Russia – Putin’s rabid dog turns on his master + Belarus ++ Lukashenko/Prigo

Putin’s pet mercenary thug and, believe it or not, catering chef, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has turned to bite the hand that brought him to power and wealth. Putin has accused him of mutiny as he marched onto Russian territory with his hardened band of convict killers and threatened to topple Russian military leaders.

  Rumblings of discontent from YP have been swelling in recent weeks but it still feels like a black swan of improbability that changes all calculations as to the course of the Ukraine invasion.

  Birth dates of individuals are not always reliable but Putin’s 4th Term, 7 May 2018 11.05pm is sound. It described a brutally ruthless and violent administration but one that was prone to revolution and destabilization with Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus.  Tr Pluto started to square the Uranus this February, repeating now and extending on and off, into and throughout 2024. This is a classic topple-off-perch moment for a leader. Worse still the Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct the Mars exactly now and in effect for a few months which is trapped, high-risk, enraging, paralysed.

  The Russia 8 November 1917 2.12am Leningrad chart has had tr Uranus shaking up the Fixed T Square of Saturn opposition Uranus square the Scorpio Sun Mercury since 2021 – and tr Uranus is now on the final leg of being square the Uranus, repeating for a final time over this coming New Year. Such a Fixed chart will take a fair battering before it shifts trajectory and maybe this is when critical mass is reached which will jolt the country into significant change. This year as well the Solar Arc Sun is in a car-crash collision with the Russia Mars which tr Saturn is also opposing throughout this year.

  The Russia 8 December 1991 7.45pm chart is also showing signs of disruption and upheaval with tr Uranus opposition the Pluto exactly now and repeating into 2024.  Aggravations and setbacks are indicated from tr Saturn square the Mars and more so with SA Saturn square the Mars in 2024/25.

 The 14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse has Saturn sitting on the Midheaven located to Moscow for a moment of hard reality.  The April Solar Eclipse had Pluto conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th located to Moscow which could point to a meltdown.

  Yevgeny Prigozhin was born 1 June 1961 according to wiki, spent time in prison for teenage stealing and became rich through Russia’s reinvention in the early 1990s, running restaurants which supplied the Kremlin and government officials. His Wagner mercenary military started around the time of the Crimea invasion and now has interests in several African countries and the Middle East. His internet companies are also alleged to have interfered in the US elections.    

  If his birth date is accurate, he is a Gemini Sun square Pluto, inconjunct Neptune and trine Jupiter – super-ambitious, controlling and lucky. He also has an excitable, uncompromising and explosive Mars Uranus in Leo; an over hopeful Jupiter conjunct Saturn and square Neptune.

  Tr Pluto is conjunct his Saturn exactly now for a determined push against great odds, fuelled by a highly-confident tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. He’ll hit a bumpy patch of upheavals and upsets from early this July, on and off into early 2024, as tr Uranus squares his Uranus.  He’ll meet road blocks through this year as well as tr Saturn opposes his Pluto. But it is 2024 which looks disastrous and high risk for him.

  His relationship charts with both Russia 1917 and 1991 don’t show much love for his homeland with 2024/25 being the years of greatest strain. His relationship chart with Putin 1952 looks devastated and not improving over the next three years. With Putin’s 1950 birth date it looks more clearly a time of reversal with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus at zero degrees Leo, followed by tr Pluto in a devastating square to the Neptune across this summer and later in the year; and if it survives that long extreme turbulence in 2024/25.

Add On: Belarus, where the military appear to have increasingly come under Kremlin control recently with Putin threatening to send nuclear warheads there, is on red alert. There are unconfirmed reports the authoritarian president Lukashenko has gone to Turkey but it may just be his family. His 6th Term chart, 23 September 2020, is deadlocked at the moment with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Saturn and square Mercury now – under immense strain – with a complete dead-halt and maybe termination come 2024 if not before as SA Pluto squares the Mars.

  Lukashenko, 30 August 1954, looks to be dissolving into panic with his SA Neptune conjunct his Mars now and worse in 2024. The Belarus country chart, 25 August 1991, looks depressed and panicked with transiting and SA Saturn opposition the Sun this year and tr Neptune opposition the Mars all year as well.

  The shock waves will ripple in several directions.  

Add On: Thoughts from the Telegraph.

Belarus leader may ‘live to regret’ Wagner deal, say experts.

Under the deal brokered by Lukashenko, Prigozhin will in future live in exile in Belarus. It still remains unclear if he will be bringing members of the Wagner militia with him. One analyst said it was likely that Prigozhin was “dumped” on Lukashenko by Putin. “The only plus that there could be for Lukashenko is he may want to use Prigozhin as personal army against any potential revolt.”

 They do not make happy bedmates with Prigo’s control-freak Pluto conjunct Luka’s Virgo Sun; Prigo’s tough-minded Saturn square Luka’s Neptune and opposition his Uranus which will induce high nervous tension; and worse still Prigo’s Uranus conjunct Luka’s controlling Pluto which could upset his applecart in Belarus.

  Their relationship chart is competitive and heading for muddle and mayhem in 2024 with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune. With a fair amount of pushing and pulling and oneupmanship games through this year as well as tr Pluto squares the composite Jupiter.

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  1. 10 civilians were killed in the recent missile attacks in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. 3 of the victims were teenagers. I also read that 13 people were killed in a missile attack in the Idlib region of Syria by Russian forces.

    These missile attacks are getting out of hand and now the threat of blowing up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is becoming more of a reality.

    I truly hate the Russian Federation with such an immense passion and I sincerely hope Karma pays that subhuman nation a visit soon.

  2. Now Cuba has been dragged into the rooster fight,

    “Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu delivered his first on-camera remarks since the Wagner rebellion during a meeting with his Cuban counterpart Gen. Alvaro Lopez in Moscow.

    Shoigu said Russia-Cuban relationships “are on the rise today” and that Cuba remains an important Russian ally who showed a “full understanding of the reasons for the start of a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine…we are ready to provide assistance to the “Island of Freedom,” to lend a shoulder to our Cuban friends,” Shoigu said Tuesday.”

    Does this mean Russian naval forces sailing off the coast of Florida? Hmmm, would the Russians be voting for dems or GOP ?


  3. Marjorie,

    I have one more request regarding this topic. Would you take another look at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant?

    Ukrainian Twitter has been exploding in panic and pessimism over reports from Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian Military officials that Russia has mined Zaporizhzhia and has been given the approval to blow up the Nuclear power plant if needed.

    I know U.S. Intelligence said they are monitoring the situation…but there’s been very little international news coverage on this.

    I remember you wrote about this last year and you did say you didn’t see anything catastrophic in Zaporizhzhia’s chart (which is some relief). However, I’m curious if you have any astrological updates on this matter

  4. After well slept night and some time taking care of mundane chores, I still think this story isn’t over. Earlier today, I was reminded of something a prominent Finnish diplomat and scholar – who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore – Ilmari Susiluoto once said about Russia. According to him Western commentators rationalize happening in Russia, trying to find strategy where there is only chaos.

    And, I now would say that it’s entirely possible that there isn’t anyone in Russia at the moment seeing the big picture and pulling every string. Just fractions trying to take advantage of the chaos that’s ensuing. What’d clear, though, that if people surrounding Putin knew of Prigo, nobody thought of warning him.

    Astrologically, it’s interesting that both Lukashenka, who “negociated” and Prigo have bad 2024. I suppose that potentially, this is when Russian Government collapses.

    • There was a tweet from John Simpson (of the BBC) pointing out that the August 1991 coup d’etat against Gorbachev had collapsed within three days (and I am old enough to remember that), and yet the Soviet Union imploded within six months of that coup’s failure.

      • @Unmystic Mom, I was obsessed with those news. There’s one vital difference here: Generals started by placing Gorbachev under house arrest, as per “coup playbook”, thinking that would undermine leadership. However, it became quickly apparent support in Politbyro and Soviet Republics was lacking. Here, Prigo’s troops first took an outpost 1000 km from Kremlin. Putin and his inner circle had all the liberty to act. And they fled, leaving a vasal prince to be the hero of the day. If anything, this proves nobody is willing to step up here.

        I think the unraveling will be even quicker now that Putin’s strong man image has been shattered for good.

        (Interesting tidbit, in Kazakhstan, the Soviet Republic head Nursultan Nazarbayev who sided with Gorbachev held power until 2019, and was able to transit that to designated successor Kassym-Yomart Tokayev. Tokayev apparently spoke to Putin telling him this was Russia’s internal issue they would not take sides in. Kazakhstan has a huge landmass, comparable to Argentina, and much of the Silkroad ran through the area. They are a becoming a very important geopolitical player. Also, interestingly, with a big Ukrainian heritage communities, since this was where many Ukrainians moved or were deported.)

    • Solaia – I agree with you that the story isn’t over, and there is much we don’t know. I also agree it is unwise to rationalise what’s happening!

      Apart from anything else, the Cardinal activity of July I was thinking about yesterday is activating the April Solar Eclipse. It will surely not pass without some kind of manifestations. The later Cardinal degrees crop up all over the place in this story.

      By strange coincidence, Alexei Navalny, 4th June 1976, has Saturn at 29 Cancer, square Uranus 3 Scorpio. His Jupiter at 16 Taurus was also opposed by the Lunar Eclipse in May. Just another addition to the many layers of what’s going on?

      I’m still curious about all that gold, timber, and the gold mines in Africa that Wagner Group have been exploiting. What happens to that? Pluto in Capricorn would seem to have something to do with this – back to the Cardinal Cross again…..

      • “I’m still curious about all that gold, timber, and the gold mines in Africa that Wagner Group have been exploiting. What happens to that? Pluto in Capricorn would seem to have something to do with this – back to the Cardinal Cross again…..”

        Maybe they pass to Xi? Wagnerites are, after all, mercenaries, they will work for who ever pays the best, and China has huge interest in the area.

  5. @larryc, my favourite Ukrainian conspiracy theory, and one that smart, young, English speaking people on Twitter seem to believe in, is that Navalny is, in fact, controlled opposition, kept alive “just in case”. Navalny’s father is Ukrainian, but he has said some things on Ukraine that have deeply offended Ukrainians.

    I personally choose to think that people are people. Navalny is a Gemini Sun/Venus oppose Sagittarius Neptune, and Virgo Moon. Despite Mercury in solid Taurus, he has enough Mercurial traits to have contrasting thoughts and even change his mind.

    • Thanks. I’d posted a rebuttal to another’s “conspiracy” post but guess it was removed.

      Controlled opposition and a Gemini? Oy! When I think of Gemini, the two women nutcase politicians in the US (MTG and Boebert) come immediately to mind.

      There’s far too much in flux to filter out the good from debris in that portion of the world.

  6. Prof. Paul Rogers from the University of Bradford was on the radio this morning and mentioned that next year, if I got this correctly, Putin will have to stand down, because of the current rules regarding Russian presidency. The professor then mentioned Nikolai Patrushev as the possible next leader. Patrushev was born on 11 July 1951, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Could you write an add-on just looking at his near-term future? Thank you!

    • @Chris, I believe that, before the invasion of Ukraine, Putin put forth a proposal that was approved by Russian voters allowing him to serve additional terms so that he could effectively serve for life.

  7. I heard on New Zealand news that Putin left Moscow in a plane, when he heard that Wagner were heading to Moscow. So Solaia is quite right, the man has shown his cowardly hand.

    • @Delia, not certain whether Putin was on the plane, this plane also made some strange runs when assault of Kyiv was failing the first voices of Putin using a nuke emerged. But in this case, I actually think Putin was in and heading to either St. Peterburg or one of his Karelian datchas. Some saw it as an odd choice since Prigo also is from St. Petersburg, but I’d say Putin still has more “pull” at his home ground. Everybody in administration there is “made” by Putin.

  8. Oh, snap. Prigozhin is turning back and is ready “to negociate”. Somehow, I still feel this some kind of staged pretense to get out of Ukraine, anyhow. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Transiting Neptune is barely moving right now and therefore very powerful, with the station retrograde less than a week away. Confusion may therefore reign for the next couple of weeks ….

      • A strong Mercury in Gemini square a stationary Neptune in Pisces, both planets in their own signs reflecting all the fog and fuzziness, smoke and mirrors around this event. Nobody seems to know what has happened to Prigozhin today (yet another Gemini), whether a deal was brokered (Venus was transit Prigo’s Mars in Leo at the time, so I wonder), who knows? But that Mercury/Neptune is fertile ground for endless speculation on whether the attempted insurrection was staged or real or something else.

    • Rats leaving early…

      From Kyiv Independent: “Media: Jets belonging to Russian elite leave Moscow

      by Alexander Query June 24, 2023 8:14 PM 1 min read

      At least six planes belonging to top Russian officials and businessmen have left Moscow amid the rebellion launched by Wagner mercenaries, Russia’s Vazhnye Isorii investigative journalism project reported on June 24, citing data from the Flightradar24 flight tracking site.

      Two planes belonging to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin flew from Moscow to St. Petersburg earlier on June 24, while a business jet belonging to Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg landed in Baku around 3 p.m. local time, Vazhnye Istorii reported.

      Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denys Manturov’s plane reportedly landed in Turkey around noon. ”


    • So that’s the end of Wagner then, at least the mercenary operations branch. Agreements will likely not be kept. He’ll be served some nice hot black Russian tea with added substances that will not be good for his health. As Solaia says, seems like a ruse to get out of Ukraine.

  9. P could be dead. It’s like the stories of the Roman empire:change of control;factions of army in rebellion and fighting each other/marching on Rome.(see Otho , Maximus trax ,others)

    • @tommywho: you could be right. The rumours in Moscow last Friday were just that. It is also interesting to note that all the public statements are recorded and fairly brief. Deep fakes have come a long way and it would be quite possible to use AI for that, to preserve the status quo. Something is being covered up, that’s for sure. But I could also just be guilty of wishful thinking, of course.

  10. Living in the Pacific time zone I always feel late to the party, lol. But I want to add a few things. If Putin’s birthtime of 9:30 am Oct 7 1952 is correct, then transiting Uranus at 21°25′ Taurus has just recently squared his MC at 21°12′ Leo and is moving on to square his Pluto at 22°43′ Leo while Mars at 20°28′ Leo is also attacking his MC. Prigozhin’s natal Uranus at 22°08′ Leo is conjunct Putin’s Pluto so perhaps there was always the potential for him to challenge Putin’s authority. Mars is also conjunct Prigozhin’s Uranus and in mid-June was conjunct his natal Mars at 14°09′ Leo all of which would get him pretty riled up (this is all based on a noon birthtime).

    But what really wowed me was Prigozhin’s solar arc directed chart. His Mars is at 13°23′ Libra and Uranus at 21°22′ Libra are exactly conjunct Putin’s 13° Libra Sun and 21° Libra Neptune. To me this represents Prigo’s threat to Putin (Mars on his Sun) and also his rebellion (Uranus) against Putin’s lies and corruption (Neptune). I noticed Prigozhin’s secondary progressed Jupiter at 1°12′ Aquarius Rx is closely conjunct Ukraine’s natal Saturn at 1°31′ Aquarius Rx while his progressed Uranus at 25°06′ Leo is conjunct Ukraine’s Jupiter at 25°58′ Leo. Also in his natal chart, his north Node at 0°35′ Virgo Rx is conjunct Ukraine’s Sun and his Moon may be in the vicinity of Ukraine’s ascendant-Uranus-Neptune conjunction. So perhaps no matter what happens he will indirectly aid Ukraine, especially since he is calling the motivation for the war into question.

    I did think something big might happen with the May 5th lunar eclipse exactly on the Russian Revolution Sun at 14°58′ Scorpio to the minute if you use the 2:12 am November 8, 1917 NS chart suggested by Campion as the primary horoscope for communist Russia (Book of World Horoscopes p. 262). Although this is outside the usual plus or minus 6 weeks suggested for the impact of lunar eclipses (which I’m not sure I believe in anymore anyway) Prigozhin did make a big stink at that time threatening to pull out of Bakhmut so perhaps this revolt was already beginning to stew. The lunar eclipse was also on the Pluto and opposite the Venus of the June 12, 1990 “Declaration of Sovereignty” chart for Russia.

    Prigozhin is pretty brutal so I feel odd about cheering him on, but at the same time his march to Moscow may draw fire away from Ukraine and allow it to make progress on the battlefield, and perhaps we will see another revolt in Belarus that will overturn that government. The Russian military can’t fight all these battles at once. Absolutely astonishing and as Marjorie said, perhaps another black swan event which the astrology nevertheless seemed to point to!

    • @Laurien, on the other hand, some of the Pacific Time “nighties” who’ve been on “Wagner Watch” for years were the first ones to come up with relevant commentary when most of the Europe slept.

      Personally know the coming night will be brutal for me, since I was happy sipping champagne and watching a movie with husband, our Midsummer Night tradition for years now, when the first news of the mutiny broke. I think I stayed up until 2.30 am, so haven’t had too much sleep. And now, I have to see this unfold.

      • True enough! I’m usually an early to bed-er and then have animals to feed etc. first thing when I arise…by the time I get to comment there’s usually a huge long thread! It does sound like you are going to be tired but it’s all worth it to watch history unfold!

    • Not likely. Another strongman will rise to replace Putin…and the beat goes on. All are chess pieces in the game of world dominion.

    • Nothing looking cheerful on his chart for several years ahead – although in the unlikely event of him getting out he’d probably have health issues to worry about.

  11. Thank you Marjorie, and thank you Solaia for your detailed knowledge. What strange times we live in? This event certainly further undermines Putin’s regime and whatever the fate of Prigo himself, there is no coming back form his exposure of Putin’s weakening hold on power.

    I’ve always quite liked the 862 chart for Russia, it has 17 degree fixed sign planets for example which seem to be triggered by transit during key moments of Russian history, as well as a sting-in-the- tail 29 degree Scorpio Ascendant and it has Pluto 18 Aries in the 4th house and Moon/Uranus/Mars in the 8th. The May lunar eclipse this year was 14 degrees Scorpio. I see Russia as a highly Scorpio/Plutonic nation. Its Venus at 17 Scorpio and Mars at 16 Leo (Prigo also has Mars here at 14) plus Neptune at 21 Aquarius (which is currently squared by transit Uranus in Taurus) was opposed and squared by the Uranus/Mars/North Node conjunction of last year in Taurus.

    • Thank you Marjorie – posted at the speed of light!

      VF – I also like the 862 chart for Russia, and those fixed degrees resonate through a number of later charts for Russia, and in the Putin 4th Term chart too.

      I noticed the Putin 4th Term chart has Uranus 29 Aries (square Pluto and Mars), where April’s Solar Eclipse happened. The Grand Cardinal Cross in 22nd/23rd July we’ve discussed recently with Sun, Pluto, and the Moon’s Nodes in Aries/Libra will also be there. There are a few earlier ‘triggers’ for the eclipse – 10th July Moon is in Aries, squaring the transiting Mercury opposition Pluto in Capricorn, for instance. The chart for the End of Soviet Russia, 5 September 1991, also has Moon at 29 Cancer, Pluto 17 Scorpio, Saturn 0 Aquarius. Prigozhin’s Saturn is 29 Capricorn. The early July trigger point for Pluto could involve lunar themes such as many people. The Nodes themselves may represent large groups, alliances, and so on?

      Also of potential interest is 2nd April, 1996, when the SSR was “set up by a treaty signed in the Kremlin” (Book of World Horoscopes). 17th April, 1996 had a Solar Eclipse, square Neptune, at 28 Aries.

      I am also wondering what this might all mean for the Wagner Group in Africa, and their lucrative gold exporting business…..

      And a big thank you to Solaia for her knowledge.

      • Thinking about July’s Grand Cardinal Cross and April Solar Eclipse, I noticed the following:

        NATO Treaty signed 4th April, 1949 (NATO website). The organisation itself was set up in August.
        April, 1949 has Jupiter 28 Capricorn, Moon’s Nodes 25 Aries. A Nodal Return in August.

        China, 1912, is due for a Nodal Return with NN at 28 Aries, the Nodes squaring onto Uranus at 28 Capricorn. Pluto returns to 28 Capricorn at the end of July. The Nodes are then 28 Aries/Libra too.

        USA Pluto 27 Capricorn opposing Mercury 24 Cancer. Nodes square Mercury with Mars in Libra aligning with the South Node in October, Pluto 27 Capricorn. There’s the Solar Eclipse 21 Libra in October as well.

        Whatever the outcome of this military uprising, it seems clear that ‘the shockwaves will ripple in several directions’ as Marjorie wrote. Even if it is quashed quickly, it has shaken things up, and shaken up the thinking of various experts and analysts. And, I would suspect, ‘allies’ such as China, have much to consider as well.

  12. The 8 November 1917 Chart is historically also the start of the Russian Civil War which lasted over 5 years until 16 June 1923. Ironically the 100th anniversary of its end was just over a week ago. The last civil war claimed an estimated 7 million lives.

    • @Hugh Fowler, Putin just compared the situation to 1917 and I was thinking about who does he identify with? Certainly not Nicholas II, who was driven out of his palace and to an exile? Or unfortunate leaders of February Revolution.

      Personally, I’m happy we are not part of that mess this time. Although we are on alert. Just saw what’s definitely a Pohjanmaa Class vessel patrolling outside Helsinki, on what’s boarder of our territorial waters.

      • NATO is delighted to have Finland join. Congrats to lovely Finland! Meanwhile, Czar Putin’s reference to 1917 must have provoked more international head-scratching since… forever. Maybe it’s a classic case of hubris on Putin’s part.

  13. Thank you for a “permanent record” forum for thoughts on what’s happening in Russia. I guess us astrologers were the only people besides Ukrainians and some Russian dissidents, most prominently Garri Gasparov seeing where this was heading. Yet, the speed of it all is stunning.

    It will take some time to wrap everything up, since most of the information we have now comes from Telegram channels.

    I see that Western experts are currently giving Prigozhin – further referred to as “Prigo” – and Wagner low chances for success. However, I would ask experts to define success. They actually seem to be thinking Prigo aims to installing himself as President of Russian Federation. Somehow, I think this is not his goal. He is driven by something else. I’d say spite and revenge towards Ministry of Defense “ditto heads”, who were not strong enough to advice Putin against a full scale invasion of Ukraine, and messing with his incredibly lucrative business as a warlord. And this is a big driving force in lower ranks of Russian Military, too. You can also see it on how Military greeted Wagner troops in Rostov area early hours today. Putin’s war messed with their business, which was essentially stealing from MoD. These people hate the business distruption.

    What they lack is Prigo’s undeniable ability to carry on a revenge. I posted a question on Prigo here early November 2022, because this is when I first saw something was brewing at Wagner, and thought that this guy, not FSB and GRU, would be the first to move. Astrology confirmed my thoughts on Prigo being the toughest one in the ring, the most likely to act. Even if it costed him his life. Finnish Twitter savvy war historian Jussi Jalonen said it well today – Prigo is willing to hang on Red Square rather than give in. Russians – and I’d say Slavs in general, since this is even truer to Polish and Ukrainian people – tend venerate failed rebels, no matter how they acted in life.

    Where this will go in the next 48-72 hours depends, IMO, of the following:

    1) Where does FSB REALLY stand? It was reported Prigo has been stockpiling ammo claiming shortage for months. Yet this apparently went undetected. Surely, there must be FSB and GRU operatives within Wagner.

    2) Is Putin willing to step out and do a Yeltsin on a car type of stunt? I already know, he won’t.

    3) How does the Russian public feel? They seem to have sympathy for Wagner. They’ve had recruits from all parts of Russia, even bigger city suburbs where Russian Army has issues recruiting, because the group pays well. There are countless apartments and even houses paid with Wagner money, all over Russia.

    In any case, Prigo has challenged Putin’s image as a strong leader no-one dares to challenge. It may be just a small wound, but sharks will smell the blood.

  14. Thank you Marjorie for putting this up so quickly. I still get mixed up with the fixed stars. However, isn’t Progozhin’s Argol in the 8th house of Politics ( also ironically in Taurus – food) trine his North Node in 12th house Virgo? Perhaps he has been secretly planning this since Pluto entered Aquarius squaring Argol? Interestingly is South Node is conjunct is Chiron in 6th house which is ruled by Virgo. Perhaps there is some long term angst that has come to a head.

    • @Helen, no confirmed TOB for Prigo, and some questions on his actual DOB, too, so I wouldn’t look at the house positions too much.

  15. Marjorie,

    Would you take a look at Belarus too? It’s been reported that it’s believed that Lukashenko is currently taking refuge in Turkey at the moment and the Kalinouski Regiment (who is against Lukashenko) is calling for attacks.

    Could Belarus also be headed for a civil war or coup too?

    • @ Chris Romero, if Lukashenko himself is gone, there’s basically nothing keeping his regime going. He is almost universally hated in Belarus, and the whole thing will collapse the moment he flees.

      That said, I think it’s only his family that has fled. I think I said this in a thread on Lukashenko, but unlike Putin, he is actually a physically courageous person, he has Mars in Capricorn trining Sun and conjunct DC. I know people who’ve played hockey with him (long story), and unlike Putin, he is actually quite capable and tough player. Definitely would rather die fighting than flee.

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