Jupiter in Pisces – luck for drama, music and movies

Jupiter, the expansive planet of high ideals, enthusiasm, confidence and luck moves through Pisces, sign of compassion, creativity and dreams every twelve years.  It was around earlier in 2021 from late May through June and July in Pisces, returned on the last days of December to stay until early May 2022, returning finally in November and December 2022.  It’s a more disjointed stay than usual with retrogrades on the cusp.

  The lazy interpretation would be soggy sentimentality, charitable largesse and spiritual growth though looking back on past occurrences it has coincided with less beneficent events – not all of which admittedly could be ascribed to this relatively minor influence.

1950:  Apartheid legislation was enacted in South Africa. Korean War starts, several avalanches in Europe kill 240.

1962: Cuban Missile crisis. 440 dead in Barcelona floods. Big Freeze in England for 3 months.

1986: Iran-Contra exposed.

1998: Andrew Wakefield’s medical hoax anti-vaxx paper.

2010: Iceland volcano. Deepwater Oil Spill. Stock Market crash.

  There were significant deaths –  Marilyn Monroe and Patsy Kline in 1962, Duke Ellington 1974.

  And positive new beginnings – Robert Schumann’s declaration sowing the seeds of the EU 1950; Coventry Cathedral consecrated 1962. Desmond Tutu became the first black Anglican bishop in South Africa, 1986. The Good Friday Agreement and the European Central Bank and euro currency 1998.

  There are also smatterings of spying scandals – from the Rosenbergs to wikileaks. The Argyll divorce and the Prince Andrew/Sarah Ferguson marriage were also Jupiter in Pisces events.

  The more obvious factor were memorable showbusiness starts, which makes sense of artistic, filmic and musical Pisces.

  In 1950 the Archers, the world’s longest running drama, piloted on BBC radio and is still running.

   In 1962 West Side Story wins the Oscar, the Rolling Stones make their debut, Johnny Carson takes over the Tonight Show for a 30 year stint. That Was The Week That Was, the hugely influential UK satirical TV comedy with David Frost launched.

In 1974 People magazine launches. Abba win Eurovision to launch their stratospheric career.

In 1986 Pixar animation was founded going on to win multiple awards in later years. Lorimar Pictures also launches to great success – Being There etc. Phantom of the Opera opens and later becomes Broadway’s longest running show.

1998 – Titanic becomes first $1 billion grossing movie. The first ipad is launched.

  Here’s looking forward to starry new beginnings.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter in Pisces – luck for drama, music and movies

  1. Have to say, for me personally, two Jupiter in Pisces I’ve experienced as an adult, have been most fun periods in my life. 1998, I went to work abroad, met my ex, fell in love. But also had so much fun with my co-workers. 2010, had just started a new job, got engaged with my now husband, also had a lot of fun with my co-workers. 2010 Summer holiday travel was crazy, we kept close to home, because saving for the wedding, but still had several completely nutty occurances, such as our small sailing boat’s motor dropping off at one of the deepest points at Archipelago. But that was under Jupiter in Aries, hitting my husband’s Aries stellium.

    So, I can say I personally look forward to this.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I remember the Icelandic volcano disruptions of air travel, and how quiet it seemed as a result. There are similarities with now, in a way – air travel is still unable to return to previous high levels. Back in 2010 Jupiter in Pisces and Aries was conjunct Uranus in Pisces and Aries, on and off. This visit it will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so perhaps something incredibly, hugely fishy will occur?!

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