Beckham – for richer and richer

David and Victoria Beckham, the UK’s answer to the Kardashians (almost) are finding their brand image is ricocheting from the upswing of last year’s Netflix documentary boost to a definite downer in a snidey Tom Bower unauthorised biography about the couple, known unkindly as ‘Thin and Thick.’ Reviews suggest it is not one of Bower’s best, merely rehashing old scandals about David’s infidelities and hinting at their opaque tax affairs. But despite constant stories about impending splits they roll on smiling gamely for the cameras. They’ve been married for almost 25 years and together are worth £455 million.

  Whether or not this resurrection of old scandals is likely to undermine their money-making brand and socially ambitious yearnings is what is intriguing reviewers.

  I’ve always wondered about Victoria’s Mars Saturn conjunction in Gemini  – 17 April 1974 10.07 am (unverified) Hereford, which will give her a capacity to absorb punishment and put up with less than ideal situations, almost masochistic – but it is being undermined this year and next by tr Neptune square (backed next year by tr Saturn). She looks rattled but will march valiantly onwards through the end of this year at least. She is a Sun Aries opposition Uranus.

 David, 2 May 1975 6.17am London, is a Taurus Sun with (on this birth time) an uncommitted, evasive Neptune in his 7th house of relationships. He looks less than thrilled at the moment now into 2025; with his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Midheaven and Moon plus a disruptive tr Pluto square his Uranus.

  As mentioned in previous post (see October 13 2023) his Chiron is conjunct her Sun which will bring a strong connection. And their relationship chart is a complicated entanglement of two yods – one a stratospherically ambitious one onto a go-ahead Mars Sun; and the other a teeth-gritting Mars sextile Saturn in conjunct Neptune hinting at the fantasy image of happy families they project.

  Composite yods do hint that the pair have a fated connection, not necessarily happy, but one which moulds both their lives significantly.  Their togetherness underwent a serious strain when tr Uranus moved into Taurus in 2019/20 and will face another as tr Pluto squares the composite Venus, Mercury, Sun and Mars between now and 2028.

All a nonsense and hardly important but the astrology is worth absorbing.

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  1. “I was going to [wear Victoria Beckham] and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress. She didn’t say you can’t wear it; I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s where it started, and then they ran with that,” she told Variety in the feature story about her husband, Brooklyn, 23.

    Nicky to People Magazine.

  2. Capricorn and Aquarius moon – two people who probably have shallow insight into how they personally feel about anything. It works for them because neither digs too deep. And superficially they have ticked all the boxes – marriage, children, riches, successful careers. If you aren’t too deep or philosophical – what’s more to want in life?!

    Victoria doesn’t have any earth and only one fixed planet (her moon) – David has Taurus Sun-Mercury / Cap moon to bring the stability to her grand trine/kite. There are some nice crossovers with his mars in pisces to her jupiter-venus and his gemini venus to her mars-saturn; plus neptune is in the mix too. So the superficial attraction and illusion is in there.

    My guess is they’re like most of the shallow couples I’ve met. Lots of underlying irritation because their partner does things which annoy them and they don’t have the insight/skills to know how to make themselves happy, or resolve those differences with the other. Lots of superficial meals/holidays/parties which paper over the unhappiness by being something to look forward to and enjoy at the time before the next low precedes the need to come up with the next thing …

  3. One thing I’m not clear on is where does one get an accurate time of birth for him?
    I’m always suspicious of moon signs in the last or first degree and its 29 degrees and 51 minutes, so close to Aquarius.

    • It’s from a biography of him according to the databank and is Rodden B-rated. I’m sure you’re experienced enough to know its accuracy is always in question because it 1) requires the clock to be correct 2) the person who reads it to read it properly and 3) to do so at the correct moment. My rule of thumb would be to assume a published birthtime is later than the actual – as looking at the clock is not the priority at the moment of birth. But that’s not to preclude that it could be earlier.

      I’d say he is probably Cap moon though – he is apparently somewhat obsessive (used to practice free kicks for hours) and lines up all the stuff in the fridge. Trying to find emotional happiness by rearranging the imperfections he sees in the world.

      It’s interesting that back in 1998 – when transit Neptune was on his moon – it was when he became famous and then vilified for being sent off during the England World Cup game against Argentina. Also around the time he was falling in love with Victoria.

  4. Victoria’s Mars/Saturn is in square to Pluto – just out if sign, but it will make that Mars/Saturn even more turbocharged, even more controlled. In order to maintain the surface perfection for the cameras and articles in Hello, there’s a heck of a lot of self discipline and determination involved. That’s the feeling I get personally when I look at these two. There’s so much work gone into it, so much gloss, you can’t imagine this as a relaxed, chilled relationship behind the scenes. It’s heavily maintained and marketed.

    What’s so interesting is that Victoria was reported to have fallen out with her daughter-in-law, the heiress Nicola Peltz, over a wedding dress designed by Victoria which Nicola refused to wear. Nicola – who has reputation for being verbally abusive towards her staff – is not an easy personality either. She has a T Square on Pluto/Venus/Jupiter in Scorpio/Sagittarius with Mars in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces. Her Pluto at 29 Scorpio squares Victoria’s Moon/Ceres in Aquarius – ouch! It’s interesting because astro patterns in families tend to repeat in the astrology of the spouse.

    • “…astro patterns in families tend to repeat in the astrology of the spouse.”

      How fascinating. If my parents were abusive, would that suggest their parents were abusive?

      Thanks, VF.

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