Titanic – a dangerous attraction ++ Oceangate ++ Stockton Rush & Titanic Captain ++ Explosion ++ Nargeolet

The Titanic’s hull was laid down on 31 March 1909 – which is a better chart than the launch chart of 31 May 2011. And it sank on 14 April 1912 at 11.40pm off the Canadian coast.

  The initial chart has a tough Sun Saturn conjunction in Aries with an explosive/disruptive Mars Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune and inconjunct Pluto and North Node in Gemini. When it sank tr Neptune had moved to close the opposition to Uranus (and Mars) to exact. With the tr North Node in Aries also square the Mars Uranus.

Hamish Harding, the billionaire on board the lost submersible, was born only five days after Boris Johnson, 24 June 1964, and has the same reckless, ramped-up Mars in Gemini on the focal point of a whirlwind T Square to Saturn opposition Pluto Uranus; and the over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune.  His Sun North Node in Cancer is square the Titanic’s Venus and his Venus in Genii is conjunct the Titanic’s Pluto – which explains the attraction.

  I can’t find any dates at the moment for Oceangate whose tin can sub it is – except for 2009 set up – it started on Pluto’s entry into Capricorn and exited at the end.

  Hideous beyond belief. And the warning bells were ringing loud and clear beforehand. The volunteers must have had a delusional sense of invulnerability.

Add On: Thanks to Xhane for Oceangate 31 August 2009.

  Not only does it have the over-optimistic Jupiter Neptune conjunct, the Solar Arc Neptune is now exactly opposition the Virgo Sun and tr Uranus is square the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint = coming down to earth with a bump (having to face cold reality.) Tr Neptune is also conjunct the Uranus this year and the SA Sun is moving to conjunct the Saturn within months –  nothing good coming out of all that.

Add On: Stockton Rush, March 31, 1962, San Francisco, chief executive and founder of OceanGate, the pilot of the Titan submersible, was always an adventurer. He was believed to be the world’s youngest jet-transport-rated pilot and initially wanted to travel to Mars. Instead he went underwater. He was descended on his father’s side from two signers of the Declaration of Independence, and his wife’s great-great-grandparents died on the Titanic.

  He had an Aries adventuring (and impractical) Sun on the focal point of an ego-centric yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune  – Tierney describes such a yod Sun as inclined to ‘abuse of personal will and authority.’ He also had a rules-don’t-apply-to-me Pluto opposition Jupiter and a do-or-die determined Pluto opposition Mars. And a stubborn Saturn in Aquarius (Moon) opposition North Node square Neptune.

   There is a line where audacious courage crosses over into hubris and therein lies delusion and disaster.

  His midpoints are also instructive. His Sun opposition his Neptune/Pluto midpoint hints at megalomaniac ambitions wrapped round deceptive fantasies.

  The Titanic movie director James Cameron said Rush was like the Titanic Captain who sailed ahead despite warnings. Edward Smith, born 27 January 1850 in England, was a Sun Aquarius with most notably Uranus Pluto in Aries inconjunct Jupiter. When the Titanic sank with him on board the transiting North Node was then at 21 degrees Aries about to conjunct his Uranus. That degree is being rattled up at the moment by the Eclipses this year. At the moment also his Solar Arc Sun is posthumously square his Pluto and his SA Neptune opposition his North Node – disturbing his rest.

 There are unconfirmed birth dates for other passengers – Shahzada Dawood, 12 February 1975 and his son Suleman, 18 June 2004, both Karachi, Pakistan. If accurate, Aquarian senior looks hard-driving with Saturn in Cancer opposition Mars square Pluto. His son has a late Gemini Sun conjunct Betelgeuse which tr Neptune is square now. It opposes Pluto natally. His Mars is conjunct Procyon.

Add On: The explosion happened just under two hours after launch on 18 June – chart above.  

Add On: Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 2 March 1946, Chamonix, France, the oceanographer, was also on board. He was known as “Mr Titanic” having visited it more than 30 times, and salvaged artefacts from the ocean floor which did not meet with the approval of relatives of the dead.

  Like Rushton he had his Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune, in his case a Pisces Sun which squared a maverick Uranus. He also had a hard-edged Mars Saturn in Cancer, which had faint resonances with Dawood senior’s Saturn Mars Pluto T square.  His North Node was at 27 degrees Gemini which seems to keep repeating as a significant point through several charts.

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  1. Pieces of the wreckage being lifted from the sea bed. Pics all over the internet. Still, human remains not gonna be found.


    • I was wrong…

      “The remains were recovered “within the wreckage” of the submersible, the Coast Guard said in a news release “

      • The question for me is, do we really need to know this? It seems to me a private matter now (apart from the safety enquiry and what comes out of that in terms of stricter regulation of foolhardiness). The lack of ‘boundaries’ in news reporting finds me turning away, I want to know less – because what can I do with that kind of information? Sorry this has no astrology contemt but I find myself compelled to speak out (maybe because I’m a Leo!).

      • @SuHu – the old broadcast saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” No we don’t really need to know…yet anything seems game. It all helps us avoid the repetition of life.

        • @larryc – When I mentioned it to my husband he said that it makes the whole thing real for people. Otherwise it seems abstract to many. I hadn’t looked at it that way. Thanks for responding.

  2. https://i.postimg.cc/prdF0vZj/Paul-Nargeolet-Chart.jpg

    French deep sea explorer and Titanic expert known as “Mr. Titanic”. Nargeolet was one of five people who died aboard the submersible Titan when it imploded underwater on 18 June 2023 close to the wreck of the Titanic.
    With 3 events Isaac Starman rectified his chart to 6.20.20 CET Asc 16Aqu57′.
    Neptune conjunct cusp 8th, helio Venus, ruler of 8th, conjunct Mercury in Pisces square Node in 4th house. Helio Mars conjunct Pluto and close to Desc.
    Transits for death:
    Mars conjunct Desc orb 10′
    Saturn square IC 54′
    Neptune conjunct Mercury and 90 Node.
    Converse Transits for death:
    Mars and Node 180 Moon
    Venus conjunct 8th cusp
    Pluto 90 Asc 61′

    • Wow, awesome that there is actually a timed chart for Paul-Henri Nargeolet in Astrodatabank. Thanks for pointing that out! Interesting about the Starkman rectification also. Not surprising PHN was a Sun-Venus-Merc in Pisces with the Sun closely square Uranus and Sun-Venus trine Mars-Saturn. The Neptune on the 8th house cusp does give one chills along with the asteroids you point out. Thanks Martha!

  3. I think the degree meaning for 14 degrees Libra is ‘shipwreck’. Note the nadir region in the charts above for the Titanic and Rush. Eerily similar and involving 14 degrees Libra.

  4. To quote an earlier post

    Ballard and his crew erupted with cheers and applause. Someone opened a bottle of champagne for a toast, but the mood suddenly darkened after they noticed that it was nearly 2:20 a.m.—the exact time the ocean liner had sunk and taken more than 1,500 passengers and crew to their deaths.

    Marjorie, love your detailed work and insights – but most curious why your sinking of Titanic chart has 11.40 listed as time when it should be 20 minutes past any given hour, as the ship went down finally at 02.20 local time? as stated correctly in above posts, many sources and sites, wikipedia etc, they all state 02.20

  5. This story has certainly caught the imagination of astrologers. Asteroid astrologer Alex Miller has a post up that makes good use of many of the asteroids that have been mentioned but he adds a particularly poignant one, ‘Seagrave’ at 28 Libra which turned direct on June 12th.

    As the news stories are coming out about how Rushton squabbled with other explorers and scientists over the seaworthiness of his vessels I find it interesting that his 10-11° Aries Sun was closely conjunct malcontent Eris at 10 Aries as well as asteroid Phaethon at 9 Aries which is often used to represent vehicles of one type or another. Also TNO Chaos at 10-11 Aries! All square Seagrave at 7 Cancer by a few degrees. He has Osiris conjunct Uranus at 26-27 Leo, literally sudden death. And Odysseus-Poseidon at 26-27 Aries conjunct his Venus at 26 Aries which was eclipsed by the solar eclipse on April 30th. Orpheus at 18 Cap Rx square Atlantis at 18-19 Aries.

    There’s always more with asteroids but these are the ones that jumped out at me. I’ve enjoyed reading the other comments on his chart. Thanks for a great discussion.

  6. Is this The Curse Of Titanic? Like The Curse Of Tutenkharmun? $1,250,000 trips over and over. Why they there, any of them over and over? Antiquities like Harold Carter? And the same fate as those. A faulted ship sunk by arrogance and greed. A faulted submarine sunk by arrogance and greed. How history repeats itself here. And the same people, who see themselves as ‘untouchable’ and ‘omnipotent’. But reality and The Universe has a different plan for them. Pride comes before a fall as the proverb says.

  7. This inplosion blends perfectly with Pluto mooving back to Capricorn. Who died? Rich men who ignored warnings. Pluto on Capricorn _> Saturn in Pisces> Neptune on Pisces

  8. Some comments lower down about the irony / coincidence of Stockton Rush’s wife’s great-great-grandparents being famous victims of the Titanic’s sinking.

    Just learning about Rush, I don’t think it’s quite as coincidental as it seems. He always wanted to be a space explorer and be the first man to Mars. Then when he found he couldn’t do it, he switched his dreams to deepsea exploration. This switch occurred after he’d met her. Given his Aries Sun/Venus superhero and watery chart, my guess is her story caused him to go down this route. The Neptune in Scorpio generation are big on merging with their partners and he has a much of Pisces planets to prompt it too.

    • That’s interesting GD, because I was thinking about those on board who had Neptune in Scorpio and how the event is so interpretive of the placement, regardless the fact it is a generational marker. For me, it also represents a blurring of boundaries between thee and thou as you say.

      There’s another Yod in Rush’s chart, apex Pluto inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius sextile Sun in Aries. I can’t help feeling just how potentially ruthless and possibly caught up in detail without looking at the full picture that configuration could be.

  9. This horrible, and avoidable, tragedy does appear to be all about hubris and delusion, as Marjorie says. The astrology is quite remarkable, too. To me, there is nothing particularly random about this catastrophe – but there was a choice, of course, pointing up those endlessly-debated issues of fate and free will. Astrology just shows us patterns, after all. Then we ‘do the work’, or not.

    There’s an interesting article on History.com about the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic at 2.20am on 1st September, 1985. Tr Saturn is currently 7 Pisces. Saturn in Pisces could symbolise history underwater? Saturn (time and karma) links Oceangate, Hamish Harding, Stockton Rush, the Hull of the Titanic, and it’s original discovery in 1985.

    Titanic Hull: Jupiter 5 Virgo
    Oceangate: Sun 8 Virgo, Solar Arc Neptune 8 Pisces
    Stockton Rush: Pluto 8 Virgo
    Hamish Harding: Uranus 6 Virgo, Pluto 11 Virgo
    Discovery of the Wreck: Sun 8 Virgo

    Also worth noting that the 1985 discovery had Neptune at 0 Capricorn, Oceangate has Pluto 0 Capricorn. The discovery date has Mars 24 Leo, opposing Oceangate’s Neptune at 24 Aquarius.

    Here’s what Dr Robert Ballard, oceanographer, said about the moment he and his team’s robot submersible found the wreck:

    “Ballard and his crew erupted with cheers and applause. Someone opened a bottle of champagne for a toast, but the mood suddenly darkened after they noticed that it was nearly 2:20 a.m.—the exact time the ocean liner had sunk and taken more than 1,500 passengers and crew to their deaths. The thought of it hit Ballard like a shock. “We were embarrassed we were celebrating,” he later told 60 Minutes. “And all of a sudden we realized that we should not be dancing on someone’s grave.”

    • I should add, in view of Marjorie’s other post here on Chiron, that Stockton Rush had Chiron, 8 Pisces opposing his Pluto. For the asteroid-minded amongst us – natal asteroid Hybris was 7 Sagittarius. Tr Saturn currently 7 Pisces.

      • Also, I wonder if anyone works with transiting midpoints?
        The transiting Uranus/Pluto midpoint is currently 25 Pisces, conjunct Oceangate’s Uranus, and those other later Mutable degrees in these charts.

        “His North Node was at 27 degrees Gemini which seems to keep repeating as a significant point through several charts.” ( Marjorie commenting on Paul Henri Nargeolot’s chart)

  10. In the Oceangate launch chart, Mars in the Asc opposes Titanic, 7th.
    Sun squares Neptune, ocean…this square also gives lack of oxygen.
    Saturn on 8th of death, rules 4th of endings.
    Asteroid Oceangate in 12th of undoing, sorrow, opposes Pluto, deep sea exploration,
    In 6th, accident. Mars squares Uranus for implosion. I will post this chart tomorrow.
    Notice the date of the implosion…..June 22…Numerologically. 22 comes up in the deaths of the famous…..case in point, JFKennedy. shot on Nov 22.

    • Do you mean asteroid Titania #593? And yes, I noticed it was conjunct the descendant opposite Mars in the launch chart too at 17°02′ Aquarius Rx. And I can’t find an asteroid Oceangate, only Oceana #224 at 0°0 Leo, but that is in the 12th in that chart. Is that what you meant? Fascinating!

  11. I’ve just noticed that Stockton Rush was born just one day later than Philip Schofield, the British TV presenter who has recently been in the News over his affair with a much younger protégé. How odd? He has the same ego-driven Aries Sun at the apex of a Yod with Neptune/Pluto. Marjorie mentions above.

    • There’s so much going on in the Stockton Rush / Schofield charts over the past couple of years. Just about everything but their Aries suns hit by either transiting Saturn, Neptune, Pluto.

    • Very curious, VF. That rash, and rather delusional energy. Perhaps the spirit of Hybris (Hubris) is involved?

      Bacchylides, Fragment 15 (from the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 2363) (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric IV) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :
      “It is open to all men to reach unswerving Dike (Justice), the attendant of holy Eunomia (Good Laws) and wise Themis (Right Order); blessed are they whose sons choose her to share their home; but that other, shameless Hybris (Insolence), luxuriating in shifty tricks and lawless follies, who swiftly gives a man another’s wealth and power only to bring him into deep ruin–it was she who destroyed those arrogant sons of Ge (Gaea, Earth), the Gigantes (Giants).” theoi.com

      Asterioid Hybris was at 27 Leo this past weekend, aligned with Stockton Rush’ Uranus, 26 Leo.

      • Thank you, GD and Jane. GD, yes try as I might I can’t seem to link those Aries Suns to any particular trigger right now.

        Jane, thank you for the fragment on hubris. I’m also thinking of the concept of ‘harmatia’, which in the greek poet sense means the ‘fatal flaw’ of a character who commits a tragic error which drives events which leads to their tragic downfall. The purpose of the protagonist’s dramatic fall is to elicit emotions of pity and fear in the audience which enables a ‘catharsis’ or purging of those emotions.

        From wiki:

        ‘Aristotle mentions hamartia in Poetics. He argues that it is a powerful device to have a story begin with a rich and powerful hero, neither exceptionally virtuous nor villainous, who then falls into misfortune by a mistake or error (hamartia).’

        • Thank you VF, yes definitely harmatia as well as hubris. I have much respect for the Ancient Greeks!
          I am wondering about the Aries Suns you and GD talk about. Roughly, the progressed Sun should now be 29 Taurus or 0 Gemini? I haven’t done the chart. So it moves to square the natal Jupiter in Pisces. This could have an ego-expanding effect? I know we generally talk about Jupiter as all luck and so on, but I have noticed the effect isn’t always roses and rainbows. Jupiter is often present by transit for death, for example. Although death may be what the individual soul wanted, arguably, and the grief and sadness belongs to those left behind. And perhaps there are midpoints involved too?

        • VF – No particular trigger at this moment other than transiting Jupiter went over Aries sun in February and Venus in late April. Jupiter enlargement of the most egocentric Sun, no Libra to give perspective to the other.

          I know you like a bit of Dr Grande, his latest video is a good watch on it. My big takeaway about Rush is that with the Pisces Jupiter/Mars/Mercury he didn’t have very good boundaries hence thinking he could explore anywhere. Maybe the Piscean acceptance didn’t have too much of an issue with the possibility of dying.

  12. It is being said that Suleman was terrified and didn’t want to go. He only did to please his father as a Father’s day present. Very sad all round and completely irresponsible of the owner to have not even had the vessel certified as seaworthy.

  13. I think they were delusional and they took a 19 year old boy along who by accounts just wanted to please his Dad and was frightened of the venture. Irresponsible people.

    • Despite the tragic loss of life of all on board the sub, the death of 19 year old Suleman Dawood is particularly sad. He was apparently terrified but also wanted to accompany his father as a gesture for ‘Father’s Day’. As others have said, Saturn in Pisces went Retrograde that day.

  14. Interesting 3/31 date for the Titanic! Looking at Stockton Rush since he was CEO & pilot, and insisted that his ‘innovative’ (ie cheaper) method & materials would work just as well, and didn’t require meeting what he considered to be stiffling certification standards. Online birth date indicated as 3/31/62, Aries with lots of Pisces planets (not surprisingly) Mars, Jupiter, Mercury. Maybe Aquarius Moon? which might square his Neptune, while the latter squares his Nodes.

    Saturn now opposes his natal Pluto in Virgo; it is inescapable to think that he (and much more tragically, his passengers) paid for Rush’s hubris of not only trying to skip on the details, but incomprehensibly and egotistically comparing his craft to the doomed Titanic, to the point of renaming it from Cyclops to Titan.

    Researching it was fine, but it also feels spiritually wrong to treat the Titanic, essentially a burial site as long as the bodies have not been recovered, as a tourist destination.

    As James Cameron commented, ‘inexcusable’ that Titanic’s lessons were not learned.

    • There would be no bodies following such an implosion. Bodies on the submersible would be pulverised. From Titanic, they’d have been dissolved, long ago.

      Spaceflight is no less forgiving.

    • That date of birth for Stockton Rush is quite chilling if accurate, Terri. His wife, Wendy Rush, is descended from a couple who died on that doomed Titanic voyage. She is their great great granddaughter.

      Apparently, the remains of those who drowned on the Titanic have long since been dispersed into the wider ocean. I agree, though, that it is a questionable site for ‘tourism’…..but not the only one, of course.

      I simply hope that those who were lost when the Titan imploded knew nothing. And hope their bereaved families can find peace eventually.

  15. Thank you Marjorie, and Xhane for the Oceangate details. The last news I heard says they have found ‘debris’, but no confirmation as yet that it is the Titan. I am amazed such an untested thing was ever allowed to dive so deep into the ocean. Awful, as all shipwrecks are.

    Some odd patterns emerge, linking Neptune’s discovery in 1846, the sinking of the Titanic, Oceangate and Hamish Harding.
    The sinking of the Titanic chart has Moon 26 Pisces, square Pluto 27 Gemini.
    Hamish Harding has Mercury 29 Gemini conjunct Venus 25 Gemini – there’s his fascination with the wreck I think, with the Titanic’s Gemini Pluto in between Mercury and Venus, drawing his thoughts, creativity, and perhaps ideas to make money as well.

    Oceangate has Uranus 25 Pisces opposite Saturn 22 Virgo
    The discovery of Neptune 23 September 1846 has Mars 25 Virgo

    The day Titan set off, 18th June at around 8.00am, we had a New Moon at 26 Gemini, square Neptune 27 Pisces, echoing the Moon square Pluto for the sinking of the Titanic and in the same signs. And blurring Hamish Harding’s own Mercury too. As I noticed earlier, the Moon aligned with the potent fixed star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, which was the constellation of Osiris, god of the dead, to the Ancient Egyptians.

    When Neptune was discovered it was at 25 Aquarius, conjunct Saturn.
    Oceangate has Neptune 24 Aquarius, conjunct Chiron 24 Aquarius.

    As Marjorie writes:

    “tr Uranus is square the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint = coming down to earth with a bump (having to face cold reality.) Tr Neptune is also conjunct the Uranus this year and the SA Sun is moving to conjunct the Saturn within months – nothing good coming out of all that.”

    • Debris field suggests instantaneous implosion of the sub most likely 1 hour and 45 into the dive on Sunday. Obviously all parished.

    • Fascinating Jane! The large number of points in late mutable degrees is really interesting. I set a chart for the time contact was lost at 11:47 am ADT at the coordinates of the Titanic wreck and got a 20°53′ ASC and 19°20′ Gemini MC. Not too close to the degrees you note but still mutable so I thought it was worth mentioning. The chart for the launch is even starker though with an 18°16′ Leo ASC conjunct Mars at 16°47′ Leo and an 8°55′ MC with Jupiter at 6°59′ Taurus conjunct. And that stationary Saturn conjunct the 8th house cusp using Placidus. Chilling that Betelgeuse is associated with Osiris whose remains were scattered over a wide area. So many great posts with wonderful insights, thank you everyone.

    • Canada is part of the effort too plus US and France. It is in International waters, while
      US Coast Guard is leading the search/rescue operation, and it involves equipment from the US, Canada, UK and France, it is a coordination between all, not any one country “in charge”.
      Mind you, it is reported that the US taxpayers will likely be the ones on the hook for this very very expensive effort.

  16. Good on Xhane for getting the founding date! Thank you for that and the link! I found a time for the start of the dive and the sinking on CNN which actually quoted a time zone. The dive began at 9:00 am ADT and contact was lost at 11:47 am ADT on June 18th. The Sun was square Neptune and conjunct the asteroids Atlantic and Grieve. Neptune was conjunct Pandora and opposite death indicator Osiris–whose body parts were scattered at death. I understand a debris field has been found although there is not yet confirmation it belongs to the sub. There was a New Moon at 26°43′ Gemini hours earlier that was conjunct Canada’s Moon, but more amazingly, it was within minutes of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Uranus at 26°48′ suggesting something shocking was about to occur. The ship Polar Prince that towed the Titan to the wreck site was launched from St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, which has also been a base of operations for the search. A very sad story but as some have pointed out it is getting much more attention than the ship wreck off Greece earlier this week which may have killed up to 500 people including many children. I guess we all love a mystery.

    • Thanks Laurien. I also thought the same about the migrant ship off Greece, with not much news now about the missing. A couple of days ago a British man disappeared swimming across the English Channel trying to raise money for charity. He aimed to raise £21K for the 21 mile swim. He apparently had a boat accompanying him, so it’s very tragic. So many people lost at sea recently, but a huge rescue effort for the Titan. Maybe the fascination with the Titanic, or the fact it was believed they could still be alive and there was a chance.

      • And there is also this:

        “More than 30 migrants may have drowned after their boat sank in the Atlantic Ocean off the Canary Islands, two charities have said.

        Walking Borders and Alarm Phone said the boat was carrying around 60 people.

        Spanish authorities said rescue workers found the bodies of a minor and a man, and rescued 24 other people – but did not know how many people were onboard.” BBC website

        This was on Wednesday morning, 21st June. They have just rescued people from three more boats in trouble there. City of Madrid, 1464 Uranus 24 Virgo, Neptune 27 Libra. Spain 1479 Moon 28 travelling Sagittarius, Jupiter 21 Taurus, South Node in the 9th House of travel and far horizons 0 Aquarius. Spain 1975 also has Moon’s Nodes 21 Scorpio in the 9th House with tr Uranus opposing.

        Perhaps in these last degrees of Pisces, Neptune’s effects and messages are coming through more strongly? The square with the recent Gemini Moon offered a channel for communications.

    • Thank you Laurien for those details, all very interesting. The New Moon you mention was conjunct the Sun in Gemini on the 18th June at 26 degrees, conjunct Pluto in Gemini at 27 degrees on the chart for the sinking of the Titanic. At the same time the Sun/Moon in Gemini squared the Titanic Disaster’s Moon in Pisces at 25 degrees.

      I agree with you regarding the tragic shipwreck in Greece. Not nearly enough media coverage considering this was possibly one of the worst tragedies to have occurred on the Mediterranean sea.

      Then there is the curious disappearance of British cross channel swimmer, Iain Hughes a firefighter who went missing in French waters while attempting to cross the English Channel on Tuesday. The synchronicity of these events is most uncanny.

      • Referring back to Marjorie’s post June 20 “Eclipses casting their shadow far ahead”…

        Not sure but Transiting Mars as an eclipse trigger this past weekend as it reached 16 Leo on Sunday, as Titan began its descent to Titanic on Sunday?

        • Yes Anita, this strange phenomenon as you say seems to be happening with increasing frequency and in Gibralter and Scotland. Orcas attacking ships, yachts and other vessels on a daily basis now with the experts theorising that it may be revenge for a matriarch’s traumatic experience with a vessel. For whatever reason, the Orca Whales are angry. I wondered about Neptune in the final degrees of Pisces and found the fixed stars, Markab abd Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus. Astrology King says of Pegasus:

          “Pegasus is associated with drowning, accidents, catastrophes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, shipwrecks, mining accidents, airplane accidents, falling accidents, shooting down from high, horses, jockeys, transportation, communications, space travel, exploration, pioneering, science, invention and heroism.”

      • I took note of the missing Channel swimmer because he was a fireman and asteroid astrologer Alex Miller just did a piece on another fireman who drowned while saving his daughter from a rip current. (https://alexasteroidastrology.com/astrology-of-mark-batista-drowning-death/) It is interesting how multiple events reflecting the same astrological influences appear around the same time. Thanks for your comments also. Marjorie has certainly assembled a great team of astrologers!

  17. US media is reporting that Wendy Rush, the wife of OceanGate Expeditions’ CEO Stockton Rush and is one of the five members aboard the missing submersible, is the great-great-granddaughter of two of the Titanic’s most famous victims, Ida and Isidor Straus. When the ocean liner began sinking after striking the iceberg in April 1912, Ida refused to leave her husband, who was the co-owner of Macy’s department store, choosing to give up her seat on a lifeboat (where women and children had priority seating) in order to stay with Isidor on board.
    If the connection is true… how ironic!
    PS…Rush appears to have been born in 1962 in the UK, so-far place/date unknown

    • Just learning about Rush, I don’t think it’s quite as coincidental about his wife’s ancestors as it seems. He always wanted to be a space explorer and be the first man to Mars. Then when he found he couldn’t do it, he switched his dreams to deepsea exploration. This occurred after he’d met her. Given his watery chart, my guess is her story caused him to go down this route. Classic water merging.

  18. Oceangate LLC registered on 31st August 2009 as Deepflight Technologies. Looks to have amended the name to Oceangate, filed on 12th October 2009. Both have Stockton Rush as Governor. Think I’m looking in the right place? August chart has a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, currently being squared by Uranus. Also has a grand cross Mercury/Mars/Uranus/Pluto. Tried to post the link in the message to the company registration but the moderating process removes the comment. So am trying again without the link.

  19. Oceangate LLC registered on 31st August 2009 as Deepflight Technologies. Looks to have amended the name to Oceangate, filed on 12th October 2009. Both have Stockton Rush as Governor. Think I’m looking in the right place? August chart has a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, currently being squared by Uranus. Also has a grand cross Mercury/Mars/Uranus/Pluto


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