Celine Dion – good news after a setback

Singer Celine Dion who thought her career was over after contracting the autoimmune, neurological disorder Stiff Person Syndrome which has no cure, is preparing for a new show in Las Vegas. Although she will live with this condition for the rest of her life, the therapy she is undergoing to lessen the muscle spasms will help her to sing on stage again.

 She was born 30 March 1968 12.15pm Charlemagne, PQ, Canada, had an unhappy childhood but emerged as a teenage star under the tutelage of her future husband Rene Angelil, who was 25 years older. She is mother to his three children, all conceived with in vitro fertilization.

  She has an Aries Sun conjunct her Saturn and Midheaven from the 9th but what is significant in her chart is a 10th house last degree Aries Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Uranus sextile Neptune. A 10th house Moon suits her for a public degree especially beside pro-active and determined Mars and the Neptune Pluto adds a layer of stratospheric ambition. But it also suggests a vulnerability in the areas ruled by the Moon – body, motherhood, emotions. A yod apex Moon is super-sensitive, tends to be emotionally disorganized early on and is insecure.

  Her husband died in 2016 when tr Uranus in Aries square tr Pluto in Capricorn were colliding with her Aries Saturn and Midheaven. And from late 2018 tr Saturn moved into her 6th house of health for two years to join tr Pluto which had been there since 2012; at a time tr Uranus was conjunct her Moon – putting considerable additional strain on her health. When she admitted the SPS diagnosis in 2022 she said her health problems had been around for some time.

  Over the past year and a half regenerative Pluto has been transiting square her Moon as it approaches the exit of her 6th house. Into 2025 she should find health less of a forefront issue. She will have good luck financially coming from tr Uranus square her Jupiter this July and on and off into 2025. Though tr Pluto square her Mars this year and next will be slow going at times.  Her overly optimistic Jupiter square Neptune may tempt her to push herself too hard – and it won’t be quite as easy as she hopes. But still small steps in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Celine Dion – good news after a setback

  1. How interesting. I read that she kept the illness a secret after first noticing something wrong 17 years ago. So around the approximate time Pluto entered her 6th house. Pluto of course ruling all things hidden.

    I’m glad Pluto is moving on into her 7th. Hopefully she’ll progress accordingly. She seems a bit over optimistic, the upcoming Pluto Mars Square won’t help. But at least Pluto will be moving on. There should be some easement.

  2. Ancestral Roots…Chiron sometimes reveals themes which have their roots in the realm
    of the ancestors. People are realizing their connections with the ‘deep past’ and how
    important it can be to include ‘the ancestors’ in their own healing journey. We are not so
    much ‘bound’ by the past, as we are called upon to bear witness to it.

    • Fascinating post Martha, thank you, if you ever feel like elucidating on the ancestors would be good to hear your views.

  3. Here is Dion’s biwheel, natal and transits for Dec 8, 2022 when she was first
    diagnosed. Trans Jupiter is currently moving to conjunct her Chiron Return
    echoing the good news for relief of suffering. Click on magnifier to enlarge biwheel.


  4. She should also has transiting north node conjunct her saturn then her north node recently. I am not sure what that means. But something karmic might be there.

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