Francoise Hardy – talented, successful and sad

Francoise Hardy, an iconic and influential figure in French pop music and fashion has died. Known for singing melancholic sentimental ballads, she remains one of France’s best-selling singers. Described as the ‘anti-Bardot’, she was feted by David Bowie and Bob Dylan though she was known for her shyness, disenchantment with celebrity life and self-deprecatory attitude, attributed to her lifelong struggles with anxiety and insecurity.

   She had a serious interest in astrology, studying with Andrew Barbault, and writing several books on the subject. She once said “We are all conditioned by a lot of things — genetic, affective, social, geographical and the situation of the solar system at the moment of birth.” Her later years were blighted by ill health after a lymphatic cancer diagnosis in 2004 and she only recovered thanks to a pioneering new form of radiation.

 She was born 17 January 1944 9.30pm during the Nazi occupation of Paris with an air raid ongoing and was brought up by a single mother and an unpleasant grandmother. She had a 5th house Capricorn Sun which designed her for performing despite her anxieties; with her Sun on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 12th sextile Saturn in Gemini in her 10th. A yod apex Sun would make her self-conscious despite its 5th house position, giving her low self-esteem and trouble establishing a strong sense of identity.

  Her Jupiter in the 12th would give her a craving for peace and seclusion. Her 2nd house Libra Moon was trine her well-organised 10th house Saturn and sextile Jupiter giving her a semblance of balance. She also had an excitable, volatile Mars Uranus in Gemini conjunct her Midheaven trine Neptune, sextile Pluto North Node in Leo – that mini-Grand Trine hinted at the dangers around the time of her birth as well as her strong connection to the spirit of the age (Pluto North Node) as an influencer.

  Uranus on the Midheaven certainly suits her astrological aptitude and Andre Barbault’s Libra New Moon and Jupiter all trined her MC; with his Libra North Node exactly conjunct her Moon. It would not be an easy relationship since there was a composite Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus opposition Venus – but it would have a tremendous impact on her life.

  As she dies tr Jupiter is approaching her Midheaven and about to move across her 10th house bringing her back into public attention – as is surprisingly often the case.

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  1. BML in the 12th…”repressed anger, rebellion or rage can develop. It’s your wild and
    untamed dark nature that has been left unaddressed and hidden from sight beneath
    the surface due to shame, trauma in early life, and fear. Example, Will Smith slaps
    comedian Chris Rock.
    BML sextile Saturn, dark mother meets up with dark father. A cold experience with
    the parents as a child.
    Chiron in the 1st…”early environment hostile, full of suppressed or overt agression.
    which compounded feelings of timidity, lack of self worth, and personal rights.
    BML in Aquarius…”creates a shadow in this innovative sign, your radical and
    humanitarian viewpoints can be shunned or first.” eg. black woman
    Rosa Parks was arrested when she refused to give up her seat to a white woman.

  2. She was an amazing singer that seemed to express the spirit of France at that time and so many English people fell in love with her and with France in the 1960s including me and still I have the love affair. We learnt her songs in French at school in the late 1970s Comment te dire adieu?

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I’ve enjoyed much of her later music, and her astrological studies came as a surprise to me. As for Jupiter crossing her MC, Mars and Uranus at the moment – it is quite amazing how often Jupiter is involved at the time of someone’s death – the onward journey and perhaps freedom for the individual spirit? For sceptics, a sense of release might be associated with Jupiter, either way it is food for thought.

  4. Virgo rising so also beautiful to look at. I find virgo and pisces rising is often the most attractive. Maybe Libra too.

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