China 2022 – the dragon faces a moment of truth

As 2022 gets under way China’s dream of becoming the global economy’s No 1 is fading. “The east is rising, the west is declining” is the communist party mantra but the regime’s commitment to zero Covid, plus a property market bust are putting a spanner in the dragon’s works. The USA is expected by economists to out-grow China in 2022, reversing the order of the past two decades. India also outgrew China in 2021. Doomsayers have been prophesying a China dip for years but analysts says ‘this time is different’ with the risk of a deeper and longer slowdown there. The result could be “a China-related negative shock to global activity.”

   The China 1 January 1912 chart, (which works better than the 1949 one on events) has a worrisome Solar Arc Neptune opposition Saturn exactly now so there’s a high-anxiety start to the year with restrictions chafing and causing unrest as tr Uranus is conjunct the Saturn. More concerning for the authorities will be the tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus from March on and off till late 2023, which will be disruptive, suggesting a significant change of direction and even rebellious protests.  There will be a few lucky breaks in June but followed by disastrous setbacks in July onwards. Where the real trouble kicks in will be 2023 to 2025 with a series of Neptunian sinkers and financial upsets; with the possibility of destructive quakes by 2025 and in the few years following.

  The China 1 October 1949 3.15pm chart, is just as jumpy this year with setbacks from tr Saturn opposition the Mars Pluto this month and next; and aggravations and upheavals from tr Uranus square the Mars Pluto in Leo from late this April on and off for a year. It could be trouble with neighbours, such as Taiwan or the downward drag of tr Saturn moving through its lower profile First Quadrant which picked up last year and sticks around for years to come. It also tugs on the China financial Venus which will make this year and next edgy on the economic as well as foreign relations fronts.

  The Bank of China chart 1 December 1948 looks stressed at the moment and in a state of upset with tr Uranus square its Pluto; though it is 2023 when mounting disadvantages and losses show up with the years between 2024 and 2026 being calamitous.

  Xi Jinping’s Term chart, 24 October 2017 12.30 pm has luck on its side with a Sun Jupiter conjunction but it will still find 2022 tormented and undermining with tr Neptune square the Saturn in addition to loss-making disruptions from two badly affected Jupiter midpoints. It will feel plagued by instability with tr Pluto square the Uranus through January and again late year; and be under considerable pressure in 2023 with plans failing and extreme frustration as obstacles mount. There will be an ebullient push in 2024/25 but over-confidence may cause its own problems.

  His own personal chart, 15 June 1953,  follows much the same pattern with a lacklustre, indecisive 2022 from tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun; and jolts in 2023 from Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun as well. But it is 2025/26 which will test his grip with Solar Arc Saturn Neptune opposition his Mars and tr Saturn Neptune square.

  Interesting times indeed.

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  1. a recent news article reported China’s extensive investments in America’s backyard – in billions of dollars – across South America, for both influence and access to natural resources; and, in the event those nations can’t afford to pay back all that ‘help’, ownership (practically) of strategic locations such as ports. China had also done this across Africa.

    Some of their ‘beneficiaries’ have wisened up to the true nature of the deals. Will the Chinese be able to enforce the terms of these agreements – say, full access and operations of a port, a mine – if a nation defaults and decides to ignore the deal ? Will they deploy military or finanical forces ?

    • Yes, definitely – not to mention the Caribbean, and the US was worried about Cuba. Go figure. China possibly playing a strategic game given they know what’s coming for them (?clued up on the astrology). It’s a worry for these countries and personally, Jamaica, when their back is up against the wall. If we as lay people can potentially see the red flags, how is it possible that all these countries couldn’t and have locked themselves into agreements/contracts? Too near-sighted? Will be interesting to see what unfolds …

  2. Marjorie, this is an unusual angle, but do you see any astrological parallels between China and the 1871-1918 German Empire, or between Xi and Kaiser Wilhelm II?

    I see similar patterns of nationalistic pride against an external superpower (US in China’s case and the UK in Germany’s case). Perhaps that is being stirred up because the economy may be slowing or to cover up some other bad news.

    And we all know how WWI/the Great War ended.

  3. Thanks a lot Marjorie for looking into and sharing this. Much appreciated.

    It made me wonder whether that amount of pressure may see them call in their chips from all the small countries that now owe them money, and won’t be able to pay back quickly but have resources they have their eye on. I hope not but there is no doubt in my mind they are treacherous enough.

    Is that Mars/Pluto conjunct or Mars/Saturn. I note the country chart has Mars/Pluto. Wouldn’t the term chart show that too or just connect to that conjunction?

    Thanks again.

  4. Sorry, but I absolutely *refuse* to believe your assertion that the USA – what with George Floyd and all – is ‘doing better’ than China, or will ‘do better’ than China in the future.
    Note the long long lines of container ships from China lining up outside Californian ports because the Americans simply are unable to handle the sheer volume of imports.
    Now, that is real life and real life actions, not what some pompous frightened dunderhead at the Financial Times or The Economist pontificates, (while characteristically knowing very very little of what he squeaks), about.

  5. Thank you for the tidbit that the 1912 chart works better for events. The synastry between Canada and China’s 1949 chart is bad but the 1912 one is worse as the Chinese Sun is opposite Canada’s, China’s Pluto is conjunct Canada’s Moon, and China’s Saturn is conjunct Canada’s Pluto. Curious too that China’s 1912 ascendant is less than 3° away from Canada’s at 16°54′ Aries. But I’m really writing because I am curious about why you predict earthquakes for several years starting in 2025. Is it because directed Uranus will pass over the Moon and Mars in Taurus in the 2nd house of the 1912 chart? Please and thank you!

    • The classic for earthquakes is Pluto hitting Neptune and indeed Neptune opposition Uranus – on the China chart those are both being activated in the years from 2025 till 2027.

      • The 1906 San Fran quake and the 1994 LA quake – both had strong Neptune Uranus aspects plus a Saturn Pluto hard aspect which usually accompanies tough conditions.
        The 1931 and 2011 New Zealand quakes were more Uranus Pluto events plus Saturn.

        • Fascinating! One quake I have studied is the 1700 Cascadia quake and it had Pluto trine Neptune and Uranus square Neptune! I will keep this signature in mind as I study more quakes! Thank you, Marjorie!

  6. Hi Marjorie. Can you do a post on the collective energies and signs changing between 2024-2026? What can we expect on a large scale then? Because every countries chart looks disastrous around these years and US is going into it’s Pluto return. Seems like interesting times are ahead.

    • See:
      PLUTO IN AQUARIUS September 11 2021
      ‘A global financial crunch looks likely around Pluto’s entry into Aquarius from late March 2023 onwards.’
      NEPTUNE IN ARIES November 27 2021
      NEPTUNE leaving sign November 18 2021

    • It is looking increasingly likely that Covid came from the Wuhan Lab afterall.
      In which case, by his suppression of information at least, then he he is guilty of Crimes against humanity.
      Given Trump also deliberately suppressed information, he is too.
      I wonder if there will ever be an accounting, or as a species is our concentration so blown by phone usage,
      that we will forget about it as old news.

      • It also seems that others had a hand in the trials, i.e providing part funding, or at the very least knew what was going on way before 2019. So complex intrigue. Vanity Fair wrote a very interesting piece.

        • Time to let Covid force a boycott of the Beijing Olympics!!! Not, unfortunately, in protest against Xi’s genocide against the Uyghars but good enough. KARMA, Chairman Xi.

        • There was also an interesting piece last year in The Economist about what (other) viruses might be released from melting permafrost, thereby implying a connection with climate change. One theory being that an international group of climate change scientists unwittingly picked it up and brought it back to their respective countries in 2019, which included the US and China. But it is hard to find the evidence, I think that’s why the investigations have all been inconclusive and those wishing to make political capital have done so.

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