Neptune through the houses

Neptune, the shape shifter, creative, compassionate, idealistic, ethereal, escapist, evasive, downright dishonest, chillingly cruel, addictive-prone and commitment-phobic is a complex, multi-faceted energy and tricky to pin down. Its’ artistic repertoire tends to focus on music but also the image – photography and films.

  On the Ascendant Neptune can give ‘bedroom eyes’, an attractive, appealing appearance which draws bystanders in with a magnetic power though may hide a ragbag of self delusion and confusion. Sensitive, impressionable, easily led.

Neptune in the 2nd house of personal finances at best gives the ability to earn money through creative or helpful ventures, can be idealistic and humanitarian about resources, but tends to be unrealistic, impractical and careless when it comes to money management.

Neptune in the 3rd house of siblings and everyday communications, tends to make for muddled and/or disappointing relationships with brothers, sisters and cousins, as well as workmates and neighbours in adult life. A tendency to trip into misunderstandings through mixed messages, not concentrating on details or stopping to check what was intended. Generally head-in-the-clouds. Finds it difficult to give straight answers.

Neptune in the 4th house of family and roots produces dreams and delusions of a perfect home and family, preferably near water as a compensation for a chaotic childhood family life.  It can bring an idealized view of father in particular, which overlooks his weaknesses. The father is often unable through incapacity or temperament to be a solid, sensible presence. The family often demands sacrifices of the individual so there is a sense of having to choose between personal identity and belonging to the family. It is one or the other, not both.

Neptune in the 5th house of children, romance and creativity. Musicians and singers abound, as do romantic dreams and illusions but emotional staying power and commitment is often absent. Yearning for the perfect love leads to disappointment as reality falls a short. Children, as with Paul Auster below who had a drug addict son and a singer daughter, can be creative or prone to Neptune’s failings. Often there is confusion around children, sometimes a lack of responsibility in caring for them. The 5th house also rules speculation and Neptune can be intuitive though taking risks with money can backfire.

Neptune in the 6th house of work and health – can be good for those in the healing and helping professions though suggests slightly delicate physical constitution. Not ill health so much as needing to take care and not over push excesses, whether with overwork or eating/drinking too much. There can be unreliability where work is concerned.  

Neptune in 7th house of one-to-one relationships can give a telepathic understanding of partner’s needs and unspoken thoughts, though can lack commitment and responsibility in cooperative ventures and in relationships. Will tend to attract Neptunian partners who can be spiritual, creative or evasive and unreliable.

Neptune in the 8th house of joint finances and sexuality. Caution needed when handling business finances or taxes, credit cards etc since there may be confusion about responsibilities and paying back loans. Partners will tend to be equally lax when it comes to practical financial matters. Secrets will tend to slide out into the open, financial and other, at inopportune moments. Film stars often have Neptune in the 8th since it seems to bestow an ability to project an aura, probably unconsciously. Gives an interest in the occult, clairvoyance and psychic matters. Suggests a psychic grandparent.

Neptune in the 9th house of religious and spiritual beliefs, higher education, knowledge and legal affairs. Inclines the individual towards mystical beliefs rather than organized religion. Creative with words though not always good at concentrating so education can suffer.

Neptune in 10th house of career and reputation. Good for caring and healing professions and creative ones. Personal glory is less important than following the vision. Can bring confusion about direction, indecision or irresponsibility at work. Mother will be Neptunian – and the child may be the carer, forced into adult responsibilities too young. Lack of psychological boundaries with mother can carry over into adult life which can be helpful vis a vis intuition but can also bring confusion.

Neptune in 11th house of friends and future plans. Idealistic, spiritual and/or creative friends, humanitarian group activities. Can also be unreliability in friendships either because of lack of commitment to the responsibilities involved or because Neptunian friends prove to be evasive.

Neptune in the 12th house of the unconscious and secrets. Escapist, dreamy, intuitive, can be addictive-prone. Mystical beliefs, creative sensitivity Not good psychic boundaries so need to protect self. Peace and seclusion needed along the way to clear out psychological clutter soaked in from other people.

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  1. Maybe having Neptune in 10th, conj. MC conj. N Node amplifies the seduction quality of this planet … like having it in the first.

    For years I would be puzzled by how I was treated in intimate relationships. I would literally fight to be seen as I AM and not the ideal Whatever they were seeing. (Healer, Madonna, Whore, Witch…. You name it).

    In one day a good friend fixed that. Throughout our day of shopping and eating lunch out she would say ,

    “That thing you do. You just did it.”
    Me, “What thing?”
    Her, “That thing you do…. You did it again”
    Nothing more…. Just that one observation repeatedly.

    All of a sudden I got it!
    I can “turn on” my Neptune at will!!
    I can seduce!!!

    As I think about this, I would think that whatever the house location of Neptune … it is also where each of us can “turn on” and use a subtle or overt seduction/manipulation to get a need met.

    It’s a slippery thing to be honest about, to own and to take responsibility for. It can be used well then. If unconsciously used, it’s very easy to think it’s Them and not you…. (Me it turns out!)

    What a fantastic and intriguing Neptune lesson that was!!!

  2. I was looking at Marla in the Sky website’s description of Neptune in the 11th house, after searching for what it means regarding friendships. Here it is:

    “The planet of spirituality and transcendence finds a positive application in this House with regards to alternative life choices and the exploration of unconventional ways of being in the world. There is also the possibility of encountering mistakes in friendships, of not seeing them for what they really are precisely because the vision is clouded by the ideal we have of them and of the very meaning of Friendship.”

  3. Neptune conjunct mercury in Sagittarius the 8th. 8th house ruler Jupiter in the 3rd. Both of these are quite well aspected, one of the few things in my chart without loads of hard aspects.

    I am OK with finances, everything paid on time, no dodgy contracts. Don’t like much debt – working class/immigrant grandparents probably instilled that. If I lose something I’m generally philosophical about it, if not immediately then pretty fast – swings and roundabouts.

    I grew up in a small working class area of a city right next to extreme wealth a few streets away, there was always a kind of glass wall. I sensed that very clearly.

    I lost a sibling when I was a child and would find myself in conversations about death in the lunch queue whenever the other children casually and randomly asked me about it – they hadn’t yet developed a filter and I became used to it.

    What else? My English ancestors were in London a very long time and became printer/publishers – very sagittarian I guess. A century or two later I would do the digital equivilant without knowing

  4. Thank you! Neptune 12 H sextile 10th Pluto and Neptune widely conjunct 12 H Sun which is sextile MH. Therapist/ social worker working primarily with HIV/AIDS for over 30 in San Francisco. The healing/empathy/intuitive aspects of Neptune supported by Pluto inner strength and penetrating insight and in plutonian field of death/sex. Looking back, seems I was born for it. Oh, also gave up cannabis a year and a half ago because I used it way too much in retirement and especially since covid, so that aspect of 12 H Neptune, too. Also, most definitely need time to myself to retreat from world and cleanse my energies.

  5. Spot on about Neptune in 4th, Marjory, apart from the bit about being near water. My Neptune (in Scorpio) in 4th house, libra IC. For the longest time I have had no idea what I want or who I am, or what I ‘should’ do. Very early in life I learned not to hear or trust my own voice, my own needs and desires. I had to abandon my own identity, and sacrifice my life, in a sense, being totally driven by other people’s opinions and desires. Moon in Cancer in 12th didn’t help – they are in a sort of mutual reception.

    My nebulous father, there but not there. Totally inadequate fathering. Neptune in the 4th can also give a tremendous sense of fragility. And not having a sense of home or of belonging, or rootedness. I have no connection to my roots, or my family.

    One other thing about Neptune seems to be a healing connection to the earth – healing comes from subtle forms of medicine: homeopathy, plant medicine, crystal healing, acupuncture. I react badly to many pharmaceuticals.

  6. I have Jup/Neptune 7th. My husband was generous, kind hearted and brought me many blessings, emotionally and materially.

  7. Great Post. Thank you. I have Neptune in the 4th house, and what you wrote is true. In my case frequent moves due to my father’s career.

  8. I remember attending a lecture about Neptune where the astrologer Sue Tompkins said where it was in the chart showed a great thirst for what was lacking. As if all the water in the ocean would not be enough to quench this thirst. I have Neptune in Libra the 3rd conjunct my IC and as a child was continually being moved from country to country in various war zones by my parents and later moved to many different boarding schools with no stable home life. I was alienated from my two brothers because of this and also my early education suffered. My Neptune is in a tight trine to my Gemini Moon, which is also my chart ruler, and I sought comfort and nourishment in the arts, reading and spirituality. Later my mother committed suicide. When I grew up I created my own stability at home and fortunately also have Venus in the fourth, so I have a beautiful home and garden where I can paint. Strangely enough nebulous Neptune has become my peace and security.

  9. I see some people here have Neptune in the 1st (I don’t – mine is in the 11th). I’ve read that it can denote a person who when entering a room can immediately read it and get a feel of the underlying atmosphere.

  10. Neptune in my 8th. I was always searching for the ‘perfect’ relationship and didn’t just want casual sex. When I say perfect, I mean someone who really enamoured me and who I could imagine a lifetime with. Probably happened a dozen times and each time, as soon as the relationship started to get committed they would exit with a pathetic excuse. It took me many years to realise I was triggering their anxiety by being ‘too good’. They’d like it when I was distant but as soon as the emotional temperature began to rise, they exited. Not sure how much of that was me picking the wrong person and how much was just that most people have poor intimacy skills. Fortunately since transiting Saturn hit natal Neptune the dream has died and I can see now I wanted something impossible. Sometimes wonder whether I should just have settled for someone who didn’t light a fire in me.

  11. Mine in the 1st, at the leading edge of a Mars-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction between 26 Scorpio and 2 Sagittarius (if orb allows). Bolts from the blue of inspired thought and creativity, but often overwhelmed by huge waves of reflected feelings I pick up around me. Quite nebulous to articulate but very real.

  12. My transiting Neptune will be moving to the tenth house in a few years, and I hope I will not be taken care of by my then teenage daughter. I hate to be taken care of anyone, period.

    My native Neptune is in the fifth house. I hope my kid will not have any drug issues in the future. That is just super scary.

      • Well, my daughter also has a first house, Neptune, but it is not conjunct with her ascendant. On the bright side, she is very artistic and loves beautiful things.

        • Neptune stationary retrograde 8th house and part of a fixed grand cross. As JB noted it can be overwhelming.

        • My mother has it in Virgo rising in the 12th. She wanted to study Art but was not allowed due to my grandfather’s worry that she would turn into a ‘bohemian’, so studied an OT before becoming a physio.

    • Mine is also in the 8th house conjunct my Moon (in Libra). I also became interested in Astrology (and Numerology) at a very young age. I have found a lot of answers through my exploration of these two subjects.

    • Mine’s just into the 8th and Sag. I have always been comfortable with talking about things like death. It has taken me all these years to realise others aren’t. I am meeting a friend later who has just had a death in a family and I need to set good boundaries with myself and only talk about it if he wants to. Come the funeral I will be a tearful mess yet able to function completely normally.

  13. My MC is at 0 Scorpio, Neptune at 2 Scorp., N. Node at 28 Libra, Jup at 22 Libra. Oh yes….. my crazy, all consuming, non-repentant Mother!

    For years, befor knowing astrology, I would say that she was a “gaping maw of need”. I gasped out loud when I read Liz Greene’s book on Neptune…. And that she used those exact words for Neptune in 10 th re The Mother. Amazing and very validating.

    I did do a lot of care for her the last 15 years… and what a healing that was for me. Her? She never changed!

    I am ever so grateful for that Jupiter!!
    And for astrology!

    • My own mother had Neptune in the 10th on her midheaven and her mother retired to bed in her late forties with a bad back and never got up (lived to 84) – she discovered she could get everyone running round after her more easily from her four poster bed. So her three daughters were constantly on the go serving her every whim and they had families to look after. And it wasn’t as if she was particularly Neptunian – she was a Sun Pluto in Taurus square Saturn – tough as old boots.

      • I can’t help it. I am laughing. My husband is aghast!!

        My Mom was in a care home all those 15 years (thank you thank you!!). SHE put herself on the dementia ward and I know why. She was the Queen of the ward. Staff at her beck and call. Had all her marbles right to the end at 90. Never pushed her own wheelchair.

        I learned a LOT about boundaries. And the redemptive aha for me was suddenly, in a magical moment, I felt ADMIRATION for this part of her…. For all of her crafty manipulations!!! All my anger evaporated in a moment and I almost laughed out loud. She never tried to play me again!

        A lesson in what part I play in any dynamic for sure.

        I hope your Mom found some healing, Marjorie!!

      • I quite like the sound of that four poster Marjorie, and was quite looking forward to it thinking my eldest had Neptune in the 10th, but alas, it’s the 9th. Back to dragging the kids out of bed in the morning it is…

  14. Neptune transiting 10th house and I became of carer of my mother various health issues. It was sporadic the last few years but also one after another. When she had undergone various surgeries (non life threatening but affected her quality of life) I had to be there for the wound care. I am so grateful for new technology that wound caring was not that tedious and hard.

  15. Neptune in the 10th at 28 Libra is spot on. It is emphasized by a sextile to a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Leo with Pluto in the 8th and the Moon two degrees later in the 9th and an exact square to Chiron. So mother issues with a drama queen who did value higher education. But I turned it upside down in ways that displeased her in order to follow the path of my alcoholic father. I became a lawyer when the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982 was exactly conjunct my Neptune and her Sun. A major turning point for both of us. Astrology is amazing.

  16. Taurus asc ruler Venus conjunct Neptune, conj north node, conjunct sun (10 degree orb ) lost in life not able to come out of food addiction and laziness procrastination.

  17. My 3rd house Neptune closelyconjuncts a retrograde Mercury and exactly sextiles my Ascendant. I’m always going to struggle with clarity, aren’t I?

      • Haha, I can identify with that! I recall one of the first astrology books I read said that Neptune in the 3rd learns by osmosis, kind of soaks knowledge up. It helps also being synaesthetic – due to the fact that my memory is highly visual and I associate events, dates, pieces of music, words, etc with colours or ranges of colours.

  18. Mine is 9 for Placidus, Koch, Topocentric but 11 for Equal….it’s three degrees from the MC so perhaps a bit of 10 as well ….what house system would you go with?

    • Look at your own chart on each and decide which of the house systems makes sense of your temperament and life and then stick to it. If you keep hopping around house systems you’ll get horribly confused. I use Koch which is middle of the road.

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