Kevin Spacey – found not guilty, can he reboot his fame?

Kevin Spacey has been found not guilty in a London court, on a majority verdict, of all charges of sexual assault that were laid against him arising from his time as director of the Old Vic Theatre. Separate criminal charges in LA and Massachusetts were dropped in 2018 and 2019. In 2022, he was found not liable in a civil trial in New York.

  Prosecutors claim he was a “sexual bully” who “abused the power and influence” his fame afforded him. His legal team countered by suggesting the alleged victims sought to exploit the actor’s “wealth and influence” and had “waited for the bandwagon to roll by to jump on it”. His lawyer said it was “easy” to lie about him: “A man who is promiscuous, not publicly out, although everyone in the businesses knows he’s gay, who wants to be just a normal guy – to drink beer and laugh and smoke weed and sit in the front and spend time with younger people who he’s attracted to… “It’s a life that makes you an easy target when the internet turns against you and you’re tried by social media.”

  He was one of the first actors subject to allegations of sexual misconduct when the #MeToo scandal engulfed Hollywood in 2017. Spacey said “There was a rush to judgement and before the first question was asked or answered I lost my job, I lost my reputation – I lost everything, in a matter of days.”

  He was erased from Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World, with Christopher Plummer reshooting his scenes as billionaire John Paul Getty – and axed from his role as scheming politician Frank Underwood in Netflix’s House Of Cards.

  His birth data are iffy but 27 July 1959 5.42am South Orange, New Jersey, looks about right. His father, reportedly a racist neo-Nazi, was abusive, physically and sexually of his older brother from whom Spacey is now estranged.

  On this chart he has a boisterous Leo Sun on his Ascendant square an earthy Taurus Moon in his career 10th opposition Neptune in his 4th. More significantly he has an ultra-determined Mars Pluto in Virgo, legacy of a bullying father, which falls in his financial 2nd and it trines his Moon and Saturn in Capricorn. He will be driven by remembrances of his unhappy childhood. A troubled man.

  He also has Mercury Uranus in Leo square Jupiter giving him an adventurous and impulsive streak.

  The question on everyone’s lips is whether he can make a comeback and whether the big studios will be prepared to withstand negative social media to invite him back into the fold.

  He does have a lucky tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter exactly now giving him a gigantic sigh of relief as the UK trial folds in his favour and that fortunate influence returns on and off into early 2024. But he will have various mountains to climb ahead and a fair few setbacks as well. His Mars Pluto in Virgo is catching the tr Saturn opposition from this September on and off into January 2024 which will be irritable with a few significant glitches; and even more irksome will be his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Mars in late 2024. 

  2024 to 2027 will be a gruelling test of his ability to transform and slough off the past as tr Pluto squares his Taurus Moon in 24/25 and then opposes his Leo Sun in 25/26, followed by a square to his Neptune up to late 2027. It will pull away much of his old personality, grind him down and reissue him as a transformed personality. And as if all that was not enough the tr Neptune Saturn conjunction in Aries in 2025 will square his Saturn for high uncertainty.

  He won’t be stepping back into his old lifestyle anytime soon. But maybe the lessons he has and will learn will turn him into a beacon of insight and wisdom.

  Pity since he was/is a very talented actor and it is a waste.

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  1. Spacey doesn’t recognize moral and sexual boundaries- he was quite persistent and forceful in his determination to sexually get get his own way. The word rejection isn’t in his vocabulary.
    Both Spacey and sex offender/murderer John Gacey share a Moon opposition Neptune. I’ve seen this aspect at play with someone i know. At first they adopt a very captivating and charismatic manner when pursuing their quarry ,but seem unable to accept no for an answer once rebuffed. This inability to accept reality and cope with rejection often manifests into a fixation- itself a very strong negative neptunium trait.

    • This is precisely what women face when exes refuse to accept that the relationship is finished and it’s time to move on. They can’t handle the rejection and it turns into stalking, abuse, threats and worse. Totally agree that it’s a boundaries issue, regardless of gender. And then when you get up the courage to go to court and it gets thrown out. How devastating is that? If these men were relentlessly pursued by him they must be in hell now wondering what they have to do to be heard. On the other hand if they were simply chancers looking to gain financially they have made it doubly hard for those who are real victims of such out of control predators.I speak as someone with sun/mars/moon/pluto conjunct in Leo. So I too have been on the receiving end of such behaviour in the past. What I learned from these experiences was that we are all responsible for setting and maintaining our own boundaries.

      • Yes to both Paul and SuHu about the boundaries. However, this is a man whose childhood was, by all accounts, horrendous. Boundaries would not come naturally, since they were damaged and invaded at every step when he was a child. His seductive, predatory behaviour, possibly driven by that strongly sexual Mars/Pluto, is not unusual at all, despite how unwelcome it is for both male and female objects of desire. For endless years, this was ‘normal’ in our society. Our perceptions have changed a little, but it will be a long time before things are truly harmonious or equal.

        Boy George, Gemini, managed to rehabilitate himself eventually, after a sex scandal case in which he was found guilty. Kevin Spacey is very talented and intelligent, and will manage to do the same if he sets his mind to it, and if that’s what he truly wants.
        I’ve often noticed how ‘damaged’ individuals in the film business seem to project great charisma. We looked at Charlie Chaplin recently, for instance, and he too had a terrible childhood and was very damaged by it. Such individuals can be very dangerous too, but as long as we prize fame and talent to the extent we do, things won’t change much.

    • The Moon-Neptune propensity to viewing the object of affections through ‘rose coloured spectacles’ can manifest in other ways too.
      If love is reciprocated and the harsh realities of maintaining a real relationship kick in – the obsession can end as quickly as it began. To switch from warm and affectionate one moment to cold and uncaring the next can be quite brutal for the partner.

      One example of this may be Gary Lineker (Taurus moon opposition Neptune in Scorpio ), who has been been divorced twice and had a number of non committed relationships. His brother Wayne has disowned him for the family for personal reasons, but I suspect Lineker’sMars opposition Saturn/Venus may be implicated in this.

      Lineker is also known for his empathy and strident support for oppressed and poverty stricken peoples of the world and his generous donations to charity: all of which are positive manifestations of the Moon-Neptune opposition at work.

  2. For much of Rock Hudson’s career homosexuality was illegal. Which is why he kept it secret. The other reason was that he was a successful leading man who had a huge fan base. Which were mainly women, who didn’t know that he had no interest in them.

    The lie was further embellished when he married his agent’s secretary. Though I have to say it wasn’t a very well kept secret. I remember hearing people talk about him and Jim Nabors when I was twelve years old and living in San Francisco.

  3. Southwark Crown Court is the chosen venue where the CPS seem to have all the celebrity sexual assault cases sent to trial. Historically the juries have had a tendency to convict so the fact Spacey was acquitted is interesting. As always the conflicting thoughts are that either the accused was a better actor than most of his predecessors which is why he got off or alternatively his accusers were so obviously motivated by the desire to obtain pecuniary gains that the jury was bound to acquit. All high profile stars are now very much at risk of becoming the targets of such accusations and those who are gay particularly so. The problem with the #metoo movement is that individuals who have genuinely been the subject of assault by Hollywood figures are now likely to be swamped by chancers bringing false allegations in the hope of a big compensation payout. I don’t envy the lawyers or the jurors having to sort out the genuine cases from all the grifters out there.

  4. This reminds me a bit of the Jian Ghomeshi debacle here in Canada. He had a major Canadian media presence and was accused of an assortment of heinous things.

    Court reporter Christie Blatchford wrote :

    “Ghomeshi verdict was magnificent, compared to trial by press or social media
    It was with a blessed minimum of horse manure and obeisance to cultural politics that the judge acquitted Jian Ghomeshi of a raft of sexual assault charges”

    “an unmistakeable slap to hashtag justice (the #ibelievewomen crowd) and the likes of those who stood with placards outside Old City Hall, “the twists and turns of the complainants’ evidence in this trial illustrate the need to be vigilant in avoiding the equally dangerous false assumption that sexual assault complainants are always truthful.”

    It might be useful in a compare and contrast.

  5. He is an amazing actor & I would think that what happened to Kevin is one reason Rock Hudson and other closeted stars of the past stayed hidden – so they would not be hunted down as well!

  6. Nice birthday gift for him. I don’t know whether he is truly innocent or not but this case further shows how difficult it is to get a conviction in any kind of sexual misconduct case. It was often assumed that the law was biased against women in such cases but this shows that for men too these types of accusations are hard to prove one way or the other. I agree that he is a formidable actor but I fear that his reputation is now tarnished forever, like Jonny Depp (for different reasons, obviously). Time will tell.

    • The verdict notwithstanding, anyone who uses coercion or misrepresentation to abuse others is acting wrongfully. I read through the allegations preceding the case’s filing and he had a long history of that type of behavior. His firing from his last series was because of similar complaints that weren’t even part of the case. I’m looking at that virgo Pluto Mars as key to his behavior in the workplace and around his career. Yes, some people accuse others because of their position but the questions here are why Kevin Spacey, why so many, and why as far back as the 80s? I think there’s smoke even if LEGALLY the jury found no fire based on the evidence presented by these litigants. A few good transits worked in his favor here. But Mars Pluto are strong. I just don’t see this leopard changing his spots.

      • Agree completely. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. Mars/Pluto is never innocent.

        I have Mars in Scorpio (I’m a woman) and I’ve really had to learn how to find appropriate and helpful channels for all that power as opposed to dominating/harmful/oppressive avenues.
        I’m 44 and it’s still a challenge.

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