Alex Jones – intentionally cruel for profit

Rabble-rousing, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones amplified the appalling suffering of the parents of the 20 Sandy Hook children killed by a mass shooter in December 2012 by claiming it was a “false-flag operation” and the parents were paid ‘crisis actors’. What was worse was that he did not believe a word of his hoax claims but knew that spouting the damaging nonsense would bring a spike in his radio audience and a boost in his revenue stream. And that is evil.

   Even more unbelievable is that 24% of Americans actually believe what he said was true. The parents suffered years of harassment, death and rape threats. They sued Jones and won but to date he has paid nothing and continues to broadcast. A documentary The Truth v Alex Jones just out was described by one reviewer as “a harrowing, borderline unbearable watch.”

 What is of astro-note is that the Sandy Hook mass shooting occurred with Neptune at zero degree Pisces starting its 13 year reign of terror, intent on twisting the truth – mind-bending, reality-distorting, politically damaging with Trump at its core. Neptune exits Pisces in 2025. and not before time. with a faint hope that sanity might be restored.

  Alex Jones, 11 February 1974 11.43pm Dallas, Texas, has his Sun Jupiter in Aquarius sitting on his Midheaven in a heavyweight square to a bullyboy Mars in Taurus; with an attention-demanding 5th house Pluto. He has an Air Grand Trine of Sun Jupiter Midheaven trine Saturn in Gemini and South Node trine Moon Uranus in his 5th. He is a thinker and communicator, not a feeler – and while seemingly not overly avaricious, he craves an audience and ego-boosts. The Tr Uranus square tr Pluto of 2012 were tugging on his prima-donna 5th house Pluto. And transiting Neptune into Pisces was moving across his 10th for a decade of spreading damaging fabrications.

  Both Pisces and Aquarius tend to get distorted in soundbyte astrology – Pisces = mushy compassion and Aquarius = humanitarian idealists.  In action Pisces can be chillingly inhumane, evasive and downright dishonest when in negative mode. Aquarius can be hustlers, out for their own benefit, not spilling over with unconditional love for their fellow brothers and sisters with some having a tendency to become true believers and fanatics.

Born around the same month as Jones was right-wing Sarah Palin and John Gotti Jnr, an American former mobster, acting boss of the Gambino crime family from 1991 to 1999. An earlier Aquarius was Jorg Haider, the Austrian Nazi politician, 26 January 1950, who was a Sun Jupiter Venus in Aquarius trine Mars Neptune in Libra so relatively similar to Jones.

  A heavy Air concentration can lack empathy and produce ideologues – fanatically attached to a theoretical ideal.

  Jones ahead has tr Uranus square his Jupiter now and into early 2025 for a lucky break, plus tr Jupiter moving over his Ascendant this year also for an undeserved uplift.       Though tr Neptune square his Saturn also this year into next will bring uncertainty. It could be another three or four years before he gets a proper comeuppance with his SA Saturn square his Mars and opposition his Sun and following that opposition his Jupiter. But tr Neptune and tr Saturn moving out of his 10th into his 11th from 2025 onwards will shift his compass in a new direction which may leave him flummoxed about what comes next.

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    • Some countries in Central America (I think Honduras or El Salvador) and now some red states in the US have prosecuted women for miscarriages (usually poor Black or Latino women) under the misguided claim that miscarriage equals abortion equals murder.

  1. Aug. 25, 2023, a retired police officer walked into a very small ‘watering hole’, isolated location neighborhood bar, where he shot several people. Kitchen and bar employees were forced to crouch down in place while bullets raced overhead for several long excrutiating minutes. A survivor of the shooting took pictures of where bodies had been shot. The surface areas and floor was sealed concrete, so blood pooled in place and was easily seen. There were drag and movement streaks left where paramedics had triaged the bodies before transport. These pictures of the bloody aftermath, which were not made public but only shared amongst the survivor’s FB friends, were horrific.

    Althought the U.S. will never do so, I am convinced if we publicly showed the bloodspill after a mass shooting, to get some idea of how devastating the wounds are based on visual blood loss, that the public would not be so tolerant of public space shootings. Instead, we do not allow such photos to be made or shown to the public. We clean up and restore everything as fast as possible in order to reopen for business. I think if the Sandy Hook massacre was a bit more visibly apparent, people would take mass shooting a lot more seriously.

    • It’s just baffling as to why someone would dedicate their life to hurting and harming others in this way. You see this kind of nasty behaviour online too. But looking at Jones, you can hardly believe that he’s only just 50 – the hatred and anger are deeply etched into his face.

  2. Thank you for the “faint hope that sanity may be restored” next year.

    I recall that the red scares and witch hunts engendered by Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s had a long reach. Even though his tactics and political dominance were effectively curtailed by the Army-McCarthy Hearings in 1954, the influence of his bogus anti-communist crusades survived well into the mid-1960s. At that time I had a high school sociology teacher who spouted his vile rhetoric, labeling people like Eleanor Roosevelt communists and trying to indoctrinate his students with his right-wing ideology, while lauding the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

    Alex Jones is cut from the same cloth as McCarthy but may have far wider and more insidious influence these days.

    • Ironically there have been more people fired and silenced in the current wave of ideology in America than during the McCarthy witchhunts.

      • I think the people targeted now are more numerous and more widespread, whereas in the McCarthy era it was people working primarily in certain sectors. I know that my father, who worked for the US Information Agency, loathed by McCarthy, was put on notice three times that his job would be eliminated because of McCarthy’s “investigations,” though he managed to survive. State Department employee Paul Child, husband of renowned cookbook author Julia Child, was specifically targeted. And of course many people in the entertainment industry were blacklisted.

        In the modern era, when you look at the spillover effects, such as DeSantis’ and Abbott’s rampages at the public colleges and universities in their states and the voluntary departures of many professors who don’t want to work under the new regimes, it’s probably hard to calculate the real numbers impacted. And then you need to add in the LGBTQ+ people who feel in danger and no longer comfortable living and working in increasingly hostile environments; many have opted to move out of state.

        • Actually there are people keeping score of the ammount of college professors medical professionals authors etc etc who have had their careers ruined by the ideology you mentioned.

          • Thanks! That doesn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t want to live in that chilling environment. I know that states like Idaho that have criminalized abortion and miscarriage care have lost vast numbers of OB/GYNS, especially those dealing with high-risk pregnancies. They’re becoming deserts for maternity care.

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