Robert F Kennedy Jnr – a hopeful outlier

Robert F Kennedy standing as an independent is seen as a threat to both sides since he could siphon away votes in key swing states. For sections of the electorate disillusioned with both main candidates he seems like a reasonable protest vote though with no real hope of winning.

 A tentative birth time has turned up of 5.32pm from a friend of a friend of an astrologer – to be treated with caution.  That would make him a 6th house Capricorn Sun Venus which would fit with his ‘Virgoan’ anti-pollution and health campaigns; with a 12th house Uranus Moon would might explain some of his oddball beliefs. Plus Neptune, Saturn, Mars in his 4th which could mirror his uncle JFK and his father being assassinated.  So is feasible.

  Jupiter is moving through his 11th into 2025 keeping his optimism high. Though Saturn through his 8th into 2025 might wish for more support financial and otherwise. There is nothing much showing on his Midheaven apart from a mild tr Jupiter sextile and his Jupiter Return. His Solar Arc Midheaven has nothing bar an approaching tr Neptune Saturn square into 2025 which will not be encouraging.

 His chart does have a Capricorn Sun, Venus, Mercury opposition Uranus square Neptune which is on the final legs of tr Pluto in hard aspect finishing up over the election – pressured and not entirely realistic. Through this month tr Uranus square his Pluto will be disruptive and may indicate a change of direction, repeating late November/December and spring 2025. This August and September look edgy and irritable with things generally going wrong. January 2025 will be discouraging.

From a previous post: 21 April 2023

Robert F Kennedy Jnr has announced he is trying for the Democratic nomination for the 2024 Presidential. An environmental lawyer and best-selling author, he is the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of JFK. He has a sterling record in protection of waterways, the fight against polluters and upholding the rights of indigenous peoples. And a less commendable one for promoting the scientifically discredited link between vaccines and autism and being a leading proponent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in the USA.

  Born 17 January 1954 in Washington, no birth time, the third of eleven children, he was nine when his uncle died and 14 when he was flown to his father’s side after he was shot in 1968. He has an earthy, ambitious and resourceful collection of Sun, Mercury, Venus, North Node in Capricorn opposition Uranus square an idealistic Neptune. His Capricorn planets are inconjunct Pluto and widely inconjunct Jupiter – giving him a singular Yod. His Uranus sits in opposition to his Capricorn planets making it the key planet in driving his Yod – a reformer, revolutionary, trailblazer and/or anarchist.

  He also has a relentlessly determined Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio with his Mars inconjunct Jupiter and square Pluto – so he does not give way to pressure or threats.

  He has certainly carved out his own individual road, having been scarred early on by two family assassinations.

   Tr Pluto is in its second year of being conjunct his Sun and Mercury so he will be undergoing massive changes. His Solar Arc Mars is conjunct his Sun probably late 2023/early 2024 which may derail his hopes since that always produces a collision of sorts. Tr Uranus through 2024 and into 2025 is square his Pluto suggesting a major and radical change in his life moving ahead.  He does have his Jupiter Return over the election itself. He will be an outlier in the running who may drop off fairly quickly but he could also be hoping to pick up breadcrumbs from the exposure.

  His chart has strong similarities to his father’s. Robert Kennedy, 20 November 1925 3.11 pm Brookline, Massachusetts, was a Sun Scorpio square Neptune with Saturn and Mars also in Scorpio; and Moon, Jupiter, Venus in Capricorn with a confident Pluto opposition Jupiter. He had a healing, creative Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine Saturn with Jupiter as the driving planet.  

12 thoughts on “Robert F Kennedy Jnr – a hopeful outlier

  1. As if Mr. Worm brain stood a serious chance. 🙂 He’s no Ross Perot and he’s more of a threat to Felon Don. And the young voters that are considering him were by and large never going to vote for Biden. So no worries.

  2. Trans Ceres, mother earth, environment is conjuncting his natal Chiron, 6th House,
    while trans Chiron is also crossing his MH. Expect environmental issues to draw
    attention during his rallies.

  3. Having just read the list of bizarre conspiracies RFK jr has promoted, I can only conclude that he’s quite doolally and away with the fairies.

  4. Ok this whole protecting the waterways is PR. It’s worth digging into his, ‘River keeper’ bona fides.

    There’s too much hearsay going on!

  5. USA here. I was 7 when JFK was shot. Now you know how old I am. The Kennedy’s were Camelot until we found out they weren’t.

    This guy is nuts. During normal times he would be ignored. Sadly some think he’s an option.

    RFK Jr. is a troubled man with serious behavior problems and bizarre beliefs. He’s not OK. His family does not back him because they know he’s not OK.

    We already have one man with a big family name (former president, wanna be president) who leaves chaos in his wake.

    Do we need another? (She shrieks)

    • @ Lisa,

      Thank you! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. began spouting pro-Assad and pro-Putin talking points back in the 2010s and he’s also been promulgating antisemitic conspiracy theories too. There is something seriously wrong with him – this would explain why he’s attracting more former Trump voters than Democratic voters.

    • Also a former drug addict, Kennedy badly mistreated and manipulated his tragic mentally ill, alcoholic estranged wife, Mary, playing their children off against her and probably contributing to her horrific suicide.

      He was once a well-respected environmental lawyer but something clearly snapped. He’s really bad news, a clear nut-case, as attested by his family.

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