’s major other legacy was devolution but that eventually destroyed Labour in Scotland and is one of the reasons why you have Boris Johnson in Number 10 today. Incidentally my personal belief is that in terms of many government policies all the recent Tory leaders Cameron, May and Johnson are a lot closer to Blair than a lot of people would care to admit.

      • Yes.
        The UK has a blatantly unfair electoral system.

        One irony was that Blair was in a position to change in 1997- this was official Labour Party manifesto policy.

        He signally refused to do so.

        Welcome another century (at least!!!) of Conservative Party political hegemony over the UK!

      • I think “the Gods” did favour him. 1997 Jupiter Uranus conjunct in February at 4 to 5 degrees, in the 10th Natal, trine his natal ascendant. Having elections in Taurus totally favoured him as well.
        99 percent of all politicians and the so called elite are vile and odious and I think that it is only now some are waking up to that.
        But, not enough.!
        Today, I hear the USA on Kazakhstan saying that their human rights will be upheld whilst forcing vaccines on its own people.
        You really could not make it up they are all worldwide power tripping lunatics.

  11. Tony Blair wanted to be a rock star…..he joined an unsuccessful university band called “Ugly Rumours”, and pretended to be Mick Jagger. So the desire to be noticed, to have an adoring audience (and make lots of cash), was always there, despite his 12th house Sun. Channeling the Mercury opposition Saturn and Neptune in some way perhaps? Plus the Venus in upfront Aries opposing Saturn and Neptune could also bring mixed messages – possibly longstanding deceptions in his personal and financial life. I always thought there was something fake about him, and still feel there is more hidden behind the smiley persona than we know.

    • An emotional desire to be noticed and recognised with the moon in the 10th house. I believe whatever house the moon falls in shows where you seek and satisfy your emotional needs. He wanted to be important on the world stage.

  12. There was a huge March, almost a million, against Blair entering into that Conflict. Many who didn’t March felt it was a mistake. I like tradition, yet this does stick with me. The dodgy dossier, the death of an innocent person caught up in politics and Blair’s ego, grates with me. I signed the petition. I don’t think he or for that matter Johnson should have a stately end. My Mars squares his Sun and my Mercury opposes his Moon, not good vibes. Perhaps his 10th Moon in Aquarius and his Mercury in 11th house Aries allowed him to think he could speak for the people. Not on my behalf!

  13. So even if he doesn’t ‘quietly/privately decline this’ in the words I’m hearing banded about on midday UK TV (still stuck in working from home mode due to Omicron), he will still meet his Waterloo privately. Very good indeed.

    I was in London when thousands upon thousands marched to not go to war and he disregarded the voice of people because he knew best, which has now come back to bite him. Very good indeed.

  14. Many, many years ago I had a conversation with a professional astrologer and tarot reader. He had been invited to discuss Blair’s horoscope on live TV. What he intended to say was that he felt the chart showed that Blair “heard voices from God” that told him what to do about the Iraq war and that this factor was what had made him so single-minded and “tin-eared” about the whole fiasco (shades of Dubya’s religious leanings?). The show’s producers balked at this and he wasn’t put on air. I must admit that this has stayed with me when ever I see the man being “oh-so-sanctimonious”.

    • Fascinating post. I was born the same year as Blair. The Saturn/Neptune can manifest as alternating between a Messiah and delusions in people who are not grounded. Both Blair’s Moon, Mercury and Venus are in either Air or Fire signs. There may have been something in what the Astrologer/Tarot readers was going to say. The combination of Moon/North Node in Aquarius in the 10th Authority, but ruler of the 11th Groups and people, along with an Aries Mercury/ Venus in in 11th, the natural house of Aquarius, could make him believe he was the head ruler of the people. Mars is also on the cusp of Ascendent. This could also mean a hidden desire to rule, rather than lead. Zeus in all his Glory?

    • I have an impeccable source who was present at the Crawford Ranch, when Blair pledged fealty to Bush. My friend said they both firmly believed that Saddam was the antichrist, and that the mission to Iraq, with all the devastating consequences felt to this day, was at least in part on account of Blair’s messianic, Jesus took me for a sunbeam, madness…let that sink in… is that Jupiter? Grandiose religiosity and might is right?

    • Transiting Neptune went over Blair’s moon in Feb 2003 – the leadup to the invasion of Iraq. No doubt he was easily confused and tried to avoid the weakness by doing something concrete and going after Saddam. That may have been what the astrologer saw when asked for their take although maybe it’s simply down to his natal 12th house placements. Remember too that almost as soon as he left office in 2007 it was announced he’d become a Roman Catholic. There is certainly some religious thing going on with him.

      On the subject of Neptune it was transiting his 10th (along with Uranus) throughout his time as PM. The People were generally very enamoured with him – three election victories and all that – and barely a whiff of blame for creating a FIRE economy that led to the Global Financial Criisis and subsequent austerity, rising house prices etc, etc.

      Personally I can never get away from the fact he is a Taurus Sun-Jupiter-Mars and it’s all about acquiring money and wealth with him. The champagne socialist troubled by his Aqua moon’s need to try and share the wealth.

      • Interesting about the Sun-Jupiter-Mars as I have always thought that the Blairs were a couple of money grubbers. His “consultancy” for Nursultan Nazarbayev‘s dubious regime in Kazakhstan being a case in point. There is a certain irony that Blair has received the Order of the Garter just as Kazakhstan descends into turmoil. I am wondering whether it is Blair’s finances that will eventually find him out. My suspicions are that he is in every way as financially sleazy as Cameron and the notoriously impecunious Boris Johnson. Maybe the recent changes in the Kazakhstan government will lead to some uncomfortable facts about Blair’s activities coming out.

  15. My first instinct of Blair when I saw him campaigning just before his first election win was that he seemed very shifty
    and insincere, as though something didn’t ring true

    • I never liked Tony Blair from the beginning. It’s incredibly superficial but he was just too smiley for my liking.

      That said, I note his Gemini mars/ascendant fall on my Saturn so I cannot tell whether it’s good instincts or simply good astrology!! Maybe both.

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