Tony Blair – a toxic oldie hoping for a reprise

With Keir Starmer a policy-free mystery, there are ominous signs that Tony Blair stands poised to re-enter the UK political arena on the Labour side to fill in the void when they sweep to a momentous victory at the next election (or so they hope.)

  In the 16 years after he exited No 10, he started by advising questionable emirs, oligarchs and despots, then set up the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, which unbelievably has 750 staff in 40 countries advising governments in Nigeria, Rwanda, San Francisco, Serbia, Togo and many more.  100 of its staff are currently “embedded” in other governments. But ‘Blairism for the planet’ as the Telegraph neatly puts it has not yet reached these green pastures.

  Maybe not for much longer. According to reports he is poised to infiltrate Blairites into key positions in readiness for taking over – with him presumably as puppetmaster.  

  He and Starmer are alike in one way in that both have Earth Sun with strong Pluto aspects. Blair is a Sun Taurus square Pluto and Starmer a Sun Pluto in Virgo. But both are heavy on control and not exactly soulmates. Starmer’s idealistic/evasive Neptune opposes TB’s Sun and squares TB’s 10th house Aquarius Moon for a confusing interface.  And Starmer’s ‘leadership’ North Node is conjunct TB’s South Node. This could indicate that Starmer’s role as head of the party tugs on TB’s egocentricity/self-interest, and maybe TB threatens to undermine Starmer’s position by repeating the mistakes of the past. It is certainly a strong and fated connection on the nodal axis.

  Their relationship chart has an inspirational (maybe not realistic) Grand Trine with an irritable/resentful one-sided Mars opposition Saturn which does not suggest an equal partnership.  

  Blair is certainly ready for a significant change in his life with tr Uranus square his Pluto this year and next; and heading for a ‘lucky break’ tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter in 2025.  His Solar Arc Jupiter is aiming to conjunct his South Node by this coming New Year which may see him falling back onto old tropes, standing on his pride instead of putting his ideals first. He’ll run into a major failure, panicky setback in 2025 alongside his lucky break – as his Progressed Mars squares his Neptune. That is on the same degree now and through 2024 but since Progressed Mars moves slowly won’t clear the aspect until 2026 – and indeed it won’t get better for him since his Prog Mars then squares his Saturn which in many ways is worse. 

  Whatever his plans, hopes and dreams, while he’ll get some luck, he’ll also hit major reverses.  Given the state of Starmer’s chart with a disastrous 2025/26/27 ahead, it does not suggest the TB will find a ready platform in a centrist Labour Government to strut his stuff.

  Their relationship chart moves into swampy territory in 2024/25 with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune; is in a state of upheaval in 2025 with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto and the resentful Mars opposition Saturn is being rattled as well.

  Interesting times, if as clear as mud what is coming.

14 thoughts on “Tony Blair – a toxic oldie hoping for a reprise

  1. Thanks Marjorie. Swampy indeed, a swamp filled with jugglers it seems to me. I noticed that the UK 1801 Yod crops up here – with the Starmer/Blair composite having its Pluto 0 Virgo and Neptune 1 Scorpio, and the Yod having Uranus 1 Libra, Jupiter 1 Leo, Pluto 2 Pisces. Starmer’s natal Uranus 1 Virgo opposes that UK Pluto, while Blair’s Mars and ascendant in Gemini square onto it. Next June there’s a Jupiter at 1 Gemini trine Pluto 1 Aquarius that also triggers the Yod, and the other charts mentioned here. So any success they enjoy may come with comprises.
    It’s also interesting to see that London Mayor Sadiq Khan (8 October 1970) has Moon’s Nodes at 1 Pisces/Virgo. His Mercury and Black Moon Lilith at 1 Libra connect with the UK Uranus. It appears the Labour Party blames Sadiq Khan and his rapid ULEZ expansion plans for losing the recent Uxbridge by-election.

    I don’t think the Labour Party and Keir Starmer have realised how many people mistrust Tony Blair, including many Labour voters. Yes, he was a very successful politician, but the war in Iraq shouldn’t be forgotten. It was a disaster. At this point, it’s hard to see a Labour landslide along the lines of Blair’s win in the 90’s. Or a spectacular Conservative Party win either. Things may change, but I think the essential nature of the UK Yod may prevail, and there’s more juggling in the swamp to come.

  2. There ought to be laws that prevent ex-leaders from exercising undue influence.

    He Clinton and Soros are scary people, especially since they practice a world order without the permission of the people.

      • Jacob Rees Mogg is an MP who won his seat at the last GE with a 14,000+ majority, he is supposed to have influence, that is what an MP is for, they represent their constituents, ie, “the people”, in Parliament.

        • Rees Mogg is busy trying to dissolve the state, often to his own financial gain and to the detriment of his constituents. Why people ever vote for him is a mystery.

  3. I have voted for three different political parties in the past thirty years. I am exactly the kind of voter the Conservatives need to convince , living in a rural area with only one main challenger to their dominance. Sunak and Starmer and Ed Davey are equally uninspiring to me. When I think of the next election I am rather more exercised by the mess the country is in since austerity and the damage to public services that policy has caused. The political chat down here couldn’t give a hoot about personality or inspirational speeches, they just want life as it used to be before Cameron et al.

      • Agreed! But the point is that people are looking back to when they last felt secure and concluding that it was around about 2008. Conservatives have a mountain to climb ( in my are at least)that does not actually involve Sunak or Starmer.

  4. I hope this man stays away from British politics for good. Toxic is a mild way to describe him, I think. He has caused enough problems in the past.

  5. This is why I think Sunak will win. He’s very straightforward, was very frank during the Tory leadership contest (didn’t fib the way Starmer did in his leadership contest). People know what they’re getting with him.

    There are rumours that the next election may be in either May or Nov 2024. Would be interested to see an analysis of Starmer’s and Sunak’s charts for those dates.

    (Also, I think Sunak uses astrology: the by-elections were held when transiting Jupiter was conjunct the north node of Sunak’s Prime Minister term chart, and lo, Uxbridge changed the narrative – imagine the tone/mood if the Tories had lost all three).

  6. Thank you Marjorie. It is strange how many comments I have read concerning Starmer’s lack of generating enthusiasm in voters. His Solar Arc Sun/Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st sextile his Natal Sun/Pluto conjunction in Virgo is well a truly making his 10th house image feel heavy going, which it would with an Earth/Water combination. As many of us are stuck in a quandary, thinking what does he really stand for? Blair is like a sort of Astrology quick fix glue, for Starmer. As their Composite Pluto in Virgo sextile to their Neptune/North Node conjunction in Scorpio is also making a muddy sticky image! It can also make for thinking indefinitely about Policies without any real substance or depth to them. Although I can’t help thinking with two Lawyers working together, it will involve some Human Rights (Neptune) interference somewhere, be it in this country or somewhere else. As Starmer loves details and Blair loves to be seen as a Political Spiritual leader. Just what we need? As long it is not the second coming for Blair. I don’t think I could take a political love in between Biden, Blair and Starmer.

  7. Not Tony Blair again. Why doesn’t he just take himself off to a remote island and keep out of the way for the rest of his life and take Starmer with him. God, please save us from them both. Hopefully, that’s what the planets are trying to do.

  8. I don’t understand Keir Starmer at all. He is bland and doesn’t seem to hold strong opinions, or he does & he enjoys being leader of the Labour Party so much that he is willing to forego those opinions. There seems to be no fight in him. You’d think that with a Sun, Pluto, Uranus conjunction that he’d be a revolutionary or a torch bearer.

    With their relationship chart & that Grand Trine, that you speak of, I’m going to assume it will be Tony Blair with the upper hand.

    It’s all very swampy. The Labour Party needs fresh blood, not old the old, in the form of Tony Blair.

  9. Oooh Starmer’s North node conjuncts Blair’s South Node. How interesting. That really is a strong and fated connection. God knows how that will manifest. I’m kinda worried lol.

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