South Africa – struggling to realise the dream ++ Ramaphosa sworn in

The South African election setback for the ANC, which has held power since 1994,  has led to a national unity coalition government to the relief of most voters, tired of high levels of poverty, inequality and crime, power cuts and corruption in party ranks. Though Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC will remain president which is not altogether positive.

 Nelson Mandela must be despairing from beyond to see what his lifelong freedom struggle against apartheid has turned into.

 The South Africa, 31 May 1910, chart does have a lucky, sighs-of-relief Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Uranus this year. Though there is still a discouraging tr Pluto square the Saturn this year and next; with 2026/27 looking panicky and trapped with SA Pluto square the Neptune and then Mars.

 The new South Africa 27 April 1994 11am Pretoria chart, a Sun Mercury in Taurus, reflects disruptions from this August onwards into 2025 with a rebellious electorate from tr Uranus opposition the Pluto Moon. There will be a considerable setback in 9 months from SA Saturn conjunct the Mars; and instability in 2026/27 from SA Uranus square the Pluto; and major confusion up to 2030. Nothing that suggests this government will wave a magic wand to cure problems.

 The ANC, 8 January 1912, is facing a disruptive and insecure year with tr Uranus conjunct the Mars exactly now, running into early 2025; and an influence/power-sapping tr Neptune square the Pluto this year as well as a an enthusiasm-denting SA Saturn square its Jupiter. So remarkably descriptive of recent events. 2027/28 look troubled and unsuccessful years – so again nothing that looks like a sudden turnaround.  

 Cyril Ramaphosa, 17 November 1952, Soweto, is a controlling Sun Moon Scorpio square Pluto with a harsh Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus square Neptune Saturn in Libra. He looks thoroughly rattled this year into early 2025 with tr Uranus opposing his Sun and square his Pluto.

 The modern 1994 South Africa chart looks more than unsettled inn the second half of this decade with tr Pluto square the Sun, tr Neptune conjunct the Mars and tr Uranus square the Saturn.  Maybe the 2030s will be kinder.

  Ramaphosa is due to be sworn in on June 19th around 11 am which does not look inspiring, no matter the time, with a Sun square Neptune. Plus a risky/ruthless and frustrating Mars square Pluto. And if it is 11am there are several yods – hinting at strain.

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  Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in on June 19th at 12.24 pm. This puts a charm-offensive Sun Venus on the Midheaven on the focal point of a yod inconjunct a Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto – the Moon is also opposition an 8th house Uranus – all of which hints at a less than enraptured electorate and a good deal of strain as the government attempts to throw its weight around in a fairly erratic manner. The Sun square a lacklustre Neptune in the 6th is not encouraging or progressive with hints of employment problems from Neptune Saturn in the 6th – as well as financial/economic ones with Mars on the cusp of the 8th and Uranus in the 8th. There is likely also to be continuing problems with corruption with hidden Mars in the 8th in a ruthless square to Pluto. The unrealistic, impractical, indecisive Sun square Neptune moves by Solar Arc to exact by late 2025 so the coalition may not survive for long.

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  1. Today, Wednesday 19th June, 2024 at exactly 12.24, Cyril Ramaphosa raised his hand and said …after the oath, so help me God….
    At 12.25 he signed the papers as the re-elected President of the Republic of South Africa

  2. Hi Marjorie, thanks for the insight on South Africa’s future. Cyril Ramaphosa will be inaugurated on Wednesday 19 June 2024 at around 11 am which still looks disappointing for a president to be installed under the Gemini sun. His presidency is still going to be weak and be with a lack of control/authority. Many people don’t even think he will finish his term as he is governing under a coalition and he might be voted out sooner.

  3. Almost everything same as in India…despite election results for coalition Modi remains PM which is back to worse now with skyrocketing inflation on food n essentials in jobless economy full of corruption hopelessness totally puppet judiciary n executive to legislative to media ..evrything …n Gandhi would be in same dejection as Mandela in grave now

    I must congratulate Marjorie for correct prediction since I was wishing for the upset but she came true ..Modi did end up becoming PM as none is there to defeat him…experience of Orr deserves applause.

    Winston Churchill seems to b coming true…can’t say y colonies previous r never developed economies but it seems the wise men saw what v citizens refuse to c….the denial of prejudices within which as the joke goes cockroaches ..don’t let anyone get out of mess hence entire country stays in poverty

  4. Thank you Marjorie. Much appreciated as always.
    There is a superb article in the Daily Maverick by Tim Cohen, which sums up the situation brilliantly. I have copied it (and added the link below) for those who may not be able to access it:

    Why the ANC went with the DA and not the EFF:
    “Why this happened continues to amaze me. If you had asked me to bet two weeks ago whether the ANC would go in with the DA or the EFF, I would have given you ten-to-one odds they would go with the EFF. If you had asked me two weeks ago if the DA would go into a full, proportional coalition with the ANC, I would have given you ten-to-one against. And the reason is simple: whenever I see politicians in action, I default to pessimism. And yet, SA’s politicians have once again shocked us all with their common sense and maturity. Who would have thunk it?
    So why did the ANC go with the DA, whom both they and their allies have castigated as retrogressive and representative of the old order, instead of the EFF – the emotional preference for most members of the ANC’s NEC? And equality, why did the DA give up its hallowed role as the ‘official opposition’ to fully participate in government? 
    In truth, at this point fresh from the events of yesterday and last night, the participants will speak for themselves, so I am just speculating here. But I suspect it is analogous to five words spoken by the lead figure Logan Roy in the TV series Succession. Roy was the patriarch in a huge media empire (loosely based on Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp empire) and Roy’s three children, Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan were constantly fighting among themselves and with their ageing father about who would run the organisation when he stepped down. 
    The battles inside the organisation were septic to the point of loathsomeness; it was a fantastic series. Eventually, the three kids sorted out their enormous differences and confronted their father  to wrest control of the company from his tyrannical grip. They have a showdown and he says “I love you but you are not serious people.” And walks out. Drama!
    The DA and the ANC are divided by enormously different ideologies and histories. But what joins them is this: if the SA economy does not improve, the ANC will definitely lose more power than they have already and the party’s historical mission will be defunct. And the past 12 months since the joint ANC-business efforts at restoring SOE and fixing Transnet (maybe giving them a taste for collaboration) have been enormously successful. Going in with the EFF would risk all that progress. And the reason is that the EFF are not serious people. 
    It was so interesting to me that the EFF instantly recognised this harsh fact. All the shouting down of the president, all the antics in parliament, all the detestable racism, all the political grandstanding, and what happened this election? The EFF lost votes. More than that, the EFF now has competition for the prize of the most whacko economics from the MK party. 
    So, adept politicians that they are, the EFF decided that they would not try to disrupt parliament this time; they would nominate their candidates in a mature way and accept defeat. Great choice, because this is the first step toward becoming serious people. 
    For President Cyril Ramaphosa who had to endure the personal indignity of having his State of the Nation speeches repeatedly heckled live on national television, this must have been an especially satisfying moment. Karma is a bitch. Ramaphosa has proved an indecisive president but since negotiations are his happy space, he managed this round brilliantly, as you might expect. The EFF was reduced to calling a belated press conference on the day of the inauguration of parliament ‘demanding’ to meet with the ANC. They were ignored; they were busy. Ramaphosa gave them a chance to join a government of national unity; they turned him down because belligerence is their forte. And that’s the price you pay if you are not serious people.  And now, in the face of their anger at ending up on the sidelines, he has the perfect retort: I offered, you said no.
    Now, of course, this agreement between the AND and DA is extremely fragile. As many have pointed out, the DA’s legislative agenda and that of the ANC are enormously different. But let’s, for a second, double cross that bridge when we get to it and savour the moment. The incredible has happened: former foes have reached across the political divide for the sake of the nation. Honestly, what a fabulouw nano-second in history. 
    They have done their country proud, and we should bestow our greatest honour and describe them thus: They are serious people”.

    • V r in such a hopeless phase n v all know that v r now trying to conjure hope in hopelessness n conjure victory in defeat but truth slaps hard n as v suffer in india…corrupt need to b out of power n attention else nothing changes except getting worse. V r trying to scourge from bottom hope but it isn’t …it has to b built not imagined

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