Iran – economic pain not disappearing

Despite anxious rhetoric about Iran’s aggressive intentions towards the west, the state of their crumbling economy doesn’t suggest they are in any position to gear up their war machine. The inflation rate is running at a staggering 35% by last month and that is down on earlier in the year. Food prices are up by 70% on last year. But with a new hardline president Ebrahim Raisi in place, there seems little hope of compromising with the USA to remove economic sanctions.

  Both the Revolutionary Iran 1 February 1979 chart and the democracy 7 October 1906 chart have significant Neptune transits indicating a lacklustre, worrisome, non-progressive 2022 and 2023. The 1979 chart points to a consistently undermining few years from 2024 to the end of the decade.  The 1906 chart will slump in 2022, run into major obstacles into 2023 and financial losses by 2025.

  The Bank of Iran, 18 August 1960, follows the same pattern with tr Neptune square the Jupiter which usually flags financial and economic hopes collapsing; with worse in 2023 though there will be a concerted push to turn the situation round in 2023/24, which will only have partial success.

  Ebrahim Raisi, a frontrunner to replace the 82-year-old Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was sworn in on August 5th this year as President, replacing the more moderate two-term Hassan Rouhani. His inauguration completes hard-liners’ dominance of all branches of government.

  His Sagittarius Sun is catching the tr Neptune square throughout 2022 which doesn’t suggest a firm grip on Iran’s problems. By 2024 his Solar Arc Saturn and then Mars will square his Sun for major setbacks running on for two or three years.

  His Term chart will be shaken and rattled this year with the Fixed T square of Sun Mercury opposition Saturn square Uranus being detonated by tr Uranus – for a bumpy ride where forced change will be the order of the day. With a calamity or several from later April onwards and more serious disruptions in 2023.

  Joe Biden’s chart relocated to Teheran puts his determined Mars in Scorpio exactly on his Descendant and square his Pluto in the 4th – so he won’t be budging. The USA relationship chart with Iran 1979 will be pressured in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square the composite Sun and sagging badly in 2024.  The EU also looks discontented with Iran in 2022 and re-setting diplomatic relations altogether in 2023/24 with a considerable upset.

Such a shame for a wonderfully cultured, civilized and highly educated country – as it was despite the Shah’s secret police etc.

4 thoughts on “Iran – economic pain not disappearing

  1. I’m sorry Jonathan, It’s probably New Year brain fog but I wonder if you could explain what you mean by ‘says it all really’ as I can’t see the relevance? Thanks.

    • ( That photo Marjorie used certainly Says It All: *.. a wonderfully cultured, civilized and highly educated country…*
      What a world! )

  2. The UK had 35% inflation during the Ted Heath years.

    Heath’s other claim to fame was to railroad the UK into joining the then EEC.

    Says it all, really.

    • The country voted to join the Common Market by ( I believe from memory) 67% or 69%. , in the 60’s anyway. That was when a Referendum was carried out properly. Instead of the Jamboree in 2016. The 2016 Referendum with less than 2% was endorsed on 37.5% of the entire vote. By the way Malta had the same 2% margin in their Referendum to join the EU in 1992. The Government resigned, as they felt it was too close a call and called another as it was such a momentous decision. Heath facilitated a Referendum as did Cameron, it was up to the voters to vote in a fair Referendum. Shame most of the media treated it as a joke, following Johnson around. Apologies everyone, just wanted to put the facts right.

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