Andrew Malkinson – a corrupt conviction and still no closure ++ Greater Manchester Police ++ Criminal Case Review Commission

Andrew Malkinson lost a third of his life after being ‘kidnapped by the state’ for a rape he did not commit in 2004. No DNA evidence linked him to the crime, with the prosecution case based solely on contested eyewitness identification. The court was never told that a key witness only came forward on the day he was arrested for another crime – and that he was addicted to heroin and had multiple criminal convictions. Malkinson did not match key parts of the victim’s original description of the attacker. She said she remembered causing a “deep scratch” to her attacker’s right cheek but Malkinson was seen at work with no scratches the next day. He was also 3in taller, had chest hair, when her attacker’s chest was described as hairless and shiny, and had prominent tattoos on his forearms when no tattoos were mentioned.

 DNA evidence exonerated him finally, though not from Greater Manchester Police, who had lost the original clothing but from forensic swaps held by another agency. He is now living in financial hardship and faces another long battle, perhaps for years, to claim compensation.

   He was born 23 January 1966 in Manchester, and has the same Saturn Chiron opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter as Sinead O’Connor (and oddly enough J.K. Rowling).  He has a friendly Sun Venus in Aquarius with a determined Mars (Moon) also in Aquarius. His Jupiter is trine Mars (maybe Moon) and inconjunct Neptune and that plus Jupiter being on a focal point of a T- square would give him enough optimism to keep him afloat through difficult years  He said he survived in prison by studying pure mathematics and Buddhism.

 When he was convicted tr Pluto was square his Chiron and his Pluto Uranus in Virgo.

  The compensation body is the one tasked with handling the Post Office debacle which does not raise too many hopes of a speedy closure. Living with the anger at the outrageous injustice – and staggering incompetence/malpractice of the original police and prosecuting authorities – would take a zen-like level of detachment. Urgh.  Poor man.

Add On: Greater Manchester Police founded 1 April 1974, like the London Met has a Sun opposition Pluto – heavy on control and power. It also has Jupiter inconjunct Pluto hinting at over-confidence and a hard-edged, can-be-destructive Mars Saturn in Gemini with the North Node sitting on the midpoint. That North Node is opposition Malkinson’s Jupiter.  So his optimism/lucky genie was squelched by GMP’s South Node (= die-hard, regressive, under-developed). GMP’s Mercury is conjunct his Chiron making him feel his words went for nothing.  

  Their relationship chart has a composite Sun in an evasive/disappointing square to Neptune. More significantly there is a fated yod, changing the lives of both irrevocably – of Sun sextile Saturn inconjunct Uranus. There are likely to be far-reaching implications, beyond the reality-check of the moment as tr Saturn is conjunct the Sun .  

Add On: It now transpire there was significant DNA evidence three years after Malkinson was convicted which could have cleared him and the Criminal Cases Review Commission and others in authority did nothing about it. The CCRC, 31 March 1997, has a hard-edged, unsentimental Sun Saturn in Aries trine Pluto with its Uranus conjunct Malkinson’s Venus Sun and its Mars in allegedly meticulous Virgo conjunct Malkinson’s Uranus Pluto. Not a combination which was designed to lead to constructive cooperation.

The CCRC are due a serious shake up late in 2024 into 2025 when the Solar Arc Sun Saturn squares the Uranus – and not before time. Let’s hope they have sorted the Post Office compensation by then.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. A terrible case, and the way he coped with his suffering was remarkable.

    Re the fixed stars, and Hugh’s comments – I think Bellatrix (the Female Warrior) in Orion may be relevant. At 20 Gemini it aligns with Malkinson’s Jupiter. Orion, the ‘Mighty Hunter’ was temporarily blinded by Oenopion for raping his daughter Merope. It is a dynamic fixed star, but there are warnings of “sudden dishonour”, “treachery and poison”, “envy and hatred”. With Jupiter, according to Robson, it suggests a philosophical mind, legal prominence, and danger of slander. Eric Morse says it gives “great courage, but a tendency to fight futile or lost causes”.
    And re the charging him for staying in prison, it reminded me of the history of the various Medieval Inquisitions who seized the property of the heretics they arrested. I think this was particularly popular with those arresting and killing Cathars in France – some of whom were wealthy landowners.
    We can hope this case does bring the legal prominence suggested by Bellatrix, and changes this disgraceful, cruel system for the better. Not particularly holding my breath here, but very much wishing this man well.

  2. From an U.S. perspective this is very disturbing.
    American minorities know that our law enforcement/judicial system is corrupt but to see that corruption in other countries especially those in Europe is a gut punch.

    I guess all law enforcement organizations are inherently flawed and corrupt.

    Is it because the people who run these organizations are people with borderline personality disorders or is that too much of a stretch?

  3. I’m really glad you managed to find his birth data, Marjorie. Such a shocking case, so much needs to change in these laws, why should he have to battle to get compensation after all his suffering? I think his stellium in Aquarius describes his determination not to alter his stand that he was innocent. Fixed signs can be unbelievably stubborn!

  4. I expected Malkinson to have personal planets conjunct unfortunate fixed stars associated with imprisonment but I can’t find much evidence for them in his chart. We don’t know his time of both so therefore won’t know what was in his 12th house.

    Black Moon Lilith at 21 Aquarius in the composite chart with the GMP could indicate false accusation and rule breaking. It is conjunct fixed star Nashira which is associated with overcoming ill fortune which is what has finally happened here.

    One of the issues here is that Malkinson was kept in prison for so long because he kept insisting on his innocence. There is something perverse about a Criminal Justice system that doubles down on the punishment of people in these situations while the majority of habitual offenders are released when the minimum tariff has been served. The way the evidence was manipulated and later destroyed in the case which almost certainly would have resulted in his acquittal at the original trial is especially shocking. Making Malkinson for his incarceration out of any eventual compensation just adds to the injustice.

  5. Thank you for Marjorie for the addition of GMP’s chart. It looks like Andrew Malkinson didn’t stand a chance.

    I can also see that his Uranus Pluto Virgo conjunction is square GMP’s Gemini Mars. And his Pisces Chiron Saturn are also sqaure GMP’s Mars. It all looks angry.

    Good grief. Poor man. A lot of damage has been done.

  6. Thank you Marjorie. A shocking, horrific story, where if it wasn’t for his tenacity and the Charity Appeal & the woman pictured with him (I think she’s called Emily Bolton) he’d still be left with a false conviction of rape over his head.

    It’s interesting that he has similar placements to Sinead O’connor & JK Rowling.

    As a person who has also had their life completely upended & totally wrecked by the police (but in a different way than Andrew Malkinson), I don’t suppose you have a birth chart for Greater Manchester police (GMP)?

    There is always a lot of media coverage of the Met Police’s failures, but GMP are similarly problematic.

    It’s interesting to note that… “When he was convicted tr Pluto was square his Chiron and his Pluto Uranus in Virgo”. I wish there was a time of birth for him, to see where his Pluto Uranus Virgo sits. Mine is in my 4th house next to Virgo.

    Thank goodness for that T-square apex Jupiter he has, although it will still have been bleak.

    I hope that from him & the media coverage, the system is changed regarding compensation. Can you believe that when he finally receives some he will have bed & boarding deducted from it? I won’t talk about change within the police, as the whole institution has a poor record.

    It all beggars belief & I hope that he can live the rest of his life with a modicum of peace – which will, I’m sure, be incredibly difficult.

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