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  1. Hi Marjorie
    I just saw the new Federer documentary about his last 12 days in tennis. One of the things that stands out is his closeness to Nadal had despite their rivalry. Both were class acts and I’m curious what’s in their relationship chart that made them able to be fierce competitors while genuinely care and respect each other.

  2. Donald Sutherland has died, one of my favourite actors. He was born 17/7/35, Saint John, Canada. A great loss to stage and screen.

    • Yes, wonderful actor!

      To clarify the place of birth, it was Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada which is often confused with Saint John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.


  3. How about Jack Draper? He won his first ATP tournament last week in Germany and he has just beaten Carlos Alcaraz at Queens!

  4. The latest YouGov poll is predicting Labour 425 seats, Cons 108, LibDems 67, SNP 20, Reform 5 and Greens 2

    It seems like we are headed towards:
    – the Conservative Party becoming the far Right – probably to end up merging with Farage/Reform
    – Starmer has remolded Labour to appeal to Conservative voters and therefore they will become the new Conservative party
    – the LibDems will replace old Labour and become the left-of-centre party.

    It certainly feels to me like the political spectrum is about to be upended by Pluto in Aquarius. Throw in a few Independent candidates and maybe even new parties being formed.

  5. Sir Ian McKellen (born 25 May 1939 at Burnley, Lancashire, England, according to Wikipedia)) had a nasty fall and was hospitalised when performing at a play at the Noel Coward Theatre in central London.

    Anything showing up on his charts?

  6. I have looked around the web for the current detailed astrology for Rishi Sunak, but with limited success. This may be because many sites say they do not have a time of birth. But with a bit of digging, I have actually found one; posted by an Indian astrologer now living in the US. If the time is close to being accurate, we might get a more detailed understanding of his situation/behaviour. So, 12/5/1980; 21.50; Southampton, UK.

  7. Hello Marjorie and Astro followers. What does astrology say about Lee Anderson on 4th & 5th July Election? Are things looking ok for him to keep his seat? With thanks & Kind regards.

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    According to recent articles from the Associated Press (AP) and Newsweek, are reporting that the Russian Ruble is now plummeting as a result of new sanctions imposed by the United States. The Moscow Exchange has suspended trade in U.S. Dollars and Euros as a result of the new sanctions.

    I was wondering if you had anything, astrologically, to add to this current situation.

    • If Putin’s 5th term chart is sound at 12 noon it has Neptune and Mars in the financial 8th both of which are bad news. So the economy may haunt him through this next stretch. And the Bank of Russia chart is very trapped, frustrated and scared this year into late 2025.

  9. On al lighter note. Wimbledon Tennis is on soon. I remember the revolt by the players many years ago. It would be interesting to see what the outlook for Wimbledon is and the passing of Murray’s Crown to the young Jack Draper.

  10. On the Farage post, Hugh Fowler mentioned the Tory Tamworth Manifesto chart (18th Dec 1834).

    I looked it up … and it has Jupiter at 4 Gemini 11. It’s experiencing it’s Jupiter Return right now!

    How to reconcile this with the opinion polls?

    • Interesting spot, Candy! You prompted me to look at Robert Peel, founder of the modern Conservative Party, the Met, and author of the Tamworth Manifesto. He also has Jupiter in Gemini, 16 degrees, trine his Aquarian Sun. At the time of the election, tr Jupiter will be conjunct his natal Chiron. The August full Moon, 27 Aquarius, is close to his Saturn, and inconjunct his natal Uranus, 27 Cancer. Tr Jupiter squares Saturn at 17 degrees that day too – a t-square with UK Mercury in Sagittarius and some kind of legalistic flavour to all that I think. Can only imagine what he might be thinking of them all now……

      • Something else to ponder – the resignation of Tory PM Ted Heath, March 1974, amidst UK turmoil, had Jupiter 28 Aquarius, Saturn 27 Gemini, Uranus 27 Libra. Conservative Party 1912 has Pluto 27 Gemini. August’s Full Moon shines on it all……

      • What do you think this means, Jane? How do think this might impact the election? (Though I’m American my seven years at school in England bred in me a fascination with UK politics.)

        • I don’t know Nicole! I just posted on Marjorie’s Nigel Farage post – both charts for the Labour Party are also in line for that disruptive Full Moon square Uranus. Yes, turmoil in the UK but I begin to wonder if there’s a much bigger picture – particularly as our election will be over by then. Good old ‘world events’ and those ‘interesting times’ may surprise us all.

      • With Jupiter at 4Gemini .. transiting Uranus will be hitting that in about 2026 – 27; probably along with trine from Pluto in Aqua. Should be empowering for them – will be interesting to see if anything comes up.

        Go the other way and transiting Pluto in Sag would have been opposing that Jupiter in 1997-98 when they had just lost biggly.

        • Just looked up Pluto at 4Sag11 in Dec 1996, May 1997 and Oct 1997 – doesn’t get much more accurate than that

          This time Pluto at 4Gem11 in Feb 2026, Aug 1st, Dec while Uranus is there in mid-July, November 2026 and April 2027. Bascially July where both are at 4Gem

          • JenniferE – I do. Nice little trine aspect in the July with Neptune stationing at 4Aries25 at the same time and Jupiter at 4Leo …. seem to recall Marjorie flagged this set of aspects up in a post a month or so ago

          • Hi Gnarly Dude,

            That Pluto transit in May 1997, suggests this is the right chart.

            I looked up Dec 2019, and tr Mercury was opposite that Jupiter on election day.

            This time, there is a Jupiter return … but tr Pluto is exactly conjunct the natal Neptune, which accounts for the confused, dissolved Tory campaign. Is the Jupiter return more powerful than the Pluto transit to Neptune, or vice versa?

          • Hi Candy – even though there is correspondence between those dates; I’m inclined to go with 1912 chart. Its Sun-Saturn at 21Taurus seems to have taken a battering from transiting Uranus the past couple of years – it feels like they’ve been resisting the transit by going even further rightwing (saturn). Plus transiting Neptune has been squaring 1912 Pluto in Gemini – thereby diluting some of their power.

            But you’re right about the Tory campaign. We’re halfway through and it’s like they’ve given up and don’t have any kind of campaign anymore.

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