Tom Selleck – a life in the public eye

Actor Tom Selleck, best known for Magnum PI and Blue Bloods and still going strong at 79 has written his memoir. He’s had a long and prolific career playing cowboys early on before his breakout role in the long running Hawaii Magnum series. His membership of the NRA and right wing politics have raised a few eyebrows.

  Born 29 January 1945 8.22am Detroit, Michigan, he does have a powerful and charismatic chart with an Air Grand Trine of an Aquarius Sun trine an 8th house Neptune trine Uranus in Gemini in his 5th house of entertainment; formed into a talented Kite by Sun opposition a 7th house Pluto. He also has a wide yod of Mercury in Capricorn (Mars and South Node) sextile Venus in Pisces inconjunct a 7th house Leo Moon.

  A yod focal point Moon tends to be private and emotionally vulnerable as well as disorganized initially though will present an ability to connect with the public. UK Actor John Nettles of TV Bergerac and Midsomer Murders renown also has a Yod focal point Moon.

  It may be significant that Selleck escapes the madness of Hollywood to plant trees on his ranch – hinting as gardeners did (see post Piet Oudolf) that finding harmony in nature helps overcome the troublesome nature of the yod in his emotional life.

  When he got his breakout role in 1980 tr Uranus was conjunct his Midheaven and more pertinently square his Moon nudging his yod onto a different track.

 His actor’s 15th harmonic is successful.

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  1. I am going to guess El Aznar, Tom is reserved and private about how he really feels. A diplomat and one who hides any negative thoughts from others esp in his working life. He know success lies in not upsetting the powers that be.

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