Nigel Farage – an enthusiastic troublemaker ++ his ties with UK, Rishi and Boris

Nigel Farage, scourge of the Tories and the cartoonists’ delight, is represented today in political entymology as the death-watch beatle as well as Saturn devouring his father. A confirmed eurosceptic, he has been a thorn in the Tories’ side since Maastricht, being a founder member of UKIP, a catalyst for Brexit, with a jack-in-the-box propensity for bouncing back from obscurity. He is now leading the right-wing populist, anti-immigration and anti-net zero Reform Party, which in one poll is overtaking the Tories.

  Born 3 April 1964 4.30pm Farnborough, England, he has an intensely, determined 8th house Aries Sun which is conjunct the UK’s 7th house North Node, a key astro-influence at Brexit. He also has an exuberant 8th house Jupiter in Aries trine his Sagittarius 4th house Moon. His Saturn in Pisces is conjunct the UK’s Pluto, either giving him the ability to cooperate with the UK in significant matters of state and commerce – or his chaotic Saturn opposition Uranus (Pluto) blocks the UK’s capacity for constructive change  and gives rise to suspicion and political intrigue.

 He does have Jupiter moving across his midheaven exactly now for a year ahead for a boost. But tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint now to early September suggests losses and pessimism. Tr Pluto square his Venus/Mars midpoint until July 17th will be aggravated and prone to grudge matches and outbursts. From the 17th of this month tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Neptune midpoint = devastation, labouring under a tragic illusion, though it may not completely dent his good humour.  September on to early October looks undermining on the career-front.

  Not sure this adds up to him sailing into No 10 or even leading on the opposition benches. The Tories are terrified he’ll act as a spoiler, further diminishing their chances.

 What a muddle.

Add On:

Farage’s relationship chart with UK is dominated by a downbeat composite Saturn North Node opposition Neptune square Sun Mercury – so undermined by doubt and suspicion; though there is a ‘fated’ yod of Mercury sextile Mars inconjunct disruptive Uranus – which makes sense of him as the mischief-maker.

His relationship chart with Rishi Sunak also has a yod onto the composite Sun inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto – again tied together in a spooky way by political ambition but destined to wobble around erratically. With a firm-dislike and chilly Mars Venus opposition Saturn.

Farage’s relationship chart with Boris Johnson has an over-hopeful/disappointing composite Sun opposition Neptune and an exuberant composite Mars Jupiter conjunction but the latter  sits uneasily in trine/sextile to a Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn – and the composite Mars is logjammed this year and next.

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  1. I am hopeful that Marjorie will realize her actions in this comment section were unjust, uncalled for, and that she misunderstood and that even if she wanted to do something, she should have done it differently, slowly, and in another style. I hope she didn’t want to be intentionally rude, inhospitable, and offensive. It would be too sad to have hurt one of the best and most interesting commentators around and to have hounded him off the website because of, hopefully non-malicious, comment by Catherine, who should have stayed quiet and not have caused such a huge wave of uncalled for mess.

    • Nope. Evil is not a word to throw around lightly. And to suggest Keir Starmer who may be many things but on a par with Hitler etc etc is just nonsensical.
      Catherine’s remarks were justified. El Aznar’s response could have taken that on board rather than flaring up defensively

  2. Thanks for the add-on, Marjorie. So many spooky astro links! I noticed that Farage/UK composite has Sun 27 Aquarius, square Saturn in Taurus. August’s Full Moon is 27 Aquarius, square Uranus in Taurus. Conservative PM Ted Heath resigned in 1974 when Jupiter was 28 Aquarius, trining Saturn 27 Gemini and Uranus 27 Libra. Conservatives 1912 have Pluto, 27 Gemini. Conservatives 1867 have Jupiter 28 Aquarius square Saturn 25 Scorpio. Something seems to reach a lunar peak in August, but no idea what that might be. Labour 1900 have Mars 28 Aquarius. Labour 1906 Jupiter 27 Taurus too.

    • Still looking at history, I wondered about Henry VIII, trigger for the English Reformation. Interesting to see how Farage’s natal Moon in Sagittarius aligns with Henry’s Neptune 25 Sagittarius, opposing Jupiter 24 Gemini and square Mars 26 Virgo – some religious battles or anger in that t-square?

      Also interesting to see Henry’s 10 Aries Moon square 14 Cancer Sun – there’s the Farage Sun 13 Aries,and Cromwell’s Mars 10 Aries. All would aspect the 1066 Capricorn Sun. We have the October Libran Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees in a few months, which may mark another significant turning point? A further curious link is the Farage Venus at 29 Taurus. Henry’s South Node is 29 Taurus, Venus 0 Gemini. Cromwell’s natal Venus 29 Taurus.

      The English Reformation began in 1534, when Henry left the Catholic Church. Neptune began that year in late Pisces, shifting into Aries by the Spring. Pluto began the year at 2 Aquarius, Chiron was in Aries. It was a Saturn opposition Pluto year too, perhaps describing the King (Saturn in Leo) and his quest for power in the world (Pluto in Aquarius). Perhaps a more potent era for UK changes, yet it still resonantes with some of what we’re experiencing today.

  3. There is a lot of synastry between Farage’s personal chart and the 1867 chart for the Conservative Party. Farage’s Neptune in Scorpio is conjunct the Tory Sun while the Tory Neptune in Aries is conjunct Farage’s Sun. The Conservative 1867 North Node is very close to the the mid point of Farage’s Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. Add in transiting Uranus in Taurus conjoining the Conservative Moon and opposing the Conservative Sun and Saturn in Scorpio you can see why the Conservative Party is being shaken to its foundation. The fact that Farage’s Mars squares the Conservative Venus/Mars in Sagittarius suggests the relationship between him and the Tories is very much a love/hate relationship with both being attracted and repelled at the same time.

    If you look at the 1912 Conservative Chart you will see that its Tory Sun/Saturn in Taurus is being opposed and undermined by Farage’s Neptune in Scorpio. it is noticeable that both 1867 and 1912 Tory charts have strong Sun/Saturn conjunction signatures which is what one would expect from a ‘conservative party’ and it is that which is Farage chart is undermining. Neptune in Scorpio can be intense and destructive

    Going back to the 1834 Tamworth manifesto chart you see more synastry with the Tamworth chart Pluto in Aries conjunct Farage’s Sun and the Tamworth Sun being conjunct Farage’s Moon. I would guess that Farage emotionally has a vary strong attachment to the very same Conservative party that he is helping to destroy. By the same token the Tamworth Pluto on his Sun indicates the intense obsessive power struggles going on between the two parties

    • @ Hugh Fowler I think some of Farage’s points of view and political ideas may well be traced to his childhood and upbringing, similarly Johnson and Sunak’s.

      • Absolutely. I think a lot of his character could be traced back to his childhood and his absent alcoholic father. The presence of Saturn and Chiron in Pisces might indicate unresolved issues in that area. I note Saturn transited across his Chiron at Pisces just a few weeks before he became leader and it will be there again in August to September 2024 and January 2025 as it goes through a retrograde cycle.

        One thing I note in Farage’s political career is that his need for recognition seems to outweigh his actual desire to participate in government. This perhaps why he finds it hard to fit in with the traditional Conservative Party whose charts are all about the exercise of power.

        • Nigel Farage’s political record as an MEP shows a lot of anger and disdain for points of view he disagrees with, his attitude towards the Tory party maintains his need to reform and reshape its policies to what he thinks they should be, he seems to be trying to shape his absent father’s role to what it should have been, Pisces at work. Sunak who had far more obstacles to overcome as a young person as a section would have seen him as “different”, has risen above the challenges thanks to his devoted parents, he is a credit to their nurturing, a strong Virgo influence.

  4. Following on from the thought-provoking links between Farage and various UK charts – quite a few between his chart and both Maastricht Treaty (1 November 1993) and the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957. One that caught my attention is the Treaty of Rome’s Moon, 2 Aquarius, opposing Uranus, 2 Leo, squaring onto Neptune 1 Scorpio. Farage has Mercury at 2 Taurus, right on the MC for the Maastricht Treaty too. Here comes the Pluto in Aquarius transit for both Farage and the foundations of the EU we know today. Fixed energies may resist, but Pluto will work slowly and inexorably nonetheless. Farage’s impulsive natal Mars in Aries is also conjunct the Treaty of Rome’s Sun. There are other links too.

    The EU is going through a turbulent phase at the moment, with more to come. Farage may be just one of the individuals who are in focus during the shake-up. He is channeling the zeitgeist, for good or ill. Such channels always seem to be larger than life, and play their role in what is unfolding. We can be, and are, horrified by this, but I suspect if not Farage and others, a new cast of characters would take their place.

    • Oliver Cromwell’s natal chart is worth looking at too I think. Although the ‘revolution’ of Brexit can hardly compare with the English Civil War! NF’s optimistic over the top energies are suggested by that Jupiter 27 Aries trine Moon 26 Sagittarius. Cromwell had Uranus 28 Aries, trine MC 27 Sagittarius ( The 1066 Uranus is 28 Sagittarius, square a Pisces Moon. NF and Cromwell share Venus 29 Taurus, an Aries Mars, Cardinal Jupiters and Mutable Moons. NF is a relatively flimsy figure compared with Cromwell of course, but clearly has long had dreams of causing a ‘revolution’ of some kind.

    • There’ll be a lot of synasty because Sunak is unusually linked to the 1801 UK chart too (which probably played a part in him becoming PM so unexpectedly).

      Sunak’s Sun-Mercury conjunction is opposite the UK’s Neptune in the 2nd house, and his Uranus is conjunct that Neptune (so he’s important to the UK’s 8th and second houses).

      His Jupiter-Mars conj is opposite the UK Pluto.

      Sunak’s Chiron is conj the UK Mars, his Neptune is conj the UK mercury, his Pluto square the UK moon and his NN conjunct the UK Saturn.

      It’s unusual.

  5. Marjorie, please ask people to tone down the hysteria! “Chilling and evil” are not appropriate terms in this context and are undeserved even by Truss and Boris in my opinion let alone Starmer, or Sunak either! If you want evil, look to Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan etc etc etc

    • Hi I have binned a few this morning. You are right – I don’t know whey people have to go on hyperbolic rants. It’s wearisome.

      • Oh dear Marjorie! I see my comment was one of the ones ‘binned’! I’d hoped I’d framed my ‘question’ in such a way that the comments about ‘chilling ” and ‘evil’ I was responding to would have been negated by you. I obviously didn’t get the wording quite right!

        • Aaah sorry, over busy as usual, I just skimmed over it and had previously been irritated by a Jonathan Portes rant X3. I should have read the previous post more closely. Will edit. Starmer may be many things but evil? Give me break.

        • Evil is a misused and over-inflammatory word. Applied to Pol Pot, Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer/Ted Bundy it makes sense otherwise not OK. Now I suggest you go away and calm down.

  6. What a horrifying mess and joylessness of an election. Absolutely awful. And who’d want to govern the Kingdom in this state?!

    Rishi is a total disaster. I cannot comprehend his level of total oblivion of what he is usually accused of, and that is that he has no idea and, worse, no interest in how the ordinary people live. How can you possibly be so gaffe-prone and state things such as you went without Sky as proof of your modest and sacrificial childhood?! Absolute unbelievableness. Where is Akshata in all this to explain it to him? Even though she is probably much more removed from ordinary lives, there is something about her making me think she understands it more.

    Keir is just weird. There is something about him that is off-putting, a kind of lack of gentleness and kindness.

    And Farage coming back is a complete mockery and beyond-belief tragic horror show.

    • And to see that Boris will in the end win by Rishi losing and that kind of I Told You So moment – absolutely beyond words… I gave you the biggest majority, he made you lose as never before…

    • EA – worth considering that Rishi Sunak may have been avoiding embarrassing his parents. They are close. His parents were not hugely rich, they prioritised their children’s education which meant a fairly strict family budget I would think. I am not a fan of Sunak, but think he is quite naive and sensitive at times – and watched his face during that interview. He seemed very uncomfortable, and my feeling is he was protecting his family.

    • And yet according to a very close friend of Kier’s, a human rights lawyer and an extremely lovely guy who died a couple of years ago, Kier is a very decent guy. But he’s a naturally shy guy, he’s not really comfortable in the limelight. That he’s become such a very public figure was a source of great amusement to his friend.

  7. Farage reminds me of Del-boy.

    Tr Neptune is square his Moon, and tr Saturn is conjunct his Chiron, and both Neptune and Saturn are going through his 7th house of enemies, so I expect people are digging up dirt on him.

    • I sincerely hope so and I hope they succeed in turning the tide against him. He’s a dreadful, destructive man. Everything he does impacts negatively on others while he becomes richer. He doesn’t even try to be constructive. It’s so infuriating that a millionaire’s son has the ability to make people, especially men, think that he’s one of them.
      The Guardian’s article is a first step. I hope the press starve him of coverage. Just like with Trump, they are largely to blame for his success by their infatuation with him. One can only hope that the people of Clacton reject him, however unlikely that seems at the moment.

    • Everyone should read this article re Farage’s ‘unembarrassed racism’ even when at a leading private school and more chilling still his ‘neo fascist’ views at the time according to teachers and fellow pupils. These are their views not my own words.
      He’s not just an annoying joke..
      There are letters written by a teacher at the time that I think Channel 4 has published.
      It’s already scary that parts of Europe seem to be moving to the far right.
      I take on board NT’s childhood influences but it’s up to him to seek any psychological help he needs to heal from that.
      His views are still deeply unpleasant and concerning so I’m not feeling sorry for him.
      He pretends to be one of the lads, down at the pub, when he’s a millionaire who went to a top private school. Stockbroker father.
      I very much doubt if he actually cares about child poverty, the cost of living crisis etc.
      He loves all the attention..

  8. Farage is both Reform’s greatest strength and its biggest weakness. His grandstanding type of politics is highly suited to single issue votes such as the Brexit Referendum but less so to General Elections where a party needs to run hundreds of anonymous candidates. Their fate is pretty much relies on Farage’s performance without whom the party would struggle in the polls. At the moment he is being helped by the fact that Sunak is revealing such massive ineptitude in running the Conservative campaign that one might wonder how he ever got to be leader of the party. Farage’s Neptune is conjunct the U.K. 1801 Neptune, his Saturn is conjunct the U.K. Pluto and his Sun lies exactly on the U.K. North Node so it is perhaps not surprising that his national influence has been more significant than many more conventional political figures who often come and go leaving little trace.

      • He’s an out and out racist. A poundshop Moseley. A chancer, a grifter, and an even bigger liar than Johnson (if this were possible). Shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near politics.

      • Well maybe you should take another look at the Snake-oil Man supreme …. ‘Chloe Deakin, an English teacher at Dulwich college, wrote in 1981: “You will recall that at the recent, and lengthy, meeting about the selection of prefects, the remark by a colleague that Farage was ‘a fascist but that was no reason why he would not make a good prefect’ invoked considerable reaction from members of the common room.

        “Another colleague, who teaches the boy, described his publicly professed racist and neo-fascist views, and he cited a particular incident in which Farage was so offensive to a boy in his set, that he had to be removed from the lesson.”

        In Michael Crick’s biography of Farage, One Party After Another, those who shared a classroom with Farage at the private school in south-east London expressed the full range of views on him.

        One Jewish pupil claimed Farage would sidle up to him and say: “Hitler was right,” or “Gas ’em.” Another claimed Farage had a preoccupation with his initials, NF, as they were the same as those of the National Front.

        “He was a deeply unembarrassed racist,” said David Edmonds, who was in the same class as Farage when they were about 15.’

    • Agree, Hugh. Reading an article in the Telegraph today – bearing in mind that it’s a Tory supporting newspaper, but still – saying that the problem for Reform when it comes to gaining seats is that support is scattered evenly throughout the country and Reform need regions of support, strongholds if you like to make headway into Parliament. That may be the reason for the challenging transits to NF’s midpoints this year.

      • Chris Mason on the BBC said exactly the same thing about how First Past the Post will likely stop Reform getting seats. In 2015, UKIP had almost 4 million votes (about 10% of the vote) yet only got 1 seat. “”

        The Guardian has a really good article highlighting how money issues follow him – probably the combo of Taurus Venus and his Aries 8th house looking out for itself.


        Jonathan Pie also with a fantastic rant on him yesterday! “”

        • Thanks, GD. Yes, read the Guardian article too and thanks for the Pie link, as I love him. But NF’s 8th house is interesting as you say with both Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus there – I tend to find Mercury in Taurus veers towards conservatism and traditional values. The ram is often very good at initiating causes, can be pugilistic with Mars there, but they can fail to actualise them if other factors in the chart don’t support that and NF has an overwhelmingly mutable chart. There’s no doubt of his importance in UK history though.

          • What an interesting discussion! As Hugh points out, Farage is linked to the UK chart. So, as VF says he is an important figure in our history – as Brexit showed. Farage’s chart also links him with other UK charts in our history, it’s really quite strange.
            I looked at the English Republic,27 March, 1649 – Mars 28 Leo trines NF’s Jupiter in Aries. That go for it Jupiter also aspects the Edgar chart’s Neptune, Pluto, and the Nodes for 1707. The Republic’s Gemini stellium is Nodes 7 Gemini, Pluto 8, and Saturn 11. An interesting connection with the Farage Uranus 6 Virgo, Pluto 12 Virgo, BML 12 Sagittarius, Asc 11 Virgo, and MC 5 Gemini. 1066 has Jupiter, 7 Virgo.

            The Lunar links include F’s Moon, 28 Sagittarius with
            Saturn 27 Gemini, Edgar
            Moon 29 Pisces square Uranus 28 Sagittarius 1066
            Moon 28 Virgo, 1707
            Those late mutable degrees have been or are having a Neptune in Pisces transit for confusion, deception, and an element of fantasy. September’s Lunar eclipse in Pisces could also be relevant, depending on when it kicks in. Marjorie says September and October aren’t looking very jolly on the career front. He seems to be one of those people who channel disruption for reasons we cannot clearly understand. It’s all so exhausting!

          • Thanks Jane for the English Republic details. It’s interesting that the end of the English Civil War, the execution of Charles I and the Interregnum coincide with that intense mutable energy of Saturn/Pluto/NN in Gemini opposition the Sagittarius Uranus/Neptune conjunction, and indeed on the day of the king’s execution Mars and the Moon were in Virgo and Venus was in Pisces, completing a mutable Grand Cross for the King’s beheading – an event which some saw as a martyrdom, the King as sacrificial victim.

            In fact the King himself, like the era he was entering is highly mutable with Virgo Rising, Jupiter and Neptune in Virgo as well as Sun/Mercury and Venus/Mars in Sagittarius. The thing about this period is the burgeoning of political/religious ideas, including groups such as the Levellers and the first inkings of what we would call a kind of non conformist, religiously based socialism. It’s also a period which lies between magic and science, Alchemy and chemistry, astrology and astronomy, a liminal period in which a these revolutionary ideas flourish. It’s often from the crucible of such chaos that new ideas are born – for better or for worse.

          • Also, it’s worth remembering the escalating witch hunts of the period and also that the English Dissenter groups who left England carried their ideas to the colonies in America.

          • Thanks VF, yes a liminal period with much that influenced future attitudes and events. It’s rather under-reported I think, and the complicated history probably not well understood generally. Yet it contains the seeds of so many things we’re experiencing today. The more I look at Farage’s chart, the more I think he is partly driven by powerful fantasies from history. The same could be said of Boris Johnson, although he is firmly rooted in classical history and his own views of that. Both men are/were disruptive figures. Similarly, Putin loves his personal version of Russian history, just as Hitler was obsessed with his strange, warped vision of German myths, legends and folklore.

      • Reform ran very few candidates in the recent local elections so they don’t have a well developed electoral organisation on the ground. Farage basically carries the entire campaign alone. With his Aries Sun I suspect he likes that fact and would probably resent sharing the podium.

        Reform are being greatly assisted by the fact the Sunak seems to be a hopeless election strategist. Calling a General Election just weeks after 500 plus Conservative Councillors lost their seats is hardly going to encourage those individuals to go out campaigning for their local Tory Parliamentary candidate. The Conservative government would have been better advised to have held the national and local polls on the same day in May when their party’s greater resources in money and manpower could have been deployed more effectively.

        • Sunak was made PM for his ability to calm the financial markets, which he’s done admirably.

          The pound was at $1.09 when he took over, it’s now $1.27. Inflation was 11% at the start of his premiership, it’s 2.3% now. Unemployment is a low 4.4%. Debt has dropped to 90% of GDP, so those unpleasant tax rises have done their job. The UK even got a credit ratings upgrade last year.

          He is of course completely hopeless at campaigning. The cerebral qualities that made him good at steadying the economy make him unable to connect to people.

          Boris was the opposite, great campaigner, never lost an election, but useless at governing.

          But looking at the turmoil starting to grip the French bond and stock markets, people might yet come to appreciate Sunak’s ability to run the economy; a realisation that there is something more important than photo-ops and not having Sky when you were small. Because what’s brewing in France looks worse than Truss.

          • @ Candy An excellent summary of Sunak’s economic performance but it does not take into account his shyness and lack of a certain confidence often necessary in politics whereas Nigel Farage is brimming with self confidence and the ruthless attitude of a demagogue.

    • Argol transit through Taurus is at 24 degrees on Farages’s Part of Taurus. Can’t help feeling he is going to blow this Election apart! As I have looked up Argol and it appears to have a Sidereal Time at 24 degrees Taurus at the moment online. Or amI looking at the wrong progression/transit ?

    • Sunak got the job as leader because there were figures inside and outside the Conservative Party who hatched a campaign to do all in their power to stop Penny Mordaunt becomimg leader. She was, at the time, clear favourite with party members. It was pretty well-documented and fingers were pointed at Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings, among others.

      • Truss and Sunak put Mordaunt in the Leader of the House role “to keep her out of the limelight” – then the Queen died and propelled her into the limelight! Maybe she is fated to put the Tories back together after the election- if she can hang onto her N Portsmouth seat! She’s a very active MP on behalf of her constituents and probably has a decent sized “personal vote” – will it be enough? Interesting that she has been wheeled out to defend the govt. record in the TV debates – presumably because the party hierarchy realise she’s more popular with the voters.

      • I wonder what all the people who were plotting the ousting of Johnson in 2022 are thinking now. The Conservative MPs who initiated that process appear to have swapped conventional defeat at a General Election under Johnson for party extinction under Sunak.

        What is so bizarre is that the Conservatives seem incapable of attacking Farage on the issues where he is weakest. One of the most obvious flaws is the Reform party’s own structure. Despite all the blatherings in the Reform manifesto about democracy and giving the people a voice the party members have almost no say in how it is run. It is in fact a Limited Company almost wholly owned by Farage and his small circle of cronies. This fundamental hypocrisy should be front and centre in any attacks on Farage yet it seems to get barely a mention in the campaign as Reform’s opponents seem almost as obsessed with the party’s policy on immigration as most of its supporters. The campaign is therefore played out on the very topic that Farage wants front and centre. For all his faults I don’t think Johnson would have made that mistake.

        • David Davies has said today, ‘Today [Nigel Farage] is trying to destroy the Conservative party, that’s his explicit aim. When somebody tries to burn down the golf club, you don’t offer them membership, do you?.’ This in response to the possibility of a merger with Reform. Robert Jenrick also warned that abandoning the Tories to vote for Reform would facilitate a massive, and in his words a ‘dictatorial’ Labour majority in the House. I think the party has been running a little scared of NF and has thus far been reluctant to tackle him head on, fearful of alienating those who identify with Reform. But nonetheless, there will probably be conflict and infighting within the party after the election.

          I’m not convinced that retaining Johnson as PM would have saved the Conservative Party at this point, though. The astrology would still be the same.

          • I would think that Johnsons departure in 2022 was already fated in the charts. In many ways it was UKIP triggering the 2016 Referendum that helped got him to power in 2019 when he was elected as leader partly to head off the new Brexit Party threat. My guess is that that certain Tory MPs felt they could remove him once that was done. This has proved to have backfired spectacularly as it has simply kicked the Farage bandwagon back into life. At the end of the day it is not Farage who started the suicidal infighting within the Conservative Party but Tory MPs in the House of Commons themselves. They have put personal ambition above their party’s survival.

  9. How about Farage writing a book on Michael Crick. I couldnt vote for any party but farage exposes the rich luvvie left labour party and the wet right tory party

    • The two main parties have messed up this century, by becoming more tribal in their ideologies. Most voters do not want this, they want a Government. They have stopped listening to their voters. When you see who both parties are fielding, you think can anything be worse? Farage isn’t a great alternative, yet some may think, what the heck you give us party faithfuls without experience; we just may as well go else where.

      • He’s mobilising the Brexit voters. They voted for Change, but nothing changed for them. He’s offering another bite of the cherry.

        • Brexit voters swallowed a whole pack of lies and now seem gullible enough to fall for more. How sad… unfortunately the rest of us also have suffered, and will suffer more. Farage is the worst of Britain. He plays to base xenophobia across the country, and encourages people not to use their vote responsibly. There’s no improvement in circumstances to be found here.

          I note the Uranus-Pluto surrounding Farage’s Virgo ascendant. This person enjoys disruption for petty personal point-scoring, and the Sun-Mars ego laps it up.

          Is this a classic signature chart for a narcissist?

          • Farage, was born to play “devils advocate” is chart is perfect for the role. He is
            here for a reason. I believe to open up politics and make people think. He may not think this, nor will many of his supporters or those who dislike him. Yet history will see Farage as changing politics. Forcing the new onto the two stale parties. His Pluto/Uranus is working just as it should. Pluto/Uranus changed Britain in the 1960’s. It opened up new ways of thinking and, to use a saying, which Tony Blair used “threw the baby out with the bath water”. In many ways Britain was shaken and stirred to such an extent, we e have spent the last 60 years getting over it. Much higher immigration started in the 1960’s. Race Laws, bringing Comprehensive Education – virtually all the last Empire country’s dissolved in that era. As everything Britain stood for decades, or a century or so, was blown apart. We cannot change this Election. The Election charts and the main players are all showing inconclusive outcomes. Whatever anyone thinks of Farage, he is the power to watch. He enabled Boris Johnson to win, he is a thorn in both the Conservatives and Labour sides. He has Moon in his 4th house in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. At home with the people? That Moon is trine his Jupiter, in the 8th house, which is ruled by Pluto. Pluto is sitting on his Ascendant ruled by Virgo(Mercury). Meaning he is speaking and discussing taboo subjects, which others do not want to say. His Mercury is also in the 8th house, ruled by Pluto. He is using dynamite topics, he knows will stir the public, he knows what lies beneath peoples fears and anger. Nigel Farage may well blow the doors off this Election. He will definitely make his mark and leave a problem. As he is speaking for the people, of whom many want change, even those who do not want him, mostly don’t want the others. Ironically Starmer is using the world Change, yet Farage may make the real change.

          • It’s interesting to read your analysis Helen. There is no doubt that Farage has provoked change in the UK, particularly Brexit, but it’s nothing new. The shabby practices of blaming immigrants, instead of recognising bad governance and government; appealing to racist sentiments and the human tendency to scapegoat; and mega lies/overgeneralisation to manipulate themselves into political power are as old as the hills, unfortunately… as are the underlying denominators of power, control and money.

            That’s why that Uranus Pluto conjunction over the ascendant is interesting to see in NF’s chart. These planets are not necessarily forces for good…. they are disruptors and destroyers. That’s the action through which Farage meets the world.

            You would have thought the world, and the UK, would have learned from WW2, last time the far right got their rotten views into the mainstream. Farage has already committed untold damage to Britain with Brexit. He and his funders and supporters are closely linked with war and hatred elsewhere in the world. But hate will never win. We cannot allow it to win.

            Over to you, good people of Clacton. Don’t mess it up.

        • People say they want change but actually they don’t. They want others to change but as soon as they are faced with change themselves they don’t want it at all. Which is why most continue to vote for the Tories (or the party they have always voted for) because ‘better the devil you know’. A change of outlook and willingness to accept differences is needed, but as long as most expect others to change and refuse to see how their attitudes keep the staus quo in place, little will change. A hung parliament might force the parties to start working together – now that would be a change.

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