UK elections – Labour wins, outlook unclear ++ Rishi Sunak

Big Tory losses in the local elections in England but no Labour landslide seems to be the consensus about what is undoubtedly a resounding defeat for the Tories, the worst since 1998. The political statisticians have been number crunching pointing to a near ten percentage-point swing from the Tories to Labour since December 2019 which repeated at a general election on a uniform swing would lead to a hung parliament with Labour as comfortably the largest party but still short of a majority.

  Keir Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am does have tr Uranus square the Moon now for an emotional result but there is not exactly a celebratory feel about this chart this year with the slog-on Pluto conjunct the Saturn, worse through 2025 when tr Pluto is in a frustrating conjunction to the Mars and then tr Pluto makes a topple-off-perch square to the Uranus in 2026. This reflects his own personal chart, 2 September 1962, which looks unsettled in 2025 and grid-locked by 2026. Though this could be personal circumstances not necessarily reflecting the destiny of the Labour Party.

 The Labour Party, 12 February 1906, has a liberating tr Uranus square the Sun Venus exactly now. With a lucky, upbeat, confident and successful tr Uranus conjunct the Jupiter from this August/September, repeating May 2025 and January to March 2026. But 2026 is when its problems really kick in with a blocked Solar Arc Sun Venus conjunct Pluto; and major-setbacks tr Saturn in hard aspect to its Cardinal Mars square Uranus opposition Neptune T square. That runs through 2027/28 as tr Neptune follows to undermine the T square.

The Conservative Party, 9 May 1912, is jangled and prone to internal eruptions with tr Uranus conjunct the Saturn now and SA Uranus conjunct the Saturn by 2026. Tr Neptune through this year into 2025 is ebbing away its influence; with a significant upheaval coming through 2025/2026 with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus, hinting at a total turnaround – of a back-to-the-drawing board variety perhaps.

 The LibDems, 3 March 1988, being of the early triple conjunction generation with Mars in the middle won’t enjoy success when tr Saturn Neptune move into and through Aries – with mid 2025/26 being panicky and there is not much cheer thereafter for several years as tr Neptune squares the Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Neptune.

  The Reform Party, which is talking up a good win, in reality did not collect too many votes. But their leader Richard Tice, 13 September 1964, does look to be on the receiving end of a fair amount of good fortune from this July onwards till May 2025 and will stay buoyant despite a few setbacks. The Reform Party may benefit from tr Uranus moving into Gemini through 2026/27 with tr Uranus opposition the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius but alongside that will also face losses.

  There is much water to flow under the bridge between now and the next election (before early 2025 at the latest) with tr Uranus square the UK Saturn in the 11th house (ruling the legislature) from next week to late May and again late December to mid March 2025 – that will see high tensions and a push for change within Westminster. 2025 will also see the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the UK 8th Mars. While not a political pointer it may have financial or other ramifications since it will give the UK a tremendous jolt. And by 2026 tr Uranus in Gemini will be square the UK Pluto for more upheavals and change.

 Nothing too settled for a while.


Rishi Sunak’s Term chart of 25 October 2022 11.15 am is certainly under pressure with tr Pluto square the Sun, Moon and Venus this year into 2025. It has lost the panicky-failure tr Neptune square the Mars and SA Mars which was around all last year until recently. And will be partially buoyed up by tr Pluto sextile the Jupiter mid July to early September and again late November through December – though alongside that is tr Pluto sextile the Saturn/North Node midpoint which is a discouraging slog.  And an outright-failure Solar Arc Neptune is moving to close the square to Mars to exact before the end of the year and into early 2025.

  His own chart, 12 May 1980, (maybe 2.40pm) Hampshire, England, had tr Uranus conjunct His Taurus Mercury and Sun recently for the final time but with the tr Uranus opposition his Uranus in place through the second half of this month and again late December to mid March 2025 – which suggests a major upheaval with old ambitions still to fulfil. Which may lie far sway from Westminster or maybe he just has a’ sod-it’ moment and decides life is too short for the hassle of the political whirlpool. From July 2025 he has tr Uranus square his Jupiter -maybe for a sign of relief as he bales and heads for California. 

 He will have a stroke of luck this August and September and again May 2025 with tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Node midpoint.  His Term chart won’t overcome the SA Neptune Mars but he will have a few upbeat moments.

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  1. Starmer allows Natalie Elphicke to defect from the Tories and join Labour. Terrible decision and really highlights why I don’t feel any confidence that a Labour Government will make a significant change.

    • Symbolic move, less an actual defection. Saw this a couple of hours back on BBC…..

      “Labour will retain their existing candidate in Dover and Deal at the next general election and Mrs Elphicke will stand down. The constituency replaces Dover, where Mrs Elphicke had a majority of 12,278 at the last election, following boundary changes.”

      Keeping her on in a new government would be political machine-gun fire into one’s foot, but the papers will run with commentary from those who think she would.

      • Thanks JB.

        Question is what does it symbolise?

        Starmer obviously thinks it symbolises even a Tory MP thinks Labour are better. I can see that perspective.

        I see it as symbolising that he’s so desperate to grab power, he doesn’t have any standards.

        • I heard tonight that another Tory MP defected to Labour. It’s pretty unusual to change parties in the UK, isn’t it? That’s not the case in the US, though it’s far more common to switch from Democrat to Republican than vice versa.

  2. It is interesting that all three political party charts are showing signs of panicking. The above was written before the emergence of ethnicity politics coming into play. Yet the fact that all traditional party political charts are showing a bumpy ride. Could be the manifestation of new strands of political thought? The Local Elections has thrown a spanner in our political works. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius has a few more years in the UK’s fourth house 1801 Chart. The fourth being the House of Home. Pluto is opposing Jupiter this year and next. Jupiter is in the 1801 tenth house and in Leo: is strong, has it combines two Fire signs making it a “hot”. We are seeing unrest in Higher Education – which Jupiter rules – as ruler of the nineth house, along with Religion and Philosophy. Our roots are being shaken, our philosophy challenged. There is a certain kind of irony and intrigue; that the smallest planet in the solar system transiting our fourth house; can challenge the largest planet in our tenth house of Rulership and undermine it. For me this is where the UK is being tested. Authority, Rulership and an undercurrent of unforeseen demand coming to light – Pluto, the ruler of the underworld which is the unforeseen, in Aquarius in the fourth house, is a game changer. It may appear very simple Astrology, yet it is the Country being tested, not individuals. As the ninth house also rules. long distance travel – “abroad”, this is also combining leadership with values outside this country. Pluto’s combination with Uranus is explosive and enlighteningly quick. Jupiter being an important contributor to learning and philosophy is now being challenged. Pluto is also challenging the methodology of how we learn and our taught. From Brexit until now the UK has and is being challenged. Although this time by the opposing planets in our Solar System the mighty verses compact power?

  3. Thanks Marjorie
    The take out from the astrology and generally is that Labour will win but it is not going to much easier after that.
    We have had a lot of movement in the last eight years or so and that will no doubt continue.
    One point I would make is that the current Parliament started in December 2019 (so long ag) with Jupiter trine uranus and that has been borne out by the divers events which have occurred in the last 4 years or so. It would not surprise me (because it should be surprising and surprise has been the recent theme) if Sunak took the election into next year- much good that it will do him.

  4. Regarding Humza Yousuf, I know he’s resigned, but the astrology is interesting.

    He has Sun at 18 Aries trine Uranus at 18 Sag and Mars at 17 Taurus conj North Node at 18 Taurus. When he became First Minister on 29th March 2023, tr Jupiter was at 18 Aries and tr Uranus was at 17 Taurus.

    When he resigned on 29th April 2024, tr Saturn was at 16 Pisces. Meanwhile tr Uranus crossed his descendant and was exactly opposite his Moon at 22 Scorpio.

    Are planets crossing the descendant moments of maximum peril? (With Princess Catherine, the Mother’s day photo was released when tr Mars was exactly conj her descendant and square tr Uranus).

    • My Pluto was within half a degree of crossing my Descendant when I immigrated to a different city, a different country and a changed life.

      It was difficult as first, I was working 80+hours a week, burning the candle at both ends and in the middle :), but I got through it, did a masters in the bargain and I’m here to tell the tale.

      I wouldn’t say such movements were moments of extreme peril, but that they can certainly be life transforming.

  5. Geopolitically the UK has no place to go now beyond being just a subsidiary of a power bloc-not the EU which is on the waniest of wanes demographically and influence wise, even if they change bla bla after their elections- that power being the USA. Malaise will subsist in this shape or worse, until the message gets through that there will never be a trade deal w the US just subsidiarity, which will be a major hit to the UK economy (financial hit) and ego (legal hit) when it happens and it will happen within the next 3 years maximum.It is worth listening to Peter Zeihan on this and the stars seem to align to what he says.

    • I listened to Petr Zeihan and he has a weirdly American take on the UK. Not sure why everyone imagines the UK is hankering back to the days of old empire and super-power status.
      Leaving the EU was undoubtedly a mistake but the USA has always been an ally more in name than in substance.
      He thinks because we are an island we live in mortal fear of being invaded and thus rely on a beefed-up navy?? Not sure I noticed that either.
      The UK has always been resourceful and after Uranus gets out of the economic 8th in three/four years – by which time tr Uranus has finished battering all the UK Fixed planets there will be a different feel to prospects.

    • The British political and media class have always slavishly followed what the USA does. This was just as marked under a EU enthusiast like Tony Blair as under todays post Brexit politicians. Even when looking at supposedly European friendly press in the U.K. such as the Guardian you will note that coverage of US politics, culture etc is much more comprehensive than its analysis of EU news.

      • Indeed.

        BBC TV news is super-saturated with parochial American politics, especially around the time of US Presidential or Congressional elections, and this shouting attention seeking footage seems to go on for weeks and weeks and weeks before, during and after the elections – even UK politics is sidelined to cater for this American obsession.

        By contrast, BBC TV news has only the merest, fleeting interest in the political situations of any of the European nations, even the big, western European near neighbour states, only passing comments, which are usually pompously patronising, off hand and superciliously mocking.

        And BBC top brass wonder why the UK voted for Brexit.

  6. Starmer is not going to have an easy premiership. The tories have a few more months to implement any scotch earth policies of their liking. The majority right wing press will start being honest about poverty, decaying public services, dirty water, barriers to trade crumbling schools, police and judicial system failings due to cuts.. etc as soon as Labour wins. They will want you to link these problems (created by them) to Labour in your mind. It’s been predicted that the U.K. will be poorer than Poland in around five years. Some of the public will only remember good old Boris battling the virus, truss being a proper conservative thwarted by the blob and Rishi giving us the furlough but the vast majority won’t be as easily fooled as that.
    Starmer will have to wrestle with a hostile press and the people that will never vote for him: the Rwanda lot, the Hamas supporting far left, the own jones of his own party etc.. but you don’t need to bring everyone on board to win an election.

  7. I would hesitate to extrapolate a GE indication from the local elections on the basis of projected vote share since past experiences have shown it to not be too accurate a guide in this regard.

    Also for Labour the 1900 chart is possibly the better one to use?

    • I never believe polls or statisticians.
      1900 was less illuminating at TBlair’s win and is showing an uncertain 2026 as the 1906 chart.

  8. The moons in the leadership charts of Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are very different. Sunak has a tight new moon in early Scorpio and Starmer has a VOC, despite being on the point of a yod.

    Starmer has that Jupiter/Uranus square at the moment, which perhaps seems a bit easier on him than that Saturn opposition was. Sunak has that Pluto square to the leadership scorpio new moon – but the party can’t kill his leadership off at this point without it descending into another farce.

    Not sure about the VOC leadership. Starmer became leader during lockdown and has seen one prime minister nearly die, one last a matter of weeks, the death of a very long reigning monarch, the very weird downfall of Nicola Sturgeon, all manner of war and chaos internationally. And throughout it all he has been the dull, boring bloke that just keeps turning up for work. I don’t know what his plot twist is.

    • Starmer’s leadership chart has Mars-Saturn in the 8th house.

      So one PM nearly dying of covid, the long-reigning monarch dying, the lettuce wilting – that’s Mars-Saturn, isn’t it?

  9. I’m interested to know what you think of the SDP party -left leaning but sensible. They are the only party that explicitly does not follow the gender queer theory/theology.
    Amy Gallagher, a nurse who is taking the Tavistock Clinic to a tribunal, stood for London mayor.
    They did a lot better this election. Any future for them?

    • Someone on Noel Tyl’s site, which is now gone, predicted same. Not sure if I remember correctly, but I think it was about 7 years from when the Queen died. I was a bit shocked as I didn’t think it was proper to predict death. Yet, here I am spreading it myself.

    • Predicting death is not considered either sensible or professional. I remember years and years of astrologers predicting the Queen Mother’s death – which she blithely ignored and tottered on to 101.
      The senior Royals’ charts do look unsettled to put it mildly over the next two/three years but that could be from a variety of causes.
      The early 2027 Solar Eclipse when tr Uranus is still square the UK Pluto is in a Saros cycle which in the past has sparked key events in the UK such as joining the EEC, Maggie Thatcher’s resignation. Earlier Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria’s deaths.

      • Noel Tyl himself predicted Charles would never take the throne and I think a few others did too. Never paid much attention to that but the death predictions are beyond that and simply wrong. I’d hate to be famous and find some astrologer’s prediction of my death. I don’t look at relative’s charts anymore just in case I misinterpret something as death. Preserves my sanity.

  10. “There is much water to flow under the bridge between now and the next election (before early 2025 at the latest) with tr Uranus square the UK Saturn in the 11th house (ruling the legislature) from next week to late May and again late December to mid March 2025”

    Thanks Marjorie, this Uranus square UK Saturn is interesting, and describes the unsteady feeling of our current situation. I think that underlying unease has been building since the pandemic. I looked at the Tamworth Manifesto planets (18 December 1834) for the Tories – there’s Uranus 23 Aquarius, opposing UK Saturn, and aligned with Labour’s Aquarius Sun.
    Further upheaval and push for change can be seen, I think, with:
    UK House of Commons 1265 – Moon 25 Aquarius, Mars 23 Taurus, Nodes 29 Capricorn
    Edgar 973 – Sun 25 Taurus, Mars 25 Taurus, Mercury 26 Taurus, Pluto 27 Leo
    Labour’s Jupiter at 27 Taurus awaits that Uranus/Mars/Algol transit in July

    Some sort of event with legal themes looks probable for August, when Jupiter squares Saturn – that makes a t-square with UK Mercury in Sagittarius, and hits the Nodes of the Tamworth Manifesto (17 Gemini/Sagittarius).

    My gut feeling all along has been that a minority government, hung parliament, or something along these lines is more likely than anything else. A straight switch to Labour seems unlikely at this point, and all those votes for other independent representatives, Lib-Dems and Greens suggest many are utterly fed up with the two-party ping-pong game of politics. Few in either Labour or Conservative appear to realise this. Unsettled events and recent leadership changes in Ireland/Eire, Wales, and Scotland further point to changes and uncertainty ahead.

    There’s always the possibility that greater events out there in the big wide world will push everyone towards unexpected changes to the current, threadbare status quo. Uranus does like a surprise, after all.

    • Lots of difficult transits piling up for the U.K. in the next 4 years.

      The bloodied horses running through London streets on 24 April 2024 while Big Ben stopped at 9 and later chimed 11 at 10.06 occurred when the Moon was in Fall at 8 Scorpio exactly square the England 1066 Mars at 8 Aquarius. This Mars is also be activated by the very heavy duty Pluto/Mars square in May 2028 and Pluto/Saturn/Chiron square in June 2028 as well. The Uranus at 9 Leo in the Act of Union Chart 1707 and the Saturn at 9 Leo in the Act of Supremacy 1534 chart are also impacted by the 2028 transits.

      • On that note, I always thought that Queen Elizabeth II dying soon after formally giving prime ministerial powers to the ill-fated Liz Truss would have been taken as a highly significant omen in any age but the present one.

      • Thanks for that chilling image Hugh! I thought about the unsettling symbolism of the spooked horses quite a bit, but hadn’t realised Big Ben stopped, and then chimed 11. The 1066 chart is a reliable one too – I can see tr Uranus and Jupiter have been transiting Neptune, while tr Neptune is currently conjunct the 1066 Moon – no wonder there’s so much confusion around.

        As for the interesting, sensitive 9th degree you highlight – there’s a row of New Moons at 9 degrees from November, 9 Scorpio, two in December 9 Sagittarius and Capricorn, January 2025 9 Aquarius, February 9 Pisces, and the final one is a Solar Eclipse at 9 Aries. Neptune for the House of Commons chart (which I am sort of testing) is 9 Leo.

        I’ve also been wondering about the Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius square that was building in 1992, the late Queen’s ‘annus horribilis’. Pluto would have been opposing 1066 Neptune, and squaring UK 1801 Saturn. Uranus is currently activating those now.

        “This year was the Ruby Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This year is notable for a fourth-term general election victory for the Conservative Party; “Black Wednesday” (16 September), the suspension of the UK’s membership of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism; and an annus horribilis for the Royal Family.” (Wiki)

        Windsor Castle was seriously damaged by a raging fire in the November of that year – quite an iconic image for the nation. There had been several royal family scandals and marriage upheavals that year too. PM John Major won the April 1992 general election, an unwelcome surprise for the Labour Party and Neil Kinnock. Tr Saturn was conjunct UK 1801 Venus (square Neptune) for that one. If Saturn can be an ‘old devil’ – was it ‘better the devil you know’? The forthcoming GE can’t really be compared with 1992 however.

        • It’s an inspired image – I didn’t think of it like that! I also missed the stopping of Big Ben, how strange

          Neptune is also at 29 Pisces at the moment – conjunct fixed start Sheat, which is technically in the constellation Pegasus (flighty horses?). It’s not the brightest in the constellation (that would be Enif these days, a red giant, but perhaps not during the time of the Arab astrologers or even Ptolemy), but quite major traditionally.

          You might also be interested in the traditional concept of critical degrees, in fixed signs these are: 8-9 and 21-22 degrees.

          • Yes I’m curious about the traditional critical degrees, and did some reading quite a while ago. So, time to read again! Also, been fascinated by Neptune with Scheat in Pegasus, the ‘child’ of Medusa/Algol. Algol is highlighted by the summer Uranus/Mars transit. Mars also joined Neptune and Scheat recently. I need to look at the rest of the mythic tale to see if any other fixed stars are involved. I was simply struck by Neptune and Medusa, plus Pegasus, making a ‘story’ in the skies. Neptune is associated with horses, and we call foamy waves ‘white horses’ – perhaps the Neptunian fog of politics was manifesting with those beautiful horses galloping down the road?!

          • Just to add – Damien Hirst has made more than one image of Pegasus, and is very attracted to the image of a flying horse. His Saturn in Pisces at 16 degrees aligns with fixed star Homam, in Pegasus constellation….see Brasserie of Light, “the Pegasus” for photo.

    • I know I was one, well what else do you expect with such mediocrities standing to be Mayor of London, or perhaps we get the politicians we deserve?

  11. I see the positive to take away from the local elections as being that the Tories have got Reform splitting the rightwing vote. which along with the rise of Independents (+93), Greens +74 is showing perhaps a chance that we get away from the current 2-party malaise.

    Intrigued by what happens with Sunak over the next few weeks as he has his Uranus opp Uranus coming up.

    • Rishi is kind of irrelevant in the revolving chair syndrome of Tory No 10s. One in one out until they all exit.

      • The current Tory Parliamentary party is an anarchic ill disciplined rabble full of overinflated egos whose ambition runs way ahead of their ability. This applies to all wings of the party.

        • Blame it on Boris and the clean sweep of the ‘Red Wall’ – a lot of second rate chancers got their foot in the door.

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