McIlroy, Gadd, Spencer – Taurus in turmoil ++ Bradley Wiggins

 Taurus relationships are clearly going through the celestial tumblewash with golfer Rory McIlroy’s on-off divorce, Richard Gadd’s stalking drama-doc, and Earl Spencer’s divorce.

 McIlroy and Gadd were born within a week of each other in May 1989 on the 4th and 11th respectively. Both have Sun Taurus opposition Pluto with the triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn across the zodiac from Mars conjunct Chiron in Cancer.

  According to reports (to be taken cautiously) McIlroy dislikes being on his own and has a track record of replacing partners. He is an odd mix with a controlling, beyond-stubborn Taurus Sun opposition Pluto sitting side by side with a volatile, dislikes-compromise Mars opposition Uranus. Not an easy temperament. His Moon is late Aries/early Taurus probably trine Uranus.

  Control and anger issues will loom large and presumably stem from his father coach/mentor promoting his golfing career from an early age. Mars conjunct Chiron is associated with the warrior energy – and can work two ways, one in vigorous self-assertiveness and the other when the anger is buried in unconsciously triggering angry responses in others.

  It is a fascinating pairing McIlroy and Gadd – one uses his chart’s energy to take control and stay in charge as he rattles through a rolodex of relationships. Whereas Gadd, perhaps because of a Leo Sun square Pluto = possessive mother, has tended to suppress his controlling tendencies and thus invites them in from outside. Houses will also make a considerable difference in whether the energy is directed outwards or restricted.

 Earl Spencer, 20 May 1964, is about to divorce his third wife Canadian entrepreneur Karen with a hot-shot lawyer now on retainer, having found the strain of writing his boarding school abuse memoir caused a marriage breakdown. He has a last degree Taurus Sun with Jupiter Mercury in Taurus opposition Neptune; and Uranus Pluto (Moon) opposition Saturn.  Karen, 6 June 1972, was an odd mix being a Sun Saturn in Gemini with an Aries Moon to his earthy Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon. Gemini/Taurus can work – viz Queen Elizabeth with Prince Philip but it is a match of opposites.

  No great conclusions apart from the usual coincidence of headline hoggers – and a faint feel that Taurus in aspect to Uranus upends its customary dislike of change.  


  Another Taurus in turbulent seas is Sir Bradley Wiggins, former race and track cyclist, Olympic gold medalist and winner of the Tour de France, at his peak in 2012. He has now evidently rollicked through a fortune of £13 million to end up bankrupt and homeless.

 Born 28 April 1980 3.20pm Gand, Belgium,  he has an extraordinarily complex chart.  His far-travelled 9th house Taurus Sun trine a lucky Jupiter in Virgo in his 12th is the only simple aspect. That apart he has an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine giving him immense self-belief but all sitting in his emotional, hidden houses with Mars in Leo conjunct North Node and Jupiter in the 12th trine Mercury in Aries in his financial 8th trine Neptune in his 4th. It is formed into two Kites with Mercury opposition a 2nd house Moon Pluto in Libra and Neptune opposition Venus in his 10th – with that latter opposition squaring onto Saturn in Virgo in his 1st.

 He is undoubtedly immensely talented, but money would be a key issue with his compulsive need to boost his security and stay in control clearly backfiring. Fire is a go-getting energy but not practical. His Saturn on the focal point of a Mutable T square would make him defensive and highly strung.   And last but not least he has a 3rd house Uranus on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to Mars North Node opposition South Node. That will make him a law-into-himself, resistant to advice.

  There seems no reason why he should not get himself back on his feet though 2025 will be rocky with tr Uranus square his Mars. Tr Uranus will also square his Jupiter so some pluses as well as minuses.

Just as a stray thought tr Jupiter is moving across his 10th now into next year which is clearly not a success marker but more to do with him hitting the headlines again.

4 thoughts on “McIlroy, Gadd, Spencer – Taurus in turmoil ++ Bradley Wiggins

  1. Hadn’t seen this about Bradley Wiggins going bankrupt. His cycling legacy is somewhat tarnished by all the Team Sky “doping” discussion and while his Tour de France win was initially landmark it has subsequently been surpassed by Chris Frome winning 4 more.

    He also had a troubled childhood with his father leaving when he was two, a violent stepfather and then a couple of years ago he revealed he was sexually groomed by a cycling coach. There’s so much in his chart you could point to that might show that.

  2. Off topic, I know, but in July 2023 you did a piece on Nigel Farage. He is now playing a pivotal role in the upcoming UK elections. Any chance you could find time to have a look at his current and forward astrology. I’m not a fan, but some insight would be interesting. Thank you.

      • Both McIlroy and Gadd have Sun/Venus conjunctions. I noticed quite a few men appear to have women trouble with this conjunction in their charts. Is there a reason why?

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