The two faces of India – Modi and Arundhati Roy

Despite suffering a dip in popularity at the recent elections forcing him into a coalition Narendra Modi shows no signs of easing up his totalitarian grip. India’s most famous author Arundhati Roy is to be prosecuted under the controversial new anti-terrorism law over remarks she made in 2010 about Kashmir. In recent years she has become an outspoken critic of Modi’s government and the laws targeting minorities.

  Modi was sworn in as prime minister for a 3rd Term around 7.30pm on 9 June 2024 which gives a Gemini Sun in a downbeat square to Saturn; a deeply buried financial 8th house Cancer Moon trine Neptune and possibly most significant a ruthless Mars square Pluto.

  The Mars Pluto hints that the move away from liberal policies is likely to continue though how well it succeeds is open to question.

  Modi’s own personal chart, 17 September 1950 also has a ruthless Mars square Pluto which is being upended by tr Uranus opposition the Mars exactly now and repeating on and off into early 2025. Though he may get an uplift from tr Uranus square his Jupiter after mid 2025. His relationship chart with India  hints at increasing problems for him from 2026 onwards with tr Uranus in Gemini causing upsets.

 Arundhati Roy, 24 November 1961, is a Sun and Mars in outspoken Sagittarius square Pluto Uranus, so has courage, grit and a rebellious spirit. Her Jupiuter in Aquarius  is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and inconjunct Uranus so she will be adventurous, a risk-taker and humanitarian.

  Her Solar Arc Mars is exactly square her Neptune now for a panicky, undermining moment; with hints of setbacks to her activist campaigning in 2026 with her SA Mercury conjunct her Saturn. 2025/26 look particularly fraught with risk for her with tr Saturn Neptune square her Mars/Saturn midpoint. Then tr Uranus starts to rattle up her Sun Mars square Uranus Pluto for several years – a bumpy road ahead.

 Roy’s relationship with Modi is similarly rattled this year and on till 2026 with tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn, square the composite Pluto; tr Pluto square the composite Neptune and then tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars. Nothing that will be resolved soon.  

NB. Kashmir does seem to be a peculiarly sensitive subject for India, being one of the unsolved partition muddles after the botched British exit in 1947.

3 thoughts on “The two faces of India – Modi and Arundhati Roy

  1. These people are criminals. What is the point of lipstick on a pig with these people? The UK set are not different. Another bunch of criminals. People have stopped voting or caring about these superflous people asset stripping with NeoLiberalism. The paradigm is changing. Few people will be concerned about BJP UK Sunak or AKP Turkey Erdogan or CIA Sisi Egypt. What is the difference? The list goes on.

  2. Here are Arundati’s aspect to Chiron and BML. Click magnifier to enlarge.
    Chiron aspect to Sun, examples, Jim Jones, Susan Atkins. In childhood if we lacked
    being the centre of attention with our parents, we may suffer the wound of narcissism.
    We always seek the experience of centrality and only regard others as extensions of
    Chiron-Uranus often brings difficulties with authority. Our rebellion and our wound
    is an inability to accept a higher authority, than our own personal choice.
    BML aspect Venus, Ceres….when you were a child you may have watched discord
    in your parents’ relationship giving you no solid template on how to navigate this
    area of life. As a resul, the people you attract in can trigger this trauma within in
    competition can be a theme for you. With the soft aspects here you can become
    a champion for women’s causes and changing the collective idea of a woman’s role.

  3. Modi’s (natal and term) Mars square Pluto is described as ruthless, yet Arundhati Roy’s described as “courage, grit with a rebellious spirit.” I think she is an amazing activist and writer, and she embodies the positive expression of living a Mars square Pluto, while I see Modi as its ultimate evil incarnation.

    Arundhati Roy also has a focal Saturn in Capricorn yod, if you were to accept North node (Leo) sextile Gemini moon.

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