Tom Cruise – finally seeing sense

The unstoppable Tom Cruise is picking up rave reviews for his latest mega-blockbuster Mission Impossible 7 (Part One) – “thrilling, moving and gloriously Cruisey —- the best studio action film in years.” He also managed to collect the top billing for the Queen’s Jubilee feste for reasons no one can fathom. Most interestingly of all he appears to be drifting away from Scientology, the much maligned cult church which he has stuck to through thick, thin and damaging publicity for decades. Reasons given appear to be differences over Covid vaccination at a time when he was under heavy financial pressure to deliver a movie with strict film-set protocols in place.

  Born 3 July 1962, no verified birth time, Cruise has a Water Grand Trine of a Cancer Sun trine Neptune trine Jupiter with Jupiter in a confident opposition to Pluto, making influential Pluto the driving planet. He clearly knows what the public wants and has talent as an actor which balances out his Ron Hubbard thetanesque obsession. The Water Grand Trine will wrap him in his own private bubble of reality and won’t always connect him to knock-on-wood common sense.

   His Neptune is further emphasized being in a creative though neurotic square to Saturn in Aquarius opposition a leadership North Node (and Moon) in Leo. His Mars in ultra-determined Taurus is conjunct Algol is in a high-adrenaline, risk-addicted square to Uranus and Venus in Leo.

  He shares a general pattern with Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, 13 March 1911, who was a Sun Pisces square Pluto and a Mars Uranus opposition Neptune – the outer planets are intertwined with personal planets, more than most and Hubbard also had a head-in-the-clouds, guru-chasing Jupiter Neptune Mercury Water Grand Trine.

  Cruise’s best Scientology buddy heretofore is/was David Miscavige, head of Scientology since Hubbard moved to a different astral plane in the late 1980s.

 Miscavige, 30 April 1960, is nothing if not a good businessman with an Earth Grand Trine of a Taurus Sun trine Jupiter in Capricorn trine Pluto in Virgo, with his Sun opposition Neptune. He also had a wide-ish Yod of Saturn sextile Mars inconjunct Uranus making him hard-edged, rebellious, intolerant of convention.

 This year will be testing for him as the Eclipses collide with his central Taurus Sun opposition Neptune – perhaps more secrets emerging, but certainly a life-changing set of challenges. Plus tr Uranus will be yanking at his focal point Uranus for disruptions and forced changes.

  He is chalk and cheese to Cruise and their relationship chart indicates a one-sided partnership with underlying resentment that was always going to blow at some point. There is a controlling composite Sun square Pluto and a bad-tempered Mars square Saturn. The Mars Saturn has been under severe pressure really since 2018 when tr Uranus in Aries set a fuse under it; and was followed in 2020/21 by a frustrating, impatient tr Pluto square Mars and moving on to conjunct the Saturn in 2023/24 for a discouraging set of pressures. Pluto tr Saturn in Pisces will hit the composite Sun square Pluto in 2023 as well.

  It would have a considerable ripple effect on Scientology never mind the financial hit if Cruise cut ties.      

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  1. Scientology derives from the same etymology as science – quite apt for the beliefs of someone with Saturn in Aquarius (square Neptune). His kite formation has Pluto as the focal, driving planet (opposition Jupiter which will enlarge). Partly explains his intensity, obsessive need for control, to dominate (as well as a certain secrecy although the emphasis on water would contribute to that). Keir Starmer is born a couple of months later and has a similar kite formation with focal Pluto opposition Jupiter. You could say they both share an irresistible need to reach the top in their respective careers.

  2. To me he seems a lot like he’s living out his nodal placements. Saturn conjunct SN is pretty heavy. Perhaps the cult structure and membership was the price he had to pay to get his creativity widely seen in society. Now that he’s older, it makes perfect sense to me that Scientology would go by the wayside for him eventually. He’s a person who seems, nodally speaking, to need a lot more fun and individualism in his life. I was born about 3 months later and had a (Bible-based) cult to work my way free from.

  3. Leo moons seem to maintain fitness and age well. Halle Berry is another moon in Leo and performed well in John Wick 3(parabellum) action scenes despite her age. Like Cruise, I suspect she did a lot of scenes without a stuntman stand in. Impressive.
    If people think doing these movies are easy, for any age, they should try it. Lol

  4. Surchin, I’m American but had heard that before. Two things you would not want to put together in your sandwich.

    Tom Cruise is a very impressive actor, going strong for so many years.
    And sadly, pulled into L. Ron’s orbit.
    That’s one of the newer cults I hope to see crash down to the dust within my lifetime. Too much harm done already.

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